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#NYSE: "natural asset companies" (#NACs) will be listed & traded on its exchange, "creating a new market whose assets generate trillions of dollars in #ecosystemservices annually."

Sept 17 2021: "NACs enable natural asset owners to convert #nature’s value into financial capital... The asset class was developed to enable exposure to the opportunities created by the estimated $125 trillion annual global #ecosystemservices market."…
Natural Asset Companies (#NACs) "HOLD RIGHTS [emphasis mine] to ecosystem services produced by natural or human-controlled lands & profit from trading the #ecosystemservices they provide."

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Thanks to:
Sezaru 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🇬🇧
Sep 21
#SpanishFlu 1918 #Covid 2019

Same Players Same Game

#Rockefeller #Gates

@ditch_crawler ·
Sep 21
#SpanishFlu 1918 #Covid 2019

Same Players Same Game

#Rockefeller #Gates



Thanks to: Sezaru
Oct 7
#Blackrock and Vanguard
#Rockefeller #Rothschild
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Learning thread.

"By 2030, our goal is to enable access to #digitalidentity for every person on the planet." — 2017 ID2020 Summit

2014: ID2020 public-private p'ship

2016: ID2020 Alliance: Accenture, #Microsoft, #Gavi, #Rockefeller, IDEO

2021: #ID2020 launches #GoodHealthPass Image
#ID2020 is very quiet having published a single video in 10 months - the #GoodHealthPass launch event (Feb 11 2021 w/ 2,452 views). Equally restrained is the Twitter account created Jan 2021, w/ a mere 384 followers - & 12 tweets. ID2020 Twitter is also on hiatus. #Strategy ImageImageImageImage
"Urgency - While standards-development processes typically move slowly, a cross-sector effort is urgently required to bring #goodhealthpass solutions to market in 2021 & to scale globally – with the same urgency applied to #vaccine development." Image
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IBM and the Nazis - Bill Gates comes from a very elitist family of die-hard eugenicists and cut-throat bankers, masquerading as humanitarians and philanthropists. What are the real long-term goals of these two mega corporations?
PDF by Miles Mathis -
#BillGates Jewish Aristocrat by Miles Mathis. We saw in a previous paper that Steve Jobs is Jewish. Well, so is Bill Gates. He is from the same families as the Bushes and all the other Presidents. 😉
Bill Gates Father Ran Planned Parenthood, His Mother Created Microsoft, Together They Trained Their Son To Spread The Gospel Of Eugenics. Bill Gates was born into a family of tremendous wealth, position and power.
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Hochgradiger Verdacht auf #Korruption im globalen #Impfbusiness

13 Milliarden sind von der Gates Foundation in die Schweiz geflossen
(Seite 4)
Eine zentrale Figur ist Peter Piot (Seite 43)
Seth Berkley, CEO #GAVI. Recherchen gehen zurück bis 1998
#Rockefeller und die ganzen Netzwerke #IAVI…
Die geplante Pandemie
Aus den Daten kann man sehen, dass die Pandemie seit 2017 vorbereitet wurde, denn die Organisationen, die sich mit einer (damals als „möglich“ bezeichneten) Pandemie befasst haben, ihre Verbindungen untereinander und die Geldflüsse haben ab 2017 begonnen.
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1/8 Friday night, a light thread on the most exclusive Chinese medical school, started by Americans 100 years ago. It’s a piece of US-China history I want my own kids to know.
2/8 Like income inequality, China university resources are not as equal as in the US. There are top 2 universities (Peking U&Tsing Hua) that everyone agrees among top 2, with the rest vying for the third.
3/8 Peking Union Medical College协和. Each year it admits about 100 students, with 1-3 student from each of 31 provinces, except Beijing having a higher quota of 20. In 1993, My father said he would have gone crazy if I got in. He didn’t go crazy.
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#Quebec #vaccinepassport QR code begins w/ shc:/. "shc"- acronym for SMART Health Cards specification spearheaded by the Vaccination Credential Initiative [VCI]. Akinox, developer of #VaxiCode & VaxiCode Verif for the Quebec govt, is member of VCI.

#4IR #Salesforce #Rockefeller
Aug 20 2021: "Many US states have outlawed #vaccinepassports but the #SMARTHealthCard is being rolled out across the country with help from the private sector.

#VCI is a consortium of key players [] & includes major corps like #Microsoft, #Salesforce..."…
[Source of information highlighting #VaxiCode acronym for #SMARTHealthCards:…]

Smart Health Cards [#VCI] & Common Trust Network:

#4IR architecture
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👀”The severity of the virus is not the conspiracy”
Next to my💩hanlon’s razor line, I’d beaten this drum

Is this👇🏼the case?
🇨🇳seemed desperate to stop it, at first
🇨🇳didn’t tinker w/common cold
HIV also appears mild, at first, w/latent worsened effects
🇮🇳early HIV📄was censored
I think either they were working on an HIV Vx...but dual use(bioweapon)lab/research, or nefarious plan was VaaS...goal=control

Technocrats saw opportunity
Zoonosis, or negligent early leak, either are cover/pretext for mRNA/transhumanism agenda

Attractive opportunity for “oops”
Hijacked immune systems makes humanity more reliant on them than relying on them for $, energy, food, or supplies...

Sick world.

Also Fauci long history w/HIV fascination...outsourced to 🇨🇳 due to morality&regs in 🇺🇸

Interesting...and concerning. But 2021 🌎ending anyway🤷🏼‍♂️🙃
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When will Americans get angry that we were manipulated into wasting🩸 &💰to tee up CCP’s opportunity to exploit rare earths the🌎wants for WEF-forced “green economy”?

Took oaths to defend Constitution, but fought to sell off the Constitution

Gifted CCP & WEF
Imported tyranny
Afghanistan people

Great Reset people

Epstein people

Vaccine passport people

🦠 and 💉 people

4th Industrial Revolution people

Anthropogenic climate change people

War on terrorism people

Anti-Assange people

$29 trillion debt

👆🏼👆🏼👆🏼these. are. all. the. same. people.
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#SDP #Kokoomus #PS #Keskusta #KD #Vas #Vihreät #rkp
#Nizza'ssa 'lähes 300 äärioikeistolaista vastustaa #rokotepassi -hanketta.' Hullu-#Macron'ia ei ole nähty yli viikkoon.
- #Finland'ssa 99,9% kannattaa #rokotepassi'ia, EMU-Niinistöä ja Veneakku-Marinia. #Nice #PassSanitaire
#PassSanitaire #rokotepassi Hundreds of Thousands March Across #France as Nationwide Opposition to Health Pass Solidifies (VIDEO) | August 1st
- Independent police unions who counted for themselves throughout the day put the number at around 1.2 MILLION.… Image
#PassSanitaire #rokotepassi Leaflets passed around containing constructive information about how to combat the health pass measures contained correct information about the #Rockefeller #Lockstep plan, for example.
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#LinWood Drops Truth Bombs!

If you love your Country&you love your Freedom&you love your Children&you want your Children to breathe the fresh air of Liberty, act right now or #WeThePeople are gonna Lose it!
Look around you what is happening to your Country!

#LinWood Drops Truth Bombs!

The globalists will put u in a #Tribunal & they will get the result they want.
Globalists don’t care about the rule of law.
There is a worldwide communist colour #revolution happing without firing any shot.
It’s time to take your country back!


#Trump didn’t just win the #elections it was a landslide of historic proportions!
#WeThePeople tell #Government who going to serve not the other way around!
#God gave us the right to Life, Liberty&persuit to Happiness&no government can take that away!
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Tony #Blair, the #Gates Foundation & Ever Expanding #COVID Tyranny
January 12, 2021 This article was posted by TLB Staff Analysis, FREEDOM, HEALTH, Spotlight, Tyranny, WORLD
By TLB Contributing Partner: Christina England, BA, Hons
According to a document issued by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, titled Awarded Grants, throughout 2020, the Gates Foundation awarded the former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair over six and a half million dollars in financial grants. [1]
However, these were not the only grants that the Gates Foundation had awarded Blair. If you add Blair’s name to the search bar, you will see that he has been receiving large financial grants from the foundation for many years.
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1/ $QNT- the most experienced enterprise team in #crypto:

✔️GILBERT VERDIAN-CEO(founder of #blockchain ISO Standard TC307)

✔️GUY DIETRICH-Managing Director of #Rockefeller Capital

✔️MARTIN HARGREAVES-Vocalink/#Mastercard Vice President

✔️NEIL SMIT-Vice Chairman #Comcast Corp
2/ #Quant_Network has groundbreaking #Overledger technology offering any:any #interoperability acknowledged by SIA (the leading financial network provider; 580 banks), #Oracle, Simba Chain, #Deloitte, #KPMG, #MIT, World Bank, #SDX(Six Digital Exchange), UK, US, AU governments… ImageImageImageImage
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Bill Gates & his merry band of mosquito farmers released GMO mosquitos in Brazil 2011 to combat dengue fever, then 2 years later Zika virus, primarily carried by the type of mosquito Oxitec supposedly tried to eradicate, emerged in the same regions where these bugs were released.
"The insects were released in Brazil, Malaysia, India and the Cayman Islands, aiming to wipe out as much as 80 per cent of the Aedes aegypti species, which are now the primary carrier of Zika."…
Internal documents from Oxitec show that the genetically modified mosquitos actually had a 15% survival rate, rather than the 3% survival rate touted by Oxitec scientists prior to releasing the bugs.….
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If you think this will be over after first round of #vaccinations - you could not be more wrong. This is a permanent program for #4IR era of global #surveillance, #data harvesting & future #biotech.

#Pandemic Action Network’s 100+ partners - "for a more pandemic-proof world." ImageImageImageImage
Launched April 2020, members include #BMGF (#Gates Found.), ONE (Bono), Global Goals, #GlobalCitizen (financed by Gates), #Rockefeller Foundation, #JohnsonandJohnson, UN (partnered w/ #WEF), #Wellcome, etc.

#GlobalGoals (#SDGs) are emerging markets. ImageImageImageImage
First follows chosen by #Pandemic Action Network Twitter account include members:

1. #Gates Foundation
2. Federation of American #Scientists
3. Global Health Strategies
4. #CDC Foundation
5. #GlobalCitizen
6. #GHTC
7. iHeartMedia - #media & #entertainment

#PandemicPlaybook ImageImageImageImage
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The true horror of this prime contender for a UK V-passport would make even an Orwell gasp.

Remote scanning. geolocation & tracking. Constant monitoring of contacts. Geofencing to erect an invisible prison around you. Push notices demanding vaxx/test updates...

Camp #COVID19
This leering technoloon is already in talks to help realise the #BillGates/#Rockefeller/#KlausSchwab dream of the whole global population being tagged; their faces, interactions, possessions, finances, movements intrusively monitored. #SkyNet, indeed.

And don't think it ends with the Trojan Horse of #coronavirus. As Mad #Hancock said, the ambition is to keep this permanently in place for ALL diseases (soon, no doubt, for compliance with any other behaviour They wish either to restrict or promote). Meanwhile look fwd to this:-
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Yahudilerin kutsal #Gargat Agaci..


Gargat-Gardat agaciyla baslayalim ki
konu daha net anlasilsin
Kiyamet alametleri anlatilirken

#Yahudiler'in (#Rotschild-#Rockefeller-#BillGATES)
insanogluna yönelik
taskinlik ve zulümleri inanilmaz boyutlara ulastiginda,
Bu zulme #DUR diyenlerin,
kendilerini bulup cezalandirmalarindan korkan Yahudilerin
kacip saklanacaklari anlatilir
Yahudilerin arkasina saklandiklari
her TAS
her AGAC
dile gelip;
"Aha arkamda bir yahudi var saklaniyor,
ey insanoglu gel öldür" diyecekler

Sizler buna inansaniz da inanmasaniz da
Yahudiler buna yürekten inaniyor olmali ki
#israil'in her karis topragina
#Gargat agaci dikiyor..
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Why not try to look upwards towards the top of the pyramid and instead mainly kick upwards, towards the root cause & not just the symptoms, & above all don't let yourself be fooled by the Freemasons within B'nai B'rith & their military sub-organization Anti-Defamation League:#ADL
FACTS: #Paideia was created in 2000 through grants from the Swedish government (i.e. us taxpayers). One of Paideia's goals is "supporting cultural diversity"

Listen: "Jews is going to be in the center of that"...(0:20)

As if it were not enough with the waste of tax money to Paideia, the Swedish government now also wants to make it a criminal offense to deny the Holocaust. That message was given by the @socialdemokrat Minister of Justice @johanssonmorgan

The truth does not need to be defended❗️ Image
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la technocratie déshumanisera tous les humains en `` actifs numériques ''#GreatReset

Rares sont ceux qui en sont conscients, mais le digitalisation de la race humaine avance à une vitesse folle.

#COVID19 #VaccinationCovid #pcrtest #DigitalTransformation Image
Le monde se précipite sur une voie qui a été entrecoupée de mines terrestres de contrôle et de surveillance et pourtant presque aucun politicien occidental d'aucun parti ne semble suffisamment préoccupé pour même parler de l'impact que cela aura sur la vie privée.
Si vous êtes curieux de savoir ce que l'avenir vous réserve, écoutez des technocrates comme #BillGates .
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The #COVID19 connections between USA Eugenics Movement, #Nazi IGFarben and #Rockefeller's Standard Oil (#Bush), #Auschwitz , #CIA & the #RedCross!
(Note: keep repeating "it is NO #conspiracy!"🤣)… (a thread 🤗)
Unethical human experimentation in the #UnitedStates
In 1911, Dr. Hideyo Noguchi of the #Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research injected 146 hospital patients (some of whom were children) with syphilis.…
Marietje Schaake - #D66 EU 'ex-'politicus & NWO-censuurprinses
Sinds 2019 docent én directeur internationaal beleid bij het Cyber Policy Center van de Stanford universiteit en vz. TWG conferentie in het #Rockefellercomplex Italië…
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Regular booster vaccines are the future in battle with #COVID19 virus, top genome expert says
Peacock told Reuters at the non-profit Wellcome Sanger Institute.…
“The most successful educational approach to the Negro is through a religious appeal. We don’t want the word to get out that we want to exterminate the #Negro population!"😉🙈
Margaret #Sanger was sponsored by #Rockefeller.…
1936, #Rockefeller's Dr. Franz Kallmann interrupted his study of hereditary degeneracy and emigrated to America because he was half-Jewish. He established the Medical Genetics Department of the NY State Psychiatric Institute…  
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0/1 Da nun auch in #Echterdingen auf den #Fildern zunehmend geschwurbelt wird, werden wir in diesem Thread immer wieder von dort berichten Aktuell trifft man sich montags & donnerstags, meist in sehr kleiner Zahl. Daran hat auch ein Auftritt von Wolfgang #Greulich nix geändert. ImageImage
0/2 Auch auf den #Querdenken-Demos in #Echterdingen sind vorwiegend die gleichen Gesichter zu sehen wie in #Filderstadt #Bonlanden. Auch dieselben Redner geben sich hier wie dort das angerotzte Mikro in die Hand. Das Mobilisierungspotenzial scheint trotz Promi-Support mickrig. ImageImageImageImage
I/1 18.3.21
Wie gewohnt war auch die #Querdenken-Demo in #Echterdingen komplett von #fakenews & #Verschwörungsideologien geprägt. Den Anfang machte Frank, der sowohl mehrfach in #Filderstadt #Bonlanden, als auch bereits in #Echterdingen sprach & hier wohl die Demos mitorganisiert Image
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Unethical human experimentation in the #UnitedStates
In 1911, Dr. Hideyo Noguchi of the #Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research injected 146 hospital patients (some of whom were children) with syphilis.…
Dr. Hideyo Noguchi in New York, New York Exhibition
Dr. Hideyo Noguchi, on invitation by Dr. Simon Flexner moved to #Rockefeller Institute of Medicine. He was invited to give a lecture tour in Europe, and was nominated to receive a Nobel Prize.
Dr. Flexner's Experiment
Simon Flexner retired in 1935 as the first director of The Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research, his colleagues wanted to organize a testimonial in his honor.😉…
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This thread will follow Feb 5 2021 thread [India
#FarmersProtests Goes Vogue] exploring sudden #celebrity uptake - as gov't struggled to contain #resistance.

Here we can study #GlobalCitizen & structure/mechanisms of such NGOs, financed to serve corporate/imperial interests. ImageImageImageImage
#GlobalCitizen model: nurturing of #celebrity worship as a "pop & policy" model to harvest/exploit targeted youth demographic. Via partnerships w/ #Rihanna, celebrities, influencers, athletes, - it intends to become world's "leading international voice, educator, & influencer". ImageImageImageImage
#GlobalCitizen is the Global Poverty Project, Inc.
UK: "We are a sub recipient of funding from the #Gates Foundation (via Global Poverty Project Inc)."

2019: $8,445,887.00 "To mobilize global public support for the Sustainable Development Goals" #SDGs… ImageImageImageImage
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