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¿Habéis probado ya Enhace speech de #Adobe?

¡Te lo cuento en este hilo!👇👇👇 Image
Enhance speech es una herramienta gratuita que integra Inteligencia Artificial para eliminar el ruido, la reverberación y el eco de un audio.

Esto nos permite mejorar el sonido de un vídeo mejorando nuestra voz.

¡Y tan solo con un click!
Aquí podéis ver la prueba que hice.

❌️Audio sin activar Enhance:
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🔥 AI is changing the world faster than ever. Here are some of the most mind-blowing AI news from last week that you don't want to miss:

🧵 A thread
1/ AI Builder: a new app by Microsoft that lets you create and train AI models without coding. Use them for image recognition, text analysis, and more.…

#microsoft #aibuilder #windows #programming #artificialintelligence
2/ Neural Filters: a new feature by Adobe that adds generative AI to Photoshop. Apply realistic effects to your photos, such as changing facial expressions, hair styles, age, and lighting.…

#adobe #photoshop #neuralfilters #generativeai #photography
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Les graphistes sont-ils menacés ?

Adobe Generative Fill révolutionne Photoshop grâce à l'IA.

Découvrez comment éditer vos photos avec facilité grâce à l'IA (et c'est gratuit) : 👇🧵
Juste avant de commencer :

→ Adobe Photoshop coûte 23,99 €/mois.

→ Mais vous pouvez utiliser Generative Fill gratuitement.

Voici comment : 😜
Création de compte :
→ Créez un compte gratuit ou connectez-vous à votre compte existant sur le site web ci-dessous.

→ Une fois connecté, cliquez sur l'option "Générer" au milieu de la page.
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🔥Get ready to be surprised! You know Satya Nadella and Sundar Pichai, but did you know Lella Nair, CEO of Chanel, and Shantanu Narayen, CEO of Adobe, are also Indian? Let's take a closer look at some of the lesser-known Indian-origin CEOs who are dominating the global business
Shantanu Narayen is the CEO of @Adobe, a leading software company that creates tools for creative professionals worldwide. Under his leadership, Adobe has been named one of Fortune's "World's Most Admired Companies" for several years running. 🖥️ #ShantanuNarayen #Adobe Shantanu Narayen is the CEO of Adobe
Meet Vasant Narasimhan - the CEO of Swiss pharmaceutical giant @Novartis . A trained doctor, Vasant is leading the charge in developing innovative treatments for a range of diseases, including cancer and multiple sclerosis. #VasantNarasimhan #InnovativeMedicine #Novartis  Vasant Narasimhan - the CEO of Swiss pharmaceutical giant N
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👉 2023 - Top UI UX Trends you need to know🔥🚀

As we explore UI UX Trends 2023, #Adobe's $20 billion acquisition of #Figma still surprises us.

A UI UX collaborative prototyping tool costing so much is unbelievable. #UI #UX has evolved into a crucial business process.

Top UI Design Trends of 2023🔥

• Large font size and immersive experience
• No more parallax scrolling
• Generative AI in the design process
• Make full use of the card UI component
• Light mode with an option for dark mode
👉Large font size and immersive experience

Their websites have immersive homepages. Clean websites display only the most important information and categories. Some of the world's largest companies with multiple product segments, categories, and locations had information-packed..
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Si buscabais acciones de calidad, ¡aquí vas a encontrar un diamante en bruto!

En el 🧵de hoy, vamos a analizar una de las compañías más punteras del sector tecnológico que ha tenido una evolución espectacular en los últimos años. 

¡Analizamos #Adobe! 📈
Adobe ofrece una extensa gama de productos, servicios y software relacionados con la creación de contenido digital: vídeo, fotografía, diseño gráfico, animación siendo el líder mundial en muchos de estos campos.

Se divide en dos segmentos: Digital Media y Experience Cloud
➡️ Digital Media (76% de los ingresos. Son productos, servicios y soluciones que permiten crear, publicar y promocionar su contenido. Se divide en Creative Cloud (diseño digital) y Document Cloud (PDF)

➡️ Experience Cloud: analítica de la experiencia del cliente digital
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Fun times ahead for #Adobe designers. Today, if you open a PSD (even one that's 20 years old) with an obscure PANTONE colour, it will remove the colour and make it black. Pantone want US$21/month for access, and Solid Coated goes behind the paywall in early November.
In the oldest version of Illustrator 2022 still accessible, you can see some Pantone swatch libraries that have been removed from the latest release. The color names inside still might be paywalled in November though.
Two corrections!

1. Pantone's site offers different prices to different regions, but doesn't show this or specify currencies (I'm in Australia, see pic). It's apparently AU$21 or US$15/month.

2. I said "…behind the paywall in *early* November" but it's just "November". Sorry.
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Apparently today is #PortfolioDay. I don't normally use this Twitter handle for my art but today I figure "hey, why not?" So, here's a🧵

Sometimes I do fanart... 1/


#art #WangXian #mdzsfanart #MDZS #artistsontwitter #digitalpainting #procreateart Black and white painting of...
Sometimes I do other digital art (the first was a study based on a photo, the web source for which has since been taken down)... 2/


#PortfolioDay #artistsontwitter #artistsoftwitter #digitalpainting #digitalartwork #procreateart Color digital painting of a...A sketch of a human left ar...
Sometimes I do vector illustration, often as a part of my graphic design work to create promotional pieces. This was used on the poster for a theatre production... 3/


#PortfolioDay #artistsontwitter #artistsoftwitter #digitalpainting #digitalartwork Vector illustration that lo...Image of a poster attached ...
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La #Sicurezza nella P.A. al tempo di #Kaspersky.
@AdmGov (nota agenzia fiscale italiana): riassunto in tre screenshot (vds. tweet successivi) Image
Sistema Operativo: #Windows7; direi, obsoleto ma, probabilmente, è il meno Image
Browser: #InternetExplorer 11 (ultimo aggiornamento KB4534251 risalente al 10-03-2020)
Gran parte degli #applicativi in uso girano solo sotto IE

Antivirus: dopo aver disinstallato #Sophos (un paio di mesi fa, probabilmente perché scaduto il contratto) #WindowsDefender
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As someone who likes profits, been asking myself, if I had invested in attractive high-growth companies in their early years e.g.
-or Netflix?

In this thread, we learn one way to value PRE-PROFIT COMPANIES by using gross income.

Best served with a cup of tea 🫖

The obvious problem is that not all promising companies show earnings or cash flow starting Day 1.

Earnings are what the hardcore “value investors” demand for their valuation Excel exercise.

But it’s lazy to stop there. How could we rethink the valuation process?

If we can’t rely on cash flows or earnings, we must “climb up” the income statement. Operating income, or EBIT, could work.

But many companies invest heavily in growth, suppressing operating income through higher operating expenses (OPEX), see e.g. #Amazon in 1999-2001.
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Analysis: #NASDAQ $ADBE

Case 323 #Adobe Inc.

DISCLAIMER: The analysis is strictly for educational purposes and should not be construed as an invitation to trade.

#ADBE 1/4
Chart 1
Weekly Chart: The price declines seen in Feb. - Mar. 2020 ran into the major #support zone 276.64 - 254.74 being #Fib. 0.382, long term #trendline support and dual pivots. Since then a new all time high has .....

ADBE 2/4
..... been registered and we expect this to reach 411.11 - a close above targets the main objective 436.49.

ADBE 3/4
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4/10 - Cut & paste your surroundings to Photoshop


Book: @HOLOmagazine
Garment: SS17 by @thekarentopacio
Type: Sainte Colombe by @MinetYoann @ProductionType
Technical Insights: ↓

#ML #AR #AI #AIUX #Adobe #Photoshop
The secret sauce here is BASNet (Qin et al, CVPR 2019) for salient object detection and background removal.

The accuracy and range of this model are stunning and there are many nice use cases so I packaged it as a micro-service / docker image:… Image
And again, the OpenCV SIFT trick to find where the phone is pointing at the screen.

I also packaged it as a small python library:…

Send a camera image + a screenshot and you get accurate x, y screen coordinates! Image
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A 10 años del #Terremoto2010 ocurrido en el Centro de #Chile, no tan solo cambió nuestra geografía, sino que fue objeto de estudio, avance #científico y #conocimiento en #sismología de terremotos.

En conmemoración del #megaterremoto, va el ➡️ #megaHILO 🇨🇱 sobre el #27F
Aunque ... ¿Qué sabíamos antes de este terremoto? ➡️ durante dos campañas de mediciones GPS entre 1996-1999, ya se conocía q entre #Concepción-#Constitución la región estaba madura para q ocurriera un gran sismo.
¡El último había ocurrido en 1835!, el famoso terremoto de #Darwin
Así, un grupo del @Dgf_uchile mostró que en esa zona habrían movimientos de 4 cm/año hacia el Este ➡️ nos acercábamos poco a poco a Argentina.
Miren las flechas apuntando hacia la derecha, son 13 estaciones GPS que se estaban moviendo en esa dirección, hasta #Santiago se movía!
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@AdobeSpark #Feedback. Pinch-in & Pinch-out are not very effective interaction to resize the text boxes precisely in Adobe Spark Android Mobile App. They are good for Zoom-in & Zoom-out from Maps because it don't require precision.
Sometimes when I try to left/right align two text boxes, suppose Title and Content. The auto snap helps me to properly align them but as I lift my finger, the text box slightly displace. That is irritating. I need a tool to fine-tune the movement. This interaction is
for Android Mobile App.

I am not sure that Adobe Spark primarily focusing on Print Media or Social Graphic. As I use Spark mostly for publishing Social Graphic thus I think "Popular" and "Stand out in Social" must be swapped in this page
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What if a Software like Adobe Photoshop only provides Viewport and all the other functions can be added as Plugins & Addons from Market Place?
#DesignSystem #marketplace #Portfolio #app #adobe #autodesk #CRM #ERP #digital #UX #Design #UI #atomicdesign
It will cultivate a pool of addons. Addons will compete among each other but not the software. Cost Management as per addons use. Budget Allocation will be Agile. Focus will improve. A well establish design philosophy & style guide will improve consistency. Learning Curve of each
Addons will be low. Easily adaptable. Easily replaceable with a better addon from another creator. Many way of achieving the same task. Best Practices Guide will be paced. Companies will have less liability. Marketplace addons will find it more secure to run the business as they
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The only thing that will motivate people to #adapt newer #apps in already populated app #market is by declaring a Product Mature when it runs out of Visual Space that means ignoring dropdown menus & drawers completely. #UX #Trend #VisualCommunication #Design #DesignTrend #Product
Calling a Product Mature, gives it an identity. The age have passed, when learning a new software is considered a skill & achievement, integrated softwares are the necessary bridge to accomplish the task. Smaller #Visual Centric #Applications #Integrated in a #Pipeline are
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#DUp18. This is the first time where I have seen a desktop software #Adobe #Photoshop breaking down into smaller applications on Android Platform. I have seen MS Word transitioning into cloud based web application that was launched by Google Doc. Also.. Image
@dtelepathy @GVteam @kerryrodden Any UX/Product framework for the above explanation to conclude. We are going to see more of it in the coming times. @Adobe @Microsoft
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1/ This is the first time where I have seen a desktop software #Adobe #Photoshop breaking down into smaller applications on Android Platform. I have seen MS Word transitioning into cloud based web application that was launched by Google Doc. Also Google launched Google Doc
2/ Android application. But that is a whole app relaunched with limited functionality on another platform. Adobe Photoshop is not a moderate Interaction Software. Not like analytics dashboard, email client, collaborative apps or a booking app. This is an application used by
3/ Trained Professional. It require high latency, complex specialised tools and design from scratches approach. The Onboarding time is high and learnability curve is steep to be an expert in Photoshop. Adobe have named 5 applications with Adobe Photoshop prefix on Android
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