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Full article: Cuts destroy, hurt, kill: a critical metaphor analysis of the response of UK academics to the UK overseas aid budget funding cuts

And it’s OUT our open access article on #ODA #UKRI #GCRF cuts and their effects - lead Maria Grazia Imperiale…
“We identified the following metaphors: CUTS ARE AN ENTITY; CUTS ARE A THREAT, CUTS ARE ILLNESS, CUTS ARE VIOLENCE; plus, on the other hand, RESEARCH IS HEALTH, RESEARCH IS A JOURNEY, RESEARCH IS CONNECTION.” @kentbuse @VolcanoJenni @claire_horwell @CUSP_Network @MIDEQHub 2/
“First, we suggest that the metaphors used have a persuasive and evaluative aim and function. Second, we open up a space for an interdisciplinarity between CMA and ‘idioms of distress’.” 3/
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The indefatigable ⁦⁦@willrworley⁩ has put together a tracker will details of programmes affected by #ODA cut. It includes initial list from March 11 #UKRIcuts . If your project has been cut please let him know #gcrfcuts…
This list @UKRI_News #GCRF cuts on @willrworley tracker picked up to date

Programs affected:
• Research and development into technology to purify dirty water (The Guardian)
• Mapping natural disaster risk in lower income communities (The Guardian)
• Research and development for infectious disease diagnostics (Independent)
• A refugee integration project run by Professor Alison Phipps. (Devex interview)
• Reducing homicide in Latin America (The Guardian)
• Migration for Development and Equality
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Thread 🧵 of more #GCRFcuts media, protest, the great work 💚analysis & actions from last week or so 👇🏼#ODAcuts #UKRIcuts starting with @heavencrawley @MIDEQHub
And here is a 🧵 from former challenge lead @lhammondsoas after she resigned in protest #gcrfcuts
The good folk @GCRFWaterHub have lots of great examples of the vital work they are doing - give them a follow. It’s amazing how much you will learn. 👇🏼💚👏🏼
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Today was the day #UKRI required my University and hundreds of others to submit their decisions on what to cut, how hard and what to terminate.

And required this with a timescale of 3 weeks which included Easter, Ramadan, Passover, up to Orthodox Easter. And school holidays.
To all the research and finance staff, PIs, Co-Is, and University leaders who have worked flat out to find ways of responding with integrity to this unprecedented situation and who have just been colleagues - thank you. 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾 we still have far to go. But it’s made a difference.
For #GCRF hubs deadline looms next week. So more pain ahead. Forthright comments from @heavencrawley & @profrichdawson
on #UKRi letter some PIs have received to send to partners.

“We are not sending it on”

“Too little too late”
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20 November 2020

#UKRI announced award of 141 new projects under #GCRF all addressing #SDGs

Global challenges being tackled by projects include [d]:
👉🏼environmental disasters
👉🏼education for children living through conflict
👉🏼malnutrition.” #odacuts…
Many of these 141 #GCRF award holders had been under strict @beisgovuk imposed embargo on #UKRI for over a year. I know, I was one of them. Delivering during the pandemic meant constant requests to ‘reprofile’ our grants meaning using resource to make projects Covid compliant
Between and in secret because of the embargo we worked out how to ensure partners had access to good enough internet for our partner meetings. This meant investing in and rapidly learning g about mobile technologies #odacuts #gcrfcuts #ukricuts
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THREAD: Today was my last day as #GCRF Challenge Leader for Conflict & Displacement, a post I have been seconded to for the past 3 years. I resigned in protest over the #ODACuts as I did not think I could do my job with so many projects being scaled back, possibly cut entirely.
The cuts that this government has ordered BEIS and UKRI to make to ODA-funded research are more than harsh. They will break bonds of trust and collaboration between researchers, communities & other partners that have taken years to develop.
The UK is forfeiting its position as a global leader in development research. Cutting edge research on conflict, displacement, climate change, food security, health systems, and urban change - key challenges of our time - will be cancelled.
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“The scrapping of ODA projects will lead to a “loss of trust” in the UK that “will take years to rebuild”, warned Prof Anne Johnson, the president of the Academy of Medical Sciences.

#odacuts #gcrfcuts #ukricuts…
“Disaster is an overused word but the recently announced cuts in ODA funding for research are exactly that” @kevinmarsh8 ‘a letter below now joining @JoBeall1 @FiddianQasmiyeh @OlivetteOtele @ZoeNorridge & Ayesha Siddiqi in resigning as #GCRF advisors at #UKRI 👇🏼
Unrolled thread here from @lhammondsoas as she ends her contract and resigns from secondment to #UKRI over #odacuts
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Starting new 🧵 on #odacuts #UKRIcuts #gcrfcuts with this

“I wrote,  along with the other National Academies to the Foreign Secretary on the value of ODA-funded research, and again in March to the Chancellor on the need to protect the science budget.”…
SIGN. SIGN. SIGN - this is the easy bit folks

Only a few hundred signatures needed on the #UKRIcuts #odacuts #gcrfcuts Parliament Petition before Govt has to respond 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼👏🏼🙌🏾👏🏼
Comment piece in Telegraph from CEO @ICR_London “Slashing research funding is a blow to Global Britain. The Government will do long-term damage if it reduces support for the UK’s university research base.”
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“Slashing funding will limit research spending in the UK and may harm the economic recovery.”

Important Op-Ed by @UofGVC⁩: Cuts mean science superpower claim won’t fly ⁦@thetimes⁩ ⁦@UofGlasgow

(paywalled) #odacuts #ukricuts #gcrfcuts…
Greg Clark MP has written to PM saying cuts amount to “a devastating reduction which would reverse two years of intended increases and mean that the ambition for Britain to be a science superpower would be deferred for much of this parliament”.(paywalled)…
Extract 🖕🏼 Image
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can you imagine having been awarded a highly competitive grant to carry out a project you've been dreaming of doing for 10 years on a major global pathogen that still kills hundreds of thousands every year. and then halfway through -- #UKRIcuts #ODAcuts #GCRF #gcrfcuts 1/n
have your funding taken away!? this just happened to me. this just happened to us @djimdeab @tonidara @SunilDogga @amtalman. this just happened to HUNDREDS of researchers. devastating for people, for trust, for partnerships, and for science. #UKRIcuts #ODAcuts #GCRF #gcrfcuts 2/n
what kind of funding was it you wonder? maybe from a small charity that has collapsed? NO. unprecedented post-award, take-the-money-back -- this is from the UK's primary funding institutions @UKRI_News @The_MRC. #UKRIcuts #ODAcuts #GCRF #gcrfcuts 3/n
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#ODAcuts + #UKRIcuts are an own goal for @BorisJohnson @10DowningStreet and ambition to establish the UK as a lead in global climate diplomacy

Cuts to #GCRF undermine UK’s @COP26 leadership, they decimate UK research and global partnerships, and will harm the most vulnerable.
Our @GCRF project #Cambodia + #India risks termination #ODAcuts + #UKRIcuts

Financial inclusion via small-scale credit is exalted in mainstream development thinking as a key means of supporting women + families in dealing wt #climatechange. But does it? And at what cost?
We are a 20+ strong team of (non)-academic researchers from universities and research institutes in the UK Cambodia + India sharing our expertise from environmental science, visual arts, and social science to answer this question. #ODAcuts #UKRIcuts will decimate our team.
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Everyday since news of #ukricuts #gcrfcuts broke another set of previously unimaginable consequences occur:-
1) end of peer review for grants - it was already on a shoogly peg but who is now going to donate labour to laborious review of proposals - including risk assessments? 😐
2) Applications for funding - it takes two years constant work to go from idea to successful application with success rates low. To do this needs trust that if successful your work will be funded throughout (stage-gated). Right now I can’t imagine why I would EVER apply again.
3/ Partnerships. It takes years to build towards equitable partnerships in contexts of conflict & impoverishment. Some of mine are over 14 years in making. Steady, constant care. This is why they worked. Why they were funded. 1 secretive stroke of a 🇬🇧 pen and ‘poof’ - #ukricuts
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“The University will continue to use all available channels to make the case to reverse these cuts.”
Strong Statement from @UofGVC @RachelSandison @cjpearce on #UKRIcuts #odacuts #gcrfcuts

👉🏼… Image
@UofGVC @RachelSandison @cjpearce @UofGlasgow @UofGEducation @UofGUnescoRILA @kentbuse @UCUScotland @MIDEQHub "This decision undermines the UK’s role in combatting the world’s most pressing challenges...[and] will lead to job losses in the UK and in low- and middle-income countries, with early career staff particularly badly affected." @DrJoGrady @ucu… (paywalled)
@kentbuse "The government has said the reduction of UK aid spending from 0.7 to 0.5 per cent of gross national income is a temporary measure."
Why such damage to 'National Interest" if temporary? by @RobinBisson quote from @kentbuse, @stuarttaberner1 & @DrJoGrady
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The cuts to @UKRI_News #GCRF are disastrous. While the gov't is not wrong that the UK will still be a significant source of aid funds, the cuts to research threaten to undo so much of what has been accomplished in the past 5 years and leave the UK worse off. 1/
Since 2016, @UofGlasgow has used our annual allocation of @GCRF from the @ScotFundCouncil to run our GCRF Small Grants Fund. We've funded 184 unique initiatives in 306 partners across 54 countries. 49% of those were led by female PIs, 39% by our early career researchers. 2/
Now those partnerships, those networks, those early career links are in danger. The ability of our UK researchers to develop forward-looking, globally relevant researcher agendas is under threat. And we will pay the price. Just look at what these funds have been used for...3/
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Like everyone else who leads/works with @GCRF funded projects, I'm reeling from news that our budgets are to be slashed and grants terminated. We learnt about this through a public announcement on the @UKRI_News, no-one even had decency to consult with or advise us beforehand 1/
This announcement was made, ironically, on the very same day that we made our ResearchFish submission, a hellish bureaucratic system of reporting our outputs, engagements and impacts so that we can 'prove' to @UKRI_News that we are doing what we said we would do with the money 2/
Our @MIDEQHub ResearchFish submission ran to more than 250 pages of publications and engagement activities with impacts on policy debates, training, media outputs and more, all carefully documented, detailed and entered into the system 3/
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On Monday we launched our major £2 million #GCRF #UKRI peace building project. Yesterday the Govt announced cuts to international science the savagery of which has never been seen before, to make war #WDMs ⁦⁦@CMonaghanSNP⁩ ⁦…
The savage cuts are taking immediate effect. The length, depth and consequences are as yet unknown but they will result directly in increases in poverty, violence against women & girls & the crumbling of civic cultural institutions - as our research to date shows. #ODAcuts #SDGs
#ODACuts to international science & research budget with our international partners in the global south are estimated at £125million “The MoD has said developing the next generation of Dreadnought submarines to carry the new warhead would cost £30bn plus a £10bn contingency.”
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Today, I will try my hand at live tweeting insights from "A #Home of One's Own", a two-day #researchworkshop on socially & economically #marginalised women's experiences of and negotiations with #genderinequalities in #informalurbanhousing in India.
This workshop has been organised by #JadavpurUniversity (School of Women's Studies), #RabindraBharathiUniversity (Centre for Women's Studies) and #Parichiti, a women's organisation. All three are research partners on a #GCRF project funded by @GoldsmithsUoL.
Since Oct 2018, I have collaborated with Dr. Henrike Donner, who is leading it, to develop #researchcollaborations with #educational and #development organisations in India to implement a pilot study on #genderurbanhousing. This workshop marks the end of the first phase.
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Incredible performance by Noyam African Dance Institute to mark official start of @UKRI_News @GCRF #SouthSouthMigration Inequality and Development Hub. Such a powerful moving representation of migrant journeys and experiences. Thank you @GTordzro @alison_phipps Nii Tete and all!
The beautiful building of International House, home to @cms_moop, provided the perfect setting for this performance and its metaphor of the ‘corridor’. Thank you Prof Joseph Teye and all at @univofghana for hosting us and for the generosity of your welcome Image
Plenty of media interest in thinking behind #UKRI #GCRF #SouthSouthMigration Inequality and Development Hub and what we hope to achieve. This is all about generating new perspectives, insights and understandings of migration for the benefit of everyone. No better way to start! Image
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Today we started work! An excellent @KetsoLtd session with all our #UKRI #GCRF #SouthSouthMigration Hub partners co-designing research for our #GlobalSouth ‘corridors’, drawing in thematic areas as appropriate. Great way of de-centring analysis and ensuring everyone has a voice! ImageImageImageImage
This afternoon we are grappling with challenging issue of how to ensure work of the #UKRI #GCRF #SouthSouthMigration Inequality and Development Hub is conducted ethically and genuinely decolonises knowledge production. With 12 countries and more than 40 partners its no small task Image
Hanging out the washing...what are the key messages and ideas the #UKRI #GCRF #SouthSouthMigration,Inequality and Development Hub should be communicating? Some fun to end a long first day working through our research design, ethics, data management and communications strategy Image
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An incredible morning so far with 42 partners from around the world at the start of the #UKRI #GCRF #SouthSouthMigration, Inequality and Development Hub. Reducing inequalities is what we want to do, the important question is how we are going to it....
Blown away by the energy, ideas and commitment of our #UKRI #GCRF #SouthSouthMigration partners, we’ve finally let them start talking and @cms_moop is alive!
The creative juices are flowing and ideas about how the work that the #SouthSouthMigration Hub does over the next five years can #makeadifference are bubbling over on to the table
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Preparations well underway for start of our #UKRI #GCRF #SouthSouthMigration, Inequality and Development Hub. Around the world - from Haiti to Malaysia - more than 40 partners are busily packing their bags to come and join us at @cms_moop next week. Watch this space for updates! Image
Today’s rehearsal at Noyam Dance Institute with @alison_phipps @GTordzro for new performance to mark official start of #UKRI #GCRF #SouthSouthMigration, Inequality and Development Hub. Multilingual title is ‘Dzen Lungulungu Kpɔdomi’ meaning ‘Corridors’ in Gã Hausa and Ewegbe
Meanwhile the women of Dodowa are making tie-dyed fabrics reflecting Ghana’s long history of using fabric to beautify body and space. #UKRI #GCRF #SouthSouthMigration Hub puts creativity at its heart, opening up new spaces to understand migration from a human-centred perspective ImageImage
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Off on a West African adventure! First up @cms_moop in Ghana to join #MIASA Fellowship Group on Migration, Mobility and Forced Displacement followed by first meeting of our newly funded #UKRI #GCRF #SouthSouthMigration, Inequality and Development Hub with nearly 40 partners Image
Of course I’m only able to do this because I’m white and privileged. Sadly my colleagues from around world are unable to travel with same freedoms and ease. It’s complex and expensive to get visas to UK even for world-leading scholars in the field Image
That’s just one of (many) reasons why all of our #UKRI #GCRF #SouthSouthMigration, Inequality and Development meetings will be held in countries of #GlobalSouth. We need to do everything we can to avoid reproducing inequalities in access to resources and power in the Hub’s work
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One of most exciting things about #UKRI #GCRF South-South Migration Hub is chance to work in genuine partnership with excellent migration researchers in Global South inc Joseph Teye @cms_moop and Herns Louis Marcelin @INUREDHAITI who join @alison_phipps and I as Co-Directors... Image
This is us at end of first intensive, inspiring planning meeting in Accra. The smiles say it all. Whilst #SouthSouthMigration Hub is inevitably shaped by existing politics of #migration knowledge production, it provides avenues for disruption by generating new ways of seeing
By shifting gaze toward #SouthSouthMigration, drawing together diverse researchers from Global South and providing extended opportunities for exchange & training, the Hub will contribute to much-needed and long-overdue decolonisation of migration research…
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Its official...the next five years of my life will be spent as Director of a new @UKRI_News @GCRF South-South Migration, Inequality and Development Hub focusing on relationships between #migration #inequality and process of #development across 12 countries…
Migration between countries in Global South accounts for nearly half of all international migration, 70% in some places, contributing to delivery of #SDGs by creating opportunities for work and the transfer of resources, knowledge and skills. But... @Tanjabastia and others have shown, there is a relationship between #migration and #inequality. Benefits of #SouthSouthmigration are undermined by inequalities in migration opportunities and by limited and unequal access to rights for migrants and families. Meanwhile...
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