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Stephen Marlow self proclaimed #TI taking matters into his own hands after suffering at the hands of his #MKUltra controllers for years. Authorities say he killed 4 people including one child.
Authorities are saying Marlow posted this #tiktok video after he killed four people who he alleged were responsible for his #MKUltra torture over the years.
Victims: 82yo Clyde Knox, 78yo Eva Knox, 41yo Sarah Anderson, unnamed 15yo girl.
#TargetedIndividual @therealroseanne
I've had #TI's reach out to me on multiple occasions. They all told the same story. One asked me to run a transit chart over their natal birth. Without getting to deep into it, what I found was a heavy Plutonic influence.…
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#SatanicNewMoon 7-28-22
#CommonwealthGames opening #ritual depicted worship of the #ApisBull This is extremely important because the #PriestKings are advertising their control of the masses. #AgeOfTaurus

Let me explain.
The #PriestKings bloodline date back to antiquity. This sun worshiping pharaonic cult hails from the era of the bull (Taurus) which predated Christianity by 4k+ yrs. This is the era in which God created Adam.
Below is their vassal Bull General #KlausSchwab @WEF
#KlausSchwab is the military general exercising the will of the #PriestKings and their #DavosAgenda. World dominance by means of global government infiltration and subversion under false pretenses #Plandemic #ClimateCrisis #GreatReset #SocialJustice…
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Only 33 Nations Score Under 90%
China, Russia, USA have the worst scores at 43.2, 53.9, 58.7 respectively.
#SriLanka, the #BuildBackBetter prototype, is in the top 16 highest scoring on the ESG scale at 98.1
#LiberalWorldOrder #NWO #DavosAgenda
Here's your ESG score breakdown by country.… ImageImage
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Ray Dalio is betting Billions on FED's typical (planned) overcorrection (stagflation/recession). Of which the resulting effect will see a 40% chance of a US Civil War leading to WW3.
I say Davos already fired 1st shot w/ CV19
Ray won't tell you he knows all this because he's part of the agenda and most of his customers are the conspirators. Ray has access to and has participated in government protected financial war game theory models.
He know what's coming. Image
If you'd like to see for yourself how #WEF's #DavosAgenda is intricately planned, study their #StrategicIntelligence model. It describes in detail how their globalist goals destroy national sovereignty yet create more problems they'll need to mitigate.…
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🛡️#T3 - Q ALERT
OMFG! You've got to be kidding me. I hope this is a joke.
Back in the day I used to lay into the pathetic #QAnon community pretty hard.

Send Q to me and I'll sweep the floor with him🤣
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🛡️#T3 - TEXAS MASSACRE MAY 24, 2022
In an IG convo just before the incident, Ramos tells a female: before 11am Im going to tell you a secret.
"Ima air out" Urban Dictionary: to bust a cap or send bullets thru a house or cars windows, thus clearing all humans out of the space"
+1 ImageImageImage
Police: "first reports came in at about 11:30 a.m., calling it a “mass casualty incident.”
He literally "aired out" starting around 11am with the first kill, his grandmother, then moved to the school.…
#T3OccultAstrology combining Ramos approx birth data and the time he went live fire starting with his grandmother. His natal pluto (death) lands in house 5 (kids) naturally opposing Venus. He hated his childhood so he took it out on the kids to erase his very painful memories. Image
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🛡️#T3OccultAstrology DAVOS 2022
May 22 - 26
If you look at the timing of this chart, there's no denying the position of the malign Moon/Saturn🔴Descendant was their focus.
It's just too perfect.
Davos has declared war on the people.
Meetings Begin: 12pm
Meetings End: 12pm
#MonkeyPox was delivered to the MSM during the #FullBloodMoon #LunarEclipse to ritualize their continued effort to sanction humanity.
Lets take a look at the astrology for 5/15/22 of the #VirusWarGames played out on 2021 consisting of a perfect opposition of Moon/Uranus.
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#Hipotiroidismo y #Metabolismo.

#Causas #Síntomas.

¿Cómo influyen ciertos factores o conductas sobre la funcíon tiroidea?

Relación entre las #DietasRestrictivas #AyunoIntermitente y el hipotiroidismo

🔺El hipotiroidismo es un sindrome clínico (conjunto de sígnos y síntomas) causado por la disfunción de la glándula tiroides. Existe una #ralentización del #metabolismo.

#Sigue ⬇️
🔺La glándula tiroides, ubicada en el cuello, por delante de la tráquea, es la productora de las conocidas #hormonas #tiroideas.

#Sigue ⬇️
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Cruelty of British n their Baptism Tactics

She is Gouramma, daughter of Chikka Virarajendra, last ruler of Coorg. British, by deceit, annexed many kingdoms into their dominion. They deposed Virarajendra, took him political prisoner in Benares in 1834, confiscated his wealth #T1
Later the king demanded for his wealth from the East India Company in a court in England in 1852, but in vain. When in England, Queen Victoria took Gouramma, then aged 11, under her care and baptized her, converting her to Christianity. #Thread2
Right image of Gouramma, painting by German painter Franz Xaver Winterhalter, features her in Indian attire n holding Bible.

We have Hindu royalty who never went against Dharma. There are many examples from History. Aurangzeb had a son named Akbar who rebelled for supremacy. #T3
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#HappyEaster Sir @realDonaldTrump #TheArtOfWar , You Must Have 1. A Clear Political Objectives ie : Save Lives , Secure the Country / Supply Chain , Contain Virus , Mitigate Virus , Provide Logistic :#PPE #T3 TEST Test Test . See First Understand First Act First
2 . Strategy , Contain and Eliminate #coronavirus by Federally Resourced, State Led actions : Contain , Mitigate , Recover . Sustain Logistics . Optimize #defenseproductionact
3 .Tactics :#T3 (Test Test Test ) . contain , mitigate , every County / City /State Will prioritized the most Vulnerable, , 4. See First Understand First Act First . @SpeakerPelosi @senatemajldr @TeamCavuto @AliVelshi @TheLeadCNN @MSNBC @DavidBegnaud DavidBegnaud @RepRichmond
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Just getting out of #T3 with a huge shout to the personnel who helped find my laptop bag, which had slipped off my trolley with me having no idea where it happened.
At each step, right from the exit gate to the policemen in charge of the airport security to the people at duty free and baggage belt, there was a seamless transition. The bag was found outside on a trolley and someone was guarding it
We don’t thank our public servants enough. One of them told me , chinta mat karo mil jayega. Thank you sir.
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