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[1/n] En septembre, @lemondefr racontait comment une étude industrielle sur la neurotoxicité développementale (toxicité pour la construction cérébrale) du #glyphosate avait été cachée par Syngenta aux experts européens.…
[2/n] L'article (par @christina_ruden & Axel Mie) révélant cette découverte était publié par la revue Environmental Health.…
[3/n] Informée en avril de cette lacune dans le dossier, l'agence chargée de l'expertise européenne @EFSA_EU a reporté à l'été 2023 la conclusion de son expertise sur le #glyphosate, en particulier pour en examiner la toxicité sur le développement cérébral.
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Research on the impact of #glyphosate on rainbow trout shows damaging effects over several generations, even when later generations were not directly exposed…
A reduction in the ability to react to changes in light was seen in the larvae of parents and/or grandparents exposed to pure glyphosate or to glyphosate-based herbicides at realistic levels. This could translate in nature into less responsiveness when escaping predators.
Another experiment showed a decrease in the diversity of microorganisms present on the gills of fish following exposure to pure glyphosate and glyphosate-based herbicides. Gills are a key organ for exchanges with the external environment and the maintenance of fish in good health
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Vendredi soir se déroulait une conférence-débat de Marc Dufumier intitulée "L'agroécologie peut nous sauver".

Cela mérite un #Thread afin de vous en faire un résumé et vous donner mon ressenti.
Un grand thème, plein de promesse et un titre quelque peu racoleur, j'en conviens.
J'ai décidé d'y participer afin de prendre part au débat en tant que membre des @Fragritwittos une occasion de communiquer positivement et se confronter à un personnage assez controversé.
Une centaine de personnes étaient présentes pour l'événement organisée par une association : Les jardins d'insertion de l'Artois.
Quelques agriculteurs, en bio, beaucoup de consommateurs bio, quelques clichés, des fans de Monsieur Dufumier et moi, plutôt en opposition à
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Today, EU governments will be invited to vote on the @EU_Commission’s proposal to extend the approval period of the health-harming pesticide #glyphosate by 1 year.

What does this mean exactly? A thread 🧵👇

Glyphosate is currently approved for use on the EU market until 15 December 2022.

Earlier this year, @EFSA_EU announced they would not have their scientific review ready by that time, putting a hard pause on the authorisation renewal process.

The @EU_Commission is now asking governments to allow #glyphosate to be used for an additional year while we wait for the next steps in the process to begin.

❌ Any extension of glyphosate’s market authorisation leaves farmers & vulnerable groups at prolonged risk of exposure.
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The Effect of #Glyphosate on the #Gutmicrobiome and Neurocognitive Function…
1/5 Glyphosate is the active ingredient in the herbicide #RoundUp. In 1996 #geneticallymodified soybeans that could tolerate Round Up were introduced. At that time, Round Up made up just 3.8% of herbicides in use. By 2007 glyphosate use was more than double the next herbicide.
2/5 Glyphosate blocks an enzyme used by plants, bacteria, fungi, and algae, including beneficial bacteria in our #gut. Pathogenic bacteria Clostridia and Salmonella are not affected by glyphosate, allowing them to survive.
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Remember Patrick Moore🤡, the guy who said you can drink a whole quart of #glyphosate and it won't hurt you, then ran away when he was offered some? His new book claims to be science-based but the researchers Moore cites in it say he got their work wrong🤡…
Kevin Folta is a big fan of Patrick Moore's. And Moore calls Folta "a hero of mine." Folta even used his Talking Biotech podcast to give Patrick Moore a platform to promote his book. Here's a review from @vixenvalentino of the ludicrous farce that followed… Image
@vixenvalentino Moore: You can drink a whole quart of it and it won’t hurt you.
Canal+: You want to drink some? We have some here
M: I’d be happy to, actually…Not…Not really. But I know it wouldn’t hurt me
C+: If you say so, I have some #glyphosate
M: No. I’m not stupid
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More and more govts - #Nigeria #Brazil #Colombia #Australia #NZ - are approving a drought-resistant #GMwheat called #HB4. Produced by Argentine corporation #Bioceres, it will be used for food & animal feed. Given today’s food & climate crises, urgent action is needed. 🧵 1/8 Image
#HB4wheat, together with #GoldenRice and #newGMOs, is part of an industry push to weaken and dodge biosafety rules, while increasing corporate control over #seeds. Here’s how this is playing out in Asia: 2/8
Wheat and rice are not yet fully colonised by the #seedindustry, because farmers can save and replant those seeds. They are also key staple foods in many global South countries, at the centre of today’s rising #food prices. 3/8
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Tadpoles exposed to the #glyphosate-based herbicide Roundup suffer "massive malformations". Not only are the embryos smaller but heart function is impaired, and abnormal effects appear in the eyes, skull and brain…
Scientists from the University of Ulm found tadpoles developed smaller eyes, brains, hearts & cranial nerves when frog spawn was exposed to Roundup.

The #glyphosate concentrations used were ~equivalent to those detected in small stagnant bodies of water in countries like Brazil. Image
"We've been able to clearly show that the heartbeat is impaired, mobility is inhibited and the master gene PAX 6 for eye development is also impaired," says biologist Susanne Kühl. The results have wider implications—eg there's a similar master gene for eye development in humans.
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‘It’s a non-party political issue’: banning the weed killer #glyphosate. 70-80 UK councils have turned to chemical-free options…
As far as the #glyphosate ban goes, “the benefits are already tangible”, with anecdotally more swifts, swallows and bats seen locally.

“We're in a biodiversity emergency. We’ve lost so many insects... the first thing we can do is stop poisoning them.” — Councillor Jamie Lloyd
“The major threat from #glyphosate is we’re eliminating plants in the middle of a mass extinction event. The majority of plants aren't weeds, but wildflowers and other plants. Some of them are the only source of food for very specific species of insects” — Jon Burke, Hackney
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💣 If you haven't yet read this @Fakir_ article, now is the time!

We learn how a journalist wrote articles under false identities to influence public opinion, including articles aimed at discrediting @IARCWHO after it classified #glyphosate as a probable carcinogen 🧐

@Fakir_ @IARCWHO These ghostwritten pieces on #glyphosate contain the usual pesticide lobby talking points:
👉Comparison with table salt
👉Glyphosate prevents world hunger
👉@IARCWHO's view is at odds with regulatory agencies
👉Suspect links with environmental groups
@Fakir_ @IARCWHO The pieces of the puzzle fit together:

Remember! Just the year before, #Monsanto had paid scientists to sign ghostwritten papers criticizing the same @IARCWHO conclusions:
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U.S. Supreme Court rejects Bayer bid to nix Roundup weedkiller suits… The Supreme Court's action dealt a blow to Bayer as the company maneuvers to limit its legal liability in thousands of cases. #glyphosate
The decision frustrates Bayer’s plan to stem the wave of litigation it has faced since its $63bn takeover of #Monsanto. More than 30,000 claims remain outstanding, for which Bayer set aside $4.5bn in addition to the approximately $11.5bn Bayer had already been forced to set aside
Last month, Bayer’s stock fell 6.2% the day after the Biden administration recommended the Supreme Court decline to hear Bayer’s appeal. That move by the U.S. Justice Department appeared to diminish the chances of the court hearing the case… #glyphosate
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Leading molecular geneticist warns about the impact of #GMOs (including gene editing) and glyphosate… His deep familiarity with gene editing makes him concerned about its deregulation. And his cutting-edge research makes him concerned about #glyphosate
Dr Michael Antoniou says deregulation "will make it almost a free-for-all", which he views with great concern because gene editing technologies are "nowhere near as precise" as claimed – "in fact, they are imprecise, and they carry major risks to both health and the environment."
Dr Antoniou contrasts the highly regulated, highly contained, carefully monitored & targeted use of gene editing in a clinical context, with agriculture where deregulated novel engineered organisms carrying unintentional genetic damage will be freely released into the environment
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Suite à la nouvelle évaluation de l’ECHA sur le #glyphosate, la polémique sur cette molécule est repartie. Ca m’a conduit à relire quelques documents.
J’ai relu un passage du livre de Foucart-Horel-Laurens « Les gardiens de la raison » (déja commenté)
Entre autres choses, le livre explique que la distinction Danger-Risque de la molécule est un élément de langage inventée par Monsanto et qui a ensuite été popularisé grâce à l’intervention du porte parole de l’@afis_science, @HerveLeBars
Dans le livre, c’est, dans mon souvenir, le seul exemple documenté de lien allégué entre les méchants industriels et les réseaux sociaux, grâce à l’influence malfaisante de l’@afis_science.
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Health and environmental groups raise alarm as EU Chemicals Agency fails to classify glyphosate as a human carcinogen… Some of the world’s leading independent scientists have made the link between #glyphosate and cancer but ECHA refuses to do so
“Unfortunately, it's not the 1st time ECHA has failed to transparently and clearly justify its dismissal of independent scientific evidence. That’s incredibly worrying given the EU’s commitment & duty to protect its citizens & the environment from the most hazardous substances.”
Unlike ECHA, the World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer, the gold standard for cancer research, finds #glyphosate is a probable human carcinogen. It has also been linked to adverse effects on human development, reproduction and hormonal systems.
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🔴 Rendez-vous maintenant sur France 2 pour le 20H ! Suivez le live-tweet. ⤵️

#UnionPopulaire #MelenchonMatignon
Nous avons un réflexe de rassemblement face à un épisode annoncé de maltraitance sociale aggravée. Nous aurions été en-dessous de la main si nous ne nous étions pas rassemblés.

#UnionPopulaire #MelenchonMatignon
Il n'est pas question de sortir de l'Europe ou de l'euro. Nous prenons un engagement devant les Français sur un programme. Sur les points qui sont contradictoires aux traités européens, nous appliquerons notre programme.

#UnionPopulaire #MelenchonMatignon
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Monsanto’s Ghostwriting to Influence Science and Media…
While most ghostwriting scandals in science involve physicians, #Monsanto ran a unique and sophisticated campaign to promote GMO technology and attack critics /1 Image
When the World Health Organisation was going to find the herbicide #glyphosate linked to cancer, #Monsanto started a ghostwriting campaign to counter.

Monsanto's William Heydens “Manuscript to be initiated by [Monsanto] as ghost writers." /2 Image
Documents uncovering this corruption became available through Freedom of Information FOIA and litigation, and were later publicised.
Thanks: @baumhedlund @USRightToKnow @garyruskin @careygillam @industrydocs @GMWatch @EXPOSEDbyCMD /3
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New impacts of glyphosate:
Silvia Ribeiro of @ETC_Group summarises the latest scientific studies confirming the damaging impact of #glyphosate on human, animal and plant health caused via harmful imbalances in the digestive & immune systems… (Spanish text) Image
@ETC_Group It's not just cancer. A Canadian study published in 2022 studies the association of neurological and psychiatric diseases with the disruption of the intestinal flora in humans due to #glyphosate, a disruption that would also have intergenerational impacts…
@ETC_Group On top of the known effects of hormonal disruption, new study shows the presence of glyphosate residues and/or its metabolites in post-menopausal women is associated with DNA methylation, a molecular alteration that can cause cancer & accelerate cell aging…
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Tomorrow a land management plan will be enacted that will allow the spraying of #glyphosate – a toxic, carcinogenic chemical – broadly across the unceded territory of Stó:lō, St’át’imc, Nlaka’pamux, Musqueam, Squamish, and Tsleil-Waututh. 1/ #bcpoli #DRIPA
This is where food and medicines are harvested .

The plan will allow BC Timber Sales to spray #glyphosate for 5 years. These poisons will be used to kill berries, salal, mushrooms, hellebore, and other plants. 2/ #bcpoli #DRIPA
Angelina Hopkins Rose, from St’át’imc First Nation, has been calling for gov't to pause the plan - arguing they were not consulted and asking for a 60-day extension, at a minimum, before spraying begins, so that they may raise their concerns with gov't. 3/ #bcpoli #glyphosate
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Totalitaire et avilissant à bien des égards, le quinquennat d’Emmanuel #Macron touche à sa fin.
Avec le recul, mérite-t-il autre chose que les poubelles de l’histoire ?🚮

Pour en juger et ne rien oublier de ses facettes, suivez ce fil jupitérien.

TW mépris
🧶thread à dérouler🔽 Image
Élu président à la faveur d’un second tour face au FN/RN tout en ayant financé sa campagne par des donateurs majoritairement très riches — et à qui il remboursera leur investissement avec la suppression de l'#ISF —, Emmanuel Macron récupère 1 majorité parlementaire écrasante.🔽 ImageImageImageImage
Coqueluche de la presse écrite avant même de briguer la magistrature suprême — de part le nombre d'articles qui lui est consacré —, le néo-président fait l'objet d'une adulation XXL dans les médias. « Comment Macron séduit le monde », « #MacronMania »...🔽
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Sur le #glyphosate le président de l'@afis_science relaie un vieil article faux de la revue de l'@afis_science, qui n'a pas été corrigé. Comme d'habitude.

Je ne l'ai pas vu critiquer les partis qui jouent sur les peurs et ignorances à propos des éoliennes. Étonnant, non ?
Pour rappel, sur les lacunes de l'article lui-même.

Pour rappel, sur les lacunes du président lui-même qui, en voulant défendre le glyphosate relaie n'importe quelle publication scientifique, pourvu qu'elle aille dans son sens.

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Experts Blast David Robert Grimes for His Failure to Understand Science and Love of Self-Citation…
While claiming to debunk conspiracies and speak for science, Grimes ignores published research and channels corporate PR. (Grimes in an ad for Vodafone.) /1
Researchers in toxicology & epidemiology are crying foul and calling for retraction of a recent Grimes essay in JAMA Oncology that dismissed scientific & government evidence of harm from radio frequency radiation.… /2
“I’m surprised a journal published this,” said Ron Melnick, who spent 3 decades at the National Toxicology Program. “It’s not a review. It’s an op-ed. To be less generous, it’s an advertisement.” /3
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☠️Did you know that toxic pesticides banned in the EU are still being produced there, and exported to other parts of the world?
Here's 6 times CEO exposed the agribusiness industry and lobbying in 2021:
1️⃣Stop the Toxic Trade: the tragic tale of toxic pesticides, international trade and EU Green Deal promises. A video featuring Bayer, BASF, Syngenta and Corteva, (un)naturally...…
2️⃣Remember when internal lobby documents from Copa-Cogeca revealed a coordinated attack by industrial agri-food lobbies on the EU’s sustainable food (#Farm2Fork ) strategy?
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Tiens, le tweet #Bullshit du jour, dès que l'on parle de #glyphosate , on perd la raison et on prend des raccourcis invraisemblables.
Ce petit thread paraissait pourtant clean, et surtout, chose rare, faisait sérieux et citait ses sources.
Après, quand on met le nez dedans ..⬇️
Déjà, présence de glyphosate dans les urines, ça commence assez mal.
On se souvient tous des glyphotests bidonnés d'@EliseLucet et de @genefutures
Je vous recommande d'ailleurs cet article de @GeWoessner sur le sujet !…
Mais non, pas d'enfumage cette fois ci, ça semble plus sérieux.
C'est même basé sur une étude de @SantePubliqueFr…
Une étude de santé sur l'environnement, la biosurveillance, l'activité physique et la nutrition, mise à jour aujourd'hui même ⬇️
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1. Every single tree on the grounds of St Mary’s Orthopaedic, a public health campus on the North Side of Cork City, sprayed with cancer causing forever chemical #glyphosate, way more harmful than cigarette smoke. Nice job @corkcitycouncil Just. wrap. your. heads. around. this.
2. Instantly fatal to pollinators, absorbed into amphibians’ skin causing an agonising toxin attack & death. Makes our dogs sick & is often the cause of cancer in dogs that are exposed to it in our parks & paths. Council workers who spray it even wear heavy duty respirator masks.
RoundUp doesn’t break down. It lingers in our soils & seeps into rivers causing all sorts of biological & environmental damage. I even remember being told not to play by a tree with a burnt orange medallion around it by a teacher when I was in Primary School ages ago. #cork
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