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😡 😡 😡 My latest: thread+article on #SebastianGorka's talk in a former synagogue close to #TreeofLifeSynogogue in Pittsburgh, on the eve of the 80th anniversary of #Kristallnacht.👇👇👇Confirmed ties to white supremacists and…
Sebastian Gorka, a Hungarian-American political analyst, is a former Deputy Assistant to Donald Trump and a former editor of the Breitbart News.
2. Four Democratic senators accused Gorka of failing to note on his U.S. citizenship application that he had belonged to a neo-Nazi organization in Hungary. The omission, if proved, would have implications for his US citizenship received in 2012.
3. Gorka’s academic credentials were challenged by the national security experts in the US. Gorka’s Ph.D. dissertation on terrorism was supervised by Andras Lanczi, not an expert on counter-terrorism but an unofficial ideologist for the Victor Orban, known as Putin’s ally.
4. In March 2018, Gorka appeared in a TV segment on the so-called “deep state” that was produced by a Sinclair Broadcast Group reporter who had previously worked for the Russian propaganda network RT. Sinclair mandated that its outlets run this segment.
5. Gorka was paid $40,000 by the MAGA Coalition, a political group associated with conspiracy theories surrounding the 2016 murder of Democratic National Committee staffer Seth Rich, and a theory known as “Pizzagate.”
6. The FBI terminated Gorka for his extreme Islamophobic rhetoric. He taught law-enforcement officials there is no such thing as mainstream Muslims — only those radicalized and those soon to be radicalized & that Osama bin Laden could be considered “the Martin Luther of Islam.”
7. He shares views on Islam with Michael Flynn, who failed to report to the Pentagon the payment of $30,000 from RT ( the Kremlin propaganda channel, in 2015 and that he lobbied for Turkey in 2016 while holding the position of a senior Trump campaign adviser.
8. Gorka worked for and published twelve articles in an anti-Semitic weekly, Magyar Demokrata. In 2004, the US State Department testified before Congress that Magyar Demokrata routinely publishes anti-semitic articles and holocaust denials.
9. On October 19, 2003, Tamás Molnár, later far-right Jobbik Party’s Vice Chairman, organized an event in to discuss the future of “Hungarian National Radicalism,” a Hungarian neo-Nazi movement. Prominent far-right activists were invited, including Gorka.
10. In 2007, Gorka co-founded a political party New Democratic Coalition with three former members of the far-right Jobbik party. known for its anti-Semitic and racist views and its enthusiastic support and embrace of Putin’s Russia, & ties with Alexander Dugin.
11.Gorka’s books are published by Regnery Publishing, a publishing house that was founded and owned by a family with known sympathies to the Nazis.
12. William (Bill) Regnery funds an open neo-Nazi Richard Spencer, the director of the National Policy Institute, an ultra-right think tank that promotes the concept of ethnostate. His other enterprise, is The Occidental Quarterly (TOQ), a racist, pseudo-scholarly journal.
13. A rare video appearance of Bill Regnery at the dinner with NPI and Richard Spencer to honor and celebrate to the election of Donald Trump in 2016. “We hear about bringing us together,” says Sam Dickson...
14. white supremacist and former Ku Klux Klan lawyer, during his address to the alt-right audience. “I hope all of you will banish in your minds any desire to be brought together because to turn the tired old slogan around, ‘Divided we stand, united we’ll fall.”
16. Gorka is a friend of the Hungarian foreign minister Péter Szijjártó, known for his extreme Euroskeptic views and hiring Sebastian Gorka, Steve Bannon and Milo Yiannopoulos as consultants and speakers.
17. Gorka’s wife, Katharine Fairfax Gorka, is a cousin of Thomas A. Saunders III, chairman of Heritage Foundation since 2005. Heritage, Trump’s favorite think tank, is known to staff the Republican presidents' administrations.
18. Approximately 70 former Heritage employees worked for the Trump transition team or as part of the administration. Katharine Gorka served as an adviser to the chief of staff of Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and is currently a policy advisor at DHS.
19. She is known to downplay the threat of white nationalism and promote Islamophobic views in DHS. Heritage also hired Sebastian Gorka to give “a series of five foreign policy speeches to Heritage audiences,” after he lost his position in the White House.
20. The Heritage Foundation was founded by Paul Weyrich, “the architect of religious right political movement,” in 1973. Weyrich has ties to neo-fascist and racist groups including the Nazi Northern League.
21. Weyrich’s adviser, the Heritage Group Board member and the chairman of the Foundation for the Republican Council Heritage Groups was a convicted Nazi collaborator Laszlo Pasztor.
22. During World War II, Pasztor had served as a member of the Hungarian Arrow Cross, party that actively collaborated with the Third Reich, 1944 -1945 & is responsible for the elimination of 10,000–15,000 of Hungarian civilians of Jewish and Roma descent & deportation of 80,000
23. In the US, Pasztor led the ethnic outreach and built a voting base for Republicans by recruiting the Eastern European Bloc immigrants with ultra-right and Nazi sympathizer views, according to the Huffington Post.
24. Gorka’s current national tour aiming at reaching out to the white supremacists and alt-right for Trump is reminiscent of Pasztor’s recruitment of Nazi sympathizers for Nixon. Notably, both are supported and funded by the Heritage Foundation.
25. In a 2007 video, Gorka declared his support for a paramilitary group with an affinity for the Arrow Cross regime, the Magyar Gárda(Hungarian Guard).
26. In 2017, Gorka appeared on the Fox News on the evening of the presidential inauguration wearing a badge, tunic, and ring of the Order of Vitéz as a deputy assistant to the President of the United States.
27. in 2017, three Vitézi Rend officials told The Forward that Sebastian Gorka was one of their order, “a full member of the organization” “sworn in.”
28. In the 1980s, Sebastian Gorka’s mother, Susan Gorka, worked as a translator for David Irving, the discredited British historian, sentenced to three years on prison in Austria on charges of denying the Holocaust.
29. Heritage's Weyrich, in addition to working with Pazstor, also worked closely with pro-Putin Russian-American Eduard Lozansky, a former Soviet dissident with reported history of the KGB ties.
30. Lozansky worked closely with Alexander Dugin (see Regnery, Richard Spencer and Jobbik party connections with Dugin above)
31. Plus, Rebekah Mercer’s family foundation has donated Heritage $500,000 a year since 2013. Rebekkah Mercer, who works for the Mercer Family Foundation and was on Trump’s transition team, also picked Michael Flynn for the national-security adviser position.
32. Gorka is invited by Jefferson Education Society (JEC) is “Erie’s think tank for community progress.” JEC is located in a former Congregation Brith Sholom in Erie, PA.
33. Since 2011, JES received $572,642 from the Erie County Gaming Revenue Authority, which distributes part of the local share of gambling taxes. JES has failed to get an exemption from property taxes and has a delinquent property tax bill of about $92,000.
34. A founding president of JES, a recently deceased William P. Garvey, in 2004 had been accused of sexually abusing boys when he coached youth basketball at the school for St. John the Baptist Church in Erie in the 1960s and 1970s.
35. JES president Ferki Ferati came to Erie in 1999 as a refugee from Kosovo. According to an interview with Ferati, he spent a year studying in Russia and got married there. His wife is a graduate of an elite Moscow High School of Economics.
36. Ferati said Gorka “will be able to offer a keen understanding of the first two years of the Trump presidency” and that the organization has “an unwavering commitment to present all sides of important issues and topics.”
37. “A statewide advocacy group is requesting that JEC cancel a scheduled appearance next week by Gorka, who has sparked controversy for comments about Islam and white supremacy and has denied links to a far-right Hungarian group with Nazi ties.”
38. Logic, rationale and common sense require a point of reference, framework or rules and fail in the face of this shifted reality. An honest debate with a fascist cannot happen. A dinner with cannibals is dishonorable and dangerous.
Please help my friend in Erie to fight this. They need help. We all need help. If we let this happen we are normalizing fascism. There is violence every day. This is not just an insult to the victims of the Holocaust and the recent murders. This is an insult to all honest people.
☝ overview of European and US on radical right + the details of #SebastianGorka visit to a former synagogue in Erie days after #TreeOfLifeSynagogue @WendySiegelman @dcpoll @AlexandraChalup @peterjukes @J_amesp @lukeharding1968 @craigunger @grantstern @patrickLSimpson
ADDED. Here is FB event to share and join to bring public awareness to this issue. Local community is working hard on protests. Please help good people of Erie; it is not one town, one man or Jews only. It is about normalizing fascism.…
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