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"Je n'ai pas peur des femmes indépendantes. J'ai juste été bien élevé.

Pour les réclamations, tu verras en direct avec ma mère."
Je l'utilise TOUT LE TEMPS au premier rendez-vous lorsque la fille est assez polie pour proposer de payer.

Et je marque des points à TOUS LES COUPS.
Assez alpha (je rejette sa demande et prend le contrôle de la situation) 💪, ultra courtois 🎩, avec une pointe de "fils à maman" charmant 👩‍👦, et ça l'amène à imaginer qu'un jour elle pourrait rencontrer ma mère 💭.
#réponseparfaite #gentleman #relations
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#Science/#Society: "This #bias is explicit for Sir John Houghton, a former #IPCC vice president who is not only an eminent climatologist but also a fervent catholic and zealous proselytiser. Houghton has made a great contribution to the #climate cause, and no-one could accuse ...
... him of ignoring the magnitude of the challenge. Nevertheless, when he was asked one day if he was an #optimist or a #pessimist, he replied: ‘I am an optimist for three reasons; #scientists the world over are working hard and collaborating, the necessary #technologies are ...
... available, and #God takes care of His creation’. Taken to this extreme, his #optimism borders on recklessness. But this quote speaks volumes about the limited view of some #scientists, religious or not, who, between their ultra-specialised domain and 'human nature' ...
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1/9 Exciting work from Simona Nitti and colleagues... good news for #space #weather forecasting/predictions and correlated #disaster #preparedness, #bioterrorism, #pandemic preparedness, #power #outages, #cybersecurity, etc.…

2/9 "#Coronal #holes (#CHs) are the source of #high-#speed #streams (#HSSs) in the #solar #wind, whose interaction with the slow solar wind creates #corotating #interaction #regions (#CIRs) in the #heliosphere."
3/9 "Whenever the CIRs hit the #Earth, they can cause #geomagnetic #storms. We develop a method to predict the strength of CIR/HSS-driven geomagnetic storms directly from #solar #observations using the CH areas and associated #magnetic #field #polarity."
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New @RadiologyACR #Government #Relations comments in response to an @NIH #RFI on the feasibility of public private partnerships to address pediatric medical device needs ie lack of access to #healthcare #AI for pediatric patients

#ImageIntelliGently #radvocacy
Action is urgently needed since almost all #AI in radiology has been developed for #Adults and hasn't been shown to work for pediatric patients. Here's what is recommended 🧵
1. Advocate for funding to develop #Pediatric radiology datasets that could be used for training, testing, and validation of radiology #AI
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I can´t believe what you´re telling to the people!
Don´t we have a crisis going on? A crisis with the east?
At least, that's what you want people to believe!
#Scholz @Bundeskanzler
Coincidentally in times like THESE, you want to ensure stability & security with your announcement to the attractive partner #USA ?
Please do not get me wrong.
The USA is a valuable partner for #relations.
But at THIS point of certain global conflicts, especially with the #Ukrainekrise , this might be a completely fatal sign!
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Si avoir des relations strictement amicales est légitime et qu'avoir des relations amoureuses est légitime, alors avoir des relations diversement intermédiaires entre ces deux types de relation est légitime.
Si ressentir de l'affection strictement amicale sans désir est légitime et si ressentir le package amour+désir est légitime, alors tout ressenti diversement intermédiaire entre ces deux types de ressentis est légitime (affection+désir, amour sans désir...).
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1. Most #Ukrainian and #German experts interviewed for this investigation do not expect that a transit of power in Moscow will lead to an improvement of #Russia's relations to #Ukraine:…
@prismUA @EESRIorg @fes_russia @FESonline @FES_Europa @FESnewsbrief
2. While being a #German living in #Ukraine, I find myself, in contrast, in agreement with most #Russian experts who were polled in this #expertsurvey and who think that a change of leadership would have positive repercussions for Russian-#Ukrainian #relations.
3. Many thanks to #MarcelRöthig and the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung, and @MaksymKhylko of the Foreign Policy Council "#UkrainianPrism"​ for this excellent study!…
CC: @TerekMedia @NEC_Ukraine @ukraineoffice @UkrVerstehen @post_ukrainian @H__Ukraine @ACEurasia
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The Foreign Minister of Kosovo, Meliza Haradinaj, announced on social media that at the beginning of February, Israel and Kosovo would establish formal diplomatic relations,
calling it a diplomatic breakthrough and thanking the US for its assistance. "Recognition from Israel is one of the greatest achievements for Kosovo, coming at a key moment for us, thanks to the United States of America, our common and eternal ally,”
Haradinaj said in a video message. “This historic moment comes at a very important moment for us and is a perpetuation of this friendship through the signing of diplomatic relations,” Haradinaj added.
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New important thread.

Explored: Rockefeller communique on #contacttracing, Verified (UN) guide on #vaccine #communications, insights via #Vaccine Confidence Project, & a Behavioral Insights report. Today> special report from Oct 15 2020 meeting, #WHO, Technical Advisory Group. Image
"On 15 Oct 2020, the WHO Technical Advisory Group (TAG) on Behavioural Insights & Sciences for Health held a special meeting w/ the WHO Department of Immunization, Vaccines & Biologicals to discuss behavioural considerations in relation to COVID-19 #vaccine #acceptance & uptake." Image
The report was developed by members of the WHO Technical Advisory Group on Behav. Insights & Sciences for Health, chaired by Cass Sunstein, largely credited w/ developing/popularizing notion of "nudges" as policy tools.

Technical Advisory Group members:… Image
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Imagine a near future in which the fictional University of #Leonia announces a degree program in #DiscardStudies. In doing so, they help to establish this emerging field with a full #curriculum, dedicated faculty, and eager student population. 1/10 @DiscardStudies | #Discard2020 Image
At U of L, teaching discard studies is about more than talking #trash. This new program’s core trains students to use #SystemsThinking to critique #power as the structural force that renders material, people, and land as #waste in a globalized #ColonialCapitalist society. 2/10 Image
Treating objects and organisms as "#disposable" has consequences, but the root of this #WickedProblem runs deep below the surface. Traditional disciplines are insufficient for studying waste bc they focus on the details and fail to recognize the full picture (Brown, 2010). 3/10
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 07/26/2020…
The faulty science, doomism, and flawed conclusions of Deep Adaptation | openDemocracy…

#adaptation #ClimateChange #science
The dog that hasn't barked (yet) in US-China relations | TheHill…

#US #relations #China
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#EU #HongKong #China #Relations

The European Commission and the High Representative have today adopted their 22nd annual report to the European Parliament and the Council on political and economic developments in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (S.A.R.) in 2019.
EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy/Vice-President of the European Commission, Josep Borrell, said: “The Annual Report takes stock of the serious challenges to Hong Kong's autonomy, stability and guaranteed freedoms in 2019.
These challenges have significantly mounted in 2020. As the European Union, we will not simply stand back and watch as China attempts to curtail these freedoms even more, with its imposition of the draconian national security law.
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#China #Iran #Bejing #relations #trade #Coronavirus

China is strengthening its relations with Iran. Tehran now announces that it wants to agree on a strategic partnership for 25 years. It's about more than just trading.
Iran claims to have agreed a long-term strategic partnership with China. Both countries are negotiating a 25-year agreement, said Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammed Javad Sarif in the Tehran parliament.
China is Iran's main trading partner and was a key market for Iranian oil exports before they slumped due to US sanctions.With the announcement, Sarif ended days of speculation about his country's negotiations with another state.
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Today, I will try my hand at live tweeting insights from "A #Home of One's Own", a two-day #researchworkshop on socially & economically #marginalised women's experiences of and negotiations with #genderinequalities in #informalurbanhousing in India.
This workshop has been organised by #JadavpurUniversity (School of Women's Studies), #RabindraBharathiUniversity (Centre for Women's Studies) and #Parichiti, a women's organisation. All three are research partners on a #GCRF project funded by @GoldsmithsUoL.
Since Oct 2018, I have collaborated with Dr. Henrike Donner, who is leading it, to develop #researchcollaborations with #educational and #development organisations in India to implement a pilot study on #genderurbanhousing. This workshop marks the end of the first phase.
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I'm #sorry...
...I've spent a great deal of time trying to figure out "how" to express this to you all...

...unfortunately, the fact of the matter is, language is completely insufficient in properly illustrating the sort of sentiments that I wish to convey...
...I've never really been at a loss for words, until now. #Ineffable

My family and I have been going through an incredibly serious...ordeal...and, as of yet, no one even knows about it because...well, I never intended for this project to....turn into a...
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