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In addition to the wonderful personal experiences, #EAMT2023 was also a professional highlight for me that has really inspired me and reassured me that my work is useful and appreciated. A bragging-thread 👇 cc @EAMT_2023 @lt3ugent @SignONEU Image
🎉 I presented MATEO, a tool for effortless #MT evaluation! It received an overwhelming response from researchers, users, and industry, validating my belief that improving accessibility to #opensource #evaluation methods fills a need. Check it out here:
The project funding (thank you @EAMTee and @CLARINERIC!) is ending this month but I've had the pleasure to talk to many engaging people to keep the project alive in an #openscience manner for the foreseeable future. All contributions and ideas are welcome!…
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🕵️ Why are they cool?

· Perceptually uniform
· Perceptually ordered
· Colour-blind friendly
· Readable as B&W print
· Highly compatible
· Versioned & citable
🧑‍🎤 What‘s new?

· #glasgow, #lipari, #navia & #managua
· Improvements to existing palettes
· More formats (e.g., .pal for ODV)
· Colour hand-picker for discrete & categorical palettes

See details about all new additions:… Colour map diagnostics of t...Colour map diagnostics of t...Colour map diagnostics of t...Colour map diagnostics of t...
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DeepSquare is taking a measured approach to development, ensuring an exceptional user experience and comprehensive grasp across our platform. Here's a thread to dive deeper into our latest updates and innovations. 👇
🌐🌐 Image
1/ The primary focus of our proposal is the standardization of computation resource requests in the rapidly evolving landscape of #supercomputing intensive applications. To address it, we've developed a new standard for workflow files.…
2/ Our workflow file standard empowers users to conveniently package their applications, along with the necessary resources and desired characteristics. With this, users can achieve identical results as to pre built apps and enhance their applications efficiently on DeepSquare.
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Give me 5 minutes and I'll teach you everything about object-oriented programming:

Documented by: @ChrisStaud Image
1. Object-oriented programming (OOP) is a programming paradigm in which programs are designed using classes and objects.

This design allows related functions and data to be grouped together in self-contained and reusable units.
2. A class is a template or blueprint from which objects are made from.

Classes define the properties and methods that an object can have, and objects are unique instances of a class.
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1/🚀🎉 BRC-30 the TLDR 🔥

A new protocol called BRC-30 has been proposed!🔥 It's an extension of the BRC-20 token standard that adds staking functionality to the Bitcoin blockchain. It's like BRC-20, but with superpowers!💪🔮💥 Here's a quick summary! #BRC30
2/💡With BRC-30, you can stake your BRC-20 tokens or Bitcoin and receive BRC-30 tokens as a reward. 🎁 It’s like putting your digital assets to work and getting paid for it!💼🚀 #BRC30 #Bitcoin #Staking
3/🎯The motive behind BRC-30 is simple - we want token holders to do more with their tokens and be rewarded for it! 🏆 It’s all about fostering greater participation and creating a stronger bond within the ecosystem. 🤝🌐 #BRC30 #Bitcoin Image
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🎉 Day of Learning @RedHat

I'm going to explore scanning @stackrox code with Sonarcloud.

Very curious about the findings.

#programming #opensource
@RedHat @stackrox Had to fork the repos. I need to be owner of the github organization to allow Sonarcloud scanning.
Scanning in progress for:
- The Managed Service
- The Core Stackrox Product
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You ALL tagged have different pieces to the puzzle of whats happening around us

I appreciate UR efforts

The system has been designed to facilitate Authoritarian Control

@Moneybaglives @GeorgeGammon @chrismartenson ImageImage
It seems major powers in this world are using the masses of humans as a resource to the detriment of the many for the benefit of the few

Societal infrastructure has been constructed over generations to exert reliance on a centralized system

Changing the infrastructure
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🎉 Exciting news! An early preview of our @LangChainAI beginner's course is now live 🚀

We'll dive into the basics of Langchains, Interacting with LLMs(OpenAI), Prompts, and Chains,
Stay tuned for more details below ↓
🦜️🔗 LangChain: A revolutionary #OpenSource framework simplifying the creation of applications with large language models.
Powering everything from chatbots to code analysis, this Python & JavaScript toolkit bridges the gap between AI and application development.
"🦜️🔗 #LangChain features:
1️⃣ Simplified app development with large language models 🤖
2️⃣ Integrations with popular platforms like Amazon, Google, & Microsoft Azure
3️⃣ Support for document analysis 📄, chatbots 💬, code analysis 🔍
4️⃣ Open-source with a vibrant community 👥
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Like me and most of us out there, you're still waiting for the #ChatGPT `Code Interpreter`?

Worry not, you can now build your own! @RickLamers shows you how! 🤯

It's called `GPTCode-UI`, and it is available as #opensource on GitHub! 🧵↓ Image
First things first, check out Rick's excellent tutorial:

🔗 Image
Here's the GH repo:…
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- How it works and hidden traps


#Twitter #opensource #code #Github #blueTick #ElonMusk… Image
1. In March 2023 Elon Musk announced that Twitter is going to open source the algorithm and its code base to address the concerns of the spread of misinformation and the manipulation of public opinion through in-house censorship.

#Twitter #opensource #code #Github… Image
2. Twitter mentioned in its blog post that they uploaded the source code in two repositories on GitHub, the code sharing platform.

#Twitter #opensource #code #Github #blueTick #ElonMusk… Image
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Welcome to day 2 of the 5th World Chatbots & Voice Summit, hosted the the beautiful city of #Berlin

I'll be keeping this thread going to cover all the presentations and learnings of the day.

As co-chair, I'll be looking after the chatbot track, today.

First up, Alin from @SapienceS2P

Talking about how to deliver value and a competitive edge through customised chatbot solutions

SapienceS2P is an #SAP procurement consultancy Image
Taking us through their #procurement chatbot, Sapience Satori, which can integrate with #ChatGPT, most SAP APIs and also communication channels - #teams #slack #whatsapp
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BabyAGI, the autonomous #AI agent, gets its own UI! 🔥

`BabyAGI UI` is an #opensource user interface for @babyAGI_ developed by @miiura!

- Framework: @nextjs
- Styling/UI: @tailwindcss/@radix_ui
- Vector DB: @pinecone
- LLM chaining: @LangChainAI

Demo and repo link ↓
Here's a link to the app


Note: your @OpenAI API key must be set from the `Settings` menu.

Repo link ↓ Image
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Break Open Source Roadmap in 15 Days with All the Resources-

RT For Good Karma

Follow @AyushKu38757918 for more

#opensource #ftw
Day 1-3: Introduction to Open Source

- Learn about what Open Source is and why it matters
- Familiarize yourself with the different types of Open Source licenses
- Explore popular Open Source projects and communities
- Youtube:
- Youtube:
- Youtube:
- Youtube:
- Youtube:
- Youtube:
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🧵Hugging Face, a leader in the #AI community, has revolutionized the creation, collaboration & discovery of ML models & apps.

By open-sourcing their tech, they've become a force in the industry, raising $160M & serving 10k+ companies.

Here's why their approach is key! #ML #NLP Image
🚀Open-sourcing allowed Hugging Face to foster collaboration among researchers & companies, propelling the launch of #ChatGPT - a tipping point in AI's shift from niche to mainstream. #OpenSource #MachineLearning
🌐With a focus on natural language processing & text-to-image tasks, Hugging Face expanded to other domains, hitting 50M page views in Jan.

Open science & open source are vital for ML advancement, despite some companies' commercial goals. #NLP #ComputerVision
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Prêts pour la soirée #opensource Edition spéciale #SouverainetéNumérique by @linagora
#OSPro8 Image
Au-delà de la souveraineté, le véritable problème est l'archi-dépendance de l'Europe aux acteurs américains qui dominent le marché à hauteur de 80%.
— Martine GOURIET, Directrice des usages numériques EDF, membre du board de Gaia-X.
#OSPro8 @linagora
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1/ Are you a bioinformatics researcher looking for powerful tools to analyse your data? Check out @Bioconductor ! Here are some of my favorite packages for #bioinformatics analyses. Image
2/ First up: #DESeq2 by @mikelove. This package provides a method for differential gene expression analysis of RNA-seq data. It's widely used and highly cited in the field, and it's perfect for identifying genes that are differentially expressed between samples.
3/ Next, I recommend #edgeR. Like DESeq2, edgeR is a package for differential gene expression analysis of RNA-seq data. It's particularly useful for smaller sample sizes and can detect differential expression with greater sensitivity.
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"The established supply chain for scholarly books presents a major challenge for small or new #OA publishers to thrive. Specialised title management systems, for instance, are difficult to access and many systems are not oriented to #openaccess books." #ScalingSmall #OABooks
"@COPIMproject has dedicated time and attention to this issue developing @Thoth_metadata, a #metadata management system, that aims to level the playing field between large and small publishers by alleviating some of the difficulties faced by scholar-led presses."
@COPIMproject @Thoth_metadata Everything about @Thoth_metadata is #OpenSource on Github - the database includes chapter-level #metadata for #OABooks
Plus #DOIs #RORids #ORCids with mappings between multiple #metadata schema including MARC
#ScalingSmall Image
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Learn AWS with 10+ Cheatsheets free of cost 🫶

Thread 🧵👇

Documented by:@ghumare64
AWS S3 :
AWS Lambda :
AWS CloudFormation :
AWS API Gateway :
AWS Route 53 :
AWS Redshift :
AWS DynamoDB :
AWS Infographics:
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🧵 Topological what?
@Conste11ation $DAG is a giant microservices architecture for storing topological data because it is designed...
#OpenSource #bigdata #crypto #Programming #cybersecurity #devops #IoT #DataScience #WebDevelopment #AI #web3
as a decentralized and scalable network that can handle complex data streams and process them efficiently. It does this by leveraging several key concepts and technologies, such as Hylochain consensus, dynamic partitioning, and map-reduce functions.
In a microservices architecture, applications are broken down into smaller, modular components (called microservices) that can be developed, deployed, and scaled independently of each other.
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My upcoming newsletter emphasizes the importance of #ChatGPT in open source intelligence and research. #ChatGPT 4.0 accurately identified me through the "analyze (link)". Its ability to analyze photos from WordPress sites seems to be remarkable. #AI #Research #OpenSource (1/4)… Image
But you do have to keep in mind that the outcome completely depends on what you did earlier in the chat. If you were ego-surfing and only then would ask to analyze a link with your face, it has context and will give you often your name. (2/4)
Face detection by #chatgpt also feels stunning because it reads the whole link, that often has the name of the person already in it, like this example (3/4) Image
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From a technical standpoint, @Conste11ation offers developers unique benefits not found in other networks:
👨‍💻Java Scala
💱Generative Economics
#OpenSource #bigdata #Programming #devops #IoT #DataScience Image
Scalability: @Conste11ation's DAG-based architecture provides unlimited horizontal scalability, with no congestion or high fees, allowing projects to grow without limitations.
Metagraphs: Advanced Layer-0 state channels enable complex data structures and logic, without the constraints of traditional smart contracts. Metagraphs can act as off-chain data oracles and are compatible with external systems and programming languages.
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1/4 We love ♥️developments that, through their simplicity, can solve a problem with astonishing ease.

🙋🙋‍♀️How many of us end up holding small amounts of various tokens in our wallets that never seem to grow?

#xDustconverter has long since offered us an interesting solution. Image
2/4 Something as simple as:

✅ going to
✅connecting your wallet
✅selecting the coins you want to convert to eGLD
✅and clicking "convert small amounts"

will allow you to make a profit from those small amounts you store.

#crypto #conversion #savings
3/4 And the incredible thing is that it's an open-source tool! How awesome is that?!" 🎉🙌

You can view the code of the #xDustConverter smart contract using the new SC validation feature on the explorer at…
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State management is a critical part of web development, and it can be challenging to get right. Fortunately, there are several open-source libraries that can help make it easier. Here are 5 top state management libraries that every web developer should know:
First up is #Zustand. This library is lightweight and flexible, making it an excellent choice for small to medium-sized applications. It uses React hooks for state management, which makes it easy to integrate with React projects. Check it out at
Next is #XState, which is a state machine library that makes it easy to manage complex application state. It uses finite state machines to model state transitions, making it a powerful tool for building robust applications. Check it out at
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I worked on my first experiment with ChatGPT Plugins applied to SEO! I created a search engine for an eCommerce site using WordLift's Product Knowledge Graph (PKG) as a starting point. Here is what I learned:

#SEO #ChatGPT #WordLift #eCommerce

🧵 1/6
1. You can use @LangChainAI to experiment with the idea (here is the documentation 📖:…) and choose any of the supported LLM. #Opensource is amazing 🤩.

2. You only need two files: a JSON manifest and the OpenAPI specs.

I built the search engine using @JinaAI_ by indexing schema:Product in the PKG WordLift created by accessing the Google Merchant APIs.

🔎… (you can play with the search engine here)

3. You need all your prompting skill to create the JSON manifest.

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