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While all this focus is on @GaryLineker, he gets criticised a lot for tweeting about this because he understands that most people don’t understand the magnitude of what we are facing in our kids lifetimes and maybe our own. Worth watching. A thread #MOTD #MOTDboycott #football
If you’re in any doubt of the facts: NASA Oxford… Met office… Margaret Thatcher Stephen Hawking The PR campaign against the facts:
How millions is spent on PR, lobbying and disinformation, to stop you from understanding they are polluting the world as they earn billions and billions: #JustStopOil…
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@BBC @BBCNews Tell the public clearly and loudly, the full truth
The establishment media has stopped the public from understanding what is happening to the planet #DavidAttenborough #BBC
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We're in a Climate & Ecological Crisis, Sixth Mass Extinction, a threat to us all. Fossil fuels, though they account for over 80% of carbon emissions produced by humans, continue to be widely used. That's massively destabilising our biosphere, yet our Parliament says/does nothing Image
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On Dec 12th 2019 I cried.

Every #Tory MP who signed up to #GetBrexitDone” however utterly sh*t it was, at THAT MOMENT, sealed our fate.

Personal ambition & greed trumped any sense of public duty or responsibility.

ANYTHING @BorisJohnson wanted to do was made possible.
His wealthy backers & sycophantic MP & media facilitators rubbed their hands w/ glee, no-one could touch him now!

A man lacking any moral compass who dreamed of being king, a terrifying combination, both disastrous for the UK & lethal for many 1000s.

He simply does not care!
2/ ImageImageImage
From #Sewage on our beaches to the collapse of the #NHS, he does not care.

From sitting maskless & asleep beside #DavidAttenborough to departing #COP26 in a private jet, he does not care.

For the 1000s of avoidable #COVID deaths & 1000s more w/ #LongCovid, he does not care.
2/ ImageImageImageImage
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#wearamask #COP26Glasgow #DavidAttenborough #cop26
Because of attitudes like this and the ridiculous Rees Mogg ‘fraternal convivial spirit’ drivel, the Commons now has a major #COVID19 outbreak; staff being told to work from home, masks mandated etc. Selfish and stupid. They carry these traits, and the virus, everywhere.
Sir Jeremy Farrar has resigned from SAGE because of the government’s refusal to listen to scientific advice on #COVID19 measures. With the PM’s example, or lack of it, on the world stage, this is no great surprise frankly. Reckless incompetence. #wearamask #ToryCovidCatastrophe
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One of the most extraordinary human beings on this precious earth, fighting to save it from our own species.

Spellbinding, moving, eloquent.

To those who are deaf to his pleas, all future devastation is on you.
#COP26 #DavidAttenborough #ClimateEmergency
With everything going on at #COP26 I have never found the billionaire spaceship ten minute joyrides more unedifying.
So so powerful. #COP26 #COP26Glasgow #ClimateAction
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Wise words from #DavidAttenborough, but he still belongs to a generation, & to an establishment & academic class that has failed humanity.

Despite being an evolutionary biologist, he failed to understand evolved human nature & how it is perverted by civilisation itself.
I'm sure David must have read, #EFSchumacher's #Small_is_Beautiful (1973), which makes clear that mainstream #BritishValues are inherently unsustainable on our finite, vulnerable & overpopulated planet, #SpaceshipEarth, but I've never heard him say this.
#DavidAttenborough, like all academics, fails to recognise how civilisation corrupts evolved human nature, because it works very much to his own personal advantage.

Understanding this requires an evo-sociobiological perspective, which most academics refuse to embrace.
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There are no genuine nations, just mercenary #PatronStates deceitfully posing as nations, in order to legitimise themselves, their ruling elites & the immense power they wield & abuse.

THIS abuse is responsible for #ClimateChange & our inability to halt it. @MikeHudema
Whereby climate change is just a SYMPTOM of the CANCER that is our growth-dependent, grossly materialistic, mercenary, rapacious, driven, & thus inherently unsustainable global economy.

This is what even #DavidAttenborough is STILL in denial of.
We were warned about the inherent non-sustainability of a global economy (the household of man) being given priority over ecology (the household of our planet) in the early 1970s, as I recall, but our leaders & their academic advisors ignored these warnings.
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I think #DavidAttenborough, on behalf of his whole generation, owes #GretaThunberg & her generation an abject apology for having failed to instigate a #SustainabilityRevolution, the existential need for which has been apparent to many of us since the early 1970s.
I apologise for my own boomer generation, but it would be better coming from more influential individuals like #BillClinton, #BillGates & #TonyBlair. Only, they don't recognise the failure, or their co-responsibility for it, since that would tarnish their self-image.
These men & thousands like them, & a smaller number of women, who profited greatly from our unsustainable global economy, will almost certainly die in denial of their failings, as many, like #MargretThatcher & #HelmutSchmidt have already done.
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Britain, the UK, or whatever you call it, is an Orwellian construct, based on lies, deceit & a regime of rewards & intimidation. And so too is every so-called #NationState, including, & most importantly, the USA.

This is the truth. Either we face up to it, or we perish.
Who do I mean by "we"?

I mean, our civilisation, which, because it is global, effectively embraces everyone on the planet. Many will survive, but many more will not, & many animal & plant species will be driven - are being driven - to extinction.
I'm not the only one who recognises the peril we're in, but I may be the only one who understands it well enough to offer advice on how to avoid our civilisation's self-destruction. My understanding is not perfect, but a lot better than that of people like #ElonMusk & #BillGates.
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#DavidAttenborough annoys me, because he's had an extremely privileged life at the expense of his own race & of our planet's biodiversity he has devoted much of his life to documenting.

He doesn't recognise this, of course, but means well, dissolving my annoyance into sadness.
Of course, he has hope for the future, because to recognise the truth would destroy his self-image as a fabulously successful individual.

The truth is that he & the White elite he belongs to have totally fucked up.
What does this have to do with Race (the fact that #DavidAttenborough is White), you ask?

Race is our largest kinship group, contempt for which lies at the heart of our civilisation's self-destructiveness. You can't truly care about anything, if you don't also care about that.
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There is an existential threat to our survival which I see 3 aspects to: #Ecocide, #CivilisationalSuicide & #WhiteSelfGenocide.

That we are committing ecocide is undeniable. Ask #DavidAttenborough.

The other 2 are more controversial. Most people would deny both outright.
I believe all 3 to be true, which I elaborate on in this thread:
The choice between fight or flight is instinctive, but there is no instinctive response to the threats we face. We have to think about them, which exposes us to the subconscious temptation of rationalisation & denial, which we have clearly succumbed to.
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The movie that we should all be talking about.

If not talk, at least quietly reflect on and conscientiously begin to make personal lifestyle changes, no matter the degree of change. Every little helps!!

#ALifeOnOurPlanet #Netflix #DavidAttenborough
The movie begins with a quick lesson on evolution and plunges into the prevailing ill-practices around the globe that are rapidly declining the health and richness of bio-diversity.
Backed up by plenty of evidence and personal experience of the decaying planet, David's witness statement to the world shakes you back to reality.
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The Duke of Cambridge's environmental award will give one million pounds to five winning innovators each year from now until 2030…
The prince has called the award “the most prestigious environmental prize in history” 👑🌎
“I felt very much that there’s a lot of people wanting to do many good things for the environment and what they need is a bit of a catalyst, a bit of hope, a bit of positivity that we can actually fix what’s being presented" - Prince William
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Indian docuementaries on digital platform.

A thread..
The life journey of #JagjitSingh who broke through the norms and revolutionised the Ghazal scenario.

#KaagazKiKashti (2017) by @brahmanandsingh.

Streaming on @PrimeVideoIN.

@jabeenmerchant @MobiusFilmsIn Image
The most comprehensive film made on the great composer and a film that no music and film buff anywhere in the world can afford to miss .

#PanchamUnmixed (2008) by @brahmanandsingh.

Available on @YouTubeIndia (buy/rent) :

@MobiusFilmsIn Image
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My child swore he accomplished all his online learning assignments hour.
In addition to Khan, and Duolingo, and other supplemental on-line learning, might I also suggest that parents greenlight their kids watching nature/science/art/history documentaries.
My household will run through the entire
#davidattenborough ouvre in short order
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1) Following in Charles Darwin's wake, I still use nets to sample the plankton today. This thread is a series of 32 weekly, short videos narrated by #DavidAttenborough to introduce this remarkable world of microscopic life. RT to make this series a success.
2) Charles Darwin: Many of these creatures so low in the scale of nature are most exquisite in their forms and rich colours – It creates a feeling of wonder that so much beauty should be apparently created for so little purpose. @zeiss_micro
3) Here, #DavidAttenborough introduces the phytoplankton, the microalgae that begin the marine food chain underpinning life in the sea. @zeiss_micro
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#NewYearChallenge I am on the last day on not-buying-anything-I-don't-need-year and thought I'd share in case it inspires you to do the same

Two weeks before Christmas last year I watched a #DavidAttenborough show, #BluePlanet and it inspired me to take massive action

I watched the plastic floating in the oceans and wondered, with shame, how much was mine :/

I decided to do a year of not consuming.

My only rule was "not to buy anything I didn't need". This meant I could buy food, drink and basic toiletries etc.
(I included mascara and moisturiser on my basic lists, I'm not a monster).

I didn't buy; clothes, shoes, presents, other makeup, hair products, jewellery, bags, decorations, anything disposable, plants, flowers, house items etc.
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