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While appreciating the concern of the @LagosMoj over the assist & clarification, it is imperative to state the circumstances that led to the charge lest we assume an appeal is being made for an armed robber. Context is key & we know how derelict the criminal justice system is.
In 2014, SARS were the Boko Haram of the time empowered by the state running amok above the Law. Chidozie like most impertinent youth have decided to remain in the Abati, Vulcanizer, Akowonjo neighborhood of Lagos State, even after his parents moved somewhere else.
On the fateful day, He went to his best friend’s (Prosper) house to charge his laptop. Prosper’s mother is a tenant to a certain Akeem, who was later discovered to be an armed robber. Suffice to say, Prosper lives with his mother in a rented house owned by an Armed robber.
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SARS in Abuja are acting like a terrorist cell. The rogues there are angry because their racket was exposed and they have been having sleepless nights on how to implicate their victims. They vowed to parade them today as fraudsters & we are promising them a lawsuit. @PoliceNG_CRU
The level of lawlessness under this IGP and Administration is worse than life under a BokoHaram overrun LGA. Every rogue unit now make their own rules and dares the consequences. The entire police structure should be ready for its demise if this persists because we’ll respond.
To be more specific this is another impunity by Abba Kyari’s boys. They hide under IGP/IRT to play bounty hunter and fleece innocent people of huge funds after abduction. They are the same people paid to abduct @seyitannn_ on Dbanj’s case.
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Critical issues such as the Culture of impunity by the privileged, powerful & positioned folks getting away with murder unconscionably because they can, must never be downplayed with skin color, ethnicity or partisan politics. Focus on Culture Change through engagement. @SIAF_NG
Four years ago when I was discussing the design of the #EndSARS #ReformPoliceNG campaign with Dr Yemi Amusan @yemusan1, we both agreed that the most critical element of the movement must be the common ground & nothing lopsided that cuts off any demographic or class.
It was a delicate campaign no doubt which inadequate planning could determine even long before we began. So it’s necessary to simulate a whole lot for months while researching before we launch into the Wild. Sincerity of purpose was key. Political campaigns are for the short run
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In the spirit of Education let me clarify. I have NO Govt affiliation however lawful in ALL my dealings business wise and across all advocacies associated with my name. What the Wiki link referred to was the adhoc Presidential panel that deployed our joint stopgap to the ills.
What actually happened was that a threshold was reached and at that watershed moment, police got tired of playing defensive & realized the devastating effect of our next move on the advocacy based on the revelation made to them at a critical meeting with the leaders.
This meeting was held behind the curtains at the International Youth Day (Safe spaces for youth 2018) held at the Music Centre as organized jointly by @koredebello & @SIAF_NG with all stakeholders including senior officers of the Police.
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Kindly report any police officer or police station that violates your rights for recording their atrocities on your phone. It is time they realize the society is watching their every move & will no longer condone their brutality & abuse of power. #EndImpunity #ReformPoliceNG
08057000001 or 08057000002 call any of the numbers and report. Carry us along @SIAF_NG @citizen_gavel @AcpIshaku @PoliceNG_CRU There are thousands of messages in DMs any no doubt many will slip through the cracks. We have no security vote or billions in monthly allocation.
Invest in BodyCams & spy pens. If you need to visit police stations. Any police station that threatens to charge your case to court just to intimidate you on a case that is an obvious violation of your rights must be reported with tangible evidence. Let’s start shutting them down
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SARS officers in Edo State are mounting roadblocks and harassing road users under the guise of recovering stolen vehicles. Is this what Special units are deployed for? What is the work of the @PoliceNG? I asked them if there’s any report of a stolen vehicle in the area...
...that matched the description of the vehicle of the driver they were harassing but they allege I was teaching them their job. I asked if their job entails hanging about and indiscriminately accusing road users of theft of their vehicles? One of them said that’s what they do.
To put this in the right perspective. Nigeria’s SWAT team is hanging around on the highway seeking whom to victimize despite not having any distress call they are responding to. This explains the tales of woe of commuters in that state due to extortion & abduction of the innocent
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Dear Patriots,

Some leeches in the @PoliceNG have struck again.

Sixty One Thousand Naira (N61,000) was extorted from Emmanuel in Akure, Ondo State on Thursday, Oct 10, 2019 at about 9:41pm.

#MekunuTwitter #MekunuPresident let's help
#ReformPoliceNG #EndPoliceBrutality

While passing through Akure to another state on a mission, some officers of the @PoliceNG who were allegedly identified as IGP SQUAD decided to arrest innocent people on the road. They raided with an 18-seater grey colored bus with private number plate.

cc @Omojuwa @segalink
These IGP SQUAD of the @PoliceNG picked up Emmanuel while he was about to board a taxi on Thursday, Oct 9, 2019 in Akure.

The IGP SQUAD then took Emmanuel and others they had picked up to the SACS Office close to FUTA Northgate, but the SACS Office rejected them.

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An IT Staff of WEMA Bank, who worked overnight & was on his way back home was summarily abducted by rogue @PoliceNG officers seeking ransom in the early hours of this morning. They’ve switch off his phone & we’re yet to locate their position. We suspect TaskForce or Anti Cultism.
These predators MUST never be allowed to continue this way. We can not continue to go around in circles. The Commander if Anti Cultism in Lagos MUST be removed. The criminal hideout in SACS Gbagada is inimical to our dignity & human rights. Warn Area commanders aiding this.
The IGP should see this as the last call lest we begin to grapple with citizen-led policing. We’ll no longer be sitting ducks for rogues robbing & kidnapping innocent citizens going about their business. We’ll begin a search for Ugo & where he is being held will be shutdown.
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There must be a protocol that restricts and forbids @PoliceNG officers from mounting road blocks on the highways. We have spent over two decades if not more paying lip service to this & many lives have been lost due to this primitive approach to security engagement. #EndImpunity
We can have highway patrols and not highway robbers in @PoliceNG uniforms mounting roadblocks and demanding ransom from road users unduly. We should learn from disasters past and present of innocent lives (Police & citizens) cum goods worth millions avoidably lost to this. 🚨
Things like this must NEVER be allowed to happen again in any civilization. How many lives will have to be lost before we realize that it could be us or our loved ones? When will @PoliceNG stop acting with impunity? *Actual event date still being verified- but roadblocks still on
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I will be telling the world 3 major stories even though there are more, about how our @PoliceNG Institution has been bastardized beyond recognition to the point where they now ruin lives for profit. These stories are as real as our current individual situations. #TrustBeDamned
I’m sure some may think #WhiteHorseBank is some Nollywood debut but it is as real as the misfortune of Nigeria under the worst of aberrations in the history of our democracy. It is the story of the worst miscarriage of justice in the history of man featuring our very own Police.
Circa 1960 before the civil war, a young SAO moves back to Nigeria with a degree in Economics from the UK & a dream to make a difference. He begins House Office Phones Industrial Cleaning Nigeria LTD which is essentially into Industrial Cleaning & Pest Control. #WhiteHorseBank
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So the crooks in Uniform in Lion Building are charging N200k per head for their own indiscriminate raids under the guise of anti tattoos? They just want to end the @PoliceNG this month Abi? Kontinu. #EndImpunity #ReformPoliceNG @PoliceNG_lagos @Opetodolapo @ParodySpokesman
Since the Government don’t care and wait for our youth to die before they post a lame tweet in commiseration and the IGP won’t correct his mistake without an order from the above, I suggest we begin to resist these illegal & barbaric raids. It is time to be your brother’s keeper.
If anyone in your community is taken, you have the right to mobilize the entire community to seek their immediate release. Stop paying ransom to rogue police. Stop allowing them to arrest your children. Stop reinforcing oppression & state backed Armed robbery.
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#EndSARS objective has deeper meanings than the surface interpretation. We are saying sanitize the elite squads and put the right sustainable operational procedures in place to make them function as designed & not as a tool of oppression, abduction, torture and extortion.
The term reform has no meaning within the security structures across institutions without first repealing and replacing the acts that set such institution up. This foundational element is key because our Police Act Of 1943 predates Human Rights proclamation.
So everything built on that faulty foundation that is a relic cum vestige of military interregnum will not benefit society in the 21st century and we may have to build afresh beginning with a new law. This has been an ongoing conversation that the arms of Govt are aware of.
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From findings we can safely infer that the unchecked impunity of the police have awakened the evil in the Anti Cultism folks to step up their extortions & abductions, leaving the tamed SARS disenfranchised from the lucre of the game. Now there is a competition & we are the prey.
A relapse is imminent with the ambiguity created by the IGP’s order which returned the elite squads (SARS/SACS/SAKS) Under the commissioners of police in each state. A protocol that has never worked but left our streets flowing with the blood of the innocent. #EndSARS #EndSACS
The elite squads in collaboration with their impunity ridden colleagues at the Police stations have nothing more to prioritize than feed on the blood of our youth. The hardship in the country is being cushioned by them with bloody extortions & abductions on a national scale.
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@bimbola_01 @EBONGIE @Clinton_Vice_B @Osekita @PeperHade @DeleMomodu @Efficacy12 If you don’t have clarity you ask reasonable questions not as though you know better. The then IGP & his yes men spent months cooking up propaganda & denying until they were overwhelmed with the empirical evidence made public.
@bimbola_01 @EBONGIE @Clinton_Vice_B @Osekita @PeperHade @DeleMomodu @Efficacy12 It must be clear however that the advocacy was for the IGP to do anything as the police can not reform itself or be a judge in their own case. It was for the authorities to legislate and repeal and replace the outdated Police Act of 75years ago (Constabulary).
@bimbola_01 @EBONGIE @Clinton_Vice_B @Osekita @PeperHade @DeleMomodu @Efficacy12 The Presidency knows this but there is no political will to pull it through as the Legislative (NASS) was at logger heads with the Executive (Presidency) then. My engagement reveals that the Executive will sign the Bill if we can get it passed at NASS.
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I have to cut my planned sabbatical short for the sake of elders who called in and the vulnerable. So no more break or strike action from Greatness. Those who may wish to kill themselves at this point have my humble unreserved permission to go ahead while offer lasts.
I received a troubling message via Instagram and WhatsApp on this case alleged to be a SARS attack. But given the level of engagement with the operatives in Lagos especially, I can almost vouch for the officers within the SARS formation... #ReformPoliceNG
Men of Zonal Intervention Squad, attached to Zone 2, Onikan kidnapped a citizen, tortured him and collected N464,000 ransom from his mother in Ikorodu. Emmanuel Adegbite, on the 5th of March 2019 was unlawfully arrested by ZIS officers while he was playing snooker.
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Civil rights and advocacy has come a very long way. From the days of Dr. Martin Luther King Jnr. the American Baptist minister who was renowned for his staunch and unequivocal disposition on civil rights until it became an act in 1964.
#TechieTalk #SMWLagos2019 #SMWLagos #SMW2019
His ‘dream’ has inspired a generation of people who are activists for various noble causes. The advent of technology no doubt has put a spin on how these change-agents approach subject matters.
#TechieTalk #SMWLagos2019 #SMWLagos #SMWLagos
Segun Awosanya (SEGA) is a Realtor (land law focused) Civil Rights & Institutional Reforms Advocate, futuristic Brand, Media, Tech, Research, Business & Strategic Consultant, who is also deeply involved in social engineering and Nation-building via his numerous advocacies.
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So on the 1st of February, 2019, 4 friends were on our way from Enugu to Abuja after attending the burial of the father to their mutual friend at Okija in Anambra state, immediately after Obollo Afor in Enugu state they were stopped at a check point and a search was conducted,...
Needless to state the spate of robberies and kidnapping on that stretch in the dead zone with no network coverage, many people travel on that path with security escort but one of the boys has a licence to carry fire arm with an expiry date of 2020.
While the search was going on, the fire arm was found and the owner of the vehicle informed the policemen that he had a license and went further to present the license. The policemen immediately brought out handcuffs and cuffed 4 of them and summarily tagged them Kidnappers.
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I admire the ambitious spirit of the new Sheriff in Town & his eloquent/emotionally intelligent Force PRO. The Devil is in the detail & we must keep correcting these semantics that Nigerians are not looking for the reformation of SARS. We were specific #EndSARS #ReformPoliceNG
This charge however does not lie solely in your hands as custodian of the authority of the police in congruence with the orders of the Presidency. It lies in all our hands and those of the legislature to expedite action on the passing of the New Police Act. Reform begins here.
FSARS stopped being a major problem with the stop gap in place under IGP Idris in compliance to the orders of the Acting President in line with the demands of the #EndSARS movement as spurred by the clarion calls of the people. Denigrating that is a Mortal Sin against humanity.
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This is NOT a good omen. The New IG Of @PoliceNG has taken us back to the dark days we protested against at a critical period such as this (days to a major election). There’s a reason why FSARS was taken off the control of Commissioners.…
This rearrangement is just going to fuel corruption and lure the Commissioners of police into deploying SARS as political party Thugs. The stop gap worked because the Commissioners don’t control SARS.
With this order they’ll amplify the impunity they’re executing via the Police with their control of SARS. This is yet another setback in my own opinion. The negative impact of this will be felt in a matter of days. #EndSARS Objective may return. #ReformPoliceNG
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A few minutes ago a deal was struck and the posting of the New Commissioner of Police to Lagos was reversed with the Old reinstated. Fmr CP Edgal Imohimi has lobbied himself back to Lagos & as Egbetokun prepares to return to EOD Abuja. This calls for concern. 😞 #ReformPoliceNG
It is worthy of note that Edgal spent most (if not all) of his service years in Lagos. Are we saying that DCP Edgal is the most qualified for this job? We have monitored his career advancement from SP-DCO-DPO-Area commander-DC Ops (Ikeja), is he allergic to other states?! 🤔
One of the very first assignment of the New IGP Of @PoliceNG may be to reshuffle the entire system and investigate this miraculous reversal which to me looks, smells and feels transactional. In the interest of Lagosians/Nigerians this must not be allowed to stand. #ReformPoliceNG
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To the glory of God our words have never fallen to the ground. The citizens Lagos state have the cause to smile now as the Lagos @PoliceNG Commissioner has been redeployed successfully as requested in our petition. No more TaskForce abductions. #ReformPoliceNG
The new commissioner of Police for Lagos will be met & brought up to speed on engagement in the state and updated on the issues we had with his predecessor. The new Commissioner as gathered was formerly the ADC to erstwhile Gov Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu. 🤔
Mr Kayode Egbetokun was directed by the police authorities to take over from Edgal as Acting Police Commissioner in the southwest state. We are not certain if he will be retained. But will update as we know more. Edgal however is history.
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For the record, the IGP X Squad is probably the only unit left that observed the rule of law and principles of fairness asides from the Lagos SARS Command which is directly being monitored by the #EndSARS Movement & @citizen_gavel so if you notice any anomaly please report.
Thanks to our ever dependable @YemieFASH for seeing this through. The team involved here is actually the @PoliceNG IGP IRT FHQ team led by one Asp Okomayin Onotu & Insp. Salvation Omoyeni. The assumption made that led to this detention has been learnt from by all parties.
We will continue to work hand in hand with the PFHQ to ensure citizens rights are fully protected regardless of their complicit in the alleged crimes. Thanks to the DCP IGP X Squad Amaechi Elumelu and his team across Nigeria. #ReformPoliceNG @NPFSpokesPerson
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A lot will change faster when Police Officers start getting demoted or losing their pensions if not dismissed for human rights abuses. We are days away from the change we deserve provided we all agree we have suffered enough. #ReformPoliceNG
Many patriotic Police officers are appalled by what is going on but they are in a regimented system and can’t fight the impunity especially where the oppressed don’t raise dust over it. Many are still applauding oppression and justifying it away under partisan politics of hate.
Election is here already and they have spread billions around to activate thugs across Nigeria to unleash terror for voter intimidation, suppression & oppression. From Kogi, Kano, Bauchi, PH to Lagos. No state will be spared. But we the people shall stand. We refuse to be cowed.
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It remains unfair to judge people’s choices when you can’t see the options from which their decisions were based and the conviction that lies beneath the choice. It is also unintelligent to hastily deploy the Gavel without understanding in cases involving the enlightened.⛱
A citizen approached me with questions he hopes to publish for better understanding of my position and here are my brief responses to each of the enquiries. I believe it would help check the prejudices of most drowning in suppositions & emoting with surplusage.
1. Please just a formal introduction of you and your specialty (though I know, just want to confirm).

Segun Awosanya (SEGA) is a Realtor (landlaw focused) Civil Rights & Institutional Reforms Advocate, futuristic Brand, Media, Tech, Research, Business & Strategic Consultant, ...
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