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Back by popular demand (I don't actually know if that's true)🚨HORNY HONKIES 2🚨This thread dates back to before they came honking to Ottawa-#HornyHonkies: The first Honk.
It began with a question- only looking for anecdotal evidence from the 'boys':
#RamRanchResistance #Freedumb
🚨HORNY HONKIES 2🚨First 'boy' to weigh in suggests waiting a few years. Something tells me that won't be a problem...

Also, find women who are 'woken up.' That's a relief!! This group doesn't strike me as the type to pursue women who are awake.
#RamRanchResistance #HornyHonkies
🚨HORNY HONKIES 2🚨Our OP Honkie doubts he has many years left on this Earth-then why so picky? Take a risk-ask out a vaxxed woman & get rejected! YOLO!

The infertility fear is WILD in #freedumb chats. But that's another thread (stay tuned).
#ramranchresistance #HornyHonkies
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2. First a few things I caught before but didn't post.

First, Tyler Russell of the hate group Canada First believes because he was on a far-right video stream which attracts far-right listeners that they are "inevitable."

Folks, classic example of the echo chamber at work.
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2. So I left off talking about Pat King's stream last night and though it was a bit later in the clip, Pat actually used they "I have a Jewish" lawyer argument to "prove" he isn't a racist.

I love the uncomfortable silence of his guests.
3. 🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦

You. Are. NOT. Helping!!!!!!
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2. I was sent this yesterday. It is a clip of another occupier that catches Pat King in a conversation.

Pat said he was sick but got better. He then adds that this is "survival of the fittest" which is an odious suggestion that those who die are not fit to live.
3. Now I don't want to focus a lot on Pat King, but he did post a "patrol" video last night.
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2. Parliament Hill at 9: 36 am est and other locations in the area from various times this morning.
3. So last night I downloaded Pat King's latest video. As an illustration of how unhinged it was, let me show you one of screen captures from it.

It really is representative of what you will see throughout.
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2. Parliament Hill at 9:32 am est as well as screen shots from other cameras in the area at various times this morning.
3. First, a few things I didn't notice yesterday.

The Canada First group that used to be a Proud Boys chapter posted a video purporting to video from the BC border.
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2. Parliament Hill at 9:18 am est and other webcam images at various times this morning.
3. So yesterday I listened to a Twitter Spaces meeting and Q&A with some of the leadership including BJ Dichter. It was an often acrimonious discussion, much related to the letter Tamara Lich and @JimWatsonOttawa negotiated. Suffice it to say there is dissention.
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2. Web cam footage today. Parliament Hill at 1:00 pm est and other footage in the area at various times.
3. Okay, I have a shit ton of DMs that I'll try to get to in a bit.

Big story so far seems that the Ambassador Bridge has been cleared.…
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2. Parliament Hill at 10:00 am est as well as screen shots of other locations in the area at various times in the morning.
3. Also this was sent to me and, because you all deserve a laugh and I am fundamentally a puerile child when it comes to but cracks...
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WINDSOR OCCUPATION CHATTER aka New Phone, Who Dis? #RamRanchResistance #KarenConvoy #WindsorBlockade 4 pics ImageImageImageImage
4 pics ImageImageImageImage
4 pics ImageImageImageImage
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2. Parliament Hill at 9:30 am est.
3. So it seems that there is also now a protest delaying traffic at the Ottawa airport.

If this if the "freedoming" Pat King was referring to last night, then weak.

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2. Parliament Hill at 9:35 am est.
3. So what happened after I went to bed? Some of the highlights I quickly picked up.

Ed Jamnisek, regular co-host of Kevin Johnston's stream, was wandering around Ottawa while the police were acting.
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2. Parliament Hill at 1:40 pm est.

I'm starting a bit late as I'm not feeling especially well.
3. So a look back last night, Alex Vriend postd a video about what a fantastic time they are having.
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2. Being a Saturday the numbers are unsurprising higher than previously as evidenced by this shot of Parliament Hill at noon.
3. It seems the QAnon "Queen" Romana Didulo decided that after her proclamation that truckers were "no longer necessary" in Ottawa and ordered them home.
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2. Here is Parliament Hill at 9:30 am est.
3. Last night Pat King did a stream. This one was a little different in that it he claimed that he was blowing the lid off a massive conspiracy.

Note, what he describes isn't a conspiracy.
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2. Parliament Hill at 9:30 am est. Image
3. Here is a reminder if the one of the positions some in the media expect the government to negotiate with. Image
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2. An image of Parliament Hill at 9:45 am est
3. Today is the day that supporters of the events in Ottawa and at the Coutts border claim they will be blocking "all major thoroughfares" in Alberta. Time will tell if that will occur.

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1. Day 4 of the protests. Again as I have work I won't be updating until later tonight. You can see the previous updates by clicking the link.

3. Of interest, this was sent to me today.
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2. Unlike Pat King, I have to go to work so I won't be back to this until much later tonight, however based on the web cam screen shot of Parliament Hill from 9:36 est, it looks like a lot of others might have gone home.
3. Not a lot happened after I went to bed (I don't think ), but here are a few things that happened in the early morning.

First, Ed Jamnisek, the charismatic mofo whom I'm surprised doesn't fall asleep from the sound of his own voice, is perplexed
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