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1. When #45 met with Russian spies in the Oval Office it was reported he burned an Israeli asset in Raqqa, a city that at the time was a focus of my reporting. I then took the time to examine the facts and the issue of whether POTUS had the power to declassify the Israeli asset. Image
2. Some background. I learned years ago that material that carry the very highest classification are related to two issues: Anything to do with nuclear weapons and anything to do with the identity of foreign intelligence assets. So I viewed what he reportedly did likely a crime.
3. After reviewing the declassification regulations, that a POTUS has the power to change pursuant to law, the power to "declassify" is held exclusively by the "classifying authority." In burning the Israeli asset in Raqqa, based on the limited
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#Thread: 𝗪𝗵𝗲𝗿𝗲 𝗱𝗶𝗱 𝗘𝘂𝗿𝗼𝗽𝗲𝗮𝗻 𝗳𝗼𝗿𝗲𝗶𝗴𝗻 𝗜𝗦𝗜𝗦 𝘁𝗲𝗿𝗿𝗼𝗿𝗶𝘀𝘁𝘀 𝗰𝗼𝗺𝗲 𝗳𝗿𝗼𝗺?
13,157 Europeans were among the approximately 30,000 foreign terrorist fighters from over 86 countries that joined the genocidal terrorist organisation #ISIS 2014-2016. Image
Most of them (almost 4000) come from just five countries: #France, the #UK, #Germany, #Belgium, and the #Netherlands. Image
in 2014 ISIS had controlled 1-3 of Iraqi and Syrian territory, including #Mosul the second largest city in #Iraq. Between 2014/2019, ISIS killed tens of thousands of Iraqis and Syrians. Millions have become #refugees.
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1. @JoeBiden's comment about how #Russia should be concerned about the #F16s, is spot-on and consistent with my view that, when #Ukraine controls its skies the Russia forces will forced to withdraw. I report on the #Syrian war to defeat #ISIS. With US air power, light militia
2. forces were able to defeat a force of over 70,000 crazed ISIS terrorists. #SDF are brave, disciplined and willing to fight but until they had US air support they were unable to gain traction and had their backs against the wall in #Kobane.
3. I closely observed the way they were able to advance and that informs me on how the battle in Ukraine will change. First, the trench war will be over. Any Russian trench complex will become an easy target for massive US JDAMS that Russian forces won't survive. When Ukraine
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#thread After two and a half years in #ISIS captivity, Imad, his little brother Idan, and their mother Ghazala are released into a refugee camp in #Kurdistan.

A film on #YazidiGenocide:
12, 13 & 14 May at @AmsterdamFilm
Healing from the #trauma is hard for all of them, but it seems Imad is having a particularly tough time. Not yet five, he has already spent over half his #life enduring terror, abuse, and “training” meant to make him heartless.
Speaking only #Arabic, he cannot communicate with his family, and the only means of expression at his disposal is violence. He hits and spits, and his only game is pretending to be an #ISIS fighter who shoots, blows things up, and kills.
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Turkey conducted a raid on ISIS in Jinderes, northwestern Syria, on April 28 that likely resulted in the death of an ISIS leader, but not the group’s “caliph.” Read this week's Salafi-Jihadi Movement Update here:… (1/4)
Turkish President Recep Tayyip #Erdogan claimed Turkey killed IS “#caliph” Abu al Hussein al Husseini al Qurayshi during the raid. #US officials said they could not confirm the raid's target was the #IS "caliph." (2/4)
#Erdogan may seek to inflate his military successes in #Syria to improve his standing ahead of #Turkey’s presidential election on May 14. The Turkish president is currently losing according to election polls.
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What happened in Sinjar region of Iraq/Kurdistan the past three days? He's a brief #thread.

Iraqi government resettled some of the internally displaced Sunni Muslim families to Sinjar, where #YazidiGenocide was committed by ISIS in 2014. Image
Yezidis protested against this plan in front of the Islamic Mosque located in Sinjar, because according to some witnesses, there were some Sunni Muslims among them who supported and joined #ISIS against the Yezidis in 2014. This people joined ISIS and betrayed the Yezidis back……
After this protest reached #socialmedia, a group of Imams, sectarianism led Islamic politicians and parties spread a picture of a mosque and saying that Yezidis have demolished it and burnt Islamic Holly Book Quran and attacked and called Yezidis devilworshippers & atheists.
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"It is important that the #UnitedStates restores for #Pakistan foreign military financing & foreign military sales which were suspended by the previous administration" Pakistan Amb to the US Masood Khan told @TheWilsonCenter earlier Thursday
#Pakistan Ambassador to the US Khan also calls on #Washington to "revive its role for strategic stability in #SouthAsia"

"We believe a policy of imbalance & disequilibrium is fraught with serious perils"
"#Afghanistan's stability is imperative...1st & foremost for its own ppl who have suffered grievously" per #Pakistan Amb Khan

"It is equally important to stem the surge of terrorism that has viciously attacked Pakistan" since August 2021
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"It is important that the #UnitedStates restores for #Pakistan foreign military financing & foreign military sales which were suspended by the previous administration" Pakistan Amb to the US Masood Khan tells @TheWilsonCenter
#Pakistan Ambassador to the US Shah also calls on #Washington to "revive its role for strategic stability in #SouthAsia"

"We believe a policy of imbalance & disequilibrium is fraught with serious perils"
"#Afghanistan's stability is imperative...1st & foremost for its own ppl who have suffered grievously" per #Pakistan Amb Shah

"It is equally important to stem the surge of terrorism that has viciously attacked Pakistan" since August 2021
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#ISIS-#Khorasan cell leader behind the deadly bombing of #Kabul Airport's Abbey Gate on August 26, 2021 that killed 13 US troops, +170 Afghan civilians killed by the #Taliban, State Department official confirms to @VOANews
#ISIS-#Khorasan cell leader behind the #Abbey Gate bombing "killed in a Taliban operation" per White House spox John Kirby

Kirby descibes the cell leader as "a key ISIS-K official directly involved in plotting operations like Abbey Gate"
Per White House's Kirby, the death of the #ISIS-#Khorasan cell leader "is another in a series of high-profile leadership losses ISIS-K has suffered this year"
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NEW: @CJTFOIR seeing "dramatic decrease" in #ISIS activity, per Commander MajGen Matthew McFarlane

- 68% reduction in attacks in #Iraq (year on year)

- 55% reduction in attacks in #Syria (year on year)

But he warns, "The #Daesh ideology remains unconstrained & active"
"We continue to see unsafe & unprofessional air activity from the #Russia|ns" in #Syria, per @CJTFOIR's MajGen McFarlane

"We've only seen it from the air" he adds "We continuously communicate"
"All aspects of #ISIS that we are tracking continue to decline or degrade" per @CJTFOIR's MajGen McFarlane, asked about US op a week ago to eliminate sr ISIS leader linked to overseas kidnap plot
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Today the Autonomous Administration of Northern and Eastern Syria (@aanes__official) presented a declaration for a solution to the #Syrian crisis which consists of several proposals and ways to solve issues in the country and to build a democratic Syria

(🎥: ANHA, #Raqqa)
#AANES is aware of its responsibility towards all Syrians. Therefore, it will strive to take the necessary steps to resolve the crisis and establish peace and stability, taking into consideration that the international and regional platforms and initiatives” Image
“The solution to the #Syrian crisis must be sought inside the country, and the Syrian government must show a responsible stance and take urgent measures that could contribute to the success of finding an internal solution”
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Thread: 1/The US conducted a raid yesterday in north west #Syria, killing a senior #ISIS leader responsible for planning terror attacks in the Middle East and #Europe.
2/The attack happened in a region controlled by #Turkey, where many #Antiochian #Greeks used to live. They were known for their contributions in education, medical services, and goldsmithing, but few of them remain today, and they suffer daily from #Islamic groups operating under……
3/ It's troubling to see a #NATO country supporting one of the most notorious groups in the world, and we call on the #Greek and #Cypriot governments to use all the leverage they have to save and rescue the #Greek #Orthodox and other #Christian groups that still live in this……
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1. Why did Gulf kingdoms embrace Iran? When the #GulfArab states saw what happened in Iran over one #Kurdish woman who stood up to became the #Mideast version of Rosa Parks, they all panicked. Remember, the US lists as terrorists a group whose ideology seeks #genderequality.
2. That continued listing over an ideology we support is something @POTUS @VP and @SecBlinken need to explain. But in the interim, we are seeing the #Arab word suddenly embracing #Assad, a blood soaked chemical weapon-using, sociopathic dictator. Why?
3. Because he's the one they have tapped to eliminate the #Syrian #Kurds. And all the #misogynists cheer him as their standard bearer. And once the #SDF is gone and the #women once again relegated to second-class rights, they can get back to business
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Wimbledon's a bit like Bucha - parks, nice houses, prosperous people. What Russians did to Bucha 🎥👇🏽It's what Russians will do to @Wimbledon, its brand, & given a chance, its wombles, village & villagers. Russia had lists of Bucha residents to kill - they killed them. 1/14
⚡️If Russia hadn't murdered Ukrainian athlete Dariia Kurdel while she was training for the Olympics, Dariia would have enjoyed seeing Russia lose the #Olympics sport of threatening genocide. No other country was competing. Threatening genocide breaches international law. 2/14
@Wimbledon's 2022 stance was correct: NO way of enabling Russian or Belarussian athletes to participate, without the Russian state using such participation as a means of promoting its "Z" brand. UN Commission has now established👇🏽Russia as liable for the Crime of Aggression. 3/14
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1. The only way to stop the #Iranians from threatening our force in #Syria is to slam the door at #Baghuz. But that's the border and taking a border crossing is a big deal. We are with the #SDF on the other side of the Euphrates but the SDF has to deal with the
2. Russians because Tяump betrayed them by surrendering to #Erdogan. @POTUS kept status quo with Turkey - still murdering #SDF. #Israel approaches political disintegration so #Putin & #Iran think it's good time use #Kremlin's caucus of @HouseGOP to help them take all of #Syria.
3. #ISIS is still very active on the west side of the #Euphrates next to the Iranians. We should get them all out but past and present policies have a price and ours is that we have to do this with US and/or other partner forces because of @SecBlinken's misguided #Turkey policy.
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🚨🚨 HELP Syria 🚨🚨
Russian Intelligence Service: #US uses #terrorist groups to undermine situation in #Syria
Russian Foreign Intelligence Service has announced that the #US continues to use #terrorist groups in #Syria to undermine positions of the Syrian government.
“The Central Command of the #US forces is planning to form battalions of terrorists to carry out hostile acts against the legitimate #Syrian government”
-Director of the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service, Sergey Naryshkin-
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CENTCOM chief decries Russian flyovers of US illegal occupation bases in Syria

The #US illegal ocupation forces controls nearly a third of #Syria and has been accused of stealing 80 percent of the country's daily oil output…
US Central Command (CENTCOM) chief, General Michael Kurilla, said on 16 March that the Russian air force has increased the frequency of “unprofessional” and “unsafe” flyovers of #US illegal occupation bases in #Syria.…
Around 900 #US illegal ocupation forces are still deployed in the Levantine nation, controlling nearly a third of the country and a large portion of its oil fields.…
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🧵 Why the war in 🇺🇦 #Ukraine?

Beyond the #propaganda of war which makes us more stupid than we are, let us rather analyse the deep reasons of this fratricidal war.

#WarInUkraine #RussianUkrainianWar Image
1. First of all, let's leave aside any #TikTok analysis, in a #war it's always about desecrating the enemy, making him more horrible than he really is.

Ukraine is not full of Neo #Nazis, and the #Russian army is not a bunch of rapists — You won’t believe it? but it’s true.
2. Also, it’s not a language or culture war, all these micro societal fights have strictly no interest.

This is only a question of geopolitical / geographical position of #Ukraine in the world — and nothing else.

To be more convinced of this, let's go back a bit.
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I’ve just returned from NE #Syria, where I visited the U.S. military’s RLZ base in Rumeilan, the al-Roj & al-Hol camps, as well as Ghuweiran Prison – all alongside @CENTCOM Commander Kurilla.

An incredibly insightful trip, with a lot of takeaways.
After arriving on a C-17 at RLZ -- the beating heart of the #Syria-based mission – I saw how U.S. troops operated multiple drone flights, collected & assessed ISR, monitored air traffic for hostile threats, and coordinated D-#ISIS operations across the northeast. Image
From Rmeilan, Arabic-speaking U.S. troops & civil-military teams are working closely with the #SDF, Asayish, tribal councils in #Iraq & #Syria and the Iraqi government to facilitate the return of 600+ Iraqis from prisons and camps every 4-6 weeks -- an absolutely vital effort.
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🔴🇱🇧 The S.G. #Hezbollah, Sayyid Hassan Nasrallah, will deliver a speech at the honoring ceremony for commander Haj Asad Mahmoud Sagheer. The ceremony will take place on Friday afternoon at 3:30 in the Imam Al-Mujtaba Complex (Peace be upon him).

#نصرالله #الحاج_صالح Image
🔴🇱🇧 The beginning of the speech of the Secretary-General of #Hezbollah, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, at the anniversary of the departure of the commander leader Hajj Asad Mahmoud Sagheer (#حاج_صالح) in the Al-Mujtaba Complex in the southern suburbs of Beirut
Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hassan #Nasrallah: We extend our condolences to the family of the late fighter leader Hajj Asad Mahmoud Sagheer and his brothers who worked with him
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Happening now: US Senate's Annual Worldwide Threats with:

@ODNIgov Dir Avril Haines
@CIA Dir William Burns
@DefenseIntel Dir LtGen Scott Berrier
@CYBERCOM_DIRNSA Gen Paul Nakasone
@FBI Dir Christopher Wray…
"We are increasingly seeing rising competition in the technology space with authoritarian regimes that are challenging democratic norms at home & around the world," per Senate Intel Committee chair @MarkWarner
#China's communist party "is now a near-peer competitor with the United States in its economy, technology & military capabilities" per @MarkWarner
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#Russia #cyber ops in the war on #Ukraine - "We continue full spectrum operations w/a series of partners to include Ukraine to provide them assistance as they battle the Russians" @CYBERCOM_DIRNSA Gen Paul Nakasone tells lawmakers
#Russia "a very capable [#cyber] adversary" per @CYBERCOM_DIRNSA "We continue to work very tightly w/our other partners within the US gvt -CISA, @FBI- to ensure our US critical infrastructure is protected, and @NATO in general"

“If the conflict continues to not go well for #Russia, there is some chance that Russia will be increasingly brazen in its cyberattacks” an NSA spox told @VOANews “...will increasingly look outside of Ukraine's territorial borders"…
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US CJCS uses alleged ISIS threat to justify US occupation of Syria

The #US has long employed the alleged "#ISIS threat" as a pretext to continue its illegal occupation of northeastern #Syrian territories.
It has done so for two reasons: to destabilize the Syrian government & to pursue the systematic looting of the country's oil resources.
Even after the February 6 earthquake devastated several cities across the country, the #US illegal ocupation forces continues to loot oil from occupied #Syrian territories.
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