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Full article: Cuts destroy, hurt, kill: a critical metaphor analysis of the response of UK academics to the UK overseas aid budget funding cuts

And it’s OUT our open access article on #ODA #UKRI #GCRF cuts and their effects - lead Maria Grazia Imperiale…
“We identified the following metaphors: CUTS ARE AN ENTITY; CUTS ARE A THREAT, CUTS ARE ILLNESS, CUTS ARE VIOLENCE; plus, on the other hand, RESEARCH IS HEALTH, RESEARCH IS A JOURNEY, RESEARCH IS CONNECTION.” @kentbuse @VolcanoJenni @claire_horwell @CUSP_Network @MIDEQHub 2/
“First, we suggest that the metaphors used have a persuasive and evaluative aim and function. Second, we open up a space for an interdisciplinarity between CMA and ‘idioms of distress’.” 3/
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#Norway´s #ClimateShame and the impossibility of getting a good and just #COP26 outcome ... a brief #thread

Accounting for exported emissions, #Norway has fourth highest per capita emissions in the world after Kuwait, Brunei and Qatar.

Much higher than Russia, USA, China, UK!
Norway also happens to be one of the richest countries in the world with a GDP per capita that is in the top 3 or top 10, depending on which ranking you look at.

In addition, it has an #OilFund with money in the bank worth more than 300% of GDP, the largest #SWF in the world.
We have a (temp) seat in the UN security council, fancy iourself as a major player in foreign affairs, have tried our hand at peacemaking with moderate success & are, on a per capita basis, one of the biggest contributors to development aid

We think we are fair-minded & benign!
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Lügt das #CDUWahlprogramm?

So heißt es, Deutschland habe in den letzten 2 Jahren das Ziel von 0,7% des Bruttonationaleinkommen für ö. Entwicklungszusammenarbeit ausgegeben.

Das @BMZ_Bund
gibt für 2018 an, dass lediglich 0,61% erreicht wurden. /TN… ImageImage
Offizielle Zahlen für die weiteren Jahren werden auf der Seite vom @BMZ_Bund
nicht genannt, da diese auch noch gar nicht bekannt sind.

Laut Statista schrumpfte diese allerdings in den Jahren 2017 und 2018. /tn… Image
Was bekannt ist, sind die vorläufigen Zahlen für das Jahr 2019.

Dort heißt es sogar, dass die ODA-Quote in Deutschland 2019 zurück ging.

Die #CDU muss auf'n Tisch legen, wie sie diese Aussage rechtfertigt. /TN… Image
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The indefatigable ⁦⁦@willrworley⁩ has put together a tracker will details of programmes affected by #ODA cut. It includes initial list from March 11 #UKRIcuts . If your project has been cut please let him know #gcrfcuts…
This list @UKRI_News #GCRF cuts on @willrworley tracker picked up to date

Programs affected:
• Research and development into technology to purify dirty water (The Guardian)
• Mapping natural disaster risk in lower income communities (The Guardian)
• Research and development for infectious disease diagnostics (Independent)
• A refugee integration project run by Professor Alison Phipps. (Devex interview)
• Reducing homicide in Latin America (The Guardian)
• Migration for Development and Equality
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20 November 2020

#UKRI announced award of 141 new projects under #GCRF all addressing #SDGs

Global challenges being tackled by projects include [d]:
👉🏼environmental disasters
👉🏼education for children living through conflict
👉🏼malnutrition.” #odacuts…
Many of these 141 #GCRF award holders had been under strict @beisgovuk imposed embargo on #UKRI for over a year. I know, I was one of them. Delivering during the pandemic meant constant requests to ‘reprofile’ our grants meaning using resource to make projects Covid compliant
Between and in secret because of the embargo we worked out how to ensure partners had access to good enough internet for our partner meetings. This meant investing in and rapidly learning g about mobile technologies #odacuts #gcrfcuts #ukricuts
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“The scrapping of ODA projects will lead to a “loss of trust” in the UK that “will take years to rebuild”, warned Prof Anne Johnson, the president of the Academy of Medical Sciences.

#odacuts #gcrfcuts #ukricuts…
“Disaster is an overused word but the recently announced cuts in ODA funding for research are exactly that” @kevinmarsh8 ‘a letter below now joining @JoBeall1 @FiddianQasmiyeh @OlivetteOtele @ZoeNorridge & Ayesha Siddiqi in resigning as #GCRF advisors at #UKRI 👇🏼
Unrolled thread here from @lhammondsoas as she ends her contract and resigns from secondment to #UKRI over #odacuts
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Starting new 🧵 on #odacuts #UKRIcuts #gcrfcuts with this

“I wrote,  along with the other National Academies to the Foreign Secretary on the value of ODA-funded research, and again in March to the Chancellor on the need to protect the science budget.”…
SIGN. SIGN. SIGN - this is the easy bit folks

Only a few hundred signatures needed on the #UKRIcuts #odacuts #gcrfcuts Parliament Petition before Govt has to respond 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼👏🏼🙌🏾👏🏼
Comment piece in Telegraph from CEO @ICR_London “Slashing research funding is a blow to Global Britain. The Government will do long-term damage if it reduces support for the UK’s university research base.”
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On Monday we launched our major £2 million #GCRF #UKRI peace building project. Yesterday the Govt announced cuts to international science the savagery of which has never been seen before, to make war #WDMs ⁦⁦@CMonaghanSNP⁩ ⁦…
The savage cuts are taking immediate effect. The length, depth and consequences are as yet unknown but they will result directly in increases in poverty, violence against women & girls & the crumbling of civic cultural institutions - as our research to date shows. #ODAcuts #SDGs
#ODACuts to international science & research budget with our international partners in the global south are estimated at £125million “The MoD has said developing the next generation of Dreadnought submarines to carry the new warhead would cost £30bn plus a £10bn contingency.”
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1/14 Dear Richard, “all we have is silence” equally applies to deadly interplay b/ #COVID19 pandemic + #NCDs epidemic. #PLWNCDs are at heightened risk of becoming severely ill or dying from #C19. Health systems are being overwhelmed with PLWNCDs becoming acutely ill.
2/14 Our recent survey shows massive disruptions in access to #NCDs services, which will result in upsurge of illness and deaths from NCDs (projections forthcoming) which failing health systems are unlikely to be able to manage.…
3/14 In 2000, #WHA53 recognized that “long-term needs of #PLWNCDs are rarely dealt with”. Since then, 200 million PLWNCDs aged 30-70 have died, majority living in #LMIC. Most deaths could have been avoided or delayed.…
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