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🚨@stratisplatform #GlobalCryptoNetwork - March 2020🚨

Total nodes: 6,701
New nodes: 474
New: Estonia 🇪🇪, Sri Lanka 🇱🇰, Reúnion,
Countries: 91

If you are not a shade of blue on this map, you are missing out on the 4th Industrial Revolution!
Europe $STRAT:
- Russia has surpassed Netherlands!😳
- Welcome Estonia 🇪🇪
- Croatia will surpass Poland in 2 months
- Italy will surpass Switzerland next month and Spain in 2 months
- Greece has highest growth this month and right behind Italy!👏
Middle East $STRAT:
- Both Turkey and Saudi Arabia added 3 nodes each
- Both Iran and Pakistan added 2 nodes each
- Both Bahrain and Cyprus added 1 node each
- While Bahrain is the leader, Turkey is running bleeding edge version on and
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So, let's take a look at the latest #ContactTracing effort to emerge: - not an app, but 'components' to build apps & systems.

(There's so many tracers popping up now, it's getting like the rash of #COVID19 #SymptomSurveys that broke out last week...)

Nice to hear that @PeppPt "embrace a fully #privacy-preserving approach". So what exactly is it? (The devil, of course, is always in the detail...)

Ah! Here we are, "a brief description of our #privacy enforcing flow":

First, #AnonymousIdentifiers. Good. (And precisely what we recommended:…)

This really is a no-brainer; anyone proposing to use persistent #deviceIDs at this point is plainly a clueless numpty. Or actively seeking to #surveille.

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An hour ago, a team of 40+ medical experts & engineers from Israel released the #opensource blueprints for @AmboVent - a low-cost, medically tested #COVIDー19 ventilator device, made from off-the-shelf components, to answer worldwide #Coronavirus shortages…
❝ The Open Source Ventilator Game Has Changed: @AmboVent and Medtronic COVID-19 Ventilators Open Sourced ❞ ー @RobertLeeRead, Head Coach of Public Invention Organization & Co-founder of @18F…
Components include the @arduino #ArduinoNano single-board microcontroller for kit building and @AndyMarkinc Snow Blower Motor! See @AmboVent's @Wikipedia page for more details:
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Published open access version of our workflow for non-targeted LC-MS #metabolomics is now available in @MDPIOpenAccess Metabolites! This is huge work, and I'll be breaking down some of the main parts in following tweets.👇
The paper includes full lab protocol for performing non-targeted LC-MS #metabolomics.
There is also a description of the full #bioinformatics analysis pipeline, from preprocessing to statistics, classification, visualization and so on.
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@GOVUK and @GDSTeam launched a service to help extremely vulnerable people get help during the #coronavirus pandemic this week.

Initial commit: 4:22pm Thursday
Live service: 10:53am Monday

Incredible work by an incredible team.

A thread about the tech:
Thursday: we're going to build a form. It's got to be live very soon - there's a letter ready to post, and if the service isn't live when people get the letter...
The form sounds fairly bread-and-butter, but GOV.UK is mostly content, not forms. So how? Government has a few low-code form builders, but GDS don't have a preferred one. We spoke to @MoJGovUK about theirs, and looked closely at a few others.
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Pl retweet >> Ventilator, the lifesavers in #Covid19 epidemic r hugely in short supply. @sonalasthana is a leading surgeon @ Aster Healthcare, Bangalore. He's driving an effort into 3D printing of splitters to augment ventilator capacity👇

Project link… /1
Splitters are a quick, simple way to 4X no of patients each ventilator supports. The designs are #opensource & they can be printed locally (remotely) by doctors & hospitals. Demo video

I along with @jboutelle @rashmi are supporting Sonal in his effort. /2
For those wanting to explore this further, pl go through this thread

If you want to get in touch with the team, DM me.

#COVID2019 #Covid19India #coronavirus #ventilators #respirators #staysafe #epidemic #lockdownindia #SARSCoV2 #healthcare #epidemiology
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Stuck @ home wondering where China & world are headed? Read #TheChinaQuestions—36 @Harvard @FairbankCenter chs. ed. by Profs. @MichaelSzonyi & Rudolf!




See great chapters by Profs. Elizabeth Perry, Joe Fewsmith, Rod MacFarquhar, Mark Elliott, Ya-Wen Lei, Arunabh Ghosh, Yuhua Wang, Arne Westad, Robert Ross, Ian Johnston, Steve Goldstein, Ezra Vogel, Richard Cooper, Dwight Perkins, Meg Rithmire, Mark Wu, Tony Saich, Nara Dillon...
..Michael McElroy, Karen Thornber, Susan Greenhalgh, James Robson, Leonard W. J. van der Kuijp, Bill Alford, Bill Kirby, Michael Puett, Rowan Flad, Peter Bol, Wai-Yee Li, David Der-wei Wang, Jie Li, Stephen Owen & Paul Cohen!

Honored to join them in this @FairbankCenter project!
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It's been a few years since I was in charge of tech at an educational institution, but let's say I was put in charge somewhere with *no* online provision.

What would I do?

Priority #1 - use stuff that people already know. Like email.…

You'll get more mileage out of staff using email effectively than just dropping them into a chat app and hoping for the best.
Priority #2 - use supported #opensource technology

If you're starting from scratch, it's important to avoid vendor lock-in, no matter how tempting and shiny venture capital-backed tools are with a free intro period.
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A message to the HR community: 🧵

There's much (understandable) stress in the HR community around #coronavirus #covid19. Our employees are stressed. Our leaders are looking to us for guidance. We're looking to each other - and we're helping. Here are some things we can do:

We haven't experienced a global pandemic like this so there's no clear response playbook. We're (individually & collectively) building as we go. That why tools like the #OpenSource @googledocs on #Coronavirus comms are so important now.…

I realize not all of us are in a position to do share publicly, but the more we can open up our plans to help our peers gauge how others are responding the better position we'll all be to help guide our companies and employees through this.

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🚨@stratisplatform #GlobalCryptoNetwork - February 2020🚨

Total nodes: 6,230
New nodes: 575
New: Iraq 🇮🇶, Palestine 🇵🇸, Georgia 🇬🇪
Countries: 87

If you are not a shade of blue on this map, you are missing out on the 4th Industrial Revolution!
What versions are people running:
3.0.x.0 - 3315 (55.5%)
2.0.0.x - 2653 (44.5%)

If you are running StratisX, please update to v3.0.5.0 or higher. Core 2.0 utilized v3.0.7.0 and will be released after usability testing.
The blockchain powerhouses of Europe are Germany, UK, Netherlands, Russia, France, and Austria.

Luxembourg looked promising last month, but no activities this month!

Russia is no joke. They will surpass Netherlands next month at the current growth rate!
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Hola amigos, hoy no es sábado, sabadete, pero toca hilo de #privacidad y #eticadelosdatos. ¿Sabías que la Comunidad Valenciana es la ÚNICA REGIÓN DE EUROPA que protege la privacidad de sus estudiantes en los colegios públicos a través de herramientas y plataformas #OpenSource?
Pero, ¿en qué consiste esta protección a los estudiantes? : cada palabra que tu hijo escribe, cada video que mira, o música que escucha, cómo escribe con el teclado, donde se encuentra físicamente en cada momento… es captado por las herramientas de los gigantes tecnológicos.
¿Para qué? Para reunir toda esa información y confeccionar lo que se denominan perfiles. ¿Qué pueden extraer e inferir de todos esos datos que extraen de los estudiantes en las escuelas que usan Google o Microsoft?
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1/9 @inria @cnrs
Chercheur #inria, je vous propose une contre-étude des cas-types sur la #reformesdesretraites.
Un document pdf de 416 pages avec 24 trajectoires (16 fonctions publiques et 8 salariés privés)
2/9 @inria @cnrs #reformedesretraites
Pour chacune de ces trajectoires/métiers, vous avez (vous pouvez cliquer, ce sont des hyperliens) une page vous proposant d'autres liens correspondant à différentes générations:
3/9 @inria @cnrs #reformedesretraites
Ces liens vous amènent à une page qui synthétise la carrière choisie et les #retraites pour 3 modèles macro-économiques (3 tableaux, 3 graphes)
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So y'all ready for a thread on #OpenSource Design contributions to #OSS?

I've had a lot of conversations with #designers ready to contribute but struggling to find OSS tasks and OSS that are ready for #design contribution.

Here's my thoughts, Let's GO!

#OSS maintainers, post on when you think you want a designer to help. Doesn’t have to be exact, it can be ‘We think we have a problem with login page/how people use X part of our OSS tool’

The designers there can help you understand your needs.

#Designers! reach out to the #OSS projects you love. Search on @github and @gitlab search for things you like (e.g. Search: Refugee tech) look at @OpenCollect

When you find a project, reach out to them. Email, message and build a relationship.

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Much to commend in #UK2070 work. Clearly a serious academic type regional planning orientated contribution to issues of regional inequality and what we need to do about it. Good stuff! However, whilst extensive, there are some serious omissions/lack of emphasis.
Few thoughts 1/6
💷Financialisation with wealth extraction? The great 'unleveller' of the UK economy. This is a hugely significant omission by #uk2070? Needed bravery here. It hasn't been.
🌳 #GreenNewDeal? Surely worthy of consideration as basis to industrial transformation/ rebalancing?
👨‍👩‍👦‍👦Local economies? Weak section. And no mention of #communitywealthbuilding(I declare an interest!). However, this is a key local economic approach adopted by dozens of areas and growing in anchor institutions (I.e #NHS)
👋Brexit. Barely mentioned.
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Thread ⬇️⬇️⬇️
Una precisazione per chi ci segue e per chi fa parte della rete #centralinedalbasso.
Noi non siamo climatologi o meteorologi né esperti di inquinamento, e ci affidiamo alla scienza ufficiale.
Non siamo alternativi ad #Arpa e sappiamo che una centralina dal basso non è uguale ad una centralina Arpa .#Luftdaten non è un nostro progetto, ma noi ci occupiamo di farlo conoscere ed espandere, perché siamo convinti che la #scienzapartecipata
e la distribuzione capillare di sensori #meteo e #pm, ci forniranno nel tempo (lo stanno già facendo ma siamo solo all'inizio) dati aperti che saranno utili a tutta la collettività. Non abbiamo la pretesa di essere autorevoli né infallibili.
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0/ Lots of founders have asked me to tweet storm my recent Open Source Paper into a quick 10 point hit list on what to look for when building an #opensource company. Here goes:
1/ Fulfill an operational pain point. This should be central to your company. Is this a nice to have for developers? Saving just a few hours of dev time? Probably not a pain point enough. When you get on the phone with your early users, do they say: "I couldn't survive w/o this?"
2/ Tech evangelizers from respected communities are critical in the early days. Developer behavior is the closest thing in software to consumer behavior. Word of mouth matters. If they like what you've built, they'll talk about it.
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Best software and suggestions to prepare a #poster presentation

my summary of the 80 answers received from @AcademicChatter community for the #sciencetwitter

Prepare popcorn, it's detailed but long 1/9, you can also just read the doc attached
#scicomm #STEM #phdchat
@AcademicChatter Tips 1/2
Set up a slide w/ dimensions you plan print
Keep things simpler than you first imagine
Make sure all writing can be read from no less 3-4 feet away
Use projector to test and final proofread before printing
Best posters can be digested in 2-3 minutes
Add QR code to share
@AcademicChatter Tips 2/2
Ask students for feedback
Ask someone from outside ur field for feedback
Add Twitter handle
Use online template and start adding your stuff
Start from a template that senior members of your lab have used
Submit a week before conference
Give yourself 2-3 days to print
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🚨@stratisplatform #GlobalCryptoNetwork - January 2020🚨

Total nodes: 5,655
New nodes: 961
New: Antarctica 🇦🇶
Countries: 84

If your country is not a shade of blue on this map, your country is missing the 4th Industrial Revolution!
What $STRAT versions are people running: - 1519 (27%) - 1416 (25%) - 849 (15%) - 675 (12%) - 456 (8%)

Core 2.0 wallet will be release for community testing soon! Please help test and make it more secure. It will use or
Europe continue it’s dominance.
- I suspect Germany will release a CBDC in 2020.
- UK will release a CBDC or stable coin by Q4 2020 as well!
- Croatia and Austria have been growing extensive since November.
- Russia will dominate.
- Luxembourg will double in size next month.
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I’ve been recently asked why I still use .Net if I hate it so much (concluding based on some of my tweets).

So here’s the point - I LIKE .NET. I think it’s really good technology in many aspects and really great choice for many types of problems.

I really like some of the stuff MSFT is doing with .Net - F# (😜), editor tooling services as part of compiler design (still concept totally foreign to many languages, especially FP), good improvements of .Net Core, performance magic in ASP .NET and more...

No one is pointing gun at me when I spend countless hours building OSS stuff on .Net, writing blog posts, or giving talks (especially in the places traditionally not using .Net) and promoting it.

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Since seeing my project used by a foreign military, I've been trying to imagine an #opensource / @OpenSourceOrg license that's congruent with Kantian Ethics

So far, I haven't succeeded.

Take a seat, this is a long thread...…
When I started my first open source project in 2003 (a few tools to automate #mysql servers) I thought #opensource was universalizable.

It's not.

The OSI definition grounds in an assumption that unrestricted use of software is ethically pure and therefore above reproach
Kant's famous Maxim, known as the categorical imperative, states that any maximum must be universally applicable for it be a valid ethical framework.

The trivial example is honesty vs lying.
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Wie versprochen zum Start des neuen Jahres eine kleine Twitterüberraschung, als Dank für das Interesse, die Unterstützung und die vielen neuen Follower. Natürlich wünschen wir euch ein erfolgreiches Jahr, in welchem wir es schaffen die Rechten etwas zurück zu drängen. 1/X
Da viele unserer neuen Follower aus dem #36c3 und dem @chaosupdates Umfeld kommen wollen wir in diesem Thread einen Überblick über die #OpenSource Tools geben, welche wir in unserem Gedenkprojekt benutzen. SIcherlich auch interessant für die Follower aus dem Geschichtsumfeld. 2/X
Der Onlineatlas zu den NS Bücherverbrennungen ist eine Eigenentwicklung auf der Basis von @Drupal Ein eigenes Frontend und ein paar Skripte passen das CMS an unsere Bedürfnisse an. 3/X
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🚨 @stratisplatform Global Crypto Network 🚨

Total nodes: 4,681
Total new: 1,204
Total participation countries: 84❗️
New countries: Dominican Republic 🇩🇴 , Sudan 🇸🇩, Kyrgyzstan 🇰🇬

Europe: 3,298
Middle East: 125
Asia: 291
Oceania: 128
N America: 628
L America: 144
Africa: 67
A breakdown of the $STRAT Node version. Note: please run and higher❗️ has taken the lead. While a good amount is also running and comes in second and third respectively.

A few are running the bleeding edge with and
No one is catching up to Germany running @stratisplatform nodes!

Every country in Europe has increase node count except Bulgaria, Hungary, Isle of Man, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, and Slovakia.

I wouldn’t be surprise to see some stable coins on the #blockchain.
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J'ai pu [enfin] mettre à jour les données #osm de qui datent de dimanche dernier du coup — on parle ici des données cartographiques hors SNCF — enjoy 🙂

Mini thread sur la méthodo pour fabriquer son extraction #OSM vectorielle chez soi ⬇️
Le combo @Mapbox + @OpenMapTiles est déroutant de facilité et souplesse (rendu côté navigateur, facile de changer le style, très bien documenté, et tout est #opensource).
MAIS les données vectorielles distribuées par #openmaptiles sont soit vieilles, soit chères. Mais...
@OpenMapTiles ils sont sympas : ils vendent des fichiers tous faits pour pas s'embêter, mais si tu veux les fabriquer toi-même, ils expliquent et donnent leur méthode + outils pour le faire. Great job guys !

Tout est là :… il suffit de suivre la doc !
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October @stratisplatform node map is surprising and possibly a bit 👻.

1) 2,586 nodes 🔥🔥 🔥
2) #Brazil 🇧🇷 is highest growth - 1025%!
3) #China 🇨🇳 say “Hi!” with one #Csharp node.
4) New countries - 🇭🇺 🇮🇷 🇱🇦 🇨🇳 🇹🇼
Germany 🇩🇪 continue to dominate Europe in this #DigitalTransformation. Hungary is new. While smaller countries like Portugal, Greece, Bulgaria, Croatia, Ireland, Malta, and Spain continues their explosive growth! Please join $stratis #hackathon @devpost @EUBlockchain
Middle East has a slight uptick. Bahrain 🇧🇭, Turkey 🇹🇷, and Saudi Arabia 🇸🇦 maintain their lead and continue their growth. Iran is new. I suspect we will hear some news from #Bahrain and #Turkey in 2020. Please join $stratis #hackathon @devpost
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