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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 11/28/2021…
Smallpox vials found at Montgomery County lab, but ‘there is no basis for being worried’…

#smallpox #laboratories #InfectionRisk
Satellites offer new ways to study ecosystems—and maybe even save them…

#RemoteSensing #SatelliteTechnology #EcosystemsHealth #CorrectiveAction
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The political momentum for reforming the #EU 🇪🇺 #fiscal framework is larger than ever. We are excited to share our freshly published feasibility & impact analysis of the reform proposals with you:… (1/15)➡️ Image
Recovering from the #pandemic and simultaneously achieving #environmental, #social and #economic goals requires large amounts of public funding and therefore ample #fiscal flexibility for #EU member states. (2/15)
And with all eyes on #COP26 this week, and the discussion about the scale and pace of investment for #ClimateAction high on the agenda, the discussion about how to create the fiscal flexibility for investments such as these has never been more timely (3/15)
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𝗥é𝘁𝗿𝗼𝘀𝗽𝗲𝗰𝘁𝗶𝘃𝗲 𝗱'𝘂𝗻𝗲 #𝘃𝗲𝗻𝘁𝗲𝗢𝗠 𝗯𝗶𝗲𝗻 𝗿é𝗲𝗹𝗹𝗲

𝗟𝗲 𝟭𝟲 𝗼𝗰𝘁𝗼𝗯𝗿𝗲 𝟮𝟬𝟭𝟵

Le très sérieux site @SoccerLink_ fait part d'un intérêt d'un fonds d'investissement émirati pour l'OM.
𝗟𝗲 𝟭𝗲𝗿 𝗻𝗼𝘃𝗲𝗺𝗯𝗿𝗲 𝟮𝟬𝟭𝟵

Geoffroy Garétier, journaliste à Canal+ affirme dans le Late Football Club avoir été alerté par de potentiels repreneurs à l'OM.
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Are you up for some thrilling challenges?🌚
NEAR RU Community is sponsoring the eighteenth obstacle that you'll encounter.🥳
#NEARProtocol #NEARster #cryptocurrecy #digitalcurrency #bitcoinnews #money #bitcoins #instagramdown #NEAR #thursdaymorning #ThursdayThoughts #NewYork
Five New Frontiers for #NFTs has put together a series of #challenges for you.🤜🤛
So whats there in the challenge🤔
🔘Create NEAR #dApps #telegram bots to mint #NFTs, do swaps, play games, and deliver #notifications about NFT purchases and new @skywardfinance sales.
Bots should make #blockchain transactions on behalf of #individuals with working access keys, using @onchainfx functions.
There are, however, some submission #criterias:
Backend part must be open source, and #smart #contracts are essential.
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 06/23/2021…
Community-level evidence for SARS-CoV-2 vaccine protection of unvaccinated individuals…

#COVID19 #VaccinationRate #transmissibility #protection #unvaccinated
New research into the spreading of infections reveals need for greater collaboration between biology and physics…

#biology #physics #research #infections #spreading #collaboration
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It may take awhile, but the #truth always comes to light!
1/ There is a reason to not alter or touch the original production by #MichaelJackson, because this whole #video is entirely a tribute to his memory and his message of #peace+#healing of the word. There is no intention about making #money out of it or self-attributing any credit:
2/ it is only that Michael´s #song and #message fit so very well with the present state of #pandemic we are facing globally that it shows how timeless and intuitive he was about #global #challenges and the need for us (as #mankind) to change and evolve.
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Ever thought of hosting your #ctf? But don't know, how to? From composing challenges to hosting them on a Kubernetes cluster, we have got you covered.

Check out the blog series:

#blog #challenges #technology #hacking #competition #StayInTheLoop @IEEEorg
Composing CTF Challenges…
Hosting CTF challenges on a Kubernetes cluster…
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#PakistanArmy #COAS Gen Bajwa: #NationalSecurity in the age of #globalization, #information & #connectivity has now become an all-encompassing notion. Surely it is not solely a function of the #ArmedForces anymore.
#IslamabadDialogue #IslamabadSecurityDialogue
#PakistanArmy #COAS Gen Bajwa: #NationalSecurity also includes providing a conducive environment in which aspirations of human #security, national #progress & #development could be realized.
#IslamabadDialogue #IslamabadSecurityDialogue
#PakistanArmy #COAS Gen Bajwa: #NationalSecurity has now become an all-encompassing notion, wherein besides various elements of national power, #global & #regional environments also play a profound role.
#IslamabadDialogue #IslamabadSecurityDialogue
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Excited to announce all #baseline #models for EPIC-KITCHENS-100 #Challenges are now public. Check updated ArXiv "Rescaling Egocentric Vision" for results
Challenge winners will be announced @CVPR. Models and features available 2 download [see thread]
EPIC-KITCHENS-100 – Dates (for all challenges)
May 28Codalab Submission Deadline
Jun 4Deadline for Submission of Technical Reports
June 19-25Results will be announced at full-day EPIC@CVPR2021 workshop

Check our FAQ on all challenges at:
C1: Action Recognition Challenge
Watch @will_price_94 explain this challenge at:
Get Started (code+models):…
Public Leaderboard with baseline results:…

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Did you miss the talk "Panorama of #lupus in 2020?" I did yesterday for @LupusEurope?

No worries, I'm starting a #tweeter #SLE #thread so that you can pick up the slides you're interested in 👍

Check below for the SLIDES ⬇️
Slide #1
Current classification of #Lupus
Slide #2
What is #lupus #SLE
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In his masterclass about crafting an effective pitch deck @YourStoryCo’s #TechSparks2020, @P_Kemps highlights some aspects that seem trivial but are important, some that are easy to miss, and some that mustn’t be missed. A 🧵-
1/ The title is as important as anything else in your deck. It should define your company in a single declarative sentence and can also be about your #mission & #vision.
2/ Tell a #story to explain your #purpose, tying your idea to a broader shift taking place in the world. Your company’s reason to be should be based on unique market/consumer insights driven by one or many of these changes 👇
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🌆Good evening and welcome everyone! 💐

We are all set for an In Conversation with Dr. Tessy Thomas #agniputhri #missilewoman Director General (#Aeronautical Systems) @DRDO_India.

Please post your recommendations, comments with #ChatwithTessyThomas

@APJAbdulKalam @mygovindia
The excitement in us has reached the threshold as we get set for an explosion of tweets as part of #ChatwithTessyThomas, In Conversation with series, track 1 #consultations of #STIP2020.

@Ashutos61 @guptaakhilesh63 @adityakaushik00 @Jengovz @nimita_pandey @ChagunBasha
All ready for launch 3⃣2⃣1⃣….. Here we go! with
💫Tessy Thomas, Director General, Aeronautical Systems @DRDO_India
💫@adityakaushik00, Deputy Director, @WatFuture and 💫@Jengovz DST-STI-Post-doctoral Policy fellow @IndiaDST @DSTCPRIISc
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तुमची बायको दाखवा,
तुमची सुंदर मुलगी दाखवा,
अश्या रिकाम्या परंतु भविष्यात घातक ठरू शकणाऱ्या चॅलेंजस चा सध्या #Fb वर पहायला मिळत आहे.

FB वरून मुलींचे व स्त्रियांचे फोटो घेऊन घाणेरड्या पेजेस वर टाकण्याचे नीच प्रकार सातत्याने होत असताना, असले प्रकार होत आहे.

आणि यात सुशिक्षित म्हणवणारे (प्रामुख्याने हिंदू) लोकच दिसून येतात..

आपल्या घरातील स्त्रिया प्रदर्शनाची वस्तू आहेत का?
उद्या आपल्या घरातील स्त्रीच्या फोटो सह "कसा माल आहे?" अशी कमेंट दिसली तर दोष कुणाला द्यायचा..?
याचा ही विचार करायला हवा...
असे रिकामे आणि फालतू ची आव्हाने घेऊन काय दाखविले जाते.?

आव्हान स्वीकारायचे तर स्वच्छतेचे, कोरोना विरुद्ध लढण्याचे या अवघड काळात अन्न, वस्त्र वाटपाचे
किमान चार विद्यार्थ्यांना वही पुस्तक देण्याचे घ्यायला हवे..
कृपया जरा तरी विचार करा....!

।। जय हिंदुराष्ट्र ।।
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Catch our Director Dr @laveeshbhandari interact with young, budding economists and share about our initiatives on creating a sustainable and inclusive world! @UNCTAD @yahindiadelhi @aashima_arora_ @NikkhilKalia
Register: ImageImageImage
"#Economic #Growth is leading to a fall in #employment for women due to a structural shift in the #economy. Due to technological advancement - demand for agri labourers, most of whom are women working on small family farms is reduced." -@laveeshbhandari (1/11)
"I am not saying it is right. Fall in demand is for all landless labourers, who are generally unskilled and not just women." - @laveeshbhandari (2/11) Read more: @narendramodi @thegwpfcom @JoeAgneya @alindaMjan @anshuman1tiwari @capt_amarinder @smritiirani
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Unlocking new opportunities for growth in light of #COVID19

On the 1st September 2020, the Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development will host the fourth Economic Growth Forum to reflect on the state of the Ugandan economy #EconGrowthUG20 [1/2] Image
Particularly in light of the recent global economic and health crises caused by #COVID19, and identify policy solutions to drive the country’s future economic growth performance #EconGrowthUG20 [2/2] Image
The conference will provide an opportunity to discuss immediate and medium-term growth challenges, learn from cutting edge research as well as policy experiences in other countries #EconGrowthUG [1/2] Image
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Improving Air Quality Communications - Insights by @ravinarajkohli (1/17)

"There isn’t enough #money that comes into #MainstreamMedia for the #environment for it to support the cause."

@MRTB_India @a_khosla @khannaajay @ajaynagpure @AnumitaRoychowd @Brikesh @fayedsouza
Improving Air Quality Communications - Insights by @ravinarajkohli (2/17)

"The media wants sources of #revenue apart from what they are getting from #government #ads and lobbies."
Improving Air Quality Communications - Insights by @ravinarajkohli (3/17)

"They (media) have approached us time and time again, and asked if there are any available #funds and why there isn't any #philanthropic money coming for the environment?"

@RNTata2000 @NandanNilekani
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Interestingly, in a time of #COVID, with the capacity for hundreds to attend conference calls on many platforms, the online event appears to be "Sold Out".

Will be interested to hear how it went...

Meanwhile, @cdei's '#AIBarometer' is here:…
On "knowledge barriers" in particular, public opinion on exploitation of their medical records is pretty well-mapped and consistent; asking slightly different questions to elicit the answers you'd like ain't gonna help much. (And asking 'em *during a pandemic* is redundant.) Image
Again on "#barriers" (a terribly negative framing, which makes #protections & #GoodPractice sound like deliberately erected impediments...) @cdei does name some very real #challenges here 👇

If #data use & #innovation isn't #consensual, #safe and #transparent it just won't fly! Image
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Le webinar commence maintenant. Alors, c'est quoi #TikTok ? Une plateforme de contenu qui inspire la créativité et donne de la joie à l'audience, d'après Mathieu Rampart de @tiktok_France .
@Reech_com @GetSwello @MerciHandy
#InfluenceMarketing #SocialMedia #RéseauxSociaux #CM
Sur #TikTok, à la différence des autres plateformes, tout tourne autour du contenu. L'algorithme pousse des contenus, comme des challenges, qui intéressent potentiellement l'audience.
@tiktok_France @Reech_com @GetSwello @MerciHandy
#InfluenceMarketing #SocialMedia
#TikTok propose du contenu spécifique, diversifié et personnalisé aux utilisateurs.
Son point fort d'après Mathieu Rampart de
@tiktok_France: une personnalisation très avancée de chaque fil d’utilisateur.
@Reech_com @GetSwello @MerciHandy
#InfluenceMarketing #SocialMedia
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Sharing knowledge in the spirit of #Humboldt: papers from last year's symposium @Macquarie_Uni now available in special issue open-access, Journal of Royal Society of NSW about challenges of #research #Communication @AvHStiftung… Image
Ingrid Piller @MQLinguistics reflects on #Humboldt’s legacy as a #research communicator and identifies
contemporary #challenges of research #communication, #dissemination, and #impact…
Gabrielle McMullen explores #Humboldt's
achievements and impact as explorer, scientist and author, on the occasion of his 250th birthday…
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Dear customers.

It is with deep regret that we have come to the point where we feel that we need to post this message. COVID-19 has affected all of us in many ways, and none more so than our team #challenges #COVID19
(2) Despite the daily risks associated with coming to work, our team continue to get up early, pack the shelves and look after you in store.. They are our frontline. They are our heroes. #everydayhero
(3) Unfortunately, some of you feel that it is acceptable to verbally abuse them when requested to observe the new guidelines imposed as a result of COVID-19. While we have always welcomed our customers with open arms, our new requests to shop alone, to stand back, to be patient
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Stuck @ home wondering where China & world are headed? Read #TheChinaQuestions—36 @Harvard @FairbankCenter chs. ed. by Profs. @MichaelSzonyi & Rudolf!




See great chapters by Profs. Elizabeth Perry, Joe Fewsmith, Rod MacFarquhar, Mark Elliott, Ya-Wen Lei, Arunabh Ghosh, Yuhua Wang, Arne Westad, Robert Ross, Ian Johnston, Steve Goldstein, Ezra Vogel, Richard Cooper, Dwight Perkins, Meg Rithmire, Mark Wu, Tony Saich, Nara Dillon...
..Michael McElroy, Karen Thornber, Susan Greenhalgh, James Robson, Leonard W. J. van der Kuijp, Bill Alford, Bill Kirby, Michael Puett, Rowan Flad, Peter Bol, Wai-Yee Li, David Der-wei Wang, Jie Li, Stephen Owen & Paul Cohen!

Honored to join them in this @FairbankCenter project!
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Tesla, LFP & Model 3 in China 🇨🇳. @benchmarkmin will publish takeaways tomorrow. Sneak peek here:

For China only made and domestically sold:
- LFP to be used in Model 3 short range (CATL)
- NCM811 to be used in Model 3 long range (LG Chem)

All about cost. Not about cobalt.
Tesla’s LFP Model 3 is still expected to qualify for China’s EV subsidies due to Tesla’s BMS pushing their cells further.
The move isn’t about cobalt but the need to reduce Model 3 to make it work for Chinese market. Significant cost decrease >25%. #Tesla
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A brother @awaayinlanilu01 from Ibadan told us about their lack of water issue in their Masjid & community, we have accessed it and shall be carrying out the #Buildawell project here fisabilillah In shaa Allah.
May Almighty Allah reward us all. Ameen.
#Buildawell ImageImageImageImage
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@KamalaHarris has none of the necessary tools to preside over this nation. But #birtherism #challenges to her qualifications to be elected are #silly.
In the years preceding the 2016 election, because @tedcruz and I share many of the same views, I spent considerable time and energy evaluating the question of whether he could be, consistent with the Constitution, qualified to serve as President.
If you're wondering why that would even be in doubt, remember two things: I am a hide-bound constitutionalist; and, the Constitution provides the brief but precise requirements to be qualified to be president.
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