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#WorldMentalHealthDay People forced onto cards have been slandered in parliament, press + on the street every day since 2015. Thanks to many, LNP no longer control media narratives in card zones though the MH toll on cardholders is heartbreaking.
#WorldMentalHealthDay Forced Indue card holders have reported being verbally abused, physically intimidated and have even had children taken out of shopping trolleys by strangers 'for their protection' as cards are identified locally as " druggie cards". Police don't act.
#WorldMentalHealthDay Here are some of the comments people on cards faced on social media during the 2017/18 'battle for Hinkler'. We used images of real people receiving/needing support to try 'mirror back' + educate ppl. To fight LNP's wholesale dehumanisation.
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THREAD 📌 So no joke I was too depressed to write about #WorldMentalHealthDay. I meant to put up a series I did on #LGBTQ mental health and didn't. I meant to put up some interviews I did with MH experts on the "collective trauma" we are experiencing, but I just couldn't.
For months I've been being treated for an exacerbation of #PTSD with concomitant depression & anxiety. I was going to write something profound about that, but instead took a Xanax, cried for a bit, read some poetry (which I used to write), tried not to crawl out of my skin.
I mostly wanted to say that we all need to be able to talk about how mental illness is often crushing, the pain as exhausting as physical pain. I wanted to say to folks who are suffering that you are not alone--there are millions of us. But I was unable to do any of it. Sigh.
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A moment in my time

A week after suicide prevention day last month, our family lost a lifelong mental health battle as my younger brother died by suicide.
He went through deep childhood traumas growing up in the shadows of our mother's schizophrenia and suffered clinical depression for almost two decades; which made each day of his adult life an overwhelming ordeal.
Yet he endured with silence, and went through a series of educational and professional accomplishments to find his rightful place in this world, as any man is told he should.
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Yesterday was #WorldMentalHealthDay and I engaged my WhatsApp audience on Social Media vs Social Depression

I'm not a pro actually😂😂😂😂

I just want to express my concern.

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We are all social creatures😁😁. We need the relationship with others to thrive in life, and the strength of our connections has a huge impact on our mental health and happiness. Being socially connected to others will seriously help us at every facet of live and we can't do ...
anything without relationship and companionship with others. Social connection can ease stress, anxiety, and depression, boost self-worth, provide comfort and joy, prevent loneliness, and even add years to your life.
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It’s a strange moment, to think about #WorldMentalHealthDay today, in this moment, in this year. There is so much trauma happening around us, with far too few systems to help those who need it and far too many who still stigmatize those who seek to improve their mental health.
I am grateful and privileged to live a life where I have had the ability to receive help from those systems that do exist and where mental health treatment is celebrated as an obvious good step.
We need to do better, though. Not only in general, but specifically in light of the year in which we are living. We must make ourselves, as a society, up to the task of caring for the mental health of everyone in our communities.
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It’s coming to a close on #WorldMentalHealthDay and I’ve been struggling to find something apt to write in a time when generational, situational, and personal trauma is aggravating pre-existing mental health conditions. If I can import anything on my followers, it’s this:
As someone who is relatively open about my struggles, I still keep 85% to myself because I am owed my own privacy as is everyone you follow. What you see online are curated portions of people. We should be grateful we can all talk and connect online, but be aware everyone is—
human. I’ve scaled back my internet presence tenfold in the last few months because I’m terrified of having every word and move dissected. That’s unhealthy. But rest assured even if someone isn’t broadcasting their lives, that doesn’t mean they doing well or experiencing pain—
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On 2/19/13, I drove my husband to a hospital because I was extremely concerned about his mental health. After 5 days in the hospital, he was released with an incorrect diagnosis and prescriptions for medications that ultimately would not end what he was struggling with. 1/5
We pursued a new doctor & got an accurate diagnosis. My husband lives every day with #BipolarDisorder. In the beginning, this was a scary diagnosis, but over time and through therapy, we've both learned strategies for living with the ebbs & flows of this specific illness. 2/5
My husband is the face of #BipolarDisorder but his experience is not unique. According to @NAMICommunicate, in America, 1 in 5 adults & 1 in 6 youths will experience a mental illness each year. How many people in your world struggle with an illness you can’t see? 3/5
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I started antidepressants 3 months ago. Yes, me. I seem super happy. Like I have it together, right? I do LOVE my life, but my brain is sometimes my worst enemy. It’s not a weakness to seek help. YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Let’s normalize discussing mental health. #WorldMentalHealthDay ImageImage
I’m privileged to have financial stability, support, & grown up with therapy encouraged. If you can, find group or sliding payment therapy. Non-profits like @NAMICommunicate & Nat’l Suicide Prevention Lifeline can help connect you. Reach out to a friend. YOU ARE NOT A BURDEN.
One of my greatest hopes is for universal, easily accessed mental healthcare. When I was depressed and anxious, finding emotional energy to jump through the hoops to find & pay for a doctor felt insurmountable. I’m donating to @NAMICommunicate hoping others can find the help too.
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Today is #WorldMentalHealthDay and it’s so important that we remove the stigma around mental health. I was diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder in my 20s, but likely had it since childhood. (A thread)
What that means is that I have anxiety over nothing in particular more often than not and an anxiety attack can come on at any time for no reason. Driving down the road. Watching TV. Laying in bed. It also leads to migraines - often lasting weeks at a time. #WorldMentalHealthDay
I have imposter syndrome to the Nth degree, and doubt myself more often than not. When my anxiety is high, it can be work to focus on something simple like reading a book. I will read and reread the same sentence over and over. My brain just has “bigger” things to worry about.
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I wanted to write something thoughtful for #WorldMentalHealthDay but all I could think of was these assortment of memes that I turn to in trying times ImageImageImageImage
I dunno I'm thirty and I have ADHD with comorbid depression, anxiety, OCD symptoms, I've spent most of my twenties wondering why everything just felt like it suddenly "stopped working" and what was wrong with me and trying to get a diagnosis
My brain is wired so goofily that it just runs a constant cycle of failing to do Task X and then trying to punish itself in a variety of methods. I've been high functioning and neurotypical-passing for most of my life so my challenges manifest as angry, cruel perfectionism
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It’s #WorldMentalHealthDay I’ve been thinking a lot about all that has happened over last 4+ years. With news focused on negotiations and deals, it’s easy to forget the human aspect—one that shows that Brexit also triggered a mental health crisis. Fallout will continue. [Thread]
The situation of EU citizens is one example. As a recent survey I did showed, many feel very anxious and stressed. I had assumed that I would see such feelings come through in the survey, but I hadn’t quite anticipated that they would be as common as they turned out to be.
But then a 4+ year rollercoaster ride about your rights in your home ... it’s definitely not a joyride. Especially as issues continue. Uncertainty for all this time, a real loss of a sense of belonging—these are serious issues and they affect young and old.
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2020 is a year no one will ever forget due to the #COVID19Pandemic and it’s more important than ever that we have people to talk to when we need too.

I myself suffer with my #MentalHealth due to a part of my life as a #teenager
I’m not ashamed of my #MentalHealth issues and what caused my #MentalHealth issues so I will share my story with you and I would like to ask that my #twitter followers to please #RT as far and wide to help me raise awareness of this issue. Thank you in advance.
My #MentalHealth story:

I was 17 and naive I had just come out as being #gay to my family and I started talking to a man on a app, we hit it off however that was just the start. We spoke for a while and he was saying everything I wanted to hear
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1/x As both service user and now practitioner within the #mentalhealth care system, I can’t stress enough the importance of streamlined and easy accessibility. Patients shouldn’t have to present at the ED to receive the care they so desperately need.
2/x Referrals shouldn’t take months before they’re processed. Luckily at @STJOESHAMILTON I was able to see a nurse weekly who both administered therapy and advocated on my behalf to my psychiatrist. This is the type of care we need. #WorldMentalHealthDay #MedTwitter
3/x just as it takes time to titrate diabetes medications for optimal glycemic control, therapy and psychopharmacology requires effort and titration for optimal management. Yet counselling sessions are often capped or not covered by OHIP. #WorldMentalHealthDay
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In all honesty this sounds like complete bullshit.

Trump will never go willingly and I can't see SDNY prosecutors accepting this either.

This is the danger of Social Media, blue ticks can post this with zero evidence and then just ignore it.
2/ There we go...

1) Cooper only cited a Facebook based news org in original post. Now it's "sources."
2) I don't see a journo revealing a source, especially if it's Stephen Miller.
3) With 610k followers it's really irresponsible to spread unverified reports like this.
3/ Also, on #WorldMentalHealthDay of all days, Cooper is spreading more anon source info from Google psychiatrists who've diagnosed Trump as Bipolar.

It's irresponsible, dangerous & unfair to people who are Bipolar.

This type of thing harms #BidenHarris2020 more than it helps.
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1/ On this #WorldMentalHealthDay, a look at how COVID is a mental health crisis in the making for family caregivers —

Jyl Choate, 51, is responsible for her 87-year-old mother. When COVID-19 emerged, Choate's family entered into strict lockdown.
2/ They had no choice.

"Nobody wants to kill grandma. If any of us get the virus, she will probably get it," Choate said.
3/ Choate's whole life revolves around her mother: 14 hours a day, seven days a week.

Even before COVID, she stopped working to stay on top of her mother's needs. Now, the pandemic has strained her family's finances. Choate is more stressed than ever.
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On #WorldMentalHealthDay, which poignantly for me coincides with October's #ADHDAwarenessMonth, I wish to follow the example of others & share my experience in what I believe is an unfit for purpose mental health service here in Scotland. #TeamADHD #neurodiversesquad (1/?)
After years of operating in a constant state of overwhelm, exhaustion and anxiety, I went to my GP in January to seek a referral to NHS psychiatry because I had come to believe that I was suffering with undiagnosed ADHD. A week later I received this letter. (2/?) Image
For 6 months leading up to this appointment, I had carried out thorough research after a colleague from a teaching job caused me to question if ADHD was at the root of why I was so deeply miserable in my university life. It wasn't long before the penny dropped. (3/?)
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Today is #WorldMentalHealthDay. If you take away one thing—remember that your mind has value. For resources to connect you with #MentalHealth education and support, check out our partners in this thread.
@NAMICommunicate is "the nation's largest grassroots mental health organization dedicated to building better lives for the millions of Americans affected by mental illness." On, you can join a discussion group, call a helpline, and more.
The @DBSAlliance is "is a comprehensive resource for more than 21 million people in the U.S. who live with mood disorders." At, you'll find educational materials, doctor Q&As, support groups, and resources for parents and children.
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"Looking after your physical health, from staying fit to eating a healthy and regular diet, helps your #MentalHealth"

-@Alissonbecker, WHO Goodwill Ambassador for Health Promotion

"And while #COVID19 is keeping us apart, there are many ways to stay connected with our family and friends.
Showing you care by phone and video goes a long way to put fears at ease."

@DrNataliaBecker, WHO Goodwill Ambassador

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1. There have been many times throughout my life where I have felt scared that I would never feel better, that I would always feel so anxious. Thankfully, as I continue to be open about it, more people reach out to me to share their own stories, reminding me that I am not alone.
2. This has helped me learn from others & realize that there can be a light at the end of the tunnel. It has also inspired me to work on myself and take time for myself each day so that I can slowly take small steps forward. For me, the healing process requires a lot of patience.
3. Taking the first step can be hard, but whatever you may be going through, please know that help and resources are available. Sometimes when you open up, you realize that you’re not the only one who feels that way. You may find a friend or someone else who can relate.
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Was planning to write a blog on #WorldMentalHealthDay, but have less energy to do so. Just want to share my journey on prioritizing on mental health. Prior to start of my PhD journey in Australia in 2015, I was aware about mental health issues but did not experience it myself.
Being separated from my family and being away to pursue my dream came with a baggage of guilt, that intensified when earthquake struck in April 2015. I headed home and returned to Australia with two kids ( aged 4 and 9) all by myself without supporting presence of my partner
Being a single carer of two young boys, who were grappling with the new country, environment and yet being a PhD student put immense pressure and I broke down but I knew about it before it was too serious. Since then, I started seeing counsellor at university and it was one of
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I’ve been teaching something for years that I want to share:

Never give feedback unless you truly want to change someone’s life.

Yes, the stakes are that high.

If you just feel like expressing an opinion, keep it to yourself. But if you care about someone deeply, intervene.
Question to check yourself:

• “Is this feedback about improving someone else’s life, or is it meant to make me more comfortable?”

• “Would my feedback make an immediate, positive difference?”

• “Do I love them?”

If not, step off.
When we offer unsolicited feedback, even with the spirit of good intent, we assume that someone has a blind spot or needs our help.

Don’t overindex your importance in someone else’s career. They’re doing just fine without you, even if it seems like they’re not.
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CW: Suicide.

Today is #WorldMentalHealthDay

Last summer, because of a thrilling lifelong clash of anxiety, depression, and borderline personality disorder, I decided to kill myself.

I fantasised about it, planned it, and tried to do it.
I didn't want to die, exactly. I just didn't want to be alive any more. I couldn't deal with the way my head worked. I was so, so tired of it.

Obviously I didn't quite, uh... pull the trigger, so to speak. I was out there, in a field, and then... stopped. Came home, seeing grey.
There was a Back From The Brink moment.

That felt terrible. I had a plan, and the plan was no longer happening.

Then there was that moment's uglier cousin: What Now?

That felt even worse. Just this wasteland of imagination. What was next? What could come after *that*?
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It's #WorldMentalHealthDay & like many #DisabledDocs I have officially decided that pursuing the relentless, unending documentation required for the accommodations I need to take Step 1 next spring is not worth the mental, social, and financial turmoil required of me.
USMLE requires that med students ask for supporting letters from mentors, authority figures, & colleagues that detail their "functional impairment" in all aspects of their lives.

If you value any form of privacy about your life, that's not an option.

Unfortunately when I take Step 1 will receive a number score. All classes after mine will get a pass/fail score because this test has long destroyed med student mental health. My goal is passing which is no small feat, but this number will stay on my transcript forever.

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