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The future of @LazyLionsNFT 🦁

Let's dive into the strategy, our take on the entertainment industry, & why it's on the brink of a revolutionary changeπŸ‘‡
1/🧡 Image
2/ Background: We grew up playing games & have a deep understanding of the limitations & opportunities that digital entertainment presents.

We've experienced firsthand how the centralized nature & lack of infrastructure can frustrate gamers.

All the value is kept centralized ❌
3/ The world is recognizing the potential of community-driven brands, as seen in the success of NFT projects across 2021-22.

Lazy Lions, launched in '21 & a top-60 all-time collection, is an example of such brand.

Rewarding community with $1M in ETH drove $100M in trading vol🧠
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All of Great Options in #DraftKings #FantasyFootball This Week... 🏈

Here is what I have my πŸ‘€ on!
(1) Stacks A-Plenty!

- Herbert + Allen, Palmer, or Everett
- Tua + Hill or Waddle
- Burrow + Higgins, Perine
- Mahomes + JuJu or Kelce
(2) Get Exposure to... 🌞

- #Chargers @ #Cardinals
- #Dolphins Offense
- #Bengals Offense
- #Seahawks Offense
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How to ⁉

Mint your NFT directly from a contract via @etherscan.

Hope this eliminates a lot of approval for alls and malicious signature signs on sc*mmy mint websites.

A detailed tutorial video on how to is in the last posts! πŸŽ₯

A step by step πŸͺ‘🧡

#SaferNFTs 1/13
First we need to know the contract address of the project that we want to mint.

Several approaches to get it without visiting the website:
1) Discord (official links channel)
2) Opensea (should be listed, 'cause: never be first to mint)
3) Project's Twitterpage

#SaferNFTs 2/13
Example: Looking for the contract address on Opensea?

Open the collection on Opensea, navigate down.
Under traits of an NFT, expand the "Details" tab. Clicking on contract address views it on directly.

#SaferNFTs 3/13
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The trap of Investrading:

"I'm going to trade this project. It's going well! I'll keep it because it's going to the moon! Yes! 10x! Fantastic! Awesome trade! Oh no, it's back to 1x. Damn, it's gone down now. But I'll wait, it'll go back up!"

Read on for how to avoid this.

I've made that mistake many times, so it's one I'm feeling very personally. I rode the #LazyLions from 0.6 to 3.1 and... didn't sell. Now they're hovering about 1. They'll go back up, I'm pretty sure, but still - that's a lot of Eth on the table.
I've spoken about the difference between traders and investors before ( ).

The problem for those of us who are still learning arises when you mix the mindsets up. Both are relevant to every situation - but letting them mix leads to poorer decisions.
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🧡/(part of )

Roadmap Analysis 10: A game, or, most likely "A PtE game". Also: quests and other minigames.


*cracks knuckles*
2/There are definitely contexts where a game makes sense. For example, for an artist launchpad like @robotosNFT, adding fun little games that people can play to engage more with the artistic universe of Robotos makes a lot of sense. w/ artist launchpads, fun is part of the value.
3/And gamifying various aspects of the community can be pretty cool too. #LazyLions's recent "referral app" is a fun little trading card game on top of the referral mechanism. It's clever and enjoyable for a little while. It's not "a game" though - the meat is the referrals.
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(2/147) know what? I'm tired. I have been browsing Twitter for the past couple days, looking at the NFT landscape and economics. I have seen many people promising money for everyone, so I bought an NFT for 186k dollars. I had to take a loan, but eventually someone will buy it
(3/147) for 500k, so of course it's worth it! But now I have found the other side of NFTs. There are many good for nothing villains out there saying that it's a bubble without understanding how they work. So many people who are jealous of the success of NFTs, and find joy in
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Most NFT projects have by now cottoned on that they need to give "utility".

But most are getting this wrong and doing it in an unsustainable way that can't work.

Wanna be able to tell if the project you're looking at is sustainable? Read on.

Fundamentally, NFT projects are not all that different from startup companies or other businesses. Many think they are "art" but they're not. They have investors looking for a return. They have a team working to deliver on a plan. They have a vision.

They're startups.

All startups fundamentally have to abide by a simple rule: you can't just create money out of nowhere. The money has to come from somewhere.

This applies even in crypto, unless your entire ecosystem has no interest in ever converting to/from other valued currencies.

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So here's another anti-pattern that I see across many projects. It's also one that takes those projects quite close to a legal grey area where they might be shut down by SEC and FCA and other financial authorities.

I'm talking about "giving back to the community".
How could "giving back to the community" be an anti-pattern?

Well, it depends on how you look at the project. Here are two perspectives:

- Project as a DAO-type entity with some sort of long-term vision to be around. Let's call this P1.
- Project as a money-making scheme. P2.
P1 is a bold step into the future. Who knows where it might lead. Maybe it will, as I've suggested in earlier threads, form the building blocks of Capitalism 2.0. Did the founders of BAYC know how huge what they build could get when they started? Maybe, maybe not.
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What makes an NFT project special? What gives it the potential to grow to many multiples of the initial investment? Maybe to an infinite multiple, in some cases where the initial investment is 0?

And how are most projects doing it wrong rn?

Read on for my perspective.
I've been asking myself what NFT projects actually are, for some time.

And, as an investor in many projects, I've also been asking myself, why do I feel a strange irritation that most of these projects are getting something fundamental very wrong.
Avatar projects, specifically, are basically crowdfunding on steroids, with a strong open source ethos foundation that unlocks participation from everyone.
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