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Observations from attending last night’s #DemocraticDebate in person and reading/hearing commentary:

1. There is an inverse correlation between how well someone comes across on the screen and their seeming authenticity in person.

1. cont. For example, Pete and Kamala came across as too slick in person but seem to have done well viewed on screen. In contrast, Bernie and Beto came across as highly authentic in person but seem to be less telegenic. Elizabeth best hits the sweet spot between.

2. The majority of the people in the arena seemed to become uncomfortable every time Joe spoke. You could feel the tension and see people wincing. Content aside, his words were hard to follow and rambling, and it was painful to watch. Audible gasps at “record player,” etc.

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Last night’s #DemocraticDebate was better than the previous efforts, as the moderators were more up to the task. Here are my notes:

1/ Kamala won this thing. After watching the three forerunners trade barbs about health care policy arcana—why not just announce, “America, turn to the football game?”—she made the operative point on the issue: Dems WANT people to have healthcare. Trump wants to take it away.
2/ I wish Kamala, or anyone, had gone even further and mentioned the time Trump denied healthcare coverage to his nephew, a child with a serious medical condition, as a way of punishing his brother for perceived disloyalty.
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What to take out of the 3rd #DemocraticDebate?

Some thoughts...

1/ The status quo wins. No knockout blow. Biden went for Bernie / Warren over cost of healthcare plans. Biden faced sniping too. But didn’t feel like a single moment that will tilt race on its head. So as we were.
2/ Biden’s legacy grabbing from the Obama years is facing a backlash.

Castro called him out for 2nd debate in a row. Under pressure again to own the deportations from 08-16.

There’s a political angle too - Biden’s high polling with African-American voters is a key strength.
3/ Has Andrew Yang reached his upper limit?

His remarkable staying power (is polling 6th) has been one of the stories of campaign so far.

But struggled to articulate why he’s better placed than others to be commander-in-chief. Policy pitch too reliant on economic issues?
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So Biden's bit about playing the record player was part of an answer to this question: "What responsibility do you think Americans need to take to repair the legacy of slavery in our country?"

Listen to the part that comes before. #DemocraticDebate
"We bring social workers into homes and parents to help them deal with how to raise their children. It’s not that they don’t want to help. They don’t know quite what to do. Play the radio. Make sure the television – excuse me, make sure you have the record player on at night."
The insinuation - "they" = Black parents. He's literally asked the one question he should be able to answer at this point about segregation and busing. And now he adds that Black parents don't know how to raise their children. As if he really does believe in racial inferiority.
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Give an example of overcoming setback.


BIDEN: There's setbacks & there's setbacks [how do I pivot to my sad family?] My family died. Then my kid. I found purpose. Stopping Medicare4All matters because my kid died of cancer.
WARREN: Like a lot of folks, I was Republican, knew good people, went to college, didn't get a job, got pregnant, went to law school, was a lawyer, then a teacher.
BERNIE: I'm the son of an immigrant, ran for office and got 1% of the vote, then 2%, then won. Resilience is taking on all these fucks in power you cowardly bastards are getting checks from.
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Warren/Yang 2020 #DemocraticDebate


Warren/Castro 2020?


What do you think?
Or Warren/Booker 2020?
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@ByLucifersBeard Nobody wants to log in. It doesn't fulfill any needs, it takes time, it's annoying, you have to remember what username, etc you used.

People log in because the website makes them log in and they want to use the website to reach their goals more than they hate logging in.
@ByLucifersBeard Sure, logging in is okay. It's better than not having authenticated at all (well this used to be true, anyhow).

But nobody says, gosh, please don't come up with an authentication method that's easier to use and more secure than a username and password. This is perfect, I love it
@ByLucifersBeard The specific example of "logging in" as a chore vs a user need comes from Jared Spool (more examples in that thread).

People asking "how can we make a better login" will never find the *best* experience.

Same with Medicare.

#demdebate #democraticdebate

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Speaking to the House GOP retreat, Trump brags that "earlier today, my administration formally repealed the horrible, dangerous, anti-everything waters of the United States rule."

He then thanks @replouiegohmert, while Republicans applaud.
Trump pushes more fake middle-income tax cuts!

"We're now working on a tax cut for middle-income people that is going to be very, very inspirational. It's going to be something that I think it's what everybody is looking for, & we'll be announcing it sometime in the next year."
Trump is now making stuff up about the conversations he purportedly has with other heads of state
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The 12-year-old says Beto "is way less nervous this time. If he'd hit the ground running like this, he'd be in a way different situation." #DemocraticDebate
And yes, The Littlest Pundit is in the house tonight.
Half an hour later, she's still not wrong.
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HERE WE GO. #DemocraticDebate
I am announcing tonight that my "campaign" will "randomly" select 1 family and give them a total of LOTS OF CHRISTMAS PRESENTS FOR MY TWO NEPHEWS COME DECEMBER!
Mayor Pete is like, "WTF, Yang."

He said, "It's original, I'll give you that."
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welcome to @curaffairs LIVE TWEET of the #DemocraticDebate — “houston we have a problem” edition
there will be pandering, fudging, overworked one liners, and on this feed, typos. embrace it. here we go!
bernie sanders is too authentic for your lozenge
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Remember when @CNBC hosted a Republican Primary debate and pissed off every single candidate?

We need that for the Dems

"Mr. Biden, what's wrong with your eye? And do you feel that being a shill for the China is proper for presidential candidates?"

@CNBC "@SenWarren, why did you claim to be of American Indian heritage when you were at Harvard? And don't you think it's offensive to suggest that a 23 and me test determines your membership in that community?"
“Senator @KamalaHarris, what’s it like being a cop?”

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One more reason I want Senator Harris in the WH.

This dangerous white supremacy is gonna send us all to hell, if there is such a place.

We need someone who has been in the ring of fire for decades to clean this up. A strong voice who has working knowledge from the ground
I personally researched the career of Senator Kamala Harris. She has a fantastic record of working for thousands of victims of brutal rapes, assault, collecting for defrauded consumers, model recidivism programs, marriage equality

From gound level, the frontlines, to the boss
Senator Harris was the chief executive over a 5,000 member legal team. She was repeatedly honored for delivering for the people: taking care of backlogged rape kits, first time drug offenders program, model recidivism program, a leader on marriage equality. She has no fear.
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I’ll be in the audience for tonight’s #DemocraticDebate in #Houston.

I’m just a *little* excited 😊

If you know me from on here, please say hello!

I’ll be wearing a navy silk shirt, dark jeans, and black boots.

And I look like my photo.
I’m not sure if I’ll be able to tweet during the debate.

But I’ll keep y’all in the loop when I get to the venue at @TexasSouthern, a HBCU here in Houston, and let you know what the energy is like on the ground.

Taking all y’all with me in spirit!

#BlueWave2020 🌊🌊🌊
I’m here. Waiting for the shuttle to take us to the venue.

Trump is buzzing the @TexasSouthern campus with a plane pulling a sign:

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.@For_Cripes_Sake and I recorded the second episode of our podcast over the course of 3 days and now I can't talk anymore BUT IT WAS WORTH IT. I think.

Nazis, how to spot disinformation on social media, and dick jokes. Lots and lots of dick jokes. 🍆…
PS: you can listen to Another Damn Politics Podcast on Apple Podcasts or iTunes or whatever the fuck they call it now. #fridayfeeling #fridaythoughts…
And, you can listen to Another Damn Politics Podcast on Spotify:
#fridayfeeling #fridaythoughts… #NowPlaying
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1) Recap of last night's democratic debate:

The Chairman of the Democratic National Committee funneled four pots of coffee before taking the stage and nearly has a heart attack while screaming about the republicans.
2)The quote of the night is already, "Climate change threatens our universe."
Never change, Tom Perez... Never change.

The moderators are introduced.
We have three hours of tonight's debate featuring ten candidates talking for seven minutes each divided into segments of four
3) I'm already confused.

ONE?! Only one of these jobbers has dropped since the last debate? How is that possible? I'm looking directly at you, Beto.
The national anthem is sung and shockingly, all the candidates remained standing and no one took a knee.
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Both #DemDebate and #DemocraticDebate trended immediately prior to, during, and after the first night of the July Democratic presidential debates. We performed some comparative analysis of the traffic mentioning each candidate.

@ZellaQuixote Which candidates received the most discussion? Warren and Sanders topped the list, followed by Buttigieg and Williamson. We included tweets containing the candidates first name, last name, or Twitter account, excluding common first names that introduced ambiguity.
@ZellaQuixote Next, we performed sentiment analysis on the traffic mentioning each candidate. Overall, the average sentiment scores were higher during the first half of the debate than the second, with John Delaney experiencing the most drastic reduction.
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Unpopular opinion: There is no moderate voter to be won in the 2020 election, and the response to the #DemocraticDebate shows just how little the Left understands this. (Thread)
I heard/read so many people say, "Oh, but Bernie/Warren shouldn't say Medicare For All/Green New Deal/etc. because we're going to lose the moderates/undecideds/on the fence-ers, electability, blah blah blah." This assumes two misunderstandings.
A) That we can change a (current) Trump voter into a Democrat voter and
B) That the choices are Trump or Electable Dem X

This is just wrong.
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Deleted the tweet praising Williamson’s answer on race.

She is even more dangerous than i realized. Thanks to all the folks #onhere who quickly educated me.

Me when I finally started digging in on Marianne Williamson.

I thought she was just weird.

She’s a WHOLE problem.

When she first announced her run a lot of white women on IG told her not to and tagged me as someone she should learn from.

Meanwhile all I really knew about her was that Coach Carter quote 🤷🏾‍♀️
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(1/3) The good: That looked more like the fiery Bernie I supported in 2016. Bullock has crossover appeal; any D who can win over Republican Montana is doing something right. I can't help liking Williamson. #DemocraticDebate
(2/3) The meh: Pete is just hot air. Warren is like a schoolmarm. She just sounds phony. Got in a good line on Delaney, who's a pathetic joke. Funny thing is she could have used that line on Hillary too, when universal healthcare was "just too much to wish for."
(3/3) Watching mostly for entertainment purposes. My two favorites, Gabbard and Yang, are up tomorrow.
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A group of right-wing trolls are pushing (#)DemDebateSoWhite and it’s being boosted by a handful of accounts created in June/July 2018.

These nearly identical tweets were posted within 22 min of each other. #DemocraticDebate #CNNDebate

The top tweet that comes up when you search (#)DemDebateSoWhite is from this guy, who created his account on July 27, 2019 and is using the same photo as a 2015 account by the name “Troy Smith.”

The first account he followed was Carpe Donktum. #DemocraticDebate #CNNDebate

This account, created yesterday, is spamming the hashtag (#)DemDebateSoWhite and retweeting Carpe Donktum’s tweets using the hashtag. (Noticing a pattern yet?)

It has one follower: Right-wing group Campus Hate Watch. #DemocraticDebate #CNNDebate

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Hey Anons buckle your seat belts this little thread will rattle your bones it ties #JoeChina #Spygate #Subs #Russia #Iran #JohnKerry #FISAGATE and much more together.. are you ready for this Quick roller coaster rude??
First off start Obama & MZ friends right?
Now ties Obama and MZ friendships together they created a new Chip with help of China. Cover up story fir #JoeChina son Hunter working for Energy in Ukraine
Now refer back to #FISAGATE movie poster part one FBI/DOJ
Now part 2 CIA/NSA
Now back to Qanon. Remember Jeff Sessions testimony October 8 2017 ten days before Q listen to what JS says to Grassley
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News conference by @POTUS following the #G20OsakaSummit finally begins.
"I understand that we may be meeting with Chairman Kim" in #Korea, says @POTUS.
"I let him know we'll be there and we'll see," says @POTUS of #DPRK leader Kim.
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