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I posted at #GameDev subreddit describing my experience in Godot community. As expected, moderators immediately removed it. I presented it as a postmortem experience, and I have followed the rules, but they permanently banned me from /r/gamedev.

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Before removal, someone said that my feedback is unhelpful. I replied that I cannot make it factual, otherwise my post may be deleted, just like it happened with my previous post that moderators deleted two month ago:

If you scroll down, you'll read a testimony of someone who actually agreed to what I've described (Godot is a cult). Usually, these kind of comments also get heavily downvoted on Reddit, and this is a consistent pattern I've noticed two months ago as well: ImageImage
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People of #GameDev used to raise reasonable questions about @godotengine when it went #OpenSource!

The leadership of Godot acts like contract game developers that benefit from free labor, which explains everything about Godot's governance.

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You can read my analysis as an ex-contributor regarding Godot's governance model which confirms the above comments:

Commenting on "what's wrong with that" regarding free labor:

The lead developer Juan Linietsky (@reduzio) wrote that there's "true meritocracy" in Godot. But if you ask him directly, he says that everything is based on trust, and "not meritocracy":

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The Russian member and maintainer of @godotengine, called @YuriSizov, aka pycbouh, and other people like him, will destroy Godot faster than me. Let me explain why.

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Russian maintainer, @YuriSizov, joined Godot community in 2020 or so. While Godot already had problems with its governance, @YuriSizov exacerbated it further. In fact, the reason why Godot leadership accepted him was mostly because of his toxic behavior towards Godot users.
I know the above sounds like a contradiction, but since Godot is governed by top-down, autocratic approach, toxic leadership thrives in Godot:

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Even after quitting the Godot cult, sometimes I still find it difficult to believe that I used to participate in Godot cult in the first place... That's when you know how strong the brainwashing could get.

#GodotEngine #CancelGodotEngine
Godot leadership cannot kill you physically. But if you get indoctrinated by Godot followers and express critical thinking, you'll get emotionally abused: "you should not talk this way", "this is your last warning", "if you keep doing this, you'll be permanently banned".
Threats like above can really fuck up the brains of adolescents, and I suspect that there's a lot of younger people who use Godot at the moment. These kind of threats are disproportionate to the situations that arise at hand. And what for? Make people obedient? At what cost?
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The #CancelGodotEngine movement keeps growing. We are a team of anonymous individuals that got abused by #GodotEngine leadership, especially @reduzio.
Primary objectives:
- Remove Juan from the position of the lead developer.
- Make Godot community-driven for real.
- Allow criticism in Godot.

Secondary objectives:
- Change Godot icon, if that's what community wants.
- If Rémi won't accept the new leader, then we'll make him leave.
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@godotengine: A Definitive Guide on How to Become an Excellent #GodotEngine Developer Image
The first thing that you'd need to do is to learn @godotengine, of course. Take some time to learn GDScript, create prototypes, funny projects, and generally experiment with the engine. It should only take you like 2-4 weeks to master the basics of game development with Godot.
Join Godot community channels. I recommend joining Godot's Discord server first. Introduce yourself there. You'll quickly get bombarded with love from Godot moderators and other users there. Tell them that you're new to Godot and say that it's awesome!
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Godot is NOT community-driven. Let me explain why.

#GodotEngine #CancelGodotEngine
There exist many definitions of community-led approaches. Because Godot attracts people from all around the world, it's extremely important to be explicit about this.
The lead developer of Godot, Juan (@reduzio), says that he always encourages public technical discussions.
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I'm an ex-member of #GodotEngine cult. It's been two months since I have decided to never use Godot ever again in my life. But I have dreams using Godot editor. I have "Godot icon" flashbacks and suddenly wake up! #CancelGodotEngine Image
The reason why I'm writing this to you is that Godotitis that the cult members of Godot joked about is actually really serious!…
In order to quit Godot cult, I just had to write the truth in order to get permanently banned from all Godot communities. There are definitely other ways to quit Godot, but depending on severity of your Godotitis, it may not be an easy decision to do.
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I'm a #GameDev. After working on @godotengine as a volunteer for 5 years, #IGotOut. With experience, I identified contradictions in Godot's development and governance model, then leadership started to threaten to ban me. @CultExpert may be interested.

Godot leadership removed my privileges to punish me for telling people that decisions in Godot aren't made by community. In email I have received, he even said that I have mental health issues to make me feel guilty and undermine my perception of reality.

The leader of Godot messaged me in private that I must not question the decisions of Godot leadership, forbidding me to quote other members, opinion about governance, and even opinion about myself! Otherwise, it would be an instant ban for me.

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I've developed a technique to have in @DirectX12 something nearly as efficient as native specialization constants (SC) would be.

First of all, @VulkanAPI (SPIR-V) feature SCs, which are as powerful as compile-time constants in terms of optimization (branch pruning, [...]
informed loop unrolling, etc.) and flexible like uniforms in that they can be set at runtime (not with a cost that uniforms don't suffer from, but still after the shader has already been compiled to SPIR-V).

Unfortunately, D3D12 doesn't provide anything like that. [...]
Consider this HLSL pixel shader.

On lines 1 and 2 we have a boolean and an integer, respectively, that we would like to be different across multiple versions of the shader.

So far, the only option was to programmatically patch the HLSL code and compile every time. [...]
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1/ You know what.. people want to know why I resigned as a Godot mod and why I've "seemingly" turned on Godot after years of loving the engine? There are few things I am passionate about, but this is one of them... and I'm gonna flame it the fuck up here. #godotengine
2/ I am tired of getting shit on by "Godot bros" whose only experience with Godot is what they see/hear in their limited experience of being fresh and new to the Godot train, and not yet had the curtain pulled away from their eyes to Godot's reality.
3/ Let me tell you the story of how I found Godot, and the journey of how I went from a bright eyed and bushy tailed Godot lover to the person who both loves and hates Godot with a seething passion...
... and let this story be a herald and warning before you invest your life.
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Preparing for #GodotAddonJam? Don't forget to join!…

And after you do, read this thread where I share some advices about making plugins for #GodotEngine 🧵👇
Let's start with Controls. Godot Editor is built using the same exact control nodes that you know and love from creating GUIs for your projects. You can do a lot with the UI of the editor if you are comfortable with controls. Editor is mostly containers, so practice those.
In case you need a refresher on building UI in Godot, the official docs have a pretty good set of articles…

And if you need a great example of plugin UI done right, that would be Dialogic by @Coppola_Emilio of course!…
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I'll chime in with my experience in maintaining/porting #godotengine to the Web.

The main issue is, non-standard standards.
I.e. the bad habit the web has taken to require devs to adopt new APIs that are not finalized and will break in a matter of years.
- The Gamepad API worked flawlessly until now, but now requires SecureContext, breaking old applications.
- The WebAudio API was based on ScriptProcessorNode, which was then deprecated and will break old applications.
- The WebAudio API is now based on AudioWorklet, but it's still not finalized, and as someone reported is only usable with wasm-threads, so I expect it to change again (breaking more applications).
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Fist of the Forgotten Gamedev #474: Experimenting with Houdini, level design, fixing code todo's. Godot engine.
Fist of the Forgotten #Gamedev stream #500! Building more of my new computer + some more Substance Painter stuff while I have time. #GodotEngine
Fist of the Forgotten #Gamedev #555: Is that the phone number for these draw calls? Spider bot boss battle + level design. Godot engine #b3d
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I'm so happy. I've made the world's worst IF engine today. It's garbage - you can just insert text nodes. You can't even make choices yet. But it's a complete thing. You can save / load / new / edit the world file and export the source code. All in #godotengine
Now that I made the world's worst engine. I can start chipping away at it until it's not terrible. Then maybe even usable, and someday ... good?! Major milestone for me. I've been trying to do this for years, and after starting with something called IttyBittyRpg -> Stim -> Saga
Switching platforms ... playing with html, svelte, gdevelop, and more. I've gained a lot of experience but still learning. I feel like Edison when he was learning 100's of ways NOT to make a thing. You can try it here ( try not to weep as it's so terribad)
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So on a whim started playing with a new user interface for my interactive fiction engine ( remember STIM? ) only in #godotengine ... made some good progress today working on it on and off in the background. You can see it here…
You can click new, load, save ( all work - just a fixed file name right now ) and if you click the source tab, then change the name you'll see it reflected in the source. Just a mustard see of a beginning - but a beginning nevertheless!
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I did something cool that i wanted to share.
What happens f you want an object to behave in a particular way only in certain cases, for example using power up?
i have a level where the ball and players are able to warp to the opposide side of the screen
#gamedevtips #GodotEngine
At first i implemented this in the players and ball scripts, i was duplicating code and that function will be used ONLY on that level, later i remebered the decorator pattern and made something similar to it ImageImageImage
I made a 2DNode with the wrap functionality and i add it as a child of the ball and the players, this allows to add or remove the functionality to any object ImageImage
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