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Was #Jesus a #Mythical figure based on the #Egyptian #god #Horus?
Um, #NO, and here is why:
There were about 20 or so gods in the Egyptian pantheon who were called Horus. The two most famous are Horus the Younger, aka Harseisis (The Horus of this article) and Horus the Elder aka Herakhty. Horus the Younger was the son of Osiris and Isis, a god who avenged his father
by confronting and battling Seth, his uncle and the murderer of his father, Osiris. Horus the Younger is among the more famous Egyptian gods.
But is Jesus Christ based on this falcon-headed god of the Sky?
Short answer: Is "Alf" hard to spell?
Long answer:
Let's take a look, shall we?
1. Born on December 25th?
Before we continue: Nowhere in the Bible does it state that Jesus was born on December 25th., Indeed, due to the fact that shepherds are attending their flocks at night during the birth (a practice that wasn’t
done till the hot time of the year, not in wintertime), we can conclude that Jesus’ birth was NOT on December 25th.
Plutarch, in his “Isis and Osiris” section 65, states that Isis gave birth to Horus “about the time of the winter solstice”. The Winter Solstice is December 21rst,
not far off from December 25th. However, Plutarch gives no specifics on the date, it may or may not have been on December 25th.
The reason why the early Church chose December 25th as Christ’s birthday had nothing to do with Horus. You see, according to Jewish tradition
(Christianity was originally a sect of Judaism), a prophet of God was destined to die on the day of the year that he was conceived. Jesus is thought to have died on the 14th of Nisan, or March 25th. The “Feast of the Annunciation”, a Christian holiday that celebrates the
conception of Christ, is observed on March 25th. If you do the math, December 25th comes 9 months later. There were other days that were also considered as Christ’s birthday, and this was the subject of debate (especially considering that the Bible indicates that Christ’s birth
occurred in the hot time of the year, not wintertime), but we have to remember that the Roman Saturnalia, one of the greatest pagan holidays held in the Roman Empire (lasted several days) was held close to December 25. It doesn’t take much consideration to conclude that December
25th was finally chosen as Christ’s original birthday, not only due to the Jewish tradition of prophets dying on the days of the year that they were conceived, but the fact that the Roman empire was converting and would soon lose a popular Pagan holiday.
Why not replace it with a Christian holiday?
Why not make a Christian Saturnalia?
Thus, no connection at all with Horus.
Thank you, Bayley.
Indeed, in ancient Egyptian sources, 31st day of the Egyptian month of Khoiak. Though this was roughly equivalent to November, the timing of it varied in the ancient world.
Thus, we don’t know for sure what day of the year that the 31rst day of the month of
2. Born in a cave or a manger?
Nope, he was born in a swamp.
3. Star in the east proclaimed his birth?
4. Visited by 3 Wise men at his birth?
Indeed, Jesus wasn’t visited at his birth by the wisemen; they visited him considerably later, possibly as much as 2 years after the birth (Matthew 2:1-16).
Nor did the Bible state that there were 3 wise men; it states that there were 3 gifts.
If you gave your child 3 gifts, does that mean that there are three of you? Or that you are one in a set of triplets? Does it mean that some mad scientist cloned you twice and that you have two clones of yourself stalking the earth? Can you duplicate yourself like Duplicate Man
in the X-Factor comic books?
Then why would 3 gifts…equal 3 gift givers?
Plus, before someone brings up a lie that Horus was visited by three kings at his birth (and it would be a lie, there is no evidence for it): the Wise Men who visited Christ are never called kings. They are
Magi, or wise men.
5. Virgin Birth?
According to the myth, Isis' husband Osiris was killed and later dismembered. Isis brought him back to life, and…they had SEX! Thus, Horus was conceived. There is an alternative version where she is impregnated by a "divine fire" which seems
at first like a virgin conception...until you realize that not only had she was Osiris’ wife (they had been married for some time before Osiris’ murder) but that there is no indication that they had a sexless marriage until Isis resurrected her hubby. Oh, and BTW: Isis and
Osiris had SEX (repeat: SEX) while they were both inside the same womb (Nut's womb to be exact).

Hard to be a virgin when you've had sex before you were even born!
But what are we to make of the fact that Isis was identified with the constellation Virgo, which means in Latin “The Virgin”?
Um, do you know why we called that constellation the Virgin?
It isn’t due to its association with Isis.
You have to remember, we use the names of constellations that the ancient Greeks and Romans gave to them, not those of the ancient Egyptians.
So, why was the constellation called the Virgin by the Greco-Roman world?
Because it was identified by the ancient Greeks with Astraea, the virgin goddess of justice. Her myths have hardly any similarities to those of Isis (she grew tired of mankind’s sinful ways and rose up into the heavens, becoming the constellation Virgo). Some ancient Greek
sources identified the constellation with Dice aka Dike, another virgin goddess (though in one version of her myth she had a daughter named Hesychia. Some even identified it with Persephone (who was the wife of Hades, and who was raped by Zeus, her father, according to some
versions of her myth. Thus, not a virgin).
Does the fact that Isis and Astraea were both identified with the constellation Virgo mean therefore that the goddesses were identified with each other? That they shared the same traits, including virginity?
Um, nope!
You see, Osiris, Isis’ hubby, was identified with the constellation Orion.
Who else was identified with the constellation Orion?
A giant hunter from Greek myth named…Orion!
One can compare the myths of Osiris and Orion to see how little they have in common.
Osiris didn’t have a sea god for a father (Osiris’ father was Geb, god of the earth), nor a gorgon for a mother (Nut, the Egyptian sky goddess, was Osiris’ mother. Euryale, one of Medusa’s sisters, was Orion’s mother). He didn’t have another version of his myth where Zeus,
Poseidon and Hermes peed on the pelt of a sacrificial bull, buried it in the ground, and was subsequently born from it. He wasn’t a hunter, wasn’t killed by scorpions or Artemis’ arrows (the two versions of how Orion died).
Likewise, Orion wasn’t considered a god, let alone
one of vegetation and the underworld. He wasn’t cut into pieces by Seth, wasn’t married to Isis, wasn’t depicted as blue green or mummified, never depicted as wearing a Pharaoh’s crown, and dead, deformed bulls (more on them later) were not thought to be the incarnation of Orion
in Greek or any other family of myths.
The only similarities they have is that in a third version of his birth, Orion’s mother was the earth goddess Gaia (Orion’s father was an earth God. However, his mother Nut was a sky goddess. BTW this wasn’t the mainstream myth about Orion)
and they both died, but while Osiris had a resurrection, Orion was imply turned into the constellation of the same name. He was reborn or recreated as a constellation, not physically resurrected.
If Osiris wasn’t a giant hunter, son of a sea god and a gorgon or died from a scorpion or Atremis’ arrows, how can Isis be a virgin????
Now, Jesus Mythicists have one (pitiful) wild card to throw into this mix: in ancient Egypt, a cow was now and again born that was thought to be the incarnate Isis. This cow, which was a virgin, was said to be supernaturally impregnated by the god Ptah. This cow would give birth
to the Apis bull, which was thought to be the incarnation of Ptah while alive, and Osiris while dead.
So, does this make Isis a virgin mother, since she was now and again a virgin cow who was impregnated by Ptah, and thus a virgin mother of the god Horus as well?
Let me ask you a question: if Hitler was reincarnated as a little boy or girl, would that remove his past crimes? Would he no longer be guilty of such crimes? Indeed, lets take this to the max: Would history be altered and the holocaust thus would never have happened, if Hitler
was reincarnated?
No, no and no.
Being reincarnated would not change history, nor the fact that Hitler killed 6 million Jews and countless others.
It would only mean…that he didn’t do so while in his new incarnate form.
Likewise, just because Isis was incarnated as a virgin cow
doesn’t make her a virgin, considering that she was Osiris’ wife, and that they had sex before they were even born!
Plus, if we look at the Isis cow myths closely, we see some reason to question the cow’s “virginity”.
You see, in some versions of the myth, Ptah iINSEMINATED the
cow while he was in the form of fire.
Definition of Insemination: to inject semen into (the female reproductive tract); impregnate.
Another definition: to put a male’s sperm into a female and make her pregnant
To be fair, insemination can also mean to sow seed, but “seed” is an
ancient euphemism for sperm in the ancient world.
Thus, the cow is getting Ptah’s sperm inseminated into her.
Makes you wonder how that was done….
Cough cough SEX cough cough cough gag cough!
The fact that Ptah is in the form of fire doesn’t debunk the idea that Ptah is having sex with the cow; after all, gods could take on a variety of odd forms to have sex in. Zeus had sex with Perseus’ mother while in the form of a shower of Gold.
Thus, we can conclude that Ptah
is committing bestiality with this virgin cow.
The virgin cow is conceiving offspring the way all virgins who get pregnant do.
By losing their virginity.
There is another version of the myth, where the cow is impregnated by Ptah with the aid of lighting. This comes from Herodotus, the ancient Greek historian. There is no sex mentioned in this version of the myth. However, not only is it uncertain as to whether Herodotus related
the myth in its entirety, we have to remember that the second version of the myth doesn’t necessarily discount the possibility of divine sex (remember Zeus and the shower of gold, Ptah in the form of flame). Plus we need to remember that lighting and fire have been linked since
ancient times. Lighting was seen as the “fire from heaven” by ancient cultures since the invention of writing. We see this even in ancient Israelite culture; some words in Classical Hebrew for fire or flame ( “Es” and “Resep”) or torch (“Lappid”), can also means “lightning”. One
can see why there was a connection; lighting can cause fires, and trees to go up in flame, and those hit by lightning can be burned by it.
Thus, these two "versions" of the myth of the Isis cow’s impregnation might actually might not be so different as you think.
But what about
the carving in Luxor Egypt, that depicts Isis as a virgin mother, with Thoth announcing to her that she would conceive Horus by the Holy Spirit?
Sorry, there is no such carving.
Taken together, we can conclude that Isis was not a virgin.
6. Isis was called “Meri”
7. Angel announced his birth?
Nope again.
8. Had an earthly father named Jeb?
I meant "Seb!" Not "Jeb"!
You're forgiven, Ron Burgundy, American god of the 70's and gifs.
Anyway, did Horus have an earthly father named "Seb"?
Seb or Geb was the Egyptian god of the earth, not an “earthly” mortal. In some accounts he was the father of Horus (in another he is the father of Horus the
Elder/ Arueris,a different god), but he was never the stepfather of Horus the Younger. Indeed, in the mainstream version of the myth, Geb or Seb is Horus’ grandfather.
Oh, and BTW: there is no linguistic connection between Seb/Geb and the biblical Joseph (in Hebrew “Yosef”).
9. Taught in a temple as a child, and had 12 disciples or followers?
No, he never taught in a temple, and he had four disciples or students, 16 human followers, and a numerous horde of followers labeled “blacksmiths”.
Not 12 disciples.
Do the math.
10. Walked on Water?
11. Performed miracles?
All gods did. Your point?
12. Performed exorcisms?
Sorry, Linda Blair.
13. Baptized by “Anup the Baptizer”, who was later decapitated?
There was no “Anup the Baptizer”. “Anup” was another name for Anubis, the Jackal-Headed Egyptian god of mummification. The only connection between mummification and baptism was that the first step in carrying out the
former was a washing and purifying of the body.
Well, Baptism is a ritual “washing” of the body, and its liked to the concept of purity, so there MUST be a connection!!!!

This ill logic makes me want to run over Ramesses the 2nd.
Mummification and Baptism are TOTALLY 2 DIFFERENT THINGS!
We also have to remember that Anubis mummified Osiris, not Horus!
There is an account where Horus’ body parts are thrown into a swamp. There is another where he is drowned. In both cases, the crocodile-headed god
Sobek/Sebek brought his mortal remains out of the water.
I guess when the Mob says that so and so is “sleeping with the fishes”, they must mean “baptized”.
And where is Anubis ever said to have had his head cut off, like John the Baptist?
Try to find an ancient source (one not simply quoted by a Jesus Mythicist book, the actual primary source) that says this.
I'll wait.
14. Sermon on the mount?
15. Had a transfiguration on the mount?
16. Resurrected Osiris (supposedly also called El-Osiris, which is supposed to be connected with the name Lazarus?)
He actually did resurrect his father…with the aid of his own sons and Anubis.
didn’t need any help resurrecting anyone.
BTW, this story of Horus resurrecting Osiris isn’t found in all the versions of his myth.
Osiris is never called “El-Osiris”. “El” was the chief of the Canaanite pantheon, not another name for Osiris. The term “El” is also used in
several names of the Biblical God, but Yahweh and Osiris were never, ever, EVER identified with each other.
There is no connection between Lazarus and Osiris.
17. Crucified?
There are several different accounts of Horus’ death, which involved anything from being stung by a
scorpion, bitten by a snake, drowned, cut into pieces, etc. Yet none of these state that he was crucified, which makes sense, given that crucifixion wasn't an Egyptian form of execution.
It was, however, a form of execution that was well used by the Persians, Carthaginians,
Seleucids and Romans. It was done from the 6th century BC to the 4rth century AD. If one expected Horus to be executed in any way in the myths, it would have been with a form of execution that the Egyptians would be far more familiar with.
So…where did this idea come from that
Horus was actually…crucified? Please make sure that you are not drinking anything at the moment, and that you are sitting down...
You see, Jesus Mythicists point to ancient Egyptian artwork that shows Horus…having his arms spread wide.
This...is their evidence that Horus was

I wish I was making this up.
Sadly, I’m not.
Cue laughing gifs.
When this stupidity is pointed out, Jesus Mythicists will say that this artistic “Motif” of Horus’ arms being outstretched was borrowed later by Christians in their depictions of Christ on a cross. Sounds “interesting”...…until you realize that crucifixion would entail one’s
arms being outstretched anyway, so there was NO NEED FOR BORROWING FROM HORUS’ ARTWORK!!!!!
Indeed, the earliest known depiction of Christ being crucified is an unflattering work by a non-believer, which dates back to the early 200’s AD. It was made in an army officers’ quarters
on Palatine Hill in Rome. It depicts Jesus with a horse’s head being crucified, with a normal man standing nearby. The words “Alexamenos worships his God” is written on it.
In this artwork, Christ’s arms are outstretched, as befits a real-life victim of crucifixion.
Does anyone honestly believe that the Roman who made this graffiti borrowed the artistic motif of Horus having his arms outstretched in order to make it? Why wouldn’t he instead have used real life crucifixion as a basis? It was still being done at the time, and was going to
continue to be carried out for another two centuries!!!!
18. Buried in a tomb?
19. Buried for 3 days?
Nope again.
20. Resurrected?
After he was killed, he was resurrected…by Thoth’s power. In some versions of the myth, Isis did it (after Thoth taught her how to do it).
Either way, Horus needed another god to raise him from the dead.
Compare that to Christ, who didn’t need another god to raise himself from the dead; he did it on his own.
Indeed, Horus’ resurrection is more similar to that of Lazarus and other resurrections in the Bible, in that
they also needed a God to raise them from the dead, in this case the God of the Bible.
After he merged with the Egyptian sun god Ra he “died” and was reborn every day when the sun set and rose.
Not…very comparable to the death and resurrection of Christ.
21. Called “KRST”, “Messiah”, “The Way, the Truth and the Light”, “Anointed one”, “Holy Child”, “Iusa” (a name that is supposed to somehow be linked to Jesus’ Greek name, Iesous), “Father” “Ever becoming son” of “Ptah”, “Fisher” (as in fisher of men?).
As a son of royalty, Horus
could be considered a “Son of Man” (In old Babylonian, this phrase means "heir" or "successor to royalty"). However, no known source refers to Horus by this title.
As for the rest of the titles…there is about as much evidence for Horus being called any of them as there is for him being called “Godzilla” “Bugs Bunny” or “President George W. Bush”.
22. Is going to reign 1000 years?
Maybe thee is a 1000 ways to say no…
I think we can easily conclude that Jesus wasn't a mythical figure based on Horus. Indeed, he wasn't a mythical figure at all; historians accept he existed.
Jesus is real.
We was crucified for you.
He rose from the grave for you.
And he loves you.

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