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About "#Cyborgs" of #Donetskairport: "They survived, concrete did not survive." This definition best illustrates the victory of the defenders of #Mariupol. 🇷🇺 almost wiped out the city of half a million people, but 🇷🇺 does not have the weapons to break their spirits.

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One of these heroes is a very young commander of the #Azov's squadron, Lev Pashko. He came to Azov in 2017, when he was eighteen, and the young man chose the nickname "#Horus" - the name of the ancient #Egyptian god of hunting, sky and war.
On March 26, from the side of #Gnutove, 🇷🇺 made another attempt to break through the defenses of the defenders of #Mariupol. A convoy of 🇷🇺 5 tanks and 2 IFV drove into the city. A group of guardsmen under the command of Lieutenant Pashko came out to meet 🇷🇺 .
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gecmiste yasanmis olanlara üzülüyorsun

gelecekte yasanacak olanlara..

#Gecmis'te yasanan ne varsa
#Gelecekte yasanacaklarin AYNA'sidir,

#Nuh #Tufani'ndan sonra
kurulan ilk sehir #Babil'dir..

Babil sehrini
Babil Kulesini insa eden kisi

#Nemrud öldükten sonra
Hem annesi
hem karisi olan
#Kara #Büyü'cü #Semiramis,
Nemrud'u büyülerle canlandirir
ve cinsel iliskiye girer,
cocuklari #Tammuz dogar

yeryüzünün ilk #KRAL'i ünvanina sahiptir

Sagdaki.. Image

Nemrud'tan sonra
Krallik #Hamurabi gibi krallarla devam eder

Ta ki
Günahkarlarin ve Sapkinlarin sehri
Babil yikilana kadar

Hatirlarsaniz eger
#Harut ile #Marut isimli
yeryüzüne yani Babil sehrine inmisti

iki Melegin inis sebebi..👇👇

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Hola! Esta es la historia de mi bebé #Horus, quien murió por la incompetencia y negligencia de un "especialista" de Centro Veterinario México. Les agradecería muchísimo si pudieran tomarse el tiempo de leer y regalarnos un RT. #Gato #CDMX #Denuncia
Un día encontramos un bulto en su barriguita y lo llevamos con nuestro veterinario de toda la vida.
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Le 31 Décembre est le dernier jour marquant la fin du calendrier grégorien utilisé sur presque toute la planète. Pourtant ce calendrier permettant à l‘occident d’imposer son temps est un calendrier calqué sur celui Africain de Kemet, l’ancienne Egypte, terre de nos Ancêtres.
Le Calendrier grégorien est appelé ainsi car introduit en Octobre 1582 à Rome par le pape Gregoire XIII. Il fut adopté par la France(1582),la GrandeBetagne(1752),Russie(1918). Ce calendrier a été entièrement bâti sur le Calendrier Africain de l‘ancienne Egypte...
Le calendrier Africain a été inventé par les Égyptiens en 4236 avant l’an 0.L’année était divisée en 3 saisons de 4mois,le mois=3semaines d 10jours ne chevauchant pas sur les mois.Le jour=24h(nuit=jour=12h).Ils avaient 12mois d 30jours chacun=360+5jours épagomènes correspondant..
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Was #Jesus a #Mythical figure based on the #Egyptian #god #Horus?
Um, #NO, and here is why:
There were about 20 or so gods in the Egyptian pantheon who were called Horus. The two most famous are Horus the Younger, aka Harseisis (The Horus of this article) and Horus the Elder aka Herakhty. Horus the Younger was the son of Osiris and Isis, a god who avenged his father
by confronting and battling Seth, his uncle and the murderer of his father, Osiris. Horus the Younger is among the more famous Egyptian gods.
But is Jesus Christ based on this falcon-headed god of the Sky?
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Was the #Egyptian #God #Horus #crucified like #Christ?
Um, #No, and here is why:
#Debunking about to commence...
There are several different accounts of Horus’ death, which involved anything from being stung by a scorpion, bitten by a snake, cut into pieces, etc. Yet none of these state that he was crucified, which makes sense, given that crucifixion wasn't an Egyptian form of execution.
It was, however, a form of execution that was well used by the Persians, Carthaginians, Seleucids and Romans. It was done from the 6th century BC to the 4rth century AD. .If one expected Horus to be executed in any way in the myths, it would have been with a form of execution
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Was the Egyptian god #Horus born of a virgin?
Um, #No, and here is why:
According to the myth, #Isis' husband #Osiris was killed and later dismembered. Isis brought him back to life and together...they had #SEX. Thus, Horus was conceived. There is an alternative version where she is impregnated by a "divine fire" which seems at first like a virgin
conception...until you realize that not only had she been married to Osiris before Osiris was murdered, that there is no indication that they had a sexless marriage before then, and that they had sex while they were both inside the same womb (Nut's womb to be exact). Hard to be
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