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Give this one a listen @altcap @patrick_oshag

Some interesting bits below (apologies for the unstructured train of thought):

Brad Gerstner – Public and Private Investing - [Invest Like the Best, EP.179]… #NowPlaying
1/ Investment analysis requires quantitative rigor, but the biggest returns come from a differentiated yet simple qualitative insight applied to a large market opportunity. As the timeline to go public gets pushed out, more economic value is being captured in the private markets.
2/ The era of search democratized the internet and gave rise to super apps. You can't monetize a platform without being discovered; however, the unintended consequence has been commercial intent / discovery has shifted away from search to predictive applications like $FB, $BYTE
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[The Mini Reel review]
—Min Yoongi, film critic & blogger

“Bullshit.” Jimin kicks a nearby chair. “Who the hell is Min Yoongi, anyway? Doesn’t he know I’m an A-list, top star? I’m going to harvest his kneecaps.”

“He’s the director for your next film project, Jimin.”
“Call it off,” Jimin snaps at his manager, slamming his hands on the table. “I’m not doing it. I can’t trust a director who doesn’t see my talent.”


“I said I’m out. Bring me the contract.”

“Yah.” His manager, Seokjin, folds his arms. “It’s too late. You signed already.”
Jimin’s blood goes cold, realization striking him. “Wait, the one we sent to MediumHit Studios? The action movie with—“

“Kim Taehyung and Park Seojun? Yeah.” Seokjin fixes him with a pointed stare.

Jimin gasps. “He’s /the/ Min PD?”

“The one and only.”
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How was China able to eliminate #COVID19? And why won't they let the world in to see how they did it? A clip from last night's @NarativLive.
If you have an Apple iOS device, watch the podcast here. Remember to subscribe and rate the show.…
And if you don't, an audio only version is available on most other podcast apps like @Spotify… #NowPlaying
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Taking ahead my friend @Chetankrishna's idea, I am curating a multi-genre list of music, to beat the #CoronaBlues. Nothing heals the world better than music!

Beginning with a wonderful rendering of prayers to Lord Dhanavanthari by Kum.Kruti Bhatt. 🙏

This album titled 'Chants of India', created by Bharat Ratna Pt Ravi Shankar ji @ragaravishankar, whose birth centenary we are celebrating this year. Soothing for an early morning and creates a unique mood when played any time in the day.😊🙏…
This earth and humanity need healing!

ॐ द्यौः शान्तिरन्तरिक्षं शान्तिः
पृथिवी शान्तिरापः शान्तिरोषधयःशान्तिः ।
वनस्पतयः शान्तिर्विश्वेदेवाःशान्तिर्ब्रह्म शान्तिः
सर्वं शान्तिः शान्तिरेव शान्तिः सा माशान्तिरेधि ॥
ॐ शान्तिः शान्तिः शान्तिः ॥…
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(de mis playlists 20th Century Love Songs en Spotify)

Boda Negra (190-)
El cubano Alberto Villalón musicalizó un poema de fines del siglo XIX, que se atribuye indistintamente al colombiano Luis Florez y al venezolano Carlos Borges.
Es el drama gore de un hombre que se roba el cadáver de su amada, lo lleva a su casa, se lo coge y luego muere, imagino que de una septicemia en el pito. De todas las versiones que conozco, la de María Teresa Vera sigue siendo la mejor.…
Minnie The Moocher (1931)

Cab Calloway grabó en 1931 Minnie la pedigüeña, la historia de una mujer que conoce a un cocainómano que le hace probar el opio, y la rolo de nota que agarra no es normal. Buena parte del encanto de esta canción era el momento del Hi-Dee-Ho
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1/ At Savers Health And Beauty:

Gillette sets:Mach 3 £17.99 save 43p per blade vs 4pk.

Fusion £24.99 save 45p per blade vs 4pk.

Skinguard £24.99 save 68p per blade vs 4pk.

Proglide £25.99 save 48p per blade vs 4pk.


Venus Swirl £24.99 save 54p per blade vs 3pk

Venus Comfortglide £24.99 save 73p per blade vs 3pk.

Olay Twin Packs £9.99
Regime giftsets £14.99

Sarah Jessica Parker Dawn £7.99
Lovely giftsets £18.99
Gold ltd edition £14.99

3/ …Scherzinger Daring EDP/giftsets £14.99

Replay Tank her £12.99

Kenzo Wild £12.99

Rimmel Scandaleyes mascara £5.98


Dunhill Black Natural Spray £14.99

Michael Buble Pour Homme £14.99

#nowplaying Constantine main theme

Offers end…
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I can feel your blue
What's on your mind is so see-through
Should I stay? Oh, let me know (Oh, yeah-yeah-yeah)
It's up to you, you're in control (Oh, yeah)


Got a couple friends around (Oh, yeah, oh yeah)
Let's play a wild game, let's play a wild game
Got a couple friends around (Around)
Let's play it my way, let's play it my way
Heartbeats racing
Got a little nasty
I think I like how you taste (Oh, yeah-yeah-yeah)
I think I like how you taste (Oh, yeah)
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“Today’s liquidity conditions are like the waters receding before a giant wave.”
“The coronavirus outbreak and the shock that preventative measures introduced to manufacturing and services activity will lead to missed payments globally. …
… Missed payments will force more and more firms to become deficit agents; as this cascades, banks and regional banking systems will become deficit agents”
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NEW! The first if three new podcast episodes in the #SecretLife of #JeffreyEpstein is out today. In Frozen Assets I look at the battle over Epstein’s estate and how his victims are again fighting to be recognized.#mondaythoughts
In Part 10, we’ll explore Epstein’s secret service to her majesty, the Queen. Join Narativ on Patreon for as little as $5 a month and support independent journalism. #patreon
Apple users can WATCH the podcast on the Apple podcast app on any iOS device…
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OK, Twitter. We're all going to die so let's settle this.

What is the best concept rock record of all time?

Is it The Wall by Pink Floyd or Born to Run by Bruce Springsteen?
So far, it seems the Wall is winning handily. But I think two more contenders have entered the contest:

The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars by David Bowie


OK Computer by Radiohead.

Suggestions of Tommy and Quadrophenia will not be tolerated.
I put together a Spotify playlist of songs from concept records I thought were great.

The Wall, The Pretender, Born to Run, OK Computer. Also: Lou Reed, Tom Waits, Nick Cave, New Order. Gonna keep adding songs to this. You can follow it here:… #NowPlaying
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The pod versions of this week's @narativlive were glitchy but new un-glitched versions are up so there's no excuse for missing the latest Secret Life of Jeffrey Epstein. APPLE users can WATCH the show on the podcast app on any iOS device like APPLE TV.…
@NarativLive 2. if you're ok with just listening to the @narativlive podcasts you can find them on most popular podcast apps like #Spotify… #NowPlaying
3. It really helps people take note if you rate the shows 5 stars on your apps and subscribe. Also if you retweet either of the tweets at the top of this thread.
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Thanks K!
Thank @WG1WGA_com for keeping track of all this.
Cool that it list all. Now I have to get Spotify.
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Here is a list of the top 2019 things from Twitter Nigeria this year.

Lets start with those who Tweeted the most:


The Top 10 Hashtags in 2019

#BBNaija | 5,000,000+
#MUFC | 1,500,000+

#NigeriaDecides2019 | 1,200,000+

#Nigeria | 1,100,000+

#NP | 760,000+

#NowPlaying | 740,000+

#NewProfilePic | 550,000+

#GameofThrones | 440,000+

#MondayMotivation | 440,000+

#UCL | 410,000+
The Top 10 Mentions in 2019

@mbuhari | 3,800,000+

@ | 1,600,000+

@atiku | 1,400,000+

@segalink | 1,200,000+

@alex_houseof308 | 1,200,000+

@PoliceNG | 1,000,000+

@iam_Davido | 1,000,000+

@SubDeliveryZone | 820,000+

@wizkidayo | 820,000+

@thepamilerin | 800,000+
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Obsessed with this song.

Find Someone Like You by Snoh Aalegra… #NowPlaying
OMG IT'S SO GOOD -- this is gleaming
Hey @snohaalegra, please tell me you're touring through D.C. -- I have to see you sing this live.
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Depends on how magnanimous the Defendants are and how much $$$$$ R.Broly is willing to pay them.

Ty Beard did so bad at the TCPA hearing that I'd be begging for a settlement if I were in his shoes

I removed him from the @fsckemall blocklist after his hysterical whining, so instead he blocked me

Dude's definitely a b*tch

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It is time we talked about what #herbs & #spices the #AncientGreeks used in their #Cooking ...Of course I'll delve into the #AncientRome as well, as we have many surviving texts especially from book such as #Apicius ... Let's get talking! 1/n
We have a few surviving fragments of texts from Archestratus. He was a Sicilian Greek, who circumnavigated the world to satisfy his hunger. From Sicily to the furthermost eastern point of Black Sea, he travelled to find out about the specialities of all the cities in between. 2/n
His chief concern was to find the true flavour of fresh produce, chosen in the right place at the right time of the year.
He was the first #gourmant in that sense. We know that much! He preferred the simpler sauces and only 2-3 herbs or spices as ingredients in his dishes 3/n
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It was a typo, but either way it's never defamatory

A competent lawyer would have *started* with the hotel room tweet

Ty Beard doesn't 👏 know 👏 what 👏 he's 👏 doing 👏

This is so amazing

No matter how dumb I've thought Ty Beard (@TyBeard10) was at any point before today – he's proven to me that I *vastly* overestimated him

"Call me and I'll explain it to you" headass


The stay only applies to getting discovery from *the other side*! 🤣🤣🤣

Ty Beard doesn't 👏 know 👏 what 👏 he's 👏 doing 👏
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Really too bad yesterday's ANN article totally debunked the "casting couch" rumors

Poor conVics are gonna take across-the-board Ls on everything 🙃

First loss was yesterday (denying one of their Motions to Strike), main hearing is tomorrow, ruling is on or before October 7

ConVics know the loss is coming so they're more mad than usual

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.@For_Cripes_Sake and I recorded the second episode of our podcast over the course of 3 days and now I can't talk anymore BUT IT WAS WORTH IT. I think.

Nazis, how to spot disinformation on social media, and dick jokes. Lots and lots of dick jokes. 🍆…
PS: you can listen to Another Damn Politics Podcast on Apple Podcasts or iTunes or whatever the fuck they call it now. #fridayfeeling #fridaythoughts…
And, you can listen to Another Damn Politics Podcast on Spotify:
#fridayfeeling #fridaythoughts… #NowPlaying
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weishin ft. yohan & jinwoo
the parent trap — socmed au ImageImageImageImage
— prompt: wooseok and jinhyuk are separated. their children, yohan and jinwoo, help to bring them back together.

— just some heads up:
- written in bahasa
- please ignore the timestamps!
- quote if you want to comment
dipertemukan takdir setelah 5 tahun. ImageImage
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despite being rivals since highschool, taehyung cant seem to get over his crush on yoongi. one day, he accidentally tweeted a picture without realizing that half of yoongi’s face is displayed on the back of his phone for everyone to see, including yoongi.

#taegiweek19 #TG19DAY3
taegi au
-quote instead of reply so tht the thread wont break!
-will be a short story? i think
-ignore timestamps!
-circle of friends are hyungline & maknaeline
-everyone are the same age and went to the same highschool except seokjin
-for more, ask here!
taegi au

lets take this way back into the past when they were still in highschool
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All These Things That I've Done by The Killers… #NowPlaying
This came out my senior year of high school. I bought it for my then-girlfriend as a gift. Really fond memory, and the album has aged so well. It's maybe the critical-commercial peak of the indie/garage rock boom of the early 2000s.
I read somewhere that when the band was starting out they had a good number of songs written up, but after The Strokes released "Is This It", they were disgusted with their own material, feel it was crap, and scrapped all of it except for "Mr. Brightside". Neat anecdote.
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