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Take a look at these creepy connections and decide for yourself.

FYI: I'm assuming you have an in depth knowledge of what was going on in the tunnels of #EpsteinIsland. If you don't, this may get confusing.

Let's go!
Westworld is a 1970's sci-fi movie by Michael Crichton about "a futuristic Disney-type fantasy land" where wealthy businessmen visit "to live out their fantasies" in a Wild West town full of android robots…
As most of you already know, it was remade in 2016 by HBO and is a pretty kickass show

Here's the trailer for anyone who hasn't seen it

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@VRSVirginia @KristaT02347874 1/“Forty billionaires and their spouses have donated to Pete Buttigieg’s presidential campaign, according to an analysis of federal election filings, making the South Bend, Indiana mayor a favorite among America’s richest people.” @PeteButtigieg
@VRSVirginia @KristaT02347874 @PeteButtigieg 2/“Glenn Dubin is the founder of Engineer's Gate, a quantitative trading hedge fund, comprised of 76 employees including 25 PhDs.
Dubin's fortune comes from Highbridge Capital, which he cofounded in 1992 and then sold to JP Morgan Chase in 2004.”@Forbes
@VRSVirginia @KristaT02347874 @PeteButtigieg @Forbes 3/“Many secrets died with Jeffrey Epstein, the high-society pedophile, philanthropist, and financier whose inner circle included princes, a former prime minister, and a former president. But the search for answers continues in New York, where Epstein“@VanityFair
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Little ... Liddle?
Ghislaine Maxwell
Terra Mar / Oceana foundation ...
watch the water

"Big gay ice cream" spot
ice cream = pedo code
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1. I have tweets all over the place regarding this lady’s connections, but it doesn’t seem like peeps other than me are watching her. Too busy watching the royals & celebrities.
L👀K at her!! I’m telling you she’s KEY! 🔑
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2. Sara Latham to ALL 👉🏻Podesta, Clinton, Epstein, Freuds & via Caroline Freud to Spenser’s as in DIANA’s BRO! Royal UK Crown & Tony Blair (Cherie Booth Blair also = NCMEC/ICMEC w/ HRC & LdR). She’s the 1 that called Awans “Hack”. Read excerpt closely! 📌
3. In news? Yes. Rekindled “business” relationship w/ royals via Prince Harry & Meghan, March 2019 to be their PR person / Head of Communications. Or is it really “Handler”🤨
USATODAY calls Latham a “longterm democratic fixer.”
“INTEGRAL role for vetting Clinton’s candidates...”
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1. Stormy The Cow Thread
12/14/2017 'Stormy' the cow lassoed on highway after 2nd escape from church natitivty scene
Consider the timing: what major story started just after this?… #Qanon #GreatAwakening
03/06/2018 Stormy Daniels sues Trump, says 'hush agreement' invalid because he never signed

Reconcile with prior tweet, consider what might symbolize in comms a well endowed stripper. An animal known for "milk"… #GreatAwakeningWorldWide
As you can see from this Drudge link… Stormy Daniels begins appearing in news stories 2 months after that Stormy the Cow story. On Drudge alone there's 150+ links to Stormy Daniels stories. #QAnons
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If I was
I would probably give @TheJusticeDept a call.
I'd follow this account.
I'd follow Q and @realDonaldTrump
I'd wake up to the "Queen"
And EVERYTHING she is behind sich as #chiildrensaid #Blackmail of #GovernmentofCanada via #EPSTEINISLAND and more.
@OPPCommissioner @TheJusticeDept @realDonaldTrump I might want to know about #DOUGFORD giving Toronto #TDBANK a (special position) with the attorney General.

And the BILLIONS of $ that might be in that bank which is #CHILDTRAFFICKING $$ connected to #fiji #Epstein etc.

And here is how sick they are:
TD give these to CHILDREN
@OPPCommissioner @TheJusticeDept @realDonaldTrump I might also be interested in knowing that @realDonaldTrump and the @TheJusticeDept have 1,000s of SEALED INDICTMENTS on and they are connected to Canadians in HIGH PLACES.
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Bill Clinton was ushered into office in re-election in part thru Chinese military support, that is an objective fact… #MSM rarely looks into #ClintonCrimeFamily so it's hard to say how far back it goes or how extensive it is. #Qanon #GreatAwakening
What did China get in return? Well... for one thing the China economy went from decades of flat-lining to skyrocketing in the Clinton Years. Surely that's worth some donations to Clinton Inc. #ClintonCrimeFamily… <- source (I added POTUS photos) #MAGA
If that's not enough how giving them control of Americas 2nd largest container port?… Note how Clinton set the groundwork and Obama finished... that's a pattern, and it's not even the biggest property they gave them. #Qanon
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#BOOM🔥🔥 Thread👇
👀#HRC Money Launderers And Key Mueller Witness Slammed With 53 Count Federal Criminal Indictment

🔹️Ahmad “Andy” Khawaja whom Clinton appointed to be a Commissioner of the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom…
Counsel Robert #Mueller witness George #Nader (arrow points at—with former President Bill Clinton) #EpsteinIsland slammed with 53 count criminal indictment on 3 December 2019 for illegally funneling money into 2016 presidential campaign of Hillary
#Flashback 📼
BC received $500,000 for a Moscow speech from a Russian investment bank and #ClintonFoundation
received hundreds-of-millions of dollars from Russia Oligarchs in the #UraniumOne > deal #HRC brokered…
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BRAND NEW #Bombshell #Thread #Crowdstrike is covering up for #JeffreyEpstein’s #SexTrafficking operation which was run through the #ClintonFoundation. This is why #Hillary deleted her 33,000 emails. #Impeachment is a way to stop prosecution.
#SergeyBrin, owner of #Google visited #JeffreyEpstein after his #ChildSexTrafficking conviction in 2011 at #LongBeach, CA. The funder of #CROWDSTRIKE was in bed with #ChildSexTrafficker #Epstein along w/ #Bezos, #ElonMusk & #BillGates.
Financed by #Epstein friend #SergeyBrin & the #Rockefellers, hired ex-#FBI #ShawnHenry, #Crowdstrike provided cover to the examination of the #DNC servers which would’ve exposed their entire #JeffreyEpstein #China #ClintonFoundation trafficking ring.
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"Melissa Jones, a DHS program supervisor, insist that there is nothing wrong and their publicly funded agency has made absolutely no mistakes. No mistakes? There are 78 children, under their care who are missing! Nothing wrong?"

This operation is starting to look like another #Epstein and #EpsteinIsland . So much wrong with this.

#CPS is involved.

#SaveTheChildren #HumanTrafficing #SexTrafficking

#QAnon #QArmy #WWG1WGA #TheGreatAwakeningWorldwide #DigitalSoldiers #TheGreatAwakening

Easier access to the article. I'm going to post up some quotes from this thing. In some additional comments.…
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When #Epsteindidntkillhimself, some sharp friends and I speculated on why the dead man on the gurney didn't look like #Epstein.

Do you want to know who i think the corpse looks like (besides Bourdain)?
Keep reading thread, please.

We speculated on the size of the head (possible image altering), found several photos of #Epstein that we compared.


The most indisputable difference between #Epstein & the body one gurney was the ear canal. It didn't match at all.

The cartilage wouldn't shift beyond likeness immediately after death, even if muscular areas did.

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#Bombshell: Ex-#DisneyStudios CEO, #RichardCook was found on the flight logs for #JeffreyEpstein’s #LolitaExpress to travel to #LittleSaintJames. #Disney owns #ABC who buried #Epstein’s crimes while children got raped & murdered! Cook started #Legendary pictures owned by #China!
I definitely think there is something fishy here. #DickCook started off as a monorail operator at #Disneyland. How does someone go from running a train at an amusement park to heading distribution for Disney films within 10 years? Are they promoting #Pedophiles from within?!
Correction to the original tweet, #DickCook started #DickCookStudios w #China and worked with #LegendaryPictures in 2011 after #Disney.
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The BIGGEST slam against #PropagandaArm #FakeNews is the @Project_Veritas expose' proving @abcnews
buried #Epstein MULTIPLE TIMES in 3 years.

How many children were sexually assaulted in those 3 years?! 😡😡😡

All she cares about is missing the scoop.

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Jeffrey Epstein forces a Trump Vote. Here's why.

Living in Boston has honed my truth-seeking skills. From the moment @POTUS came down the escalator he has been ridiculed, berated, hated and abused, as were all those who considered supporting him. Why? #EpsteinSuicideCoverUp
@POTUS The question plagued me. At first it seemed to be just elitist snobbery - (we have that here). But after the election, the mocking turned into rage. The Washington establishment went crazy - both Rep. and Dem. The hatred was palpable. Anyone who supported him had to whisper. Why?
@POTUS It made no sense. If he was such a buffoon, then why not just defeat him through the normal channels? Stop his efforts in Congress and begin the seemingly easy process of voting him out in 2020. That's how we do things here in the US - we've done it that way forever. #Epstein
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1/ Ett dussin personer arresterade i Michigan i operation mot människosmuggling (14 okt).

#HumanTrafficking #USA

2/ Ett av världens största barnporrnätverk sprängt

#HumanTrafficking #ChildPorn #USA #SouthKorea…
3/ Om man följer X22 Report får man en hel del intressanta hintar om vad som pågår. Som i det här avsnittet från 15 okt.

#HumanTrafficking #USA #SaudiArabia #AliceInWonderland #HillaryClinton

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#EpsteinSuicideCoverUp #EpsteinIsland #MSM #MSMSilent @realDonaldTrump @ICEgov @FBI @TheJusticeDept @CBSNews @CNN @GayleKing @NorahODonnell @CBSThisMorning @CBSEveningNews Why so quiet on the Child Trafficking pedophile, Jeffrey Epstein? MSM ignores the story completely! Why? 🤔
The last mass shootings made you almost forget about Epstein, the pedophile guru with tentacles in many countries (who was was “suicided” silenced in jail) Hillary made sure that Jeff is officially dead!
Not long after Epstein’s death the #Clintonbodycount was trending with over 100.000. Twitter took less than a day to change that trend to #Trumpepstein @realDonaldTrump @POTUS @HillaryClinton @TheJusticeDept @FBI @GayleKing @NorahODonnell @ChrisNagusKMOV @KMOV @nxivm_official ??
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1.) #Qanon #Barr #Duhram decode thread. #DNC breeched by #SethRich, given to #Wikileaks, #Google funded Crowdstrike to analyze DNC server and report it was a Russian hack 2 illegally form the #Russia collusion narrative. In the #MuellerReport they don’t question #Crowdstrike
2.) Then #DebbieWassermanSchultz ordered the hit on #SethRich by two MS13 members who we're then murdered themselves after #WikiLeaks given the emails.
3.) #HillaryClinton had cut a deal with #LorettaLynch to take #AntoninScalias #SupremeCourt seat in exchange to exonerate her at the #DOJ. Coordinated with #JimComey, #AndrewMcCabe, #PeterStrzok and others
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Does this one start to make more sense to everyone? If it does make sense to you, you know now why Q said, “THESE PEOPLE ARE SICK.”
At some point it will not be safe for them to walk down the street.
Fake News?
The World is WATCHING.
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🇺🇸 #EpsteinIsland
🇬🇧 The Prince and the Pedophile: Epstein's Royal Scandal
🔗 25min
It’s the ignominy that stalks the royal family: Prince Andrew
Queen Elizabeth’s beloved second son and his links to convicted paedophile Jeffrey Epstein
🏴 #RoyalPervert
🇺🇸 Jessica Collins, Self-Professed Epstein Victim, Claims She Was Forced Into Sex with JOE BIDEN and JOHN McCAIN

Her testimony video 🔗 4min

Could the censors be shadow banning the video & tweet without completely removing them?
🍕((( EPSTEIN ))) F.O.I.A. Request Denied
The Federal Bureau of Prisons is shutting down any public effort to learn about Jeffrey Epstein's life and sudden death, which happened while an inmate in their New York prison

🏴 #EpsteinBlackBookTruth
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Rusty Shackleford’s Little Saint James Island drone footage from yesterday or the day before. This is a blown up aerial shot. Who does this look like?

#Epstein #EpsteinIsland #LittleSaintJames

Original video footage

Around 1:50 they begin to come into frame.
Someone sent this image of a grounds keeper. Does anyone have a better image or additional images of this groundskeeper? Thanks
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