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#Turkey-#Iraq coordinated #ISIS raid in #Syria.

I suspected this would have been the case -- #Turkey's (MIT) been tracking #ISIS senior movements between NW-NE #Syria in recent months.

Some #HTS (SSG) raids on #ISIS in #Idlib have (I'm told) been conducted on MIT intelligence.
I'm seeing some credible claims that al-Juburi was captured *by* #Turkey in NW #Syria, brought north onto Turkish soil & then handed over to ISF for deportation to #Iraq.

Not confirmed, but would shake things up if true... and raise Qs about whether #HTS played a role too?
#ISIS leader "Jasim was in northwestern #Syria when he was caught with help from local security forces", per @Reuters.

That can only realistically mean #HTS &/or its Salvation Government's General Security Service (GSS).

Fascinating new details.… Image
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@jlorains1 @newsmax William @KensingtonRoyal: Queen @RoyalFamily protects #PrinceAndrew @TheDukeOfYork= "threat to monarchy." Someone could go to the jail IF @metpoliceuk did their job

@MetCC, @FBI: #IlluminatiSacrifice of #Prince. Queen was dressed in #PurpleRain🎸she KNEW
@jlorains1 @newsmax @KensingtonRoyal @RoyalFamily @TheDukeOfYork @metpoliceuk @MetCC @FBI 2/ Her Excellency @EmbassyCat= H👑MP @hmpbelmarsh prisoner, award-winning publisher #JulianAssange, wishes Her Majesty a happy 90th birthday. The official, not real=April 21, the day #Prince died & Queen wore #PurpleRain☂ dress
#FreeAssange🚔SHE KNEW🚨
@jlorains1 @newsmax @KensingtonRoyal @RoyalFamily @TheDukeOfYork @metpoliceuk @MetCC @FBI @EmbassyCat @hmpbelmarsh 3/ My reply to above @wikileaks publisher #FreeAssangeNOW. At the end of this thread, Mr. #Assange should walk free. Someone can have his #torture cell. #PrinceAndrew? Her🎉Majesty☂? #WarrenBuffett? Whoever else planned #IluminatiSacrifice of #Prince, MET
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#ISIS admits some of its members have been killed in Taliban raids on IS-linked homes/hideouts in recent days. Says 3 militants killed + wife & child of one in Taliban raid in Parwan on 1 Oct. Says 4 IS militants killed + 3 women & children in Taliban raid in Kabul on 3 Oct/1
The IS account, which came in the group's weekly paper al-Naba on 8 Oct, claims the IS members fought fiercely when Taliban raided their homes in Kabul & Parwan and that gunfights lasted hours causing deaths and injuries in Taliban ranks before the IS militants perished /2
Within the same report, al-Naba features an image of a blindfolded man whom it says is the Taliban member later beheaded by IS in Jalalabad. The pose of one of the IS militants in the image suggests it's a still from a video which might come out later /3
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Saudi began new moves in an attempt to rescue the most prominent “#ISIS” lord of Saudi origins, after the criminal court in #Sanaa sentenced him to death along with another foreigner.

Special sources reported Saudi contacts to conclude a new prisoner exchange deal,

including Naif Salama al-Ruwaili, the leader of #ISIS, who was seized by army and popular committees forces during the recent battles, which culminated in purifying #Bayda Gover from the elements of terrorist groups.
The Criminal Court in Sana’a had issued a death sentence
for Al-Ruwaili and another leader in the organization, who holds Kenyan citizenship, Rashid Ali Jarb, after they were convicted of terrorist crimes in #Yemen.

The verdict was pronounced after Sana’a forces published new documents on the extent of cooperation between the
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As reports surface of Indian links to #ISIS-K terrorist Abdur Rehman Al Logari responsible for attacking American forces at Kabul airport last month killing 170 including 13 US Marines, India must be held accountable for backing the #ISKP.


As per AMAQ the #ISIS central mouthpiece, Al Logari had spent at least a year in Indian cities of NewDelhi & Haryana before arriving in Afghanistan to carry out terrorist attacks for #ISKP. Whether he was undergoing terro training at a terror camps setup by Indian intel,..

undergoing education at an Indian univ or both, remains unclear. In an earlier statement, Pentagon spokesperson, John Kirby has said that 100s of #ISKP prisoners were freed from Bagram’s high security prisons as Kabul govt collapsed before it could be secured by Afg Taliban.

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#YEMEN:Deputy Foreign Minister Hussein Al-Ezzi denounced #Britain’s granting of #Yemeni money to mercenary government backed by Saudi-led coalition in #Aden.
Al-Ezzi said on Twitter @hussinalezzi5 over our money to the corrupt and terrorists falls within the meanings
of escalation and clear adherence to war strategies, which confirms that peace is a decision that has not yet been born and that their talk about it is still a form of misinformation and lies. “
He added “#Britain is aware more than others that it is #Yemenis’ money and that Hadi’s government represents only thieves, corrupt, #alQaeda, #ISIS and the Brotherhood’s organization.Despite all that, #Britain insists on sending Yemeni money to these
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What is the Root of the Cause of the #CaboDelgado #ISIS Insurgency? A thread:

A/There are three differing prevailing schools of thought that debate the true root cause of the region's radicalization:

1. Hanlon.
2. Habibe, Forquilha and Salvador.
3. Evolutionary Process
B/ 1. Hanlon argues that the cause of #CaboDelgado conflict is "material deprivation, particularly poverty,
marginalization and a lack of perspectives among
the youth, with religion functioning only as a
rallying point or cloak.”
C/ 2. Habibe, Forquilha and Salvador claim that “the Al Shabaab group argued that the solution to problems such as #unemployment, widespread corruption in the officialdom, #political exclusion and social inequalities lay in adherence to the puritanical version of #Islam
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#Eddi Maria Edgarda Marcucci era stata proposta per la #SorveglianzaSpeciale per aver fatto parte delle Unità di protezione delle donne #Ypj, un esercito femminile che combatte #Isis, altri #jihadisti e quando serve #Erdogan e #Assad assieme agli uomini delle #Ypg in #Siria (1)
Mi sono sempre chiesto con quale coraggio uno stato che ha preso parte alle guerre in #Afghanistan e #Iraq, totalmente fallimentari se non nel produrre più fanatismo e islamismo, potessero eccepire sulla scelta di persone che per idee, non x soldi hanno invece ottenuto risultati
#Eddi ha di fatto partecipato a una rivolta reale, popolare, armata e di massa di curde, arabe, assire e altre contro il jihadismo e l'islamismo nelle sue varie forme; una rivolta che mentre avanzava creava organi politici, economici e giudiziari femminili (3)
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@blckbxnews @georgevanhouts RIP Barry Jennings, key 9/11 whistleblower. Segments feat. Jason Bermas & Dylan Avery (Loose Change 9/11 movies)

@blckbxnews @georgevanhouts #911Truth Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld knew in April 2001. @CIA asset @SLindauer2011 tried to stop 9/11 via @congressdotgov #McCain. 30 days later, @FBI picks her up w/arrest warrant on the #PatriotAct; 9/11 had to happen? Perfect pretext for war.

#WTC7 next..
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#CongressHearings: there was a third option between continous war and surrender to the #Taliban. Win that war, empower the people and reform the educational system.
There was no option to go in, defeat the Taliban in 2001, and leaving with no change in society. Like going to n WWII Nazi Germany, and leave without establishing a democratic republic.
In my view any #TalibanDeal is wrong, as would have been a #NaziDeal, or #FascistDeal. But the "deal" that was applied by the #Biden Adm on the ground, facilitated the rise of a #JihadiState. Reality on the ground.
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I have been reporting on these protests against the #SDF and the #Deir al-Zor region for years. I was one of the few to independently report from the area in 2019, a few months after the Baghouz was liberated from #IS (#ISIS).

Thread with links:
Mine from 2019: "...diesel is three times as expensive in Shuhail as it is in the Kurdish-dominant north, despite the proximity of key oil fields, and that this price gouging is only one of many ways the US-backed SDF is making local residents desperate"…
"....that doesn't justify what [the SDF is] doing. A 70-year-old man was killed. Four young men who had fought IS in the ranks of the SDF and two civilians were [killed] too. Why?”

Male relatives of those killed in a mysterious raid May 9 agreed to meet May 20 with Al-Monitor"
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It is good that #Britain is prepared to play its role against #IS in Afghanistan. It is, however, a mystery what intelligence stream is going to be used and how planes in the Gulf could ever use such a stream in time.
Horrible to leave the dogs behind, though hardly a choice given hundreds of American and tends of thousands of Afghan humans were left.
#Pakistan overtly occupying a chunk of #Afghanistan in the south, even as it occupies the rest through the Taliban, Haqqani Network, and the other jihadists.
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#Shia cleric Allama Arif Kazmi: US dropped bombs from airplanes when it entered Afghanistan, and dropped human when it left. They took their dogs in airplanes but abandoned their Afghan allies. Those who are unfaithful to God are destined to be humiliated in this way.
#Shia cleric Allama Arif Kazmi: US left Afghanistan so that #Taliban capture the country and Iran send Fatemiyoun fighters from Syria to fight Taliban, and pro-Turkey jihadis attack Syria. Supreme Leader foiled this anti-Shia plan, and asked Afghan Shias not to fight Taliban.
#Shia cleric Allama Arif Kazmi: Iran helped both US and #Taliban based on its national interests. Taliban comprise moderate Hanafi-Sufi and extremist Hanafi-Salafi. Taliban never attacked shrines. Mullah Umar's house was next to an Imambargah. Taliban killed 1200 #ISIS fighters.
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Müssen wir den Taliban helfen? | #Journal21… #HeinerHug
"Jetzt stellt sich plötzlich die Frage, ob man die Taliban im Kampf gegen einen noch radikaleren Gegner unterstützen soll."

#nachhilfeunterricht zu #ISIS gibts auf #wikipedia:…
um nicht @DanieleGanser zitieren "zu müssen", weil das ja ein Illegaler Akt wäre:

„Die US-Besatzer im Irak hatten ein tragisches Talent dafür, sich […] ihre intelligentesten Feinde selbst zu schaffen und zu vereinen.“

– Christoph Reuter. @derspiegel
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Five rockets fired at Kabul airport some hours ago, presumably by #ISKP.
CENTCOM said the other day it was able to deal with rocket attacks on #US forces in Kabul, and that appears true: all of the #ISKP missiles overnight were intercepted
Afghan commanders, driven from their country, might join the British army
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Update: residents described a sound alike the C-RAM system, and heavy shrapnel indicates the rockets were intercepted mid-air, before reaching #Kabul Airport.
NEW - #ISIS-K claims responsibility for the rocket attack that targeted #Kabul airport early this AM.
Update: @CENTCOM's Maj. Gen. Hank Taylor says of the 5 rockets fired by #ISIS-K:

- 1 intercepted by C-RAM
- 3 landed outside HKIA
- 1 landed inside HKIA, but caused no casualties
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अमेरिका ने #काबुल_विस्फोटों की जिम्मेदार #ISIS के मुख्य साजिशकर्ता को ड्रोन अटैक में मार डालने का दावा किया है। बताया जा रहा है कि अमेरिका को उसकी पिन पॉइंट लोकेशन #तालिबान ने दी थी।

मतलब अमेरिका पिछले बीस साल से जिससे लड़ रहा था, अचानक ही उसके साथ काम करने लगा।
गजब हो गया पेंटागन और तालिबान साथ साथ कंधे से कंधा मिलाकर काम कर रहे हैं। तालिबान ने पिछले बीस वर्ष में भले ही हजारों अमेरिकी सैनिक मारे हों, लेकिन काबुल हमले में मारे गये 13 अमेरिकी सैनिकों का बदला लेने के लिए तालिबान ने अमेरिका का एक सच्चे मित्र की तरह सहयोग किया है।
बिल्कुल " तेरा यार हूँ मैं..." की तर्ज पर।

तालिबान तो पहले से ही अमेरिका के साथ बातचीत में था। वह उन्हें बाहर जाने का सेफ पैसेज दे रहा था। फिर उसने #ISIS के उस आतंकी को मारने में भी अमेरिका का फूल उफ्फ सॉरी सॉरी फुल सपोर्ट किया। तालिबान के ऐसे हृदय परिवर्तन पर तो मेरी
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Former US Ally Late Maulana Sami ul Haq explains how #USA & CIA financed #AfghanMujahideen (1979 to 1989) through him & his seminary

Ref :

#Taliban #Talibans #AlQaeda #TTP #Daish #ISIS #Afghanistan #Pakistan #OsamaBinLaden
1 - Mr Kamran Khan is nowadays very fond of #Talibans | 8 years ago he used to explain the effectivity & importance of #USA #Drones against Terrorist #Taliban

Ref : |

#Taliban #Talibans #AlQaeda #TTP #Daish #ISIS #Afghanistan #Pakistan #OsamaBinLaden
2 - Mr Kamran Khan quotes US Senator & Head of the Senate Intelligence Committee
Dianne Feinstein on the effectivity of #USA #Drones against Terrorist Taliban

Ref : |

#Taliban #Talibans #AlQaeda #TTP #Daish #ISIS #Afghanistan #Pakistan #OsamaBinLaden
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The US has announced that it carried out a drone attack in eastern Afghanistan against a “planner” of an ISIL-affiliated group, a day after an attack outside Kabul’s airport that killed at least 175 people and 13 US troops. 1/5

#ISIS #DroneStrike #US #KabulAirportBlasts #DY365
“The unmanned airstrike occurred in the Nangarhar Province of Afghanistan. Initial indications are that we killed the target,” Captain Bill Urban of the US Central Command said in a statement. 2/5
“We know of no civilian casualties,” he added in a statement announcing the first reported US raid since the attack. 3/5
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#US carried out a drone strike claiming "to have killed ISIS-Khorasan planner in eastern #Afghanistan." US also claim that this "planner was planning another attack". Unclear how US knew about this "planner" and identified him in less than 48 hours. No independent confirmation.
The #US is also claiming that this #ISIS-K was under surveillance before the attack.

Now, if he was under surveillance and known, why he was allowed to plan and carry out the attack? A failure in intelligence if, and a big IF, the information is correct?
The #Taliban offered another story saying: "A drone hit a house (not a vehicle like the #US is claiming) in Jalal Abad", without providing further information. #Afghanistan.
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BREAKING -- a U.S. drone strike has targeted #ISIS-K operatives in eastern #Afghanistan.

via @idreesali114
@idreesali114 The U.S. strike today targeted #ISIS-K in #Afghanistan's #Nangarhar province

Earlier, unnamed IC officials had said explosive devices & other materials had been sent by #ISIS from #Nangarhar to #Kabul in recent days.
@idreesali114 Earlier today, the #Taliban was reported to have engaged in clashes with #ISIS-K cells in #Nangarhar's Dara-i-Noor district.

The #Taliban-#ISIS conflict has been centered in #Nangarhar & neighboring #Kunar provinces.
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The number of victims at #Kabul attack rose to 90 of which 77 Afghans, among these children and women. Only 13 #US soldiers were killed. 150 were wounded. #Afghanistan.

28 of the #Taliban were killed in the attack at #Kabul airport yesterday. #Afghanistan.
Islamic State in Afghanistan calls itself the "Khorasan Welayat" (ISIS-K) claimed the responsibility: one suicide bomber got within 5 meters’ of #US troops, careless about the #Afghan civilians, always considered by ISIS-K as "collateral damage".
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