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For the right thinking citizens wondering what the agonizing mob is all about trying to impugn my integrity and those of others, it is simple. #EndSARS #ReformPoliceNG established by @SIAF_NG successfully as a common ground on national security has brought Nigerians together.
This was the first of its kind in years since independence. Nigerians haven’t quite succeeded in agreeing on anything nationally due to political suspicion & our diversity which leaders have mismanaged due to selfish political influence. All these were considered before we began.
Between 2015/16 thereabout we engaged young Nigerians on their concerns on the culture of impunity and specifically police brutality which cost many lives of young people across Nigeria. No one dared to ask questions & forced disappearance was common in cases involving the police
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It is unfortunate that the IG of @PoliceNG is drowning in confusion in the cocoon of corrupt felons he has found himself at the Force HQ. The Police Act 2020 was clear on the mandate of the @PoliceNG_CRU but corruption is fighting back within the system.
This week alone @SIAF_NG has recovered over N2M from kidnappers within the police system in Lagos not to mention Delta, Benin and cases from other states. This was what citizens widely protested against during the #EndSARS protest of 2020. Instead of waiting for NEC to act…
…The forces of corruption around the IGP have been hell bent on destroying the Police Complaint Unit with administrative road blocks to cover up the crimes of their colleagues. Reports have been blocked from reaching the IG & now they are launching a parallel complaint committee
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We made it categorically clear that we do not want any untrained/half baked Tactical Squad of the @PoliceNG roaming our streets. This was what the agitation against the culture of impunity was about with #EndSARS #ReformPoliceNG Advocacy. We @SIAF_NG have been getting reports…🚔
…that the SWAT team that now occupies the ADENIJI base of the defunct FSARS have started kidnapping and robbing citizens of biblical sums. A fresh report came in now, where N550,000.00 was forcefully extorted at gunpoint from someone abducted at the ikoyi link bridge.
It is unfortunate that @followlasg is yet to recover from the losses from the Protest against Police Brutality and it seemed our rogue units in the Police learnt nothing from this incident. We have notified the authorities and by morning we will fish out the rogue officers.
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One thing is can’t intimidate the truth & neither can you wish it away. Lies pushed with the vilest of hate still can’t prevent the truth from appearing. The desperation of the socially maladjusted is obvious just for the lust for fame & fortune. #EndHypocrisy
There are also those who seek to legitimize the evil/bloodletting by building a business around it under the guise of running an NGO. They sponsor media events, awards & even grandstand by promoting evil, despite failing serially to establish themselves as a force for years.
These are the ones seeking to re-write history by attempting to sell the #EndSARS #ReformPoliceNG as a Protest. They want the world to believe it started months ago. They want to own it & weaponize it against the state at the expense of the vulnerable in society & our democracy!
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This is why people should study the @SIAF_NG model for engaging change. It is called the Conscious Revolution Paradigm; strategic engagement beyond emotional tantrums. It works globally and with track record of successes even in Nigeria. #Selah
An anachronistic law/bill that is no longer fit for purpose is simply analyzed by experts with recommendation on the ideal with justification amidst public awareness just as done for #EndSARS #ReformPoliceNG (not the protest) and #ElectoralReform campaign.
This way, the needed political will is galvanized and proper objective engagement of the legislative is done by representatives of the movement for this change. This is not a one time event but a reiteration of several actions in an accountable & objective manner.
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@FemAdesina @AmnestyNigeria @hrw @NhrcNigeria @Mochievous

Members of the @EndSARSLegalAid were at the Magistrate court today to represent 90 defendants from the #EndSARS protests.
Court commenced sitting at 2:17pm
Defendants said they were arrested b/w 20-24th Oct by the @HQNigerianArmy and detained at Bonny camp for 4 days without food, water or medical care or access to family and lawyers. Many were arrested outside their homes or after curfew.
They were transferred to the police and many said family members are not even aware of their whereabouts. Below are Hyginus Overo and Jude John. They have no family members in Lagos.Please retweet so their family members will know.
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The @PoliceNG are citizens too. They are victims of the system & must be given an opportunity to present a memoranda on the oppression of the system. We must get to the bottom of the lubricants of the culture of impunity within the Police Institution. Fair is Fair. #EndSARS
Nothing justifies the impunity of the Police but consider the analysis of 2019-2020 budget which clearly ignores training and equipment procurement for the @PoliceNG. N399 Billion is to be spent on recurrent expenses (i.e. payroll) but only N599m on training & paltry N20m...
...on teaching aids (together 0.1% of the recurrent expenses). Of the N16Billion for capital expenditure, only N3.3billion is for security equipment and compared with N10billion for construction before the economic cost of the aftermath of the #EndSARs protest.
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Dear #EndSARS Protesting Youth,

You may not like my face and sense of reasoning but kindly understand President Buhari's Speech beyond the spoken. Many unspoken words must be clearly understood from his speech.

👉 He has cautioned protesters against the continuation
2. of protests.

👉 Cautioned international community against hasty sanctions and judgement

Consequently, I won't be surprised if Military brutally engage protesters or hoodlums from tomorrow onwards. His were short words with pregnant tactics.
3. Believe me or not, International community will exercise caution owing to the widespread fake videos, photos,
claims and news being unravelled about the Lekki Tollgate Shootings. The government already has evidences to push forward in exonerating itself from international
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We have toyed with ourselves enough and it’s time to protect the vulnerable in society from the impending danger that looms. #EndSARS #ReformPoliceNG is a struggle for all of us and both the Advocacy & citizen protest groups must align for the good of our Nation.
Freedom of assembly and speech cum the sanctity of life must be sacrosanct going forward. I implore the @PoliceNG to stand down from the offensive and protect the protesters at this point. The action of the hoodlums must be separated from the peaceful protest. #EndSARS
I’m happy our fellow citizens have outlined in an easy format the minimum condition for the protest to abate in the interim for monitoring the implementation. This is helpful and I MUST commend their efforts thus far in bringing the dialogue to this level of awareness. #EndSARS
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The #EndSARS #ReformPoliceNG movement and Advocacy lives on.until our police is fully reformed to mirror global standards and best practices.
We remain eternally vigilant and will forever expose those acting in concerted manner to incite the public against persons and the integrity of the state.
The rights to protest remains constitutionally reinforced but this must not inconvenience other Nigerians going about their individual endeavors.
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“We want SARS to End!” #EndSARS #ReformPoliceNG SARS has ended! STS & IRT shutdown across Nigeria & restricted to Abuja. Cases against them are being looked into & data on the complaints since 2015 to 2019 will be released shortly. The issue here has factual & historical reality.
The demands by our fellow citizens, triggered by the culture of impunity are legitimate. Suffice to say that there is a Just Cause. But before we delve into this, the Advocacy believes the leaderless Protest need to get better understanding of the extent of dialogue for context.
NOTHING can be achieved without Legal framework & proper appropriation, so this informs the need for national orientation on monitoring of the implementation of these laws. NHRC 2010 (in need of a governing council), ACJA 2015, Anti Torture Act 2017, Police Act 2020 & PTF 2018.
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For years, leaders of thought have tried to engage the younger generation on the need to take responsibility. Revolution begins in the mind of the individual & not necessary proven by the size or aggression of the mob. The display of discontent is never enough however cinematic.
This is your part in the ensemble. We have collectively achieved the objective #EndSARs and the end goal #ReformPoliceNG is in gear (for this is a process), with legislative framework in place. You’re right that the pent up anger due to Govt’s negligence is beyond Police Impunity
Over the years I have mentioned severally that we are all that we have. There is no vertically collectivism with the Advocacy. Our roles have been cut out for us all. This is your own means of communicating your legitimate concern. Don’t let them miss the core message.
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Excerpts from The Autobiography of Martin Luther King, Jr. to help shed light on the way to go as regard the #EndSARS #ReformPoliceNG protest going on across the country.

A thread.
Before the Boycott started, Martin Luther King Jr. thought about the morality of the method of protesting - the Boycott.

In spite of the fact that the Black community had a legitimate demand, they still thought about the morality of their method.

Would anyone suffer unjustly?
On the first day of the protest, Martin Luther King Jr. noticed that at the peak of the morning traffic, no more than eight Negro passengers rode the bus.

Almost everyone in the Black community cooperated.

Now, what happened next?
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I believe it’s best I state categorically that the #EndSARS #ReformPoliceNG Advocacy/Movement is clearly different from the youth PROTEST playing before our eyes, which started as an organic expression of discontent until other agenda crept in. I won’t be participating here. 🙏🏽
Our teeming youth are assured of the continuous intervention of @SIAF_NG as done in the past 3years regardless. While looking forward to future national/sub-national engagement in a multi-year strategy since 2016, to reinforce policings original goals and standards, including...
...welfare, we must reinforce, with unmistakeable clarity, that @SIAF_NG (#EndSARS #ReformPoliceNG) is a registered non-profit with clearly stated objectives, totally independent of, and unconnected to, the youth-led protests sweeping the country.
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Distinguished, an Advocacy like ours can’t be hijacked. It will outlive all of us. Your protest is your right but if you choose to commercialize it & exchange it for Jollof rice on the Highway, that choice, people like us will have to respect. Cheers
I may not agree with the opportunists exploiting your vulnerability but I will forever support your rights to express your discontent. All I am saying is that we shouldn’t inconvenience others and make things worse. People’s businesses are suffering as we dance on the precipice.
Trust me I understand. There’s so much despair and our youth have nothing to lose. Unfortunately, our authorities are using old tactics to engage a new generation that is far more exposed than their rulers. You can’t divide us with religion, politics and ethnicity like before.
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Sir, I have been thinking about this beautiful movement of ours #EndSARS #ReformPoliceNG and I remember being teary when it started. Never in my life have I witnessed an organic protest... This is a first!

However, my worry is that we are not striking while the iron is hot.
We need to be strategic in our clamour for change and protest is just a part of this process.

The Blacks in Montgomery applied strategy by boycotting the public transport system for over a period of one year till their demands were met. Despite the inconveniences!
Any movement that doesn't give you a set of responsibilities is bound to be catastrophic.

The Police is an organisation infested with corruption and moral decay and I believe the bad eggs we encounter are probably victims of this system.
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I will forever stand by the people. I will always stand by the integrity of my Country. The #EndSARS #ReformPoliceNG Advocacy is not a weapon against the State. We can’t hamper economic activity or cripple the state. We must show goodwill and restraint. #ActWisely @SIAF_NG
I can’t be see the pattern and the shift of goal posts just to keep the protest on for good. This is not a show of goodwill. We are becoming that which we criticize. Almost every leader I engaged in the past assured me SARS will NOT be ended because they know what is at stake.
The most difficult job we have at @SIAF_NG is maintaining the integrity of the bridge in the gap between institutions and the people. Our ability to see from both perspectives and help amplify common ground is new to the Nigerian state and often misunderstood.
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On the 27th of June, 1987 in accordance with its article 27(1) the UN Convention against Torture and Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment came to force to compel each state party to take effective

administrative, judicial and other measures to prevent acts of torture from being committed within its territory. This was expressly stated in Article 2(2) of the UN Convention.

There is a case of one Kayode Badmus who became partially blind as a result of the conditions under which he was held at the Panic Police Station, Yaba, Lagos State.

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In 1993, one Andrew Ozone, a security officer with a petroleum marketing from in Apapa, Lagos State, was arrested by the Nigeria Police on allegations of stealing drums of oil from his employer.
When he was brought out for interrogation, he was asked to confess to having committed the offence. He refused complying with the Police by confessing to an offence he never committed.
The Nigeria Police of that jurisdiction got annoyed and beat him 'blue-black' with a rough edged glass on his 'hands and 'ribs'.
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The attempt to hijack the #EndSARS #ReformPoliceNG Movement by known elements who were against it from day one and had to be a part now for fame & earnings is not surprising. They felt they can demonize me & take ownership by force. But they’ll fail again as always.
The #EndSARS #ReformPoliceNG movement is not a tool against any group or individual. It wasn’t designed as a political weapon to demonize institutions or persons. We also are not in the habit of raising funds in the shadows. This was why they started with the attacks.
The #EndSARS #ReformPoliceNG movement is not a cult group. We don’t guilt trip people for control. We have a Convener and we are NOT a Protest group neither are we easing funds for such purpose. This is yet another onslaught in the same pattern on the cause. Be careful out there.
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Distinguished, I usually don’t engage petty thoughts like this but lest those whose hearts are hungry feed on your mischief, let me state here that I have NEVER been a fan of protest knowing how it makes a bait of the vulnerable we seek to protect. 👉🏽
Learn more about the Movement and Advocacy. It is not the same as the PROTEST. The protest is the constitutional expression of discontent by every individual who so chooses to engage. We simply created a valid case for the CAUSE based on research and consideration of extant laws.
The conversation started long ago and have achieved so much you probably May never know because we are not selling ourselves. Our goal is to create a future and legacy for our children that our fathers were not brave enough to create for us. You can’t protest forever.
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Gustave Le Bon and Carl Jung wrote extensively about “Crowd: The study of the popular mind” & The Madness of Crowds respectively. These are two critical works I have passionately studied over a decade and applied when dealing with mixed multitudes out here. #JustSaying Image
A mixed multitude crowding together to form a mob releases their individual dynamism thus, letting loose their collective man— beast/demons that lie dormant in every person until he is one with the mob. Man in the mass sinks unconsciously to an inferior moral/intellectual level.
Once the lust after fame overtakes the principal idea ridden on to band with the mob, you are dealing with a different set of beings. This is not what the advocacy is about. We condemn in the strongest of terms any act of violence or destruction of public property.
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I’ve said once before— “Prejudice is an emotional commitment to ignorance.” There are certain people who would rather die fighting over who is superior in a collapsing building than collaborate to ensure everyone leaves the building alive. #EndSARS #ReformPoliceNG is a movement. Image
It is a platform created by @SIAF_NG to engage the culture of impunity in 2017. It is not built around protests, bottling blames or for the expression of discontent alone but to strategically build a bridge over institutional gaps as done across critical institutions of state.
It is a structured Advocacy with a Convener that carries along the general public on the progress made in years of multifaceted engagements and interventions. This doesn’t mean that the Convener rules over anyone. The rights to protest & contribute to the common ground is yours.
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1. After all the protest, I will appriciate if top reasonable celebrities can hold an intellectual symposium on:
1.What defines police brutality?

2. What are the main causes of police brutality

3. What is the most effective way to stop police brutality?
4. Suggest reforms steps to be taken by @nassnigeria for a better @PoliceNG .

5. Create a group that will interface with the @nassnigeria and lobby to ensure the @PoliceNG reform Act is speedily worked on and handed over to Mr President for assent .

I am saying the above,
3. Because after all this shout and everybody goes back without any concrete achievements won't make any sense.
Citizens should bear in mind that not all @PoliceNG are bad eggs ,hence we shouldn't throwaway the baby with the bath water.
Jobbers like @YeleSowore shouldn't hijack
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