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USA ! … 👏
USA ! .. 👏
USA ! . 👏
WWide !!!

#WATER into Wine #TOWER
The itsy bitsy spider went up the water spout, OUT CAME THE #SON & ? …
John Deere

Big Blue Crane
Big blUe (K)cRA(I)NE
Trust KC ..

I Win, even when I don’t care
To win, it’s not about winning to me—It’s about the children & helping others find peace ..
That’s WHY I do as I do.

I don’t need or want to be some “big shot” who has to have the final say, last word or last laugh.

I choose to SHOW MERCY & Give comfort to demons.
I choose
#JOY & I have always chosen to help others ..
If I can help A demons regain what they lost long ago, their souls—Just to be able to see the joy it brings watching someone be able to embrace loved ones they’ve lost touch with because of NOT being able to feel anything at all,
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🇫🇷🇨🇳🇷🇺 "L'activité #cyber de la #Chine a pour objectif de faire de l'espionnage industriel à grande échelle."

Retour sur l'audition de S. Bouillon (#SGDSN) et G. Poupard (@ANSSI_FR) devant la Commission @Senat des aff. étrangères de la #défense et des forces armées.

🇨🇳🇫🇷 Le #SGDSN indique que "l'activité #cyber de la #Chine est extrêmement importante" peut-être même "plus importante ces derniers mois que celle de la #Russie".

Objectif ? Pénétration des réseaux pour "faire de l'espionnage industriel à grande échelle".
Depuis plusieurs années, le #SGDSN est de plus en plus sollicité [de la part des différentes entités de l’État].

Hausse des effectifs en 2023. 95 ETP (équivalent temps plein) dont 46 pour l'ANSSI et 34 pour le #GIC (qui aura bientôt un nouveau bâtiment situé à Montrouge).
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2/ Egyptians tombs contained magical objects & equipment to ensure the deceased's rebirth in the Afterlife. Models of tools, food offerings & ritual implements assisted the dead. In the Middle Kingdom, models of buildings, ships, and scenes of daily life like this granary model
3/ Here is Tutankhamun's granary model. He also had this model mill & stone to grind grain, although he never did such labor in life
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Every single PROFESSIONAL Skateboard video ever made, I bet BOB THE BUILDER whispered into everyone’s ears on dates they should be released, Title Names, Length of the videos & much more ..

Silent War Continues
Quiet Storm has passed, #NOW—We’re in #TheStorm

#Focus Image
#Osiris Skateboard Shoes - #TheReaper

With Death, Comes #NewLife

Or wait, let me guess—It’s only ok for DJT too have anything to do with #TheReaper & everyone else who posts A Reaper or talks about The Reaper is Evil?

The Undertaker Character = #TheReaper
There’s ImageImage
Don’t Worry, none of this means anything …
Nothing too See Here, Just more meaningless Skate Videos ..

Well, meaningless unless 1122 posted About it or someone else important …
I’m just A “Deep State Psyop person” apparently, being my true authentic self SHOWING #
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#VaticanoJesuita #Masonería
#KarolWojtyla #JuanPabloII


"...La mujer estaba vestida de Púrpura y Escarlata, adornada de oro, piedras preciosas y perlas"...
Apocalipsis 17:4

- 2a Imagen: Aparte del atuendo #CruzTorcida
#JuanPabloII #AgenteMasón

Durante su Pontificado, fue prácticamente el pionero del #ECUMENISMO: Movimiento que pretende unificar todas las religiones en una sola: UNA RELIGIÓN ÚNICA MUNDIAL...

4a Imagen: EL PAPA BESA EL #CORÁN⁉️⁉️⁉️
#JuanPabloII #AgenteMasón
#JohnPaulII #GiovanniPaoloII

Junto al Dalai Lama, Tenzin Gusto, el mismo al que le encanta hacer el #cornuto:
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Seguimos la quincena temática sobre el #ArteAntiguoEgipto para el #TwitterCultural.

¿Conocéis los Guerreros de terracota enterrados cerca del autoproclamado primer emperador de China de la Dinastía Qin, Qin Shi Huang? Pues en Egipto tenemos algo parecido: los #ushebtis.

Sigue👇🏽 Image
Los #Shabtis, #Shauabtis o #Ushebtis (el nombre cambia según la época pero su significado se mantiene: los que responden) son estatuillas funerarias, de aspecto momiforme, originadas en la segunda mitad del Reino Medio, en la Dinastía XII, entre el 1962 y el 1787 a.C.

Sigue👇🏽 Image
En la primera dinastía a los faraones del antiguo Egipto los enterraban junto a s esposa y sus sirvientes, es decir: sacrificaban sus vidas para acompañar al faraón en "la otra vida".
Esto evolucionó a elementos simbólicos y mágicos (pinturas, relieves...) y estatuillas.

Sigue👇🏽 Image
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Le 31 Décembre est le dernier jour marquant la fin du calendrier grégorien utilisé sur presque toute la planète. Pourtant ce calendrier permettant à l‘occident d’imposer son temps est un calendrier calqué sur celui Africain de Kemet, l’ancienne Egypte, terre de nos Ancêtres.
Le Calendrier grégorien est appelé ainsi car introduit en Octobre 1582 à Rome par le pape Gregoire XIII. Il fut adopté par la France(1582),la GrandeBetagne(1752),Russie(1918). Ce calendrier a été entièrement bâti sur le Calendrier Africain de l‘ancienne Egypte...
Le calendrier Africain a été inventé par les Égyptiens en 4236 avant l’an 0.L’année était divisée en 3 saisons de 4mois,le mois=3semaines d 10jours ne chevauchant pas sur les mois.Le jour=24h(nuit=jour=12h).Ils avaient 12mois d 30jours chacun=360+5jours épagomènes correspondant..
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Was #Jesus a #mythical figure, based on the #Egyptian #god #Osiris?
Um, #NO, and here is why:
Osiris was originally a nature god who symbolized the vegetation cycle. Later, he also became the god of the dead and resurrection, ruling the underworld. He was both the brother and husband of Isis, and the father of Horus.
So, was Jesus based on Osiris?
No, and looking at the
supposed similarities between the two will show that:
Virgin born?
Nope, he was the son of the god Geb and the goddess Nut, who had…SEX!
Repeat, SEX!
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Was the Egyptian god #Horus born of a virgin?
Um, #No, and here is why:
According to the myth, #Isis' husband #Osiris was killed and later dismembered. Isis brought him back to life and together...they had #SEX. Thus, Horus was conceived. There is an alternative version where she is impregnated by a "divine fire" which seems at first like a virgin
conception...until you realize that not only had she been married to Osiris before Osiris was murdered, that there is no indication that they had a sexless marriage before then, and that they had sex while they were both inside the same womb (Nut's womb to be exact). Hard to be
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