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🧵DYK Conservative communications expert advice from Arthur Finkelstein is the common thread running through the recent history of the Republican Party, from Ayn Rand to Richard Nixon and on to Donald Trump? Finkelstein is famous for turning the word "liberal" into a curse word
Simple but effective.
#Finkelsteinformula: every successful political campaign needs an enemy
#FinkelThink: trademark someone as liberal, slander them, repeat endlessly
#Finkelsteinmethod: use fear as a motivator #ragefarming: causing one's opponent to lose critical votes
#Finkelstein created #negativecampaigning do not talk about the benefits of electing your own candidate but project all kinds of evil onto your opponent #demonizing them in order to destroy the confidence of his/her voters #rejectionistvoting.
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Every night at 8PM Central this weekend, I’ll be showing episodes of my recent talk with two American #communists, Tyler McConnell @tjmac87 and @RealCalebMaupin.

In Part 2 of “Making Alliances,” we ask: “what do #libertarians and Communists agree on?”

Lol I know this show will trigger some folks who might say that libertarians and communists can’t agree on a damn thing, but watch and you might be surprised!
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There is no libertarian party of America. I don’t care what these fascists tell you dear friends. Don’t ever pick their candidates. Don’t fund them. Don’t support them. They are lie. Defining principle of libertarianism is non aggression followed by property rights.
Russian libertarians, actual libertarians, sit in jail for opposing Russian aggression. They ran to exile screaming to West to stop Russian aggression. They have been disappeared to stand for freedom. Same with every libertarian group across Eastern Europe. In Belarus
Half of opposition is dead or in jail. In Ukraine, birth place of libertarianism, our libertarians are dying to defend property and fight Russian genocide. Mises who founded this movement, is Ukrainian and born in Lviv
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in 2015 the so called, dark money funded, think tank, the Tax Payers Alliance published their far right wish list for reducing the state and minimising taxes for the wealthy, this is a thread of *just* the contents!!
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(1/4) My tolerance for “Well meaning but misguided #Democrats” and “#Libertarians who want to stand up for the cause” has finally been thoroughly exhausted.
I’m not being alarmist when I say @POTUS and his radical #Leftist are attempting a power grab…
(2/4)…that, if successful, will be almost impossible to remove.
By destroying the economy, he increases our dependence on govt. assistance.
By doing things like ending the filibuster and electoral college in addition to making DC a state and lowering the voting age…
(3/4)…he would ensure that only far left democrats would be elected for the foreseeable future.
I don’t care if you find republicans distasteful… if you’re being attacked by a Bear and you need a weapon to fight it off…
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#ElonMusk isn't evil, BUT
👇A thread 🧵

His #libertarian ideology can be cartoonishly evil, bcs its amoral. That makes him a threat to #liberty, #prosperity & 250 years of American #democracy

#Twitter #ElonMuskTwitter #ElonMuskBuyTwitter #DemocracyUnderThreat
There are a few dots to connect, so stick with me...

1️⃣ #PeterThiel wants a #Monarchy
2️⃣ The #KochBrothers are creating an #Oligarchy
3️⃣ #Putin's Russia is the grand vision
4️⃣ #Libertarians are amoral
5️⃣ #Ideology is blindingly dangerous
First, check out this remarkable @Techcrunch article called "Geeks for Monarchy".

Long before the 2016 election brought us a #Trump/#Putin/#Theil/#AltRight mashup of craziness, @klintron laid out this #antidemocracy ideology waaaaaay back in 2013.
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How many cool LP podcasts and shows are there? It’s hard to keep up with the best, so how about we do an LP subscribe “follow” train?!

I’ll start with some of my favorites. Like and subscribe and add your own. Don’t forget to Retweet! #Libertarians…
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@CoachFelecia From time-to-time, ethnic personalities similar to that of #AndyNgo have appeared in right-wing movements ..

You just have to look for them.

These "ethnic" individuals aren't there to discover the truth!
@CoachFelecia They are their to provide a service. That is their value.

What is the service? They are weaponized to confuse the public while empowering "lily-white" delusions about black people.
@CoachFelecia These individuals...

Never thought their life could be
Anything but catastrophe

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For #Sydney psychic reading client: It's quite a challenge to identify how much corruption is really going on in our world. We have criminals who hide behind oligarchs & politics using our financial entities. Our regulatory systems have been underfunded for self regulation. #fact
cont. for #Sydney psychic reading client: The #libertarians don't want government to rule over them, but you have corrupt, self interest entities, that fail to self regulate in real terms. This is where you get corruption with online security, technology, digital weaponization.
cont. for #Sydney psychic reading client: There are not enough checks and balances to stop the systems being abused. You can see Trump is trying to remove judiciary in the USA, desperate to stop any real scrutiny of what criminals are doing behind government. It is out of control
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The #KochNetwork, avatar of the tea party, rejects #shutdown protests via @politico AFP board member states “I think there's been a lesson...We saw what we wanted in the #teaparty. It didn’t work out like we’d like. And now we’re much more practical.”
Multiple conservative groups that have been longtime allies of the #KochNetwork network, such as FreedomWorks and #TeaParty Patriots, have led the #shutdown protests. Even the CEO of #ALEC has signed on.
Art Pope, owner of #NorthCarolina politicians, is a co-founder of AFP-NC with David Koch, and often called "Koch Jr". When asked about the #KochNetwork’s position on the current wave of #protests, Pope said “I’ll let them speak for themselves". #NCleg
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🔴In 1943 The Institute of Public Affairs aka @TheIPA was established by notable businessmen in response to an outstanding win by Labor in the Federal Election in same year

🔴Their intent was to SMASH LABOR, the UNIONS and to fight SOCIALISM.
🔴In the following year @TheIPA established the Liberal Party of Australia.


🔴These TORIES LOATHE LABOR & the UNION MOVEMENT hence ⚠️@ScottMorrisonMP > #UnionThugs campaign.

NOTE #NeoLiberals, #Libertarians DO NOT ACT in the PUBLIC GOOD

🔴Ever wondered why Joe Hockey & Tony Abbott allowed / facilitated the demise of the Australian CAR INDUSTRY > it was because they were targeting UNIONS, the car industry was perhaps the most UNIONISED of all industries.
except their @TheIPA
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