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Of course, “life-long Chelsea fan” No wonder @jamesgoldston killed the Epstein story 3 years ago... they’re all pedophiles. @arobach @Project_Veritas Too big to be ignored by MSM? @POTUS @realDonaldTrump Epstein didn’t kill himself, y’all. Where’s Ghislaine Maxwell? @ICEgov @ABC?
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JR:”Trump wanted a Soviet-style military display on the Mall; & like the Soviets of old, he invited rich apparatchiks .. er, donors, in VIP seats, b/c nothing says 4th of July like VIP treatment for his American Oligarchs.”

This is the reminder of why he must go.

Authoritarians engage in the ultimate form of identity politics

With the future primacy of liberal democracy an open question, two different events of the past week highlight a clear vulnerability to our form of gov’t.

Social Media Sites Down?

Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter Encounter Technical Issues Worldwide

CIA snark: “Yes, we are affected by #instagramdown, too. No, we didn’t cause it.

No, we can’t fix yours.

Did you try turning it off and back on again?”
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Some time ago, @cantswingacat wrote this post explaining why you should turn your best blog posts into Twitter threads. Since the post has proven fairly popular over the last couple of years, it makes sense to… well… turn this into a thread too!…
Twitter threads have completely transformed the way we tell stories on social media, allowing us to spill our thoughts onto the platform and share everything from personal life stories to dramatic tales of office drama. Case in point:
Although threads have proven popular with ordinary social media users, whether they’re looking for a way to share an entertaining anecdote or raise awareness of an issue they’re passionate about, some creatives question whether threads are worthwhile
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Snow white & the 7 dwarves are the CIA supercomputers

The seven huge, “super-secret”, global intelligence computer databases deep inside headquarters are named Doc, Dopey, Grumpy, Sleepy, Happy, Bashful and Sneezy…
Snow White was IBM and the seven dwarfs were Burroughs, UNIVAC, NCR, Control Data Corporation, Honeywell, General Electric and RCA.
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1) @realDonaldTrump @WhiteHouse @POTUS
New day's #QAnon ==> No. 3045...
Link 2 @RepRatcliffe #Tweet #Husseinordered #FBI not 2consider charging #HRC.

Days after the #TarmacMeet #Comey famously said no charges would be appropriate. #HRC recklessly placed
2) an unknown quantity of top secret & SAP intelligence on a private email server w/breathtakingly weak security, the very existence of which violated "clear cut" rules. The IT that were involved worked w/o records. If they exist, their records may well be in #Hussein's library.
3) This setup was the ground zero location of #Pay2Play & those that paid obtained passwords 2access the stored data.
Link 2 #TheHill ==> #FBI contradicts #Trump claim that #China hacked #Clinton’s private email server
In the strictest sense that may be true. Doubtless, like
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Masuk bulan Maret ini saya beli 1 sketchbook yg didekasikan utk gambar spontan. Medianya pake acrylic marker. No undo, no penghapus, no pencil, langsung gambar. Salah? Ya dinikmati atau cari cara ngakalin supaya jd enak diliat. Ada yg mo ikut? #ditutsketchbook
Gak bisa gambar org sempurna. Iya saya akui. Tapi bukan jd halangan utk bikin sesuatu.
“Duh maaf gambarku gak sempurna.”

Duhh jangan minta maaf, kita kan bukan mesin fotokopi. Minta maaf kepada diri sendiri knp jadi kejem nge-judge usaha sendiri....😂
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