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1/ The time has come for yet another #debunking, this time of sheer hype re a medication used in treatment of severe or critical #COVID19. #Dexamethasone is a bog-standard form of cortisone, & only useful to reduce inflammation.
2/n It's nice of the report to include an extrapolation of how many lives would be saved if you use #dexamethasone in the treatment of certain cases of severe to critical #COVID19, but as you can see from the figure, it actually isn't all that much.…
3/n #Dexamethasone is being *deliberately* hyped up. Not for financial reasons. It's a bog-standard form of cortisone, *nobody* is going to get rich from making a financial killing in it.
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Ecco il thread sulle radiazioni ionizzanti e non. E' un po' lungo ma discorsivo. Se non avete voglia di leggerlo ora potete salvarlo. Cerco di definire i concetti in modo che poi possiate usarli autonomamente. Non farò #debunking (per quello ci sono altri più bravi).
Si parla sempre più spesso dei rischi connessi al #5G 5G ed all’uso delle onde elettromagnetiche che vengono sempre chiamate “radiazione elettromagnetica”. Anche se questa terminologia non è sbagliata genera tanta confusione.
Articoli di giornale corredati dell’immancabile foto del segnale di pericolo con la paletta nera su sfondo giallo non fanno altro che creare disinformazione pericolosa e bufale. Un giornale che mette una foto del genere merita, secondo me, almeno una sanzione amministrativa.
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Does #Exodus 21:22-25 teach that abortion is okay?

Um, #No, and here is why:
Politics is one of the most divisive subjects in the history of mankind. It has caused strife within societies as well as between nations. It can divide couples, families, and culture. It can influence the news channels, TV shows and movies we watch. Often, we decide who is a
good person and who is a bad person by the political beliefs they have. Even religions and theology can be divided by politics, and Christianity is no exception. This latter point is interesting, considering that the Bible itself is quite clear on many subjects that we bicker and
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Did #Triceratops use its #horns for #defense???

Um, #YES, and here is why:
Like most people, I was fascinated with dinosaurs as a kid. Heck, I still am, having 6 books and about 20 or so documentaries on them at home. I have a fascination with these scaled and feathered giants of old, those titans of horn and fang that dominated the earth before God
silenced their roars with a meteor 65 million years ago. Such realities are the stuff from which folklore, mythology and fantasy can derive, a true tale that can spawn the tall tales of tomorrow.

And such tall tales are not the purview of fiction novels.

Now and again,
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Do (supposed) parallels between #Christ and some #pagan #gods prove that #Jesus was based on pagan gods?
Um, NO, and the #Undertaker will show why:
#Debunking about to commence...
Jesus Mythicists will try to find whatever parallel they can with Christ in order to make him a mythological figure, in order to cast doubt on his existence, his historicity.
As many have noted, these parallels are faulty at best, absurd at the worst. Indeed, many of the
supposed parallels are clever lies, intended to fool a public that is poorly educated on history and generally not willing to check their sources.
But let’s look at their logic, shall we? Let’s look at their argument, expressed as letters:
B has many similarities to A
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Was #Jesus based on #Buddha?
Um, #NO, and here is why:
#Debunking #Ahead
Siddhartha Gautama, aka Buddha, was a historical figure. However, the exact time period in which he lived is up for grabs (he may have been born in the 7th, 6th or 5th century BC, we don’t know for sure, though the scholarly consensus places it in the latter). One reason why this
the case is because Buddha’s teachings and biographies were written down centuries after he died. Indeed, Buddha’s teaching were passed on orally until the first century AD, when it was written down, becoming the Pali Canon (aka Tripitaka). Now Buddha died between 410-370 BC, so
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Was the #Egyptian #God #Horus #crucified like #Christ?
Um, #No, and here is why:
#Debunking about to commence...
There are several different accounts of Horus’ death, which involved anything from being stung by a scorpion, bitten by a snake, cut into pieces, etc. Yet none of these state that he was crucified, which makes sense, given that crucifixion wasn't an Egyptian form of execution.
It was, however, a form of execution that was well used by the Persians, Carthaginians, Seleucids and Romans. It was done from the 6th century BC to the 4rth century AD. .If one expected Horus to be executed in any way in the myths, it would have been with a form of execution
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If anyone tells you that the god #Attis was born of a virgin, crucified and resurrected, respond to them in the following way:
#Debunking #About #To #Happen
Though there was technically no "sex" involved in his conception, as well shall see, this does not mean he was virgin born.
You see, in one version, Zeus masturbates, his semen hits the land and produces an apple tree. one of its fruits falls on the lap of Nana, the daughter of
a river god. Thus, she becomes pregnant. In another, a hermaphrodite monster named Agdistis (Likewise born of Zeus masturbating) was made drunk by the gods (adding wine to the pool where the monster bathed in). They tied Agdistis' genitals to a tree after the monster went to
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Guten ... äh ... Mittag, Twitter. Ich habe euch nicht vergessen, bin aber gerade mitten in einer wichtigen Lektüre. Den Artikel stelle ich euch nachher vor. Es geht um die Schwierigkeit, Mythen und Falschinformationen richtigzustellen. Das Phänomen begegnet mit sowohl bei der
... @iqwig-Arbeit als auch in Zusammenhang mit der #Klimakrise. So gibt es bei Twitter inzwischen Fake-Accounts, die unter der Fridays-for-Future-Flagge segeln, aber krudes rechtes Zeug verbreiten. Die Richtigstellungen erreichen längst nicht alle, die das Zeug liken und
@iqwig ... retweeten. #Debunking ist äußerst mühsam, bindet Kräfte, ist oft ineffizient - und kann sogar zur Weiterverbreitung von gefährlichem Unsinn beitragen. Dazu nachher mehr.
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#khive #mythbustung Kamala Harris and the story behind this picture: 1/6
2/6 The picture was taken in 2011 and it’s a reference to when she busted multi-state drug traffickers. Here is the press release about it and you will see that it appears at the bottom as “Photo_1”.…
3/6 Okay, so what was up with this?
Text: Attorney General Harris and more than 20 other state leaders came together today to discuss border violence and new opportunities to collaborate in the fight against drug gangs.
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