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The White House had a press call this morning about #monkeypox. See the thread below for details.

First: the Biden Admin, since Monday, now counts 1 Jynneos vaccine vial as 5 doses. They've shipped 1M doses so far and starting Monday have available for ordering 1.8M doses.
🧵 Image
Despite CDC dir Rochelle Walensky saying on the press call that we don't know for sure how well the Jynneos vaccine for #monkeypox will work, White House deputy Demetre Daskalakis said of the intradermal injection, “It’s safe and equally effective" as subcutaneous injection. 2/ ImageImage
Jurisdictions are only just starting to transition to intradermal injections of the #monkeypox vaccine, increasing by five-fold the doses. But the White House is *already* multiplying by five how they count the doses they ship out. This is a clear misalignment mathematically.
3/ Image
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My theory of one key reason why #monkeypox remains so overwhelmingly in men who have sex with men:

The virus has a short window of being infectious before symptoms would make someone not have sex.

We don't know how long this window is or if there is asymptomatic spread.
We have seen in studies that the #monkeypox incubation period is about 7 days. But presumably there is a range. Let's say for the sake of argument that the window of infectiousness prior to symptoms ranges between day 5 and day 14 of infection. 2/
If the infectiousness window is no more than 14 days after someone acquires #monkeypox. And if the virus except in rare cases transmits sexually. Then for the most part, the only ones who transmit it will be those who have more than one sexual partner within a two-week period. 3/
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Author John Barry speaks to the pitfalls of trying to massage the truth about public health in what is inevitably a faulty effort to manage the public's reaction.

His thoughts are in keeping with how I am determined to communicate about #monkeypox.
🧵⬇️… Image
Sadly, public health communication on #monkeypox has remained muddled and rife with mixed messaging that only confuses the public. It also drives up anxiety in people who are at low risk.
Public health officers are partially responsible for the flood of misinformation about #monkeypox when they issue mixed messages about how the virus transmits and don't help the public understand the stratification of risk.
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"More than 35,000 cases of monkeypox have now been reported to WHO, from 92 countries and territories, with 12 deaths", says @DrTedros at @WHO presser
"Almost 7,500 cases were reported last week, a 20% increase over the previous week, which was also 20% more than the week before"
@DrTedros @WHO Almost all cases being reported from Europe and Americas and among men who have sex with men, says @DrTedros.
This underscores "the importance for all countries to design and deliver services and info tailored to these communities that protect health, human rights and dignity"
@DrTedros @WHO "The primary focus for all countries must be to ensure they are ready for monkeypox and stop transmission using effective tools", says @DrTedros.
Mentions disease surveillance, contact tracing, tailored risk comms and community engagement as well as risk reduction measures.
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LIVE: Media briefing on #monkeypox, #COVID19 and other global health issues with @DrTedros…
"More than 35,000 cases of #monkeypox have now been reported to WHO, from 92 countries and territories, with 12 deaths. Almost 7,500 cases were reported last week, a 20% increase over the previous week, which was also 20% more than the week before"-@DrTedros
@DrTedros "Almost all [#monkeypox] cases are being reported:
-from Europe & the Americas
-among men who have sex with men, underscoring the importance for all countries to design & deliver services & info tailored to these communities that protect health, human rights & dignity"-@DrTedros
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The @WHO is holding a press conference on #monkeypox and #Covid at 9am ET today, Wednesday. Follow this thread for live tweets. Image
Speaking to global access to #monkeypox vaccines, @DrTedros, Dr. Tedros Ghebreyesus, Director-General of the @WHO, said:

“We remain concerned that the inequitable access to vaccines that we saw during the Covid-19 pandemic will be repeated and the poorest will be left behind.” Image
Rosamund Lewis @PeopleDocGeneva, @WHO technical lead on #monkeypox on post-vaccination cases of the virus: "It reminds us that vaccines are not a silver bullet. We’re not expecting 100% efficacy of those vaccines for the prevention of monkeypox." Image
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The immense, concerted effort to gaslight us to “go back to normal” & ignore high rate of Covid & emerging #Monkeypox pandemic feels very creepily like the lies they told us Jan/ Feb 2020, knowing what was coming.

Know abt this? Lots of same players. Trust them at your peril.
Feb 17, 2020: Fauci made headlines when he called risk of Covid infiltrating the US “minuscule,” while private emails and discussions reflected otherwise:…
What’s stunning is this @USATODAY article from Feb 2020 stated that COVID was predominantly airborne, but airborne transmission was generally denied/ covered up for many months after that.

So, Fauci said not to wear a mask while article states virus is “predominantly”airborne!
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“Public health disaster”—Prisons are ‘potentially high-risk’ for #monekypox but experts say the @CDCgov’s horrible decision not to proactively vaccinate those in prison threatens the health of public at large. @CDCDirector sucks so bad that my brain hurts.…
2) Aziza Ahmed describes it as a public health disaster: a lot of people in tight quarters, inadequate healthcare, staff coming and going and no vaccines. 
Ahmed is a professor of law and an expert in health legal issues at Boston University….
3) She is among a chorus of public health experts voicing concerns over the federal response to monkeypox in prisons and jails.
 “At least at a minimum, [monkeypox] will require vaccines and personal protective equipment and places to isolate or quarantine,” said Ahmed.
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Une immunologue en remplace un autre : Brigitte Autran prend la tête du nouveau "Comité de veille et d’anticipation des risques sanitaires", qui succède à feu le Conseil scientifique de Jean-François Delfraissy. (@le_Parisien @FlorenceMereo)

1/4… ImageImage
Sur le #Covid : "Il faut aller vers le vivre avec. Attention, cela ne veut pas dire accepter les morts ou la gravité de la maladie. Au contraire. Et pour les éviter, il reste des leviers à activer", dit-elle, plaidant pour "élargir l’accès aux médicaments et aux vaccins".

Dans le reste de l'interview, elle estime notamment qu'"une stratégie 'zéro #Monkeypox' est possible, contrairement à celle du 'zéro #Covid'".

Mais pour y parvenir, il faut "plus" que les 150 centres de vaccination actuels.


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NEW: 🐒🦠 report from @CDCgov:

“His primary risk factor was close, NONSEXUAL contact w numerous unknown ppl at a crowded OUTDOOR event. His case highlights potential for spread at such gatherings, which may have implications for epidemic control.”

H/T @sri_srikrishna
👀 “Overall, the viral inoculum required for all possible modes of transmission remains an area of active investigation.”

Note: “no prodrome” which means there were NO early signs and symptoms that occurred before the major symptoms began 😐 warning the patients that he was infected & shld stay home.

Does this speak to pre-symptomatic spread?
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Vaccine distribution chaos—“Another 800 #monkeypox vax doses sent to Minnesota —a significant portion of the state’s total allotment —were unusable because the shipment was lost in transit for longer than the 96-hour “viability window.” 🧵

By @apoorva_nyc…
2) “Until recently, orders for Jynneos had to be placed via email instead of an automated system—state officials often did not know where their deliveries were or whether they had been sent at all. Some arrived without labels saying they contained vaccines or needed cold storage”
3) “Officials in at least 20 states and jurisdictions have complained about the delivery of the vaccine, called Jynneos. (Over half are led by Democrats, including California, Washington, Connecticut and Michigan, suggesting that their grievances are not politically motivated.)
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#monkeypox #variola SINTOMAS: comecei sentindo um cansaço/fadiga - que achei que era devido aos 45°C que tava fazendo onde eu estava - e então surgiu uma afta (foto). Só que essa afta não melhorava, só aumentava e então comecei a sentir os gânglios do meu pescoço incharem
Na sequência tive uma febre moderada, dores nas articulações e a ‘afta’ da boca só aumentava. Fiz o teste e por coincidência assim que saiu o resultado começaram a surgir novas lesões
Essas feridas não doem, coçam igual uma picada de pernilongo. Tive algumas no rosto mas já até saíram e não deixaram marcas. Porém a ferida da boca valeu por todas as outras que eu poderia ter tido. Os médicos dizem que por ser numa mucosa as coisas ficam mais difíceis
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A revista Lancet publicou um relato de caso de transmissão de varíola pelo monkeypox do ser humano para cachorro (o cãozinho dormia na cama). Mais estudos são importantes mas já fica o alerta para evitar contato muito próximo com animais de estimação durante o isolamento. Leia.
Doze dias após o início dos sintomas nos donos humanos, o cãozinho com 4 anos de idade e sem distúrbios médicos prévios, apresentou lesões mucocutâneas, incluindo pústulas no abdômen e uma ulceração anal fina. NÃO: NINGUÉM TRANSOU com o cachorro,
ele apenas dormia na cama dos donos como vários outros donos de pets permitem.

O cão testou positivo para o vírus monkeypox.
Os cuidadores tiveram o cuidado de evitar que seu cão entrasse em contato com outros animais de estimação ou humanos desde
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SEGUNDO reporte tras el de @Nature de #virueladelmono #monkeypox en asintomáticos, ese via @AnnalsofIM…
Esto nos lleva a pensar que no se trata de casos individuales, sino que sí es un mecanismo de transmisión relevante, sobre todo en #HSH con sexo anal
Necesitamos, por tanto, más acceso a PCR #monkeypox, probablemente en todo cribado de #ETS con o sin síntomas en personas que practican sexo anal con desconocidos (#HSH o no)
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As many of you know, I finished a grueling 10 weeks of #chemo for #testicularcancer 2 weeks ago. Many have asked how I've kept working so hard. The answer is that reporting on #monkeypox has been a calling. This 🧵⬇️is all the work I've proudly published during my cancer battle.
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SCOOP: The feds have been relying on emails to order and deliver #monkeypox vaccine, Jynneos, instead of the well-oiled machine run by the CDC for routine immunizations:…
The stockpile where Jynneos is stored was never meant to handle orders from states. That has meant doses missing in transit for days, delivered in the dead of night, arriving refrigerated rather than frozen, and shipped to just five sites in each state, regardless of size.
The feds introduced a new system to states 2 wks ago, trained them on it 4 days before that. But that system is also not integrated with state immunization databases, meaning state officials have to do manual data entry into two systems, instead of one automated one.
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🐒🦠 Flight attendant infected w #Monkeypox says “a bunch of” coworkers also infected:

✅ test took 5 days to come back (!!)
✅ “there’s a bunch of us” [who work for his airline] who are infected right now
✅ will be stuck in FT Lauderdale hotel for 3 weeks

If “a bunch of” them have it now, how did that happen?

Are we still denying airborne?
Hi @CDCgov @CDCDirector @WHO - might you address the various issues and alarming aspects of this?
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This is how @DouthatNYT shall we say *indelicately* phrases his criticism of @CDCgov on the #monkeypox front

My ow take on the matter is in the next tweets in the🧵⬇️ Image
My @NBCOUT article on #monkeypox that ran on the eve of Pride weekend:
My first @PostOpinions @washingtonpost oped criticizing @CDCgov’s mixed messaging on #monkeypox:
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Is there a LINK between the two pandemics COVID and MONKEYPOX?

If we take the example of Nigeria, Monkeypox has been endemic there for several years. Its most probable origin is the rainforests of the Congo Basin, with an animal reservoir which could be that of rodents
Source :
"Genomic history of human monkey pox infections in the Central African Republic between 2001 and 2018"…
The virus would then have spread in this forest zone until Ivory Coast, thanks to significant population migrations. This area is also characterized by a very high urban concentration, one of the highest in Africa, which promotes the spread of viruses.
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Il est à peine 5h et déjà je suis lasse de la bėtise.
Sujet : #incendies
Réactions 😭 :
1️⃣ @SergeZaka fait ... de la récupération (bah voyons)
2️⃣ la comm. du Ministère @ChristopheBechu est au choix raciste / sexiste / comment fait-on car il n'y a plus de cendrier dans les 🚗
Alors fatalement je le répète @Elysee @EmmanuelMacron @gouvernementFR @Elisabeth_Borne @Seb_Delescluse @Sante_Gouv @FrcsBraun il n'est pas possible que les invitations à la #responsabilité et à l'#altruisme du #vivreavec la #covid19 (et subséquemment le #monkeypox et tous les
virus ré-êmergents) aient la moindre chance d'être suffisamment entendues pr protéger les personnes #vulnérables (et se sachant fragiles) & encore moins les personnes qui se révéleront sensibles aux #séquelles sans qu'aucune prédisposition ne leur permettent de se l'imaginer
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1/8 -
Jan 30, 2020: #COVID19 has been declared PHEIC by the WHO, with 17,800 reported cases. Between Dec 15 and Mar 15, 217,000 cases were reported;
July 23, 22 #Monkeypox declared as PHEIC, with 17,021 rep. cases. Between May 15 and Aug 15, up to 40,000 cases should be reported.
2/8 -
Doubling times:
#COVID19 = 2-4 days in Jan, 4-14 days in Feb, 8-10 days Mar-Apr, 2020.
#Monkeypox = 7-10 days in June, 12-15 days in July, 18 days in Aug, 2022.
- Will it accelerate/keep pace/decelerate in the coming weeks?
3/8 - Initially #COVID19 has spread among religious communities with high promiscuity, then jumped to other segments of population, keeping heterogeneous spread during at least the first 6 months of the pandemic, until its 2nd wave (automn 2020).
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Almost 35,000 #monkeypox cases worldwide. Cases are definitely not “flat” as some claimed last week—continuing to surge. Many countries, including 🇬🇧, are running out of vaccine supplies in just 1 week. I know there’s a lot of virus news—but giving into fatigue is how virus wins. Image
2) Florida DOH is now telling people that heterosexual women cannot have #monkeypox — which is the biggest crock of nonsense I’ve heard all day— and I’ve been reading a lot of BS today.
3) Nigeria 🇳🇬 Ministry of Health’s #monkeypox treatment / self care guide is one of the best on the internet. Seriously, it’s by far one of the most richly detailed. 👇
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1. There's a new #monkeypox technical brief out from @UKHSA. Always an interesting read.
A 🧵
HSA's modeling suggests the outbreak isn't expanding, though they acknowledge cases are certainly being missed and that makes it hard to accurately gauge things.
2. If I'm reading this correctly (not a given), @UKHSA's nowcasting suggests the #monkeypox outbreak has plateaued and maybe is declining?
Full report is here:…
3. @UKHSA is monitoring the proportion of cases in women as a way of trying to determine if #monkeypox transmission is moving beyond networks of gay, bisexual & men who have sex with men. To date there is no evidence of growth outside the GBMSM sexual networks in the UK.
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Gay men don't need government directives or community shaming -- just be honest about how #monkeypox is spreading (ie, don't suggest sex, dancing together & touching clothing are equal risks) & they'll figure it out for themselves. It's already happening.
Behavior change didn't *fail* to curb #HIV -- rather it was an incomplete success, so we needed new approaches like U=U & PrEP. Until #monkeypox vaccines are readily available, abstinence, fewer partners, different activities & condoms are all part of the harm reduction toolbox.
(We don't know yet whether condoms can prevent #monkeypox, but given symptom presentation in the current outbreak, it seems likely they can reduce risk.)
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