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THREAD: The significance of the UN Special Rapporteur report on arms transfers to the #Myanmar junta can't be overstated. It exposes who supplied weapons to the military since the Feb 1 coup & since the #Rohingya #genocide. Link to the full report via:…
The report includes types & in some cases specific amounts of weapons certain states have transferred to the #Myanmar military. Since the coup, when the junta began attacking & murdering civilians nationwide, #China, #Russia, #India, and #Serbia all supplied weapons to the junta.
The report provides legal analysis: States that authorized arms transfers "knew, or should have known, that their arms would be used to target civilians. As such, these arms transfers to the Myanmar military are not only reprehensible, they also likely violate international law."
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As #Myanmar 🇲🇲 enters 2022 the #PDF and allied resistance groups are taking the initiative across the country, launching multiple hit-and-run attacks on the military.

Fighting is especially heavy in the #Demoso Township in #Kayah state…
#Myanmar 🇲🇲: one example was an attack by the Eagles Army (#PDF group in Tigayaing Township) on two military patrol boats going down the Ayeryawady river.

Around 20 soldiers were reportedly killed by mine attacks on the boats. #WhatsHappeningInMyanmar
#Myanmar 🇲🇲: another attack was launched by the Aung San Force (#PDF group in #Magway) who dropped explosives from a drone down on a military convoy of 150 soldiers below. #WhatsHappeningInMyanmar
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#Myanmar Nationwide silent strike


#Mar24Coup #MilkTeaAlliance
#MilkTeaAllianceMyanmar Image
Silence - The loudest scream

On March 24 - on the roads of Myanmar, there will be no cars, no humans and all stores will be closed.
We will all stay inside our homes. We will not go out. Image

- to recognize all the fallen heroes by giving a moment of silence
- to replenish our energy
- proving #Myanmar military SAC group wrong, in response to them saying the country is returning to 'normal' state.

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#Mar22Coup #OpCCP

Situations in Myanmar on March 22, 2021


⚠️May contain graphic contents⚠️

Note : ongoing internet blackouts in Myanmar. The atrocities may be more than what’s recorded here.
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✊- civilians strike
🪖- junta’s violence
🕯- night strike

📍#Mandalay Region
No human strike by the medical professional family of Mandalay City, #Myanmar
Source - Khit Thit
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#Mar19Coup #OpCCP

Incidences that happen in Myanmar on March 19, 2021 will be collected in this tweet.

⚠️May contain graphic contents⚠️


Tagline - R2P NOW
📍#Karen State
Tw // loud noise
In MyaWaddy, Karen State, junta cracked down the peaceful sit-in strike by opening fire & using tear gas around 8 AM this morning. Some protesters are arrested.
#Mar19Coup #OpCCP
📍#Bago Region
Powerful Strike of Bago(Pegu). Despite violent crackdowns, night arrest and shot , protests show no sign of fizzling.

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#Mar18Coup #OpCCP

Incidences that happen in Myanmar on March 18, 2021 will be collected in this tweet.

⚠️May contain graphic contents⚠️


Tw // fire
Location- Thamine, Yangon. (8AM)
The Military terrorist set fire again on the barricades, ramdomly shoot to the unarmed civilians and arrest a civillian.
#Mar18Coup #OpCCP ImageImageImageImage
📍Mon State
Civillians from #Mawlamyine protests against Military Coup in Ahhtayan River.
The banners say
“If you are brave, put down your weapons and fight with us fairly”
“We do not want military dictatorship”
#WhatsHappeningInMyanmar ImageImageImageImage
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1. This History Thread is about mining of an array of minerals in Burma (Myanmar) where the geology features varied north-south belts of ores that have long been exploited and exported without protection for environment or workers.
2. Burma trade routes for gems and metals including lead and silver date back to ancient times. #Shan ruby mines were known in 6th Century. #Kachin jadeite was first significantly traded to China (where it would become the obsession of Emperors) in 1784.
3. 1886 British troops took Mogok ruby mines. British surveyed southern Burma tin deposits 1888-1912. Bawdwin, Namtu Shan St. (mined from 15th C. by Chinese) under British exported silver, lead, zinc; future US President Hoover mining engineer there. WW2 Japanese held Bawdwin.
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