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Let's play Six Degrees of Kevin Putin

Pelosi said to Trump "All roads with you lead to Putin"

Mike Pence - Manafort - Deripaska - Putin
Don Jr - Torshin - Putin
Sean Hannity - Firtash - Putin
#MoscowMitch McConnell - Deripaska - Putin
Bill Barr - Deripaska - Putin

#GOPTraitors Image
Let's play
6 Degrees of Kevin Putin

Pelosi to Trump "All roads with you lead to Putin"

Mike Pompeo - Rybolovlev - Putin
Jared Kushner - Veselnitskaya - Putin #LeningradLindsey - Deripaska - Putin
Rudy Giuliani - Firtash - Putin
Rand #RedPaul - Kilimnik - Putin
#PutinWarCriminal Image
Lets play

6 Degrees of Kevin Putin

Pelosi to Trump: "All roads with you lead to Putin"

Steve Mnuchin - Blavatnik - Putin
Wayne Lapierre - Butina - Torshin - Putin
Tucker Carlson - Deripaska - Putin
Ivanka Trump - Rybolovlev- Putin
Eric Trump - Closet - Lost

#IStandWithUkraine Image
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1. We all know about Yoel Roth's involvement in censoring conservative speech & suspending Donald Trump--as revealed in #TwitterFiles--but is he guilty of something maybe even worse?

Did Roth help start &/or escalate &/or materially affect the Russia/Ukraine war?

Buckle up!🧵
2. 1st, we must acknowledge the power of Twitter to affect public mood, action & policy. This idea was, after all, the explicit reason behind banning Donald Trump & others who allegedly "deny" elections &/or "incite to violence." IOW, Twitter has the power to "move the needle."
3. Using a more recent example: Elon Musk waded into the Russia/Ukraine war w/a series of controversial tweets. Why were they controversial? B/c people implicitly understand the power of influence & how it can tip scales one way or another.…
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This article is way too long to repeat here, but the breadth of her knowledge & expertise on 🇷🇺& Putin is fascinating— its a must read! Give her ALL the jobs!

Pertinent parts follow. I use abbreviations & emojis when poss to save character space.…
2/…If Putin wants Ukrainian territory so badly, why is he raining down such destruction on civilian areas & committing so many human rights abuses in occupied areas?

Hill: This is punishment, but also perverse redevelopment.
3/You cow ppl into submission, destroy what they had & all their links to their past & their old lives, & then make them into something new &, thus, yours. Destroy 🇺🇦 & Ukrainians. Build New 🇷🇺 & create Russians. Its brutal but also a hallmark of imperial conquest.
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Never thought I'd see one of those there.
OK, so what is it? How 'laden' is this with explosives?
Will it explode and damage the pipelines?
Very short thread.
Well, this is a SeaFox mine clearance one shot underwater vehicle.
There are 2 variants, an 'I' round and a 'C' round. The I round is for inspection only and carries no explosives. It is a reusable vehicle used to identify before prosecuting a target with a C round.
The C round is the one shot system. Slight differences to the I round, the main one being 'laden' with explosives. This comes as a 1.5kg high explosive shaped charge.
Initial thoughts from those images is that this is the C round, based purely on the colour. Clarification needed
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WTF did I just watch?

Tucker Carlson talked about Putin’s threat of nuclear weapons and said: “And Ukrainians, of course, are also making explicit nuclear threats.”

Ukraine doesn’t have nuclear weapons, you POS scumbag Russian asset. @TuckerCarlson
Here's the thing, Tucker isn't a moron. He knows that Ukraine doesn't shave nukes. But he was trying to compare Russia and Ukraine and how both are equally bad, and they need to just “sit and talk”. Of course, he started talking about “peace” now when Russia was losing...
Proudly show your support for the people of Ukraine; get a bumper sticker and wear our #IStandWithUkraine T-shirt. Grab one here:…

50% of profits will go to
@WCKitchen to help feed Ukrainian refugees.
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Make no mistake-If MAGA Republicans take control of Congress, all aid to Ukraine will stop immediately.

Remember this when you go to the polls in November.
Here's Republican Congressman Matt Gaetz confirming that he'll use his power to stop all aid to Ukraine. Image
Congresswoman Lauren Boebert, alongside dozens of other MAGA Republicans, shares the same view. If the GOP takes control of congress, they'll have a very slim majority which means that these pro-Putin members will have the power to block anything they disagree with. Image
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#IStandWithPutin versus #IStandWithUkraine: The interaction of bots and humans in discussion of the Russia/Ukraine war.”
Abro hilo largo.…
En el marco de la conflictividad #geopolítica actual, se emplean los medios convencionales (aviones, carros de combate, piezas de artillería…) en el campo de batalla físico, e instrumentos económicos (sanciones, embargos…) para debilitar y derrotar al adversario.
Pero, además, y de forma cada vez más preferente, se libra otra lucha por el dominio de la mente de las personas: la guerra cognitiva.
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Eine weitere Verstärkung für @Harri_Est und @UkraineAidOps ist in #Kyiv angekommen. Dwight aus Kanada wird in der #ukraine helfen, eure Spenden in den Krisenherden in der Ukraine zu verteilen. #UkraineKrieg #SlavaUkraini #IStandWithUkraine #humanity
Und noch einen kleinen Erfolg kann das deutsche UkraineAidOps-Team vermelden. Aktuell sind allein über die deutsche Wunschliste seit der Übernahme des, deutschen Hubs vor 3 Tagen, Hilfsgüter im Wert von 13.000 € gekauft worden. Hinzu kommen viele Pakete die ihr privat
organisiert habt und entweder hierher schickt, oder vorbei bringt. Über Letzteres freu ich mich immer besonders, da ich die Spender dann persönlich kennenlerne🥰. Vielen Dank mal wieder an euch, dass ihr wie im #Ahrtal wieder so tatkräftig unterstützt. Vor allem aber auch
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Can't believe this is still on youtube.
The date is May 2 2014 in #Odessa outside the Trade Union building. Here teenage nazi girls making molotovs that were used in the massacre.
The little details forgotten about that day.

#Odessa ImageImageImageImage
Truth stinging the trolls.

#Odessa Image
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Durfte mir neben Bohrmaschinen heute im Radio das Gejammer über Steinmeier anhören und wie bitter böse doch der #Selenskyj ist und überhaupt das die Ukraine doch einfach aufgeben soll, einen auf Ghandi machen und die Russen einfach drübersteigen lassen sollen oder so...
Es wurde immer vor Putin gewarnt und Typen wie Steinmeier oder insbesondere Schröder haben nicht gehört und sich vollstopfen lassen mit russischen Geldern und jetzt steht man da und kann nicht ohne eines der größten Arschlöcher dieser Welt. #fckPutin
Und Pazifismus ist ja schön und gut. Abrüstung ist auch super, in einer Welt in der das alle praktizieren. Der Ukraine Krieg zeigt aber das wir NICHT in so einer Welt leben.

Und niemand will freiwillig das Opfer sein, außerhalb einer BDSM Beziehung zumindest.
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Thread. Ukraine's partners keep not standing aside from #BuchaMasacre #UAParliamentSpeaks 1/8
Poland's President Duda called for sending more weapons to Ukraine after #BuchaMasacre was discovered #IStandWithUkraine #UAParliamentSpeaks 2/8
Canada's PM calls for bringing to justice those responsible for #BuchaMasacre #UAParliamentSpeaks 3/8
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A statement by Russia’s Defense Ministry said the goals of the “first stage of the operation” had been “mainly accomplished,” with #Ukraine’s combat capabilities “significantly reduced,” and it would now focus on securing Ukraine’s eastern Donbas region.…
The Defense Ministry statement was ambiguous about further possible Russian territorial ambitions in Ukraine, where its ground forces have been mostly stymied by the unexpectedly strong Ukrainian military response.
The statement suggested the possibility that the Russians were looking for a way to salvage some kind of achievement before the costs of the war they launched a month ago became impossibly onerous.
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In a bizarre speech on Friday, Russian President Vladimir Putin compared the world’s reaction to his invasion of Ukraine to the controversy surrounding J.K. Rowling, saying they are both experiencing 'cancel culture.'
Putin said in his speech, 'They recently canceled the children’s author [J.K.] Rowling because she …. didn’t satisfy fans of so-called gender freedoms.' He went on to say about Russia: 'They are now trying to cancel our whole 1,000-year-old country, our people.'
Rowling has been widely criticized in recent years for her stance on gender and the transgender community.
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Vladimir Putin has claimed the West is trying to “cancel” Russia for its traditional views, much as it did to JK Rowling for her views on trans rights…
In a speech delivered to a gathering of Russian artists on Friday, the president decried western “cancel culture”, which he said was now trying to eradicate Russia’s contributions to the cultural canon
🗣️“They cancelled Joanne Rowling recently. The children’s author — her books are published all over the world — fell out of favour with fans of so-called gender freedoms, just because she didn’t satisfy the demands of gender rights"
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My thoughts on Ukraine at 2 week mark of the war

Luckily for freedom and the people of Ukraine, the war is going reasonably well for Ukraine (horribly badly for Russia) in a general sense, after first two weeks.

Slava Ukraini, Heroiam Slava

But this is VERY early, and much..
The Ukrainian leadership was prepared, and has led the early war well. Ukrainian soldiers are fighting bravely & hard

Russian battle plan was ... perhaps too optimistic (at least in North) and bogged down. In South has had very hard time making slow progress.
Russia dominates in air but with heavy air losses, seems to be moving to night flight operations

As the Russian army seems to be getting its ass kicked in numerous battles, they are turning in a cowardly way to bombard civilians instead. That is barbaric
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Mariupol Minefield Thread 1/

The International Red Cross has confirmed promised 'humanitarian corridor' offered to Ukrainian civilians trapped in city of Mariupol, had been mined by Russia. Landmines to maim civilians

I need to explain this industrial scale sadistic torture
Mariupol Minefield Thread 2/

Mariupol is a city of nearly half a million. Same size roughly as Tampa or Minneapolis, a bit bigger than New Orleans or Cleveland. It is at SouthEastern edge of Ukraine near Russian border so Russian army quickly encircled the city. Laid siege to it
Mariupol Minefield Thread 3/

Immediately on invading Ukraine, Putin shut down electricity, gas, food & water to Mariupol. And cut off the HEAT. Mariupol is about same latitude as Toronto, Ottawa and Winnipeg. It is winter & Mariupol is colder than Detroit, Chicago or Minneapolis
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1. This History Thread is a backgrounder on how Feb. 1, 2021 Russia-backed coup in Myanmar (Burma) relates to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine & response. Military & diplomatic support from Russia have enabled the Myanmar coup regime. 🌿#WhatsHappeningInMyanmar #IStandWithUkraine 🇺🇦
2. In 2010s enabled by Myanmar crony Tay Za, Russia outpaced China’s arms sales to Myanmar. Russian sold Myanmar military MiG-29 jets, helicopters, Yak-130 training/attack jets, air defense missile systems, Su-30 fighter/attack aircraft, drones.…
3. Just before Myanmar military’s Feb. 1, 2021 coup, Russian Defense Minister General Sergei Shoigu visited Myanmar to finalize a new deal to supply arms to the country. Many have considered this a go ahead meeting for Gen. Min Aung Hlaing’s coup.…
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Mig 29 and F 16 Thread 1/

Let me explain the plan to send Mig 29 jets from Poland (and Romania etc) to Ukraine's air force

This photo has both jets, in Polish insignia. The two planes in middle are US made F 16 Fighting Falcon jets. The outer planes Russian made Mig 29 Fulcrums Image
Mig 29 and F 16 Thread 2/

The Ukrainian air force is SEVERELY outnumbered, more than TEN to ONE. Ten Russian fighter jets for every one Ukrainian fighter jet. They need desperately, urgently DOZENS of jets, just to help the odds a LITTLE BIT (to about 9 to 1 against)
Mig 29 and F 16 Thread 3/

This is the Mig 29 Fulcrum, a Russian-made jet fighter from the 1980s, that Ukraine's air force flies, in Ukraine air force colors. It is their best jet fighter. In very rough terms, is comparable to early models of F 16 Fighting Falcon of US Air Force Image
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E' inutile che cerchiate di convincermi che la guerra è brutta (lo so da me) e che la pace deve trionfare e le armi tacere (davvero, ci arrivo da solo). 1/19
E' inutile anche che mi spieghiate che quegli altri quella volta, in quel frangente, eh, ma la NATO.
È guerra, capite? Due nazioni sono in guerra, ogni guerra parla per sé e cercare paralleli o giustificazioni sciorinando eventi passati è esercizio sbagliato per definizione. 2/19
È guerra, capite? Non c'è spazio per i distinguo filosofici, per i "ma se", per i colpi di fioretto, per le locuzioni auliche e per i ragionamenti complessi.
La diplomazia è politica, quindi arte del compromesso. La guerra polarizza: o stai di qua o stai di là. 3/19
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"No Fly Zones" a thread:
The term 'No Fly Zone' (NFZ) is being completely mis-used re. Ukraine.
A true NFZ is established to deny an opposing force the use of its air assets. We did this (or tried to) in Iraq & Bosnia in the 90s. Some fast air was engaged, though helicopters A sliver Tornado F3 fires a sidewinder missile in a burst of
roamed much more freely because of a lack of will to shoot them down.
Iraqi Air defence assets were also engaged.
In Libya 2011, what politicians WRONGLY called a "NFZ" was established.
It quickly became an opportunity to destroy the Libyan regime & its military infrastructure
in support of the rebels. The RAF & others eventually became the Rebels' "Air Force", providing Close Air Support (CAS) to advancing troops, destroying Libyan military ground forces & defences.
Importantly - in these previous NFZs, the opposition was limited (though dangerous)
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Let's play
Six Degrees of Kevin Putin
Pelosi to Trump "All roads with you lead to Putin"

Mike Pence - Manafort - Deripaska - Putin
Don Jr - Torshin - Putin
Sean Hannity - Firtash - Putin
#MoscowMitch McConnell - Deripaska - Putin
Bill Barr - Deripaska - Putin

#GOPTraitors #SOTU
Lets play

6 Degrees of Kevin Putin
Pelosi to Trump "All roads with you lead to Putin"

Mike Pompeo - Rybolovlev - Putin
Jared Kushner - Veselnitskaya - Putin
#LeningradLindsey - Deripaska - Putin
Rudy Giuliani - Firtash - Putin
Rand #RedPaul - Kilimnik - Putin

Let's play

6 Degrees of Kevin Putin
Pelosi to Trump: "All roads with you lead to Putin"

Steve Mnuchin - Blavatnik - Putin
Wayne Lapierre - Butina - Torshin - Putin
Tucker Carlson - Deripaska - Putin
Ivanka Trump - Rybolovlev- Putin
Eric Trump - Closet - Lost

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Die aktuelle Lage ist mehr als nur schwierig und sie schnürt uns allen gerade ziemlich die Kehle zu. Dennoch will ich euch meine Gedanken zur aktuellen Situation kommunizieren: Volle Solidarität mit der #Ukraine! #IStandWithUkraine

Mein Thread (1/17)
Der Einmarsch Russlands in d Ukraine war ein schwarzer Tag für ganz Europa. Die weiteren Eskalationen haben die Situation verschärft.
Russland führt 1 Angriffskrieg auf ein souveränes, demokratisches Land und bricht damit Völkerrecht. Das ist durch nichts zu rechtfertigen (2/17)

Ich begrüße die von der #EU in die
Wege geleiteten Sanktionen und
halte diese für den richtigen Weg (3/17)
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Envoys of 22 #EU member states in #Pakistan issue a joint statement in support of #Ukraine. @EUPakistan posts this symbolic #IStandWithUkraine photo with EU representatives in #Islamabad.
The representatives of the @EUPakistan, #Switzerland, the #UK, #Australia, #Canada, #Norway, and #Japan urge #Pakistan to join them in condemning #Russia's invasion of #Ukraine at the #UNGA
#Australia's mission in #Pakistan joins @EUPakistan in seeking #Pakistan's support in condemning #Russia's invasion of #Ukraine.

Expressions of support by other missions in this #thread below 🔽

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🧵 1. Today marks the day that ‘QUEEN’ Romana Didulo landed in Cape Breton! The #QAnonCult has landed and she invited #Russia into #Ukraine 🙄 She commands Nato? You can’t make this up. Locals actually went to visit! 😔 @nsgov #antivaxxers #FluTruxKlan #UkraineRussiaWar
🪡 3. This is all that news I have been hearing about.

#QAnonCult #antivaxxers #FreedomConvoy2022 #FluTrucksClan #MSM
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