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Ancient Artefact of the Day: The Apollo from the House of the Citharist, Pompeii (1.4.1-3; connected with 1.4.25), excavated in 1858. #AAOTD #Apollo

Image: Museo Nazionale Archeologico, Naples: inv. 5630; Archivio dell’Arte – Pedicini Fotografi
A fantastic piece of Hellenistic bronze-work, usually identified as portraying Apollo in his guise as a musician. The figure's eyes are inset in stone; the nipples are inlaid with copper.A plaque in his raised left hand has been deemed a plectrum.
Yet while we may marvel at this now, indeed the statue gave the property its name, it is likely that for the owner of the house, the piece was little more than an item of furniture - albeit a luxury piece - with no cultic associations.
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Ancient Artefact of the Day: The Piraeus Apollo - an over life-size bronze Kouros, identified as an Apollo due to traces of what may have been a bow in his left hand. The dating of the piece is disputed (see below). #AAOTD #Apollo

Image: Piraeus Museum 4645
Excavated in 1959 as part of a cache of bronzes that included the Piraeus Athena, and dated to 86 BC due to the presence of an Athenian coin issued under Aristion, the cache is associated with the Roman sack of the Piraeus under Sulla.

The style of the 'Apollo' is confusing, with an archaic-styled head and chest, but with a robustness of the legs and musculature that is more of the 'Severe Style'.
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My aunt and uncle tested positive for #COVID19. No they are not #tablighi and no, they did not attend the Tableegh conference in New Delhi. We don’t know how they got it. May be at the provision store, or at his office or at the airtel office she had gone to for changing her SIM
My aunt was asymptomatic but was quarantined in #Apollo. She tested negative three times and was discharged last week. She returned home. My uncle was on ventilation but has recovered now and is waiting for the mandatory tests to confirm his negative status, still in hospital
My aunt returned home at kilpauk, #Chennai and she was all alone at home. But the problem is my aunt and her landlords are facing total social ostracisation.
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J'ai décidé de vous parler de mon métier au @CNES -- métier que j'exerce désormais depuis les recoins confinés de mon appartement

"L'analyse mission", qu'est-ce que c'est ? Et pourquoi c'est trop bien ?
Une mission spatiale, ça commence avec quelqu'un ou quelqu'une qui se dit

🤔 Je veux un satellite/sonde/rover/truc spatial pour faire "TRUC".

Par exemple: pour transmettre la télé en 4K, pour observer les étoiles, pour espionner mes voisins.

Ça, c'est la MISSION.
Et l'analyse mission, et bah c'est qu'on analyse ça. Voilà. Fin du thread.

Ahem. Bon d'accord on va expliquer un peu.
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I saw the movie #Apollo13 with #LunarModule Program Director #JoeGavin. Now it’s time to tell the forgotten story—which that film doesn’t show—of how he & his #Grumman #Team helped rescue the astronauts with a #LMLifeboat while the world watched:… #Apollo50
Five decades ago, during the aborted #Apollo13 mission of April 1970, #Grumman Aerospace Corporation’s #LunarModule saved 3 astronauts by becoming a lifeboat-tugboat. Throughout the crisis, #LM Program Director #JoeGavin manned his post @NASA’s #MissionControl Center in #Houston.
Gavin led a multi-hundred-person team in Houston & Bethpage, NY to help coordinate assessment & use of the #LM’s capabilities for emergency #LunarLifeboat role.

Gavin, virtually all of his colleagues + contemporaries & #Grumman itself have subsequently departed from the scene.
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#Apollo13 NASA's most successful failure, l'échec le plus réussi de la @NASA. #OTD 11 avril 1970, 19:13 UTC : décollage de la fusée #SaturnV emportant la mission #Apollo13. Elle n'atteint pas la Lune mais les astronautes rentrent sains et saufs. Un #Thread à suivre... #Apollo50 ImageImageImageImage
#Apollo13 13 ? Décollage à 19:13 UTC. Les astronautes ne sont pas supersticieux. Et il y a souvent de petits imprévus. En nov. 69, #Apollo12 à été frappé 2 fois par la foudre juste après le lancement. Le centre de mission a perdu la télémétrie : #Apollo50 ImageImage
#Apollo13 : en période de #COVIDー19, un mot sur la rougeole. Initialement désigné pour la mission, Ken Mattingly a été remplacé par sa doublure, Jack Swigert, quelques jours avant le décollage : la NASA craignait qu'il ait attrapé la rougeole. Pas de chance ? #Apollo50 #Space Image
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Jeffrey Epstein’s Links To Scientists Are Even More Extensive Than We Thought #MIT #Apollo 👉 Koch…
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#Epstein #Wexner #Lindner #Riklis

In 2006 Charles Linder (partner of my abuser and his father Meshulam Riklis) was named as the 2nd wealthiest man in Ohio.

The first wealthiest man in Ohio was Leslie Wexner.

NOTE: These men all know each other. Connect the dots.
In this 1991 lawsuit Rapid American Corp v Harris you can see Meshulam Riklis's name as the owner of Rapid American.

Carl Lindner's name is mysteriously mis-spelled.

Linder was Riklis's partner.

Riklis also went to Ohio State like Leslie Wexner.…
Riklis served in the British army in 1942-1946.

It is during the war it has been said that Riklis worked as a covert agent aka intelligence asset aka spy.
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Growing up, I heard there was a secret "NASA" rocket testing facility in northern Nevada (home for me), but I never knew what it was. Today, I finally found out...
Thanks to @Erdayastronaut, while digging into aerospike engine history, he came across this test site in Nevada called the "Nevada Field Laboratory" (NFL) which is tucked away between Reno, NV and Pyramid Lake 📍 Map:,…
The NFL test site is only 20 miles north of Reno, and the only people that (I recall) knowing that this place even existed were local farmers.

Turns out...this place was instrumental in the #Gemini, #Apollo, and #Shuttle programs for supporting rocket engine dev testing 🚀
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Here is the thread about my visit to #RSCEnergia Museum with group of friends from #AlphaCentauri Channel. The Museum is located on RSC Energia territory in the city of Korolev, and it is not easy to get there due to the security level. But thanks to Evgeny we managed this quest!
It is forbidden to make photos inside the perimeter of RSC Energia, so I can show you only the entrance and the #Vostok rocket that stays on the territory. There is written on the entrance building: "Space begins here!".
This is the hallway of the Museum with beautiful photos of rockets and the 1:1 mock-up of #Sputnik, the first artificial Earth's satellite.
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#LeonBlack and #Apollo would like to pretend no recent acquaintance, but in 2011, Black invested with #Epstein in Environmental Solutions Worldwide. In 2015 #Black GAVE $10 million to an Epstein charity.… #OpDeathEaters
California Public Employees’ Retirement System (CALPERS) is “in the process of contacting Apollo to discuss [#Epstein].”… #LeonBlack #Apollo
Oh, please:

#LeonBlack “was completely unaware of, and am deeply troubled by, the conduct that is now the subject of the federal criminal charges" #OpDeathEaters #Epstein
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OK, this made me tear up. About 9 years ago (April 2010), my plume research made me realize we have to get NASA to publish guidelines to protect the #Apollo sites. I invited John Guidi of NASA HQ to fly with me in reduced gravity and we chatted it up during the flight. /1
2/ Here's a picture of John (left) and me (right) in one of the reduced gravity flights that week. The plane was giving us lunar gravity and we were studying how jets of gas blow lunar soil in those conditions. After the flight we went to a taco place in Houston...
3/...and I said we should write voluntary guidelines because time was of the essence and there wasn't enough time to make actual laws or regulations to protect the sites, and we were facing problems & roadblocks in potentially going to the United Nations. John said "let's do it!"
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So while everyone's been talking about #Apollo 50, I've been thinking of a more recent event. Tomorrow's the 25th anniversary of #ShoemakerLevy9's impact with Jupiter.
This was humanity's first close look at the effects of an impact event, and I think along with the growing scientific acceptance of the Chicxulub impact's relationship to the end-Cretaceous extinction, is largely responsible for our entire program of near-Earth asteroid research.
But back to July 1994. As Shoemaker-Levy 9 closed in on Jupiter, astronomers were getting ready to swing a year's worth of planning into action to study the impact in as many ways as possible. But there was one problem - the impacts wouldn't be directly observable from Earth.
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‘I Think He’s Engaged in #Blackmail’: A Jeffrey #Epstein Expert on Where He Made His Money… #OpDeathEaters " I always suspected, but not got around to pursuing, that he was embezzling funds." #OpDeathEaters
#Epstein charities: "NBC is reporting that the charities hadn’t really received the donations that he’d reported." Link:… Charities say they never got donations Epstein claims he made. Again, SDNY has been looking into this for years. #OpDeathEaters
"I think he’s engaged in blackmail. The reason I think this is that I read the Palm Beach police report when they did the search warrant." #Epstein #OpDeathEaters
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Ora mi sono rotto veramente il cazzo. Pur di fare pubblicità a un ennesimo documentario che non cita fonti scientifiche ma solo voci non verificate, si continua a spargere la cazzata del non allunaggio. Che sia tutto un complotto. No, sei tu #IvoMej il coglione, 1/n
insieme a tutti i tuoi simpatizzanti che non avete studiato affatto la storia internazionale della vostra vita e avete avuto un’istruzione pessima.
Da dove cominciamo? L’obiettivo: chi sa un minimo di fotografia sa benissimo che negli anni ’60 si utilizzavano pellicole a 2/n
relativamente basse ISO: si intende la sensibilità della piccola a essere eccitata dalla luce. Il massimo che si potesse sperare era una sensibilità di 800ISO, che veniva poi aumentata nella camera oscura, però a discapito di una peggiore qualità dell’immagine: la rumorosità. 3/n
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Reading some @NASAhistory, and was curious who this was...
Her name is Poppy Northcutt, and she's the first female engineer to work in Mission Control at @NASA_Johnson #Apollo8.
For half a century, pop culture has immortalized a group of quick-thinking, pocket-protected men as the face of NASA’s mission control room during the Apollo program. But amid this sea of men, was one woman: Frances “Poppy” Northcutt, engineer and return-to-Earth specialist #NASA
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@AmisCiteEspace lance son concours de nouvelles. Le thème 2019 : "20 juillet 69, un autre pas pour une autre Histoire". Vous avez envie d'écrire ? La lune vous inspire ? Les tweets suivants expliquent comment participer... #Lune #Moon #Apollo50 #Apollo
#ConcoursDeNouvelles Pour s’inscrire, envoyer un message à l’adresse en suivant les indications du règlement #Lune #Moon #Apollo50 #Nouvelles #Littérature #Concours
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🚀Countdown to Launch 🚀

July 16, 1969, three astronauts departed on a mission that would captivate the world. In celebration of #Apollo50, we're counting down to the launch of #Apollo11 by sharing an artifact each day that tells the story of our journey from Earth to the Moon.
The artifacts we will be highlighting — big and small, critical and amusing, familiar and never-before-seen — are expanded on in the new book "Apollo to the Moon: A History in 50 Objects" by National Air and Space Museum curator Teasel Muir-Harmony. #Apollo50
Yesterday marked 50 days to #Apollo11 launch, so let's start at the beginning of the Space Race: the failed launch of the Vanguard TV-3 satellite in December 1957, a response to the Soviet Union's Sputnik success two months earlier: #Apollo50
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After a recent tweet by a friend of mine who was dismayed that no-one cared about the lunar rovers on the moon’s surface, I decided to make a thread on rovers – both manned and robotic.
So here we go …….. “Rovers – Past, Present and Future.”
Rovers had been planned for the surfaces of other planets since the early 1950s but it wasn’t until the Soviet Union launched Luna 17 carrying the Lunokhod 1 rover on 10th Nov 1970 that this became a reality.
Lunokhod means “moonwalker” in Russian. There were two Lunokhod rovers launched in
1970 and 1973 respectively and were the first remote controlled rovers on the moon. It wasn’t until 1997 than another rover (Mars Pathfinder) was placed on an extraterrestrial body.
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NASA's fab @OSIRISREx swings by tomorrow to steal some of Earth's momentum #EarthGravityAssist, so lets chat about sampling the Solar System
Earth’s inventory of planetary materials consists of dust & meteorites that land on Earth, & specimens from sample return missions (SRMs).
The majority of the 50,000+ classified meteorites originate from the asteroid belt between Mars & Jupiter; a few from Vesta, the Moon & Mars
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