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Captured Ukrainians in the Russian Federation are kept in concentration camps, says a Russian human rights activist, the founder of Gulagu. net Vladimir Osechkin.

"We have evidence that sadists from the FSB and the Federal Penitentiary Service use cruel treatment and torture-
against them," he said during a hearing of the PACE legal committee in Paris.

According to Osechkin, in Russia there is a "torture conveyor" in the penitentiary system , and the FSB uses videos of rape and torture of prisoners to blackmail them and obtain the -
necessary testimony. He handed over to PACE a hard drive with evidence of his findings.
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Prigozhin in disgrace: the leader of the Wagner PMC was not invited to the announcement of Putin's message

More recently, the Kremlin's herald of sands reported that the event would be attended by members of "svo". But, apparently, prigozhin is not like that.
“I was not invited to the message. I or my employees have never participated in events of this format. And this time we do not plan to participate, ”said Putin’s cook.
The “hero” of the terrorist DPR/LPR tried to justify himself that, they say, the “Wagner” has something to do in Bakhmut. But it’s already clear to everyone: Prigogine’s star is not just slipping, but is rapidly falling from the sky of Russian politics.
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Russia faced a historic budget deficit: where did the money go and when Putin will have no money for the war

Russia faced a record budget deficit at the end of January. Oil and gas revenues fell and military spending soared. /1
The total deficit may amount to about $97 billion by the end of 2023.

State finances are collapsing, and the aggressor's economy is plummeting. The effect of sanctions, which many economists expected last year to be rapid, is only now coming. /2
Read about how much Russia will lose and whether there will be enough money for the war in the OBOZREVATEL article.👇
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❗️ In Dnipro previously, ten were injured. Two of them are children. Three of the injured are serious. All are now in the hospital, Dnipropetrovsk OVA reported.

Look at this you peacgiving fucking moreon, Russia dont know what humanity are, youre soon alone at earth, and theres nothing you can do, than give up pay the bill to #Ukraine
🤯Video from the scene
It is impossible to describe all the anger!!!

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Die Herabwürdigung #Selenskyj|s und des Freiheits-Kampfes der #Ukraine durch Frau Engel ist keine Ausnahme beim #OERR

Die Allmacht #Russland|s wird gepriesen, wie #Putin es #Scholz diktiert.

weitere skandalöse Beispiele‼️
. ImageImage
Im Juli spult ZDF Original RUS- Propaganda-Bilder ab, als hätte #FckPutin sie direkt angewiesen.

Hohler Protz + Lügen, #Russland grüßt aus deutschen TV's.


Geplante(!) Kinshal-Raketen! (wieviele?, wann?) sollen an Bord kommen! WAHNSINN!
. Image
Aber kaum was zu Olevnika, dem RUS Gefängnis, wo mind 50 ASOV -Helden der #Ukraine bei lebendigem Leib von #Russland verbrannt wurden

Schuld? Tja,🇷🇺oder🇺🇦?
Beides gleich wahrscheinlich, #OERR "neutral"

An dem WE kam das grausame Video der Kastration.
Davon nicht ein Wort.
. ImageImage
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In the Moscow Empire, an epidemic of fiery plague burns the mall to the ground

Chronicle of burning malls:

🔥April 28
SEC "Gagarinsky" burned down near Tyumen.

🔥June 2
Iceberg mall in Astrakhan melted in fire.

🔥July 27
Fiery blossomed "Lotus" in Yaroslavl.
🔥August 3
Evaporated warehouse Ozon in the suburbs.

🔥September 2
Burned "Boomerang" in Kursk.

🔥7 September
Iskrami went into orbit "Mercury" in Ufa.

🔥November 25
Part of the first floor of the Elkhovsky Passage in Moscow burned out.
🔥November 28
Fire in the warehouse of the Omsk shopping center "Triumph".

🔥November 30
Fire show in the Krasnoyarsk shopping center "Vzletka Plaza".

🔥December 3
Petersburg's largest car market, Irinovsky, has turned into smoke and ashes.
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The social network "VKontakte" blocked the group of the social movement "Council of mothers and wives of servicemen". The reason for the blocking was the requirement of the General Prosecutor's Office of Russia. /1
The group continues to be accessible via VPN, and the "Council" also has channels on telegram and twitter.

Mothers and wives of conscripts do not take sharply anti-war positions, but talk about numerous violations during mobilization: /2
about sending untrained conscripts and conscripts to the front line, interruptions in the supply of uniforms and equipment, as well as problems with housing conditions and food.…
Last week the "Council of Mothers and Wives" held a congress in Moscow. /3
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A flash mob was launched in Moldova after the electricity was cut off as a result of Russian strikes on Ukraine

Residents of Moldova emphasized that they would be better off in the dark, but without Russia. A corresponding flash mob was launched on social networks
Internet users of Moldova express their protest against Russia's aggression with the help of a flash mob with the hashtag #bezvas

The representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration, Daniel Vaudet, noted that the temporary power outage
did not prevent the continuation of work. He also called on Russia to immediately end the war

Journalist Dmytro Chorych also joined the flash mob in Moldova, publishing his photo on the Telegram channel with the caption "In the dark, but #without you"
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In the Zaporozhye region, the maternity ward of the Volnian hospital came under fire from the invaders, a baby was killed

"Grief fills our hearts - the baby who just appeared in the world was killed. Rescuers are working on the spot," — /1
the head of the Zaporozhye Regional Military Administration, Alexander Starukh.

Information about the death of a baby in Volnyansk was confirmed by the State Emergency Service of Ukraine

"As a result of a missile attack on the territory of a local hospital, a two-story building of a polyclinic maternity ward was destroyed.
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Erdogan chased cheap hype.

🤦‍♂️It seems that the recent successes of the Turkish president on the grain front clouded his head. Erdogan said that he agreed with Putin to provide the poorest countries in Africa with free grain.

/1 Image
The idea is brilliant, the question arises, whose expense is the banquet?

The price of this Erdogan PR is several billion dollars:
📍Turkey with its hyperinflation is not able to finance the same Sudan, Somalia and Djibouti.
📍 Russia with its war economy and hole in the federal budget will not give away its grain for nothing either.

For Ukraine, such statements by Erdogan are, of course, not very "OK", because we count on his constructive position in geopolitics. /3
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The head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, urged to send employees of the FSB, FSO, SVR, FSIN, Ministry of Emergency Situations, the prosecutor's office, customs and the Investigative Committee to the front/1
"Together with the law enforcement and military departments, this is about 5 million people who regularly pass sports standards.
If you leave 50% of the employees in their official posts, then the second half of them in the amount of 2.5 million people will demolish any Western army. And there will be no need for a reserve" , Kadyrov stressed.
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"Bodies are poured with concrete, there is a corpse smell": testimonies about new crimes of the Russian Federation in Mariupol got into the network
In the destroyed and Russian-captured Mariupol in Donetsk region, /1
the occupiers continue to try to hide evidence of their crimes. Currently, the invaders have begun to "restore" the Drama Theater
where at least 600 civilians died as a result of dropping Russian bombs.
These are builders who rushed to Mariupol to cut huge "restoration" budgets. They write: "For a week, we sit with our paws crossed, these idiots don't carry chlorine.
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Putin is changing generals in the hope of winning the war

On March 9, 2022, the Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council Aleksey Danilov announced that the Russian Federation had dismissed about 8 generals.

On August 26, 2022, British intelligence reported /1
that Putin and Shoigu most likely fired at least 6 generals due to insufficient rapid progress in the war.

On August 29, British intelligence reported that Shoigu had been removed from command of troops in Ukraine.

All of the above means only one thing - Putin no longer trusts the old generals, as their approach demonstrated complete combat incompetence #ВС_РФ. In this regard, he is trying to correct the situation by personnel reshuffles.

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The occupiers staged a new provocation with shelling at the ZNPP: there is a risk of spraying radioactive substances

Russian troops again shelled the Zaporizhzhya NPP, cynically accusing the Armed Forces of Ukraine of their own provocations. Thus, the Ministry of Defense of the aggressor country announced three attacks during the day
In particular, the Rashists claim that "a total of 17 shells were fired." 4 allegedly got into the roof of special building No. 1, "where 168 assemblies with American nuclear fuel are stored"
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I've made screens with these informations about #Russia. And why #PutinWarCriminal policy caused this.
Additional informations #Pedoputin #RussiaIsATerroristState
From report conducted by E.V. Tiurukanova and the Institute for Urban Economics for the UN/IOM Working Group on Trafficking in Human Beings #Moscow - 2006.
Why #Pedoputin hasn't introduced serious steps to fight with this? Rhetorical question. #Russia
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📌 Key findings from military experts at the American Institute for Military Research, June 20:

▪️Ukrainian sources report that the next week will be decisive in the battles for Sievierodonetsk, where Russian troops have concentrated troops and equipment./1
▪️Ukrainian sources confirmed that the Russian invaders control the entire Sievierodonetsk, except for the Azot industrial zone, where hostilities are taking place.
▪️Russian sources create news stories to justify the slow and unsuccessful advance toward Sloviansk from the /2
southeast of Izyum.
▪️The Russians are trying to step up actions to block Ukrainian communications on the T1302 Bakhmut-Lysychansk highway.
▪️Russian invaders continued to resist the further advance of Ukrainian troops north of Kharkiv towards the border./3
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Durfte mir neben Bohrmaschinen heute im Radio das Gejammer über Steinmeier anhören und wie bitter böse doch der #Selenskyj ist und überhaupt das die Ukraine doch einfach aufgeben soll, einen auf Ghandi machen und die Russen einfach drübersteigen lassen sollen oder so...
Es wurde immer vor Putin gewarnt und Typen wie Steinmeier oder insbesondere Schröder haben nicht gehört und sich vollstopfen lassen mit russischen Geldern und jetzt steht man da und kann nicht ohne eines der größten Arschlöcher dieser Welt. #fckPutin
Und Pazifismus ist ja schön und gut. Abrüstung ist auch super, in einer Welt in der das alle praktizieren. Der Ukraine Krieg zeigt aber das wir NICHT in so einer Welt leben.

Und niemand will freiwillig das Opfer sein, außerhalb einer BDSM Beziehung zumindest.
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JUST IN: RIA Novosti reported that the “DPR” suggested using chemical weapons in #Mariupol.

(with translation) ImageImage
A source close to the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine said that the likelihood of the Russians using chemical weapons is very high.

In the meantime, we are waiting for official comments and reactions from world leaders.
Note that the production and use of chemical weapons is prohibited in the world by the Convention on chemical weapons is an international treaty within the UN. Image
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#Ukraine / #Russian war thread
Day 16:

[My Telegram channel:]
[Wanna buy me a coffee? :]
Air raid sirens in Kyiv
#Ukraine 🇺🇦
Aftermath of Russian nightly strikes in Brovary
Kyiv oblast
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Geht auf Google Maps und sucht in Russland nach Restauraunts, Bars oder sonstigen Geschäften. Nutzt die Bewertungsfunktion um den Menschen zu erklären was in der Ukraine passiert.

Danke für diese Idee @Konrad03249040

#Anonymous #OpRussia #StandWithUkraine #FckPutin #FCKPTN
@Konrad03249040 Wenn Ihr nicht wisst, was Ihr schreiben könnt, habt Ihr hier ein Beispiel:
Еда была отличной! К сожалению, Путин испортил наши аппетиты, вторгшись в Украину. Противостаньте своему диктатору, прекратите убивать невинных людей! Ваше правительство лжет вам. Вставай!
Übersetzung: Das Essen war großartig! Leider hat Putin unseren Appetit verdorben, indem er in die Ukraine einmarschiert ist. Stehen Sie Ihrem Diktator entgegen, hören Sie auf, unschuldige Menschen zu töten! Ihre Regierung lügt Sie an. Steht auf!
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why does this sound like an ambush/set-up for a bigger war and belarus will be an initiator? pripyat's ukrainian-belarusian border is near chernobyl, and we all know putin's forces took over chernobyl a few days ago. chernobyl is naturally deserted because of the nuclear (1/n)
fallout and putin could just easily instigate a set-up in favour of himself (i.e., attacking the delegates and them firing back could be a case of "they started this first".)

the least putin can do to show sincerity (if he still has it) is to allow broadcast of peace talks (2/n)
so it can be transparent to the citizens of russia, ukraine, and belarus. or else... this won't end here.

no one wants this war but you, putin.
Нет войне!

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