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March 17 2020: "#Gates has proved there is a far easier path to political power, one that allows unelected billionaires to shape public policy in ways that almost always generate favorable headlines: #charity."
"Describing his approach by turns as "creative capitalism" and “catalytic philanthropy," Gates oversaw a shift at his foundation to leverage "all the tools of #capitalism" to "connect the promise of #philanthropy with the power of private enterprise."

#Microsoft #Pharma
The #Gates Foundation has made over the last two decades, ...close to $2 billion in tax-deductible charitable donations to private companies—including some of the largest businesses in the world, such as #GlaxoSmithKline, #Unilever, #IBM, & #NBC Universal #Media."
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Jeffrey Epstein’s Links To Scientists Are Even More Extensive Than We Thought #MIT #Apollo 👉 Koch…
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Clariant AG is a Swiss speciality chemicals company, formed in 1995 as a spin-off from Sandoz. The company started in 1995, as a spinoff (IPO) of the chemical operations of Sandoz, which then merged its pharmaceutical business with that of Ciba-Geigy to form Novartis. #Novartis
2/ Ciba-Geigy also went on to spin out its chemical operations, called Ciba Specialty Chemicals, which was later acquired by BASF.) In 1997, Clariant grew substantially, with the acquisition of the Hoechst speciality chemicals business. #Novartis
Clariant CEO exits abruptly, renewing turmoil at Swiss group/Aramco-controlled Saudi Basic Industries (SABIC), which holds 25% of Clariant
24/07/19 🤔…
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That relationship with Cohen isn’t the only ethical pall over Novartis. Novartis faced a number of bribery scandals. In 2017, the company faced allegations it bribed physicians and other public officials to boost prescriptions and company sales in Greece
In August 2016, Novartis executives in South Korea were indicted for allegedly making $2 million in payments to physicians in exchange for prescribing Novartis medications.
In November 2015, Novartis agreed to pay $390 million to settle a civil lawsuit related to the kickback payments to specialty pharmacy companies that distributed the drugs Exjade and Myfortic.
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Look for instances of Trump meeting w/ anyone from #Novartis at #Davos around 1/22/20 - where Trump was still downplaying the #Pandemic.

"The president took a dinner w/Novartis' CEO-to-be Vas Narasimhan, Bayer CEO Werner Baumann and other execs to "share our economic success story and to encourage them to continue to invest in America," Gary Cohn told reporters..."

5/9/18: " Novartis' statement, they're expressly trying to deflect any blame away from the new CEO (Narasimhan), that met with Trump in Davos:

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I’ll turn these into a thread. Maybe if there’s a thread then we can see the broader picture of this experimental treatment for #COVIDー19:…
From France, two tweets in and we have randomization do we not? Totally different country, different standards, different people:
From Forbes: (Forbes, oddly, has been doing China’s bidding so you can understand their hesitation here but anyway)…
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1) #MichaelCohen keeps digging himself a deeper hole. He lied in answering @Jim_Jordan's question on his desire to work #POTUS' admin & now this.
#ZeroHedge ==> #Cohen Slapped With #CriminalReferral Mid-Testimony Over #FARAViolation ==> Foreign Agents Registration Act
2) #Cohen failed to report #Novartis, which paid $1.2mi 2act as a consultant on the #TrumpAdmin, $150,000 from #SK's Korea Aerospace Industries (KAI) & also a payment from Kazakhstan BTA bank.
Meadows tweeted: "I just entered a referral for criminal investigation of
3) #MichaelCohen, who violated the #FARA by illegally lobbying on behalf of foreign entities without registering..."
He was indicted 4lying & now we are to believe he tells the truth before #Congress?
Well he is getting his due!
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Are you interested in basic #molecularbiology #research in #Europe, but lacking insights on the top institutes with a twitter presence? Search no more – this thread features a selection of Europe’s leading molecular biology hubs to follow. 👩‍🔬👨🏿‍🔬👩🏼‍🔬
The ‘mother of molecular biology institutes’ first, the #MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology (usually called ‘The LMB’) in #Cambridge. Dubbed the #NobelPrize Factory, I consider it a ‘must-follow’ for any biologist on twitter. | @MRC_LMB
The European Molecular Biology Laboratory in #Heidelberg is associated with #EMBO. Alongside the LMB, ‘EMBL’ is the flagship of molecular biology research in Europe – and expanding, with branches in #Hinxton, #Monterotondo, #Grenoble, #Hamburg and #Barcelona. | @EMBL
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@TorniAlan @RobertKennedyJr @CapitalJon @mektronik 1. As a lawyer I would call it “coming to the nuisance”: #Bayer knew about the challenges against #glyphosate (#Roundup). They exist in the #EU, in Africa, in #Asia & the #US: Bad news for Bayer - In the US you have to pay huge damages! Good for the consumer! #Monsanto
@TorniAlan @RobertKennedyJr @CapitalJon @mektronik 2. I would love to see what the due diligence report stated during the #Monsanto-takeover - It seems that #Bayer underestimated the risk-impact of #glyphosate somewhat! Many concerns on #Roundup existed for years! There is also a reason why #Monsanto was called #Monsatan...
@TorniAlan @RobertKennedyJr @CapitalJon @mektronik 3. Never understood why a 150 year old #Pharma-company, with good brands,a very decent goodwill and high margins would expand further into #CropScience (never did well for #Bayer) with a company like #Monsanto (soso reputation, lower margins & obvious risk)!
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Ορισμένες σκέψεις για τους μάρτυρες της #Novartis.
Όπως αποδείχτηκε από την πρωινή συνέντευξη Πολάκη, η Κυβέρνηση γνωρίζει ποιοι είναι.
Αφού η Κυβέρνηση γνωρίζει, οι μάρτυρες δεν μπορούν προφανώς να καταθέσουν περιπτώσεις χρηματισμού κυβερνητικών στελεχών.
Πώς γίνεται όμως, εάν->
-> ο Φρουζής "χρημάτιζε όλο το σύμπαν", όπως διατείνονται οι μάρτυρες, να σταμάτησε ξαφνικά να χρηματίζει πολιτικούς μόλις εξελέγη ο ΣΥΡΙΖΑ;
Κρατήστε αυτή τη σκέψη και πάμε στο εξής: σύμφωνα με τους μάρτυρες, ο Φρουζής χρημάτισε τον Πικραμμένο που διετέλεσε υπηρεσιακός ΠΘ μόλις->
17 ημέρες. Επίσης χρημάτισε τον Σαμαρά στις 26/01/18, δηλαδή σε χρονικό σημείο που παρέδιδε την εξουσία στον Τσίπρα και άρα δεν μπορούσε να του κάνει ρουσφέτι. Αν αυτά ισχύουν (όπως προφανώς κρίνει η Τουλουπάκη), προκύπτει ότι η μέθοδος χρηματισμού της Novartis είναι η τακτική->
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