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Thread: One of the qualities most of us want in a leader, studies have shown, is someone who cares about people like us. Well #KamalaHarris cares. #Kamala shows up before she is sent for, she speaks up and advocates for causes long before it's in style. #KamalaCares
#KamalaHarris understands that we are traumatizing kids with inaction on gun violence. Beyond her comprehensive gun control reform plan & her record as AG of getting guns away from dangerous people, #Kamala has the empathy we need in a leader. #KamalaCares
When #KamalaHarris met a very shy young Maya, she delicately held her chin and like a true #Momala told her "you always hold that chin up". In a world that can be particularly cruel on little Black girls, affirmation is so important. #Kamala #KamalaCares
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Reasons Black people have been murdered in 21st century America:

Praying, biking, driving, running, lying down, holding skittles, breathing, being home.

And while we're contemplating the injustice of #AtatianaJefferson's killing, think of #OscarGrant, shot in the back as he lay face down.

#PhilandoCastile, shot to death inside his car for NO reason.

Or #TamirRice, gunned down for holding a toy, which I describe in my book...
Think of #SandraBland, #EricGarner, #BothamJean.

Think of being Black and living in a nation where you're safe NOWHERE. Not at home. Not in church. Not on the street.

And where law enforcement can gun you down without consequences.

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Thread: Epstein's death was caused by a conspiracy, but not the one so many people are posting about. The conspiracy is much larger than Epstein and his ties to Trump. #Epstein
There is a long-standing American conspiracy to dehumanize and mistreat people who've been arrested. (Black Americans suffer even worse during an arrest, e.g., #EricGarner, #PhilandoCastile, #TerenceCrutcher, etc.)
I won't shed any tears for Epstein, but I will for #SandraBland, who was wrongly arrested, mistreated during the arrest, and then killed herself in jail. She wasn't even on suicide watch, even though she told police she was depressed and had attempted suicide before.
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Good morning from the House County Affairs Committee meeting where officials from the DPS and AG's office will testify on the #SandraBland case following the release of new cellphone video footage. Watch live:… #txlege
.@ronereynolds, who does not sit on the County Affairs committee, thanks Coleman for his "swift action." He says it's incumbent on lawmakers "to find the solutions" so there are no more Sandra Blands across the state.
Phillip Adkins, a DPS attorney says "the video Ms. Bland recorded during the traffic stop … was provided from counsel to Ms. Bland’s family."

@GFColeman is now needling Adkins on whether the family was allowed to keep the video and who else the video was sent to.
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I wrote about the death of #SandraBland when it happened. There were myriad questions. We heard the cop say he would light her up--it was on the initial video. Now we know more.

What Killed Sandra Bland?…
Over and over and over again we see that in the extrajudicial killings of black people, the police narrative is not what happened. The list is so long. #SandraBland is one more who did not have to die.
#SandraBland's death stayed with me. We saw her alive in that original video. We heard her and the police officer. And then she was dead--for want of cash bail, btw. Which is part of her story as well--she could be alive now, despite her (false) arrest.…
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.@TuckerCarlson I'm not in Antifa. No reasonable person thinks I peddle hate. But you told your audience those things. & then I received a barrage of threats & hate. & I had to take major steps to protect my family. So I can imagine how you feel right now.
And if anyone wants to learn about Antifa here is an interview I did with historian Mark Bray on my old podcast w/ @harikondabolu, #PoliticallyReactive.

on @iTunes…

on not iTunes…
Lot of people on both sides are rushing to Tucker Carlson's defense like there are prizes involved. How about you have the same energy when he targets people, especially when those people don't have the privilege or the budgets to defend themselves.
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This is #DanyeJones. His mom, Melissa McKinnies, is a #Ferguson Activist.

Danye was found hanging from a tree in his mom’s backyard on 10/17. The police didn’t investigate, but called it a suicide.

But Danye has just bought property to sell & his mother knows this isn’t true.
#DanyeJones is at least the 4th person related to the #Ferguson uprising to die in more than suspicious circumstances.

This is a pattern.…
Here’s #DanyeJones advertising his business a month before his death. No, this isn’t fake-I got the screengrab myself.

His mother said he had just made posts about looking forward to 2019.

And remember: the police did the same to #SandraBland.
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White women kneeling during the anthem to protest “rape culture” is highjacking a movement you took no risks for. You didn’t kneel in solidarity to protest the murder of Black people, don’t co opt & make it about your victimization. That’s white supremacy in the name of feminism.
I can’t help but ask where liberal white women were when we were seeking justice for...


...and so many other Black women. You don’t even know their names.

One more thing, when are y’all going to deal with your Barbecue Becky’s & Permit Patty’s randomly calling cops on Black people for no reason?

White women participate in our oppression, yet try to appropriate the language & movements associated with it.…
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#BothamJean was murdered in his apartment by a white woman police officer whose name I've yet to see in print. Ok, press. Protect her identity as long as possible even though she entered the wrong apartment, pulled her gun and shot a man minding his own damn business.
By all accounts, a very good man who was minding his own damn business. #BothamJean earned a bachelor's degree from Harding University in Searcy, Arkansas. There's a reason you've never heard of it--it's a tiny private Christian college run by the Church of Christ.
And if you've never heard of THAT denomination, well, how can I explain the church I grew up in? Imagine the Puritans--stoic, sober and austere in their worship and expression, in their decorum. #BothamJean attended one of the few CoC unis in the US, on purpose.
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White people get told they aren’t welcome in a restaurant and it’s a national boycott. Imagine for a moment if our privilege allows you to, that you’re stopped in traffic for nothing, they arrest you, find a way to hit you, put you in jail, then kill you. #SandraBland
Or you’re a white person calling the cops for selling water on the corner causes this uproar, but imagine if you’re playing in a park with a toy gun, you’re a tiny 12 year old boy, cops come and they shoot you inside 2 seconds and you die. #TamirRice
I could go on for days. Imagine you are simply walking along the side walk after a “report” that you stole from a store and cops roll up and immediately find you so dangerous, you’ve got 40 seconds to live. #KajiemePowell
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Today a few of my #SGRho sorors were racially profiled in PA while cleaning up a highway their chapter adopted. It's a reminder that Black women in general (and SIGMA women esp) have ALWAYS been on the front lines fighting racial injustice. I'll explore some ways in this #thread
First, some background: Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc (@sgrhoupdates) was organized by 7 teachers in 1922 in the heart of Klan country in Indiana (I'm working on a project abt this). At the time, it was known as “Klandiana” b/c it had the largest number of Klan members, abt 250K
D.C. Stephenson, KKK Grand Dragon, was in Indianapolis, where #SGRho was founded. In fact, he stayed within miles of where Mary Lou Allison, Dorothy Hanley, Vivian White, Nannie Mae Gahn, Hattie Mae Dulin, Bessie Mae Downey and Cubena McClure) would meet to plan the sorority
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A group of Black students from Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High called a press conference today to say they have concerns that may not mirror those of their white peers. And that the media should listen. #MSDStrong
Kai says while some might feel comfort to have more police officers at Marjorie Stoneman Douglas, he does not. He says it's intimidating & that black students will face most of the consequences of an overmilitarized predominantly white school.
Tyah-Amoy a Marjorie Stoneman Douglas student said conversations about gun violence have to include police violence. She asked, the same people who showed up for #MarchForOurLives--will they show up for #StephonClark? #AltonSterling? #SandraBland?
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