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🇺🇦🧵🗣️Another report from Kenneth Gregg #UkraineUnderAttaсk : (1/15) "This morning, starting with the activities of the Russians, we can now conclude that #Bakhmut is certainly their big target. On the #Bakhmutske-#Semyhiria line they attack with everything they have. ⬇️
2:"Most of the fighting is over open fields and small groves. In this area it is still about 10 km to our main line of defense. North of Bakhmut and around #Sloviansk they have not advanced at all - on the contrary they are being pushed back in these areas.⬇️
3:"A worrying trend the Russians show is that they have started to use Ukrainian uniforms (Nato standard) with our recognition marks. This is a war crime, but what can you expect from Russians?

So to the our successes before I bring up the 'Forgotten Kharkiv'.⬇️
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#KennethGregg frivillig i #Ukraina

( facebook fördröjer K.s uppdateringar ett stort problem m.t.p realtidsinfo ) ( det blir en kvälls och en morgonuppdatering 220728 efter varandra )

Kvällsuppdatering. Idag har ryssarna sänt mer än 20 missiler in över södra Ukraina, dvs Odessa, Mykolaiv och Nikopol. Missilerna var av typen x-22 med 1000 kg sprängkraft. Dessa missiler är egentligen för anti-aircraft carriers och väldigt gamla.
Som tur var hade vi inga döda, och de flesta slog ned på öppna fält. Igen skjuter ryssarna med massa när man inte har precisionsmissiler.
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Key conclusions of @TheStudyofWar analysts:

📌 The occupying power announces an accelerated deadline for the seizure of Ukrainian territory in order to coordinate the Kremlin's efforts to prepare for annexation.
Russian troops captured minor territories northeast of Bakhmut and continue fighting east and south of Bakhmut.

📌 The occupiers launched a limited attack northwest of Izyum, probably to secure rear areas on the #Izyum-#Slovyansk line.
The occupiers carried out limited shelling in the southwest of the city of Donetsk near the border of the #Zaporizhzhia region.

📌 Rashists focused on defense and conducted a limited ground assault in the north-west of the #Kherson region
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🇺🇦🧵🗣My 'daily' Kenneth Gregg #UkraineUnderAttaсk (1/11):"Good news from the Eastern Front. Yesterday the Russians tried to break through at #Verknokhaminske, #Bilohdrivka, #Bakhmutske, #Veseladolyna and #Travnerne but were quite easily beaten back.➡️
2:"On the line #Dolomitne-Novoluhanske likewise with the same result. Fighting is currently taking place at the power plant in #Vuhlehirsk and at #Striapvika-Soledar. The quality of their attacks has dropped drastically due to misdirection of their shelling.➡️
3:"A shining example of their misdirected shelling is probably yesterday's shelling of #Zaporizhzhia, 20 missiles fired with MLRS and most of them landed in the Dnipro river. Very expensive fishing! Remember that the main line of defense is not where we are now fending off the ➡️
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Operational news:

▶️ The armed forces of the #Russian Federation shelled #Nikopol again at night, firing more than 30 shells from the Grad anti-aircraft missile system. As a result of the shelling, two people were killed and nine were injured.
This was reported by the head of the Dnipropetrovsk Regional State Administration, Valentin Reznichenko./2
▶️ During the past day, five people were killed and another 16 injured as a result of shelling of populated areas in the #Donetsk region, the head of the regional military administration, Pavlo Kyrylenko, reports.
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#KennethGregg frivillig i #Ukraina

Kl: 1000

18 Juli morgon. Vi har några intressanta saker angående ryssarnas nya artilleribeskjutningar, men först lite intressanta fakta. Bild nr 1 visar intensiteten av artilleribeskjutningar för senaste veckan
/1 Image
Den röda hellinjen är frontlinjen. Som vi ser har vårt eget artilleri nästan samma skjutintensitet men vi skjuter även längre in på ockuperat område medan ryssen beskjuter mest våra ställningar
Bild nr 2 visar varför vi åtminståne vill ha 12 #HIMARS pjäser till vår front. Med 12 system kan vi täcka in hela frontlinjen, vilket ger oss en stor fördel att beskjuta alla ryska underhållskonvoyer på väg till de olika frontlinjerna. Kombinationen HIMARS och #drone ger oss
/3 Image
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The 138th daily thread on #Russia's war of choice starts here.

Real signs in the last few days that #Ukraine has levelled the playing (combat) field with the arrival of long range artillery.

Even as I type rockets seem to be landing in Russian held territory. Read on...⬇️
Just 2 hours ago, at the end of yesterday's thread, I reported on explosions again in occupied #NovayaKakhovka where #Russia suffered heavy losses earlier on Sunday.

Now reports of more rockets landing in #Kherson. Yesterday evening #Ukraine pledged to regain land in the south.
Now a puzzle for you.. Just what is being transported on trains in huge quantities through #Russia?
Missiles/rockets? Logs? Rolled sheet metal? All suggested so far.

Great work @CarolynnePries1 to capture these from a webcam.
This is Uzlovaya, about 230km south of Moscow
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Oficjalnie DRL straciła KIA- 2057 ("dwusetki" od gruz200) i WIA-8526 ("trzysetki"od "300" kod rannych).
BBC liczyło RUS nekrologi:… wyszło że 4515 zidentyfikowanych zgonów rosyjskich wojskowych. 1/n
2/n Analizując stosunek strat oficjalnych do analizy pochówków w okolicy jednostek można założyć że oficjalne komunikaty zaniżają straty własne 40-60%
I tutaj robi się ciekawie:
RUS nie wliczają do strat DRL, ŁRL, Wagnera, Rosgwardi i nowych kontraktowych a to oznacza
że licząc realnie straty 40-60% wyższe i dodając w/w formacje mówimy szacunkowo o uwaga:
13000-14000 "dwusetek" i aż około 53 000 "trzysetek"
Ubytek osobowy z SZ FR + przystawki wynosi zatem szacunkowo
65 000 orków :-)

#wojna #UkraineRussianWar #UkraineUnderAttaсk
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Quelle des Fotos ist mir bekannt. Aus wohl nachvollziehbaren Gründen anonymisiere ich. Ein darauf abgebildeter Ehemann hat es seiner ukrainischen Frau geschickt. Die Frau ist schwanger und mit einem Kind geflohen. In Deutschland gebar sie Kind 2. Es ist wenige Tage alt. 1/x
Der Familie ging in der Ukraine gut. Der Ehemann ist gelernter Handwerker. Sie lebten in einer Großstadt mit eigenem Haus. Sie hat die stehen gebliebenen Trümmer davon schon in den Nachrichten gesehen. Das Foto zeigt eine Gruppe von Zivilisten in jetzt voller Kampfmontur. 2/x
Mehr Ausrüstung werden sie nicht bekommen. Montag beginnt für Sie ein einwöchiges Kampftraining. Dann werden Sie als Territorialverteidiger um #Cherson kämpfen. Die Ukrainerin wird morgen mit den beiden Kindern ins Trainingscamp fahren. Ihr Mann sagt, sie solle das lassen. 3/x
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1/5 Paramedic Yulia "Taira" Payevskaya was helping wounded in #Mariupol when she was captured on 16th March. Two months later she returned to Ukraine. These are some quotes from her interview about her time as a captive👇
#UkraineRussianWar #StandWithUkraine #UkraineUnderAttaсk
2/5 “They treated us horribly. I had nothing all this time. What I had - one pair of underwear, one pair of pants, shoes and some clothes, that's it.
They took the rest from me and didn't allow me any phone connection or medical help”
3/5 “Lately they kept me in a prison in #Donetsk. Lots of our POWs are still there, treated horribly. They didn't even give us soap in the last week. There are 22 women in a 6*3 cell, 10 beds. No information about families and children, too. Their moral condition was awful”
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Welcome to Wednesday, and daily thread #126 on #Russia's illegal war on #Ukraine.

More death and destruction overnight from Russian missiles, but remember barbaric attacks like on #Kremenchuk are NOT mistakes. They are targeted terror attacks on a peaceful nation.

Read on...
Three dead, five injured so far in another cowardly attack by #Russia on a residential building in #Mykolaiv.

The usual terror tactics, soft targets. Civilians very much in the Russian army sights with each missile.
Each one a war crime and so far no justice as killing continues ImageImageImageImage
In case you missed it last night, another of #Russia's pathetic defences over the #Kremenchuk massacre is "but there's no video of the hit"

There is: here's a still of the giant missile about to kill dozens - video in the link.


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📌 Key findings from military experts at the American Institute for Military Research, June 20:

▪️Ukrainian sources report that the next week will be decisive in the battles for Sievierodonetsk, where Russian troops have concentrated troops and equipment./1
▪️Ukrainian sources confirmed that the Russian invaders control the entire Sievierodonetsk, except for the Azot industrial zone, where hostilities are taking place.
▪️Russian sources create news stories to justify the slow and unsuccessful advance toward Sloviansk from the /2
southeast of Izyum.
▪️The Russians are trying to step up actions to block Ukrainian communications on the T1302 Bakhmut-Lysychansk highway.
▪️Russian invaders continued to resist the further advance of Ukrainian troops north of Kharkiv towards the border./3
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1/3 🇷🇺 propagandist Vladimir Solovyov has just claimed that the number of Ukrainians forcefully deported to 🇷🇺 is 1.9 million, which includes 307 000 children. The UN data is 1230800. In any case, the numbers are striking. #UkraineRussianWar #UkraineUnderAttaсk
And he’s calling this “evacuation”. What a maniac. It’s as if someone break into your house, set it on fire, kill you, and then takes your children to his place “for safety”. This must be stopped. #ArmUkraineNow
UN High Commissioner for Refugees should immediately request the lists of deported Ukrainians, organize the inspection of the conditions in which they live and help to create the possibility for them to come back to 🇺🇦 or go to the country that doesn’t support 🇷🇺 regime.
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Chi vuole seguire in diretta la visita a #Kyiv di #Draghi, #Macron e #Scholz può farlo seguendo questo thread. Lo aggiornerò prontamente durante la giornata. Buon viaggio a tutti i lettori.
Notizia importante: alle 14 ora italiana è prevista una conferenza congiunta di #Draghi, #Macron e #Scholz con il presidente ucraino #Zelensky.
Video abbastanza impressionante. L'arrivo della delegazione guidata da Mario #Draghi in hotel a #Kyiv. Guardate il dispiegamento di soldati, imbracciano i fucili, si guardano intorno nervosamente.
Non è una passerella, è una visita in un teatro di guerra.

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Det kan virke som om norske myndigheter fortsatt befinner seg i en fordums tid med utdaterte utenrikspolitiske hensyn som tas overfor Russland.
Det må endres. Russland må stoppes. De fortjener ikke vår respekt.
… en 🇺🇦🇷🇺TRÅD
Norge har siden krigen startet misbrukt nær sagt alle muligheter til å si tydelig fra at vi kommer til å bruke våre muskler til å sørge for at Ukraina vinner og Russland taper. /2
I stedet har vi tatt alle anledninger som har kommet til å hinte til Russland at vi «forstår» dem og vært forsiktige slik at vi ikke «sårer». Sist, absurd nok, ville vi ikke hjelpe sårede ukrainske soldater av den grunn. /3
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1 Sanctions are supposed to weaken russian war machine economically. But even the strongest ones will remain ineffective if russia finds ways to sidestep them - and it is actively working to make that happen (further proof that sanctions really are bad for russian economy).
2 While European Union banned all ships under russian flag it should take the next step and ban all ships with russian ownership, regardless of the ship’s flag. US and UK are already doing that, why not Europe?
3 Another example is banning sales of high-tech military equipment to russia which was supposed to have happened already back in 2014 (at least to some extent). And yet, experts find this equiment in captured russian vehicles etc. - sold after 2014.
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Just for us to remember: today is the 94th day of #RussiaUkraineWar.
The words' author Ilona Skala.
The video's author Oksana Gidulyan.
Read by Andriy Fedorof.
#UkraineUnderAttaсk #StopRussia
In English
"I thought it would be impossible to hate you more. But you raised our hatred to some transcendental level. You have dug such depths... You have awakened age-old deposits. The earth’s core was torn apart, and fiery lava gushed from there.
"We hate you. Everyone who comes, who supports and who remains silent. And send far away everyone trying to sell us some rays of good. At the moment, we have two options available: fear and hatred. But no, fear is also inaccessible. We hate you."
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The politically correct view on the Ukraine war is that Ukraine must be made to win.

Politically correct views are often wrong. But in this case, the politically correct view is right.

This makes for a strange public debate.

Quick thread.

Many people argue for the right position, but largely by accident.

Many people take a moral view on the war: they are outraged by the ghastliness of Russian aggression.

But they can't justify why they think what they think.
At this point, the following questions arise.

What if the West's current strategy turns out to be enough to prevent Ukraine from losing, but not enough to make Ukraine win?
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Zdaniem moich znajomych UKR w miesiąc stracili około 4-5 brygad w całym worku, ofc "przeliczeniowo" - tam każda brygada spadła do poziomu słabej bGB (batalionowej grupy bojowej).
Im się to moim zdaniem sypnie w ciągu tygodnia tj będą musieli się cofnąć na linię Słowiańsk-
Kramatorsk-Konstantynówka. I to co ich ocali to fakt że Rosjanie też ponieśli horrendalne straty. Jeżeli Rosjanie mają gdzieś zachomikowane 3-4 brygady to będzie bardzo źle - ale IMHO nie mają takich sił, ja ich nie widzę w każdym razie.
Myślałem że UA poważy się na jakąś
ofensywę niedługo ale IMHO rzucą siły do stabilizacji frontu na wschodzie. Może też o to chodziło Rosjanom dodatkowo.
Generalnie jest bardzo źle na łuku Dońca ale nie dla tego że UA walczą gorzej (bo walczą dużo lepiej niż Rosjanie) ale dlatego że obie strony zrobiły maszynkę
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1 /so....
"In the Severodonetsk direction, russian enemy carried out assault operations in the area of ​​the settlement of #Nizhne, without success." Gen Staff 18 Mai 2022
Seems that few things are not going the right way for #Russians in this area of #Nizhnie #Ukraine
2/ Well I guess when you see some topo maps it's self explanatory :
3/ et la topo couleur qui permet encore plus facilement d'appréhender le relief.
#UkraineMap #ukrainemap #Ukraine #UkraineUnderAttaсk
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1/4 🧵Putin is not ready for negotiations. The only way to end this - is the 🇷🇺 army defeat. As for when they will be ready to accept it - I think, we need a few more months.
2/4 Every week the desire to support the "special operation" among russians is going down. No one wants to die for Putin's insane ideas. The rupture in perception among the russians will come in July-August when the number of dead 🇷🇺 troops exceeds 50,000.
3/4 Sanctions against 🇷🇺 must get stronger. One of the ideas - to sanction Yedinaya Rossia (United Russia) members, recognize the party a criminal organization & ban all of its 144 members [in 🇷🇺Duma] from entering civilized world.
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1/ Map Update #UkraineMap #Russian, launched an offensive to totally take the city of #Dovhenke
so the city is partly still under #Ukrainians control
General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine / 18 May 2022
#Ukraine #UkraineWar #ukrainemap #UkraineUnderAttaсk Image
2/ here too we can understand with the topo map i show on the previous tweet how #Russians are "blocked" par this ridiculosly small city... and by geographical natural barriers as small rivers or valleys under hills controlled by ukrainians.
reminder : this is the village : Image
3/ Also you have to rember that when they entered the area almost a month ago with a staggering 22 BTGs this was how it looks.
(22 avril 2022 after 2 weeks of major offensive)
so.. eventually of course #Dovhenke #Довгеньке will "fall" but no major "blow".
& Russ have major losts Image
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Chargé d’Affaires at @USEmbassyKyiv, Kristina A. Kvien gave an interview to a Ukrainian news website. Some key points from it:
#StopRussiaNOW Image
1. Ukraine must win but Ukraine should define the contours of this victory, not the US. Government and people should decide which outcome of war they wll accept. We will support this decision.
2. We always acknowedged Crimea as Ukraine. But the decision to liberate occupied territories, including Crimea, lies with Ukraine. We want Ukraine to win this war.
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