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Pretty furioius to see @Sephora re-cut their "We belong to something beautiful" ad to excise @aaronphilipxo, a black trans #disabled model who was in the original ad in the opening sequence.
Just saw the recut @maddow on @MSNBC.

This is the fab Philip.

Here's the original, with @aaronphilipxo in the opening. So you can see what was cut. And ask @Sephora why.

.@aaronphilipxo was just featured on the cover of @papermagazine.
June 2019 by Myles Loftin, and interviewed by Naomi Campbell.
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A friend of mine has a little girl (about 6yo) who's mixed race with gorgeous natural black hair. She said she hates being black because all the pretty characters don't look like her. "I told her black is beautiful and she replied, ‘well, I’m not’." #RepresentationMatters
My friend tried to point out some black or mixed race characters and her daughter pointed out that they have loose curls or straightened hair so still don't look like her. Also, the passport software didn't recognise her photo because of her hair.
If anyone knows some age-appropriate black female characters that her daughter would love to see, let me know. Books, cartoons, whatever.
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A brief #tweetorial for those curious as to why I spend countless hours on a non-specialty medical organization. The basic premise of the @AmerMedicalAssn House of Delegates is actually simple. #healthpolicy #publichealth #MembersMoveMedicine 1/
It’s a representative democratic body consisting of members of societies from the US states and subspecialties of medicine, convening twice a year as the @AmerMedicalAssn House of Delegates (HoD). The majority of each meeting is spent deliberating policy proposals. #AMAmtg 2/
Any member or organization can bring resolutions with various policy goals to the HoD to be debated and voted on. These go through a multistep vetting process where everyone has the opportunity to speak on and amend these policies under the rules of parliamentary procedure. 3/
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If I hear about one more agent, manager or actor telling people “It’S hArD oUt tHeRe fOr wHiTe aCtoRs, eVeRyThInG’s gOiNg dIveRsE, mInOrItiEs aRe bOoKiNg eVeRyThInG!”


And yet I’ve heard it twice in the last wk


Here are some facts from the 2019 UCLA Hollywood Diversity Report:




Tracking films from 2017, this @UCLA study also shows whites remained over represented with 77% of all film roles.

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Hey #MadisonWI & anti-racist friends, please be aware of what's happening in Madison with @OvertureCenter's production of Miss Saigon. Originally Overture agreed to host a panel by Asian American Studies scholars on the representations of #AsianAmericans in the show.
Now, the day of the panel, @OvertureCenter has cancelled the panel entirely. Apparently leading up to this Overture staff did not up hold promises, refused to print the program note by Dr. Timothy Yu, and ultimately cancelled the entire panel.
The actions of Overture make several things clear. First the #racism in Madison is not limited to anti-black racism & we need to support our Asian and Asian American community members.
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Thread: I know it’s a small thing, but I just watched the new episode of @GreysABC where a patient character uses they/them #pronouns & Richard (@JamesPickensJR) struggles with it initially. While Jackson (@iJesseWilliams) doesn’t because, #WokeBae, duh.…
I know that for some viewers, this may have been their first introduction to #genderqueer & #nonbinary people or the concept of asking someone’s pronouns. It’s been happening in #queer & #feminist spaces for years. But this is mainstream. Majorly mainstream.
And for many genderqueer & non-binary folks, this may be the first time they’ve seen part of their experience represented on screen outside of smaller stage media*
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Join me in supporting @SelfEvidentShow - a new podcast presenting reported narratives, community conversations, and personal stories by and about Asian Americans. 🔥Learn more & pledge today:… 🙏🎉🎊
My friend @kiraface is on the team of the podcast @SelfEvidentShow - presenting reported narratives, community conversations, and personal stories by and about Asian Americans. 🔥Learn more & pledge today:…
We need more opportunities for Asian American storytellers to make work - and get paid for it 💸. Help @SelfEvidentShow bring more contributors on board and make more episodes. Donate today:…
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Real question. We know what we DON'T want to see from #autistic characters in film & tv (hold the puppet jokes pls), but what DO we want to see? Who do you want to watch and what's happening to them?
Eagerly waiting for aaalllll the comments. This is it. This is the time and place to speak your mind and be heard by people who can actually make a difference. Come thru #ActuallyAutistic #AskingAutistics #DisabledTwitter #DisabilityPride #Neurodiversity
Thanks everyone! You really came thru on this. I have LOTS of great input to share and responses to give to those inevitable questions. You've got my back and I've got yours! Here's to more of us, better represented, on screens in the near future. 🤞🏽✊🏽🎬
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Zu Tatort: Schwarze Menschen im Fernsehen. Ich bin seit Jahren zu Recherchezwecken bei einer Casting-Agentur angemeldet. Ich hatte 3 Castings. 1) Love Interest von einem Deutschen! Soul/Rap Artist, 2) Prostituierte bei den CopStories & 3) Flüchtling beim österreichischen Tatort
Nummer 2 & 3 waren einfach nur schlimm. Bei den CopStories sollte ich eine Schwarze Prostituierte spielen (Hurra beschissenes Klischee), die im Dialekt Steirisch oder Wienerisch spricht, weil es "lustig" ist. Dann sollte ich auch noch Rapid mögen, weil "überraschungseffekt".
Die Rolle war drauf ausgelegt, dass ich Leute unterhalten soll, weil ich "exotisch bin" und Dialekt da nicht "normal" ist und sie dabei halb-nackt auch noch anturne. Needles to say, meine Begeisterung beim Casting hielt sich in Grenzen.
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All y'all disabled folks (I'm looking at you fellow white disabled people, especially) need to stop with the, "disability is the last civil rights" stuff...

Y'all understand the fight for civil rights is not over for other marginalized communities, right?
Right now it's like this in Hollywood... white, nondisabled, cis men got like 78% of the pie. Cis, white, nondisabled women get like 20% of the pie. Black nondisabled people are lucky to get 1% of the pie.

*these numbers are not scientific – merely meant to represent exclusion
Now all the rest of us, disabled, nonwhite, LGBTQIA barely even share 1%...

Heaven forbid you are multiply marginalized, because you are most likely not represented at all anywhere.
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More of why #InspirationPorn is harmful to disabled folks: In TV/films, you rarely see us disabled go through 100s of appts, procedures, hospital stays, insurance fights, alone. Reality: the scariest times, we endure alone. But “too much” medical care/loneliness wouldn’t sell.
So disabled folks are surrounded by false societal projections foisting bad expectations on us. If we need high care or loved ones aren’t present for that care, it’s projected as “wrong” and the wrong is with us. Not with media, medicine, ableds for failing disabled reality.
Some ableds do this deliberately bc actual disability discomforts them. A film will only show one infusion, a show will cut various appts (even medical shows) bc disabled plots are so focused on answers or “getting better,” when many disabilities have no cure, don’t get better.
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I’ve been following the discussion of disability #RepresentationMatters for a while, and I have thoughts. So many thoughts. I wrote this thread out in advance to get them all in one place, and it ended up being super long, so be forewarned. A few stipulations:
First, I’m not going to use the term #cripface (but once). Just searching on here brought up enough concerns from disabled Black people to make me wary. And I already think the experience of being Black and being disabled are different in important ways.
‘Disability drag’ is also problematic. Disability mimicry is... fine. But 18 characters? We can do better. Some options: Disablry. Disablie. Criptic. I kind of like n. ‘crippicry’ = cripple + mimicry. adj. ‘crippic’. An actor who takes crippic roles can be a ‘crippocrite’.
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First out bisexual in the Senate,@kyrstensinema.

Here's another pic of @kyrstensinema, because #RepresentationMatters and also, she looks fantastic.
And when she arrived at the Senate.
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A thread about representation:

I'm a @NotreDame alum. I love my alma mater, & every season I cheer for my beloved #FightingIrish in multiple sports. But one day 7 years ago, a question came from my 7-year old daughter that changed how I look at things forever
You see, we (my husband @Professor_Andoh also attended ND... twice over for both undergrad + grad) have tons of #NDAthletics merchandise. Hats, T-shirts, sweats, sandals, scarves. You name it. And we bought much of this in pint sizes for our kids... a proper indoctrination.
All of this merchandise is emblazoned with the classic ND fighting Irish leprechaun, shown here.
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Discussion of “great literature” must include critique of systems that decided & still decide what qualifies as “great.” The “Canon” is a construction: it was constructed & is maintained by interests that aren’t necessarily inclusive of the full range of human exp. #DisruptTexts
Too often I see real critiques of the “canon” met with a brief acknowledgment of the importance of diverse texts but then a doubling down of the value of the “canon” / “great literature” / “classics” #DisruptTexts
When legitimate concerns about #RepresentationMatters are brought up, the response is either outright defensiveness or performative agreement. #DisruptTexts
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When I first started writing, the prospect of creating a pen name was enough to get me jumping with anticipation. Finally! A chance to give myself a more exciting last name than the one I was born with, or the unhyphenated, double-barrelled one I got through marriage... A THREAD
Great! I thought. Not only could a good pen name give you ideal placement on the shelves, it could also make you more memorable, accessible, and marketable. In a crowded and competitive world of writers, it was important to be smart about these things.
But the truth is, somewhere deep down, I also believed that no one would buy a book by someone with a Korean name. I feared I’d be written off as an ‘Asian writer’ who was too niche to reach a mainstream audience.
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Guys, I just learned that *A LOT* of people are ableist. 😲
Institutionalized ableism? Check. Welfare spending, scientific research, the medical system, public access, hiring & employment, consumer design, the media. We don't even do the minimum rational, in everyone's self-interest stuff yet.
But then #Afflicted happened and I LOOKED INTO THE SOULS OF MEN.
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Brave, powerful, painful piece by #KellyMarieTran on online harassment of women and POC that is a must-read.
We can't say it enough: #RepresentationMatters.
Our kids are growing up on social media seeing this kind of harassment of people like them.
It must stop.
I stupidly read the thread below @nytimesarts tweet and it was just horrible. I saw ONE supportive tweet. The rest were vicious, calling #KellyMarieTran leaving sm a PR stunt, calling her a terrible actress, etc.

This seems pretty poignant to me, though.
I wonder some days how it is possible for white people (yes, I know I'm white, don't @ me) to go through so much of our American life not seeing the sheer breadth of #racism in this country and how interconnected it is with #misogyny for WOC.

We really must do better.
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Hello friends! As you may have noticed, I’m not the biggest Tweeter. Over the weekend, I'd mostly avoided the interwebs. I’m so happy to see that my story resonated with so many POCs, who’ve grown up with the absence of their stories, their faces on screen.
Part of me is also sad. Nobody should ever feel like they don’t belong in a nation full of colors, built by immigrants. All our stories prove that though we may have all felt isolated growing up, we were by no means alone.
We all need to support diverse media -- whether it be movies, television, news, books, music… The list goes on. Imagine how differently so many of us would’ve looked at ourselves (and others) had our people been regularly reflected in the media we consume. #RepresentationMatters
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I saw #CrazyRichAsians today and it was really good. But since there are some VERY VERY specific white people complaining about why black and Asian Americans are making a big deal out of this movie. I'll break it down for you.(A thread)
The last Hollywood film with a predominantly Asian cast was the "#JoyLuckClub" which was released 25 years ago. From the Motion picture association of America, on average 600 films made in America, are released every year. So about over 15,000 films have been made since 1993.
People like to point out since America is predominately white, they have more white cast movies. Asians are minorities in America (they make up about 5.6%). So by fair logic 5.6% of 15,000 movies (IN AMERICA) is about 840.
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You’re 8 years old.
Your 3rd grade class orders chinese food & your father delivers it. You are so excited to see your pops in school. He’s your hero. But apparently other kids don’t think he’s so cool. They laugh at him and mimic his accent. You don’t want to be Chinese anymore.
You’re 9 years old.
You attend ballet camp. Someone tells you that another girl *hates* you. She thinks your eyes are an “ugly shape.” You don’t have the vocabulary to describe why that’s hurtful. But now, you hate your distinctly Asian face. You don’t want to be Chinese anymore.
You’re 16 years old.
It’s Halloween & 2 students come to class dressed as “Asian tourists.” They’ve taped their eyes back, strapped cameras around their necks and chucked up peace signs. You feel uncomfortable. When a teacher asks if you find the costumes offensive, you say no.
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It's the incomparable @CJ_the_Actor!! 🙌 #UnitedShades #DeafTalent
My mom is scrambling to find her glasses right now so she can watch #UnitedShades...HILARIOUS
The disability community is not a monolith. There are worlds within worlds each w/ unique identities, languages, practices, and cultures.

We are part of every community.

There's no way to cover everything in a single episode of tv but it’s a start. #UnitedShades
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CA Dems declined to endorse @SenFeinstein for senate this past weekend calling for "new blood." Before we dismiss the 84 year old senator who broke gender barriers by becoming the first woman senator from California, let's look at Dianne Feinstein's long history #ImWithDianne
Dianne Feinstein began her career in 1970 when she was elected to the San Francisco Board of Supervisors. She was the 1st female president of the board in 1978 when Mayor Moscone and Supervisor Harvey Milk were assassinated. Feinstein discovered Milk's & and announced his death
Feinstein succeeded Moscone as Mayor of San Francisco as the 1st woman to hold that position. In 1992 Feinstein & Barbara Boxer were elected to the senate on the same ballot. They were the 1st women CA senators. In 2012 she claimed the record for the most popular votes w/ 7.75m
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It's taken me all the time between the original tweet and right now to answer this question in a way anyone who doesn't get it could comprehend.

I mean if you're used to seeing yourself glorified, to you it's the norm that black people are commonly portrayed the way we are.

And you might believe that *we are how we are portrayed* on film.
When we say #RepresentationMatters we don't mean just to us. Black people are shown as stereotyped and it is believed widely that us all we are.
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