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Extremely excited to announce program & speaker list for 2 virtual events of our #MUSIC & #COVID19 research network on Tue 19 May 9:00-10:30am CEST and 4:00-5:30pm CEST (via Zoom). Still time to register! Details below. #musicscience @AIAS_dk @MPI_ae @musicbrainAU @CFIN_AU 1/n
Speakers for 1st event (9:00-10:30am CEST): @Alex_Lamont: "DIY Desert Island Discs: Building Collaborations and Taking Studies Online Under Lockdown", @DanaSwarbrick: ”Quarantine Concerts: The Social Impacts of Virtual Concerts on Audience Members”,... 2/n
Melanie Wald-Fuhrmann: "Musicking against loneliness & depression: Preliminary results from cross-national survey", Mikaela Leandertz/Andrew Adu: "Music Therapy & COVID19”, Kelsey Onderdijk: "Impact of Lockdown Measures on Joint Music Making",... 3/n
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Starting with my most favorite ❤
Oil On Canvas
3 feet by 2 feet.
#durga #oilpainting #hindu #hinduart #art #painting #hinduism #india Image
The legendary singer, a voice so divine even Lord Venkateshwara wakes up to her Suprabhatam everyday.
Color Pencils and Soft Pastels on A3 Sized Paper.
#mssubbulakshmi #sketch #art #painting #hindu #hinduism #hinduart #krishna Image
In Kalamkari Art using Micro Tip Colored Pens.
#lakshmi #saraswati #hindu #hindus #hinduism #Hinduart #kalamkari #art #painting #artist #india #red ImageImage
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Follow along an #OTperspective with GERAS Post-Doc Dr. Hewston (@p_hewston) on how to maintain #SelfCare during #COVID19

Strategy1of5: Try to maintain #routine and #structure in your day— eg. starting your day with #coffee in your fav mug ☕️ & eating breakfast at the table 🍳
Strategy2of5: To help maintain structure while at home - set daily #goals - try using a #kanban board to visualize your progress and #celebrate your accomplishments🌟
Stragety3of5: Try the 5 #moments of #mindfulness [5M&Ms] grounding technique to focus on the here-and-now & relax🧘🏼‍♀️

Describe 5️⃣ things you see 👁
Describe 4️⃣ things you feel 🖐
Describe 3️⃣ things you hear 👂
Describe 2️⃣ things you smell 👃
Describe 1️⃣ thing your thankful for Image
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A thread on #Punjabi #Music.

I am to punjabi music like fish is to water.
My landlady is a nice woman but I am not sure if she likes #JassManak as much as I do and, no you don’t listen to punjabi music at a moderate volume.
One of the reasons I go out everyday, besides work.
I tend to go back to Sukhbir’s तारे गिन गिन as it has made me appreciate music’s deceitfully manipulative emotional power. The heartbreaking lyrics “समझ ना पायी क्यूँ तू मेरे प्यार भरे जज्बाता नू” conveying the story of devastated man has an entire country dancing, for years!
Popular Punjabi music is a double edged sword with evil magnet of patriarchy and angelic consumerism attached on respective sides. From one end, it toxically objectifies women and and on the other side it fuels consumerism in the aspirational classes, better than best ad campaign
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Thought I'd share some images from my latest #dataviz side project: color-encoding #music scores with palettes assigned according to the circle of fifths, and building #networks of songs from their midi files using Mido & @plotlygraphs in #python…
Colors are assigned so the next note in the circle of fifths is the next note on the color wheel. So, ['C','F','A#','D#','G#','C#','F#','B','E','A','D','G'] is mapped to [ROYGBIV]. Brightness corresponds to octave. Some songs are the full rainbow; others have a distinct 'palette'
Adding color to scores makes for some interesting patterns. Here's:
- "Bad Guy" by @billieeilish
- Pachelbel's Canon in D Major
- "Für Elise" by Beethoven
- "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star"
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2) The best way to cover this is by working backwards

At the end of the movie there's a panned-out shot of the ship in space - to me this looks like the Ring Nebula in the Constellation Lyra aka "the Eagle" or "Orpheus' Lyra"
3) Imho - The Eagle (Power) holding the Lyra (12 stars=12 tones in Music/sound) represents Authority's control (Holy Roman Empire/EU/UN/DS/NWO) over the people

POTUS and #Qanon have alluded to the significance of the 12 tones, or 'tone', multiple times

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1) Following up on my AEHF6 Thread

and considering recent comments by several high-profile individuals - including POTUS - I think we're about to see a high-frequency burst of some kind from the cosmos

#REDRED #RedGIANTS #BIG #Betelgeuse #Antares #Altair
2) Recent thread referencing Rig for Red as well


A cosmic 'High Frequency Radio Burst' #BIG would be a perfect excuse for "10 days of Darkness", and would represent a clear use-case for US Space Commands new #AEHF6 system to protect necessary comms

[A]pril 1 thru [A]pril 14

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#Cyclopean [DS] #EL-ite #BlackMagick

1) #Tesla: #Energy [E] #Frequency [F] #Vibration [V]

2) [E] = charge
(re #ElectricUniverse)

3) [F] = #Music = 440Hz, not harmonic 432Hz

4) #Crystals retain [E] & provide resonance [V]…

(cf) #Digital = 0&1s

#Music [F] 440Hz = disharmony

[E] NOT in tune w/ HARMONY, thus [F] HIGHER;
[V] LOWER = surreptitiously pushing #FearFactor on ignorant #Humanity

#Cyclopean [DS] #HouseOfOrange/ #Masonic #OrangeOrder #NL #Endemol variety hosted by TV puppets…

#French #Cyclopean [DS] #EL-ite #Music producer/ director Jean-Paul #Goude pointed out in 1985… & Ian #McShane [DS] #Hollywood/ #Pedowood actor narrated at the start of a Grace #Jones’ song that became an overnight global hit “Slave to the Rhythm”…
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Advanced Extremely High Frequency 6 #AEHF6

Suppression algo's hitting hard(30 new followers today but acct shows loss of 2)so help me out w a RT and/or follow if you find this informative

@PhillyQ_ @mona_cajun @AussieQne @2wyta @NeilBer90555716 @ConanThePatriot @love4thegameAK
2) ***IMPORTANT***

Remember to note that in Music Cryptography:
B-flat='B' and B-natural='H'

and that:
Chromatic Cryptograms more easily incorporate with modern music by using sharpened and flattened notes after 'H'…
3) Intro: On March 25th Dan Scavino posted a music reference using 2 groups of matches (burning Right to Left: 5>4) to demonstrate the importance of intervals

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Let’s start from the top. The music business is like the finance industry 20 years ago. Unregulated by governments who misunderstand how it works. When I direct my anger at ‘the IFPI’, I’m talking about the Major Labels: @UMG, @sonymusic & @warnermusic.
They have been able to run the market based on their terms. They own more than two thirds of ALL recorded music. You may ask, but *how* have competition authorities allowed this to happen? Sadly the answer is: fuck knows.
They are presently making between 20 and 50 million dollars every single day from streaming and this is how they did it.
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Hello, Friends... With sadness, I'm writing to let you know that I've decided to cancel all my March shows. 😢 I'm at a high risk of getting seriously ill from #COVID19 because of my #disability & small lung capacity, so it seems foolish for me to say "the show must go on".

1/11 Black and white picture of Gaelynn playing her violin upright like a tiny cello. At the top of the page in green cursive letters:
Furthermore, I want to set a good example in my community to protect others who are elderly, #disabled or immunocompromised. I'm frustrated by the message that "only the old & the chronically ill" are at risk of death, because so many people I care about are in these groups! 2/11
I don't want at-risk people to be viewed as expendable or collateral damage. We all know & care about at least one at-risk person, so we should all be limiting our unnecessary social interactions to minimize suffering... Unfortunately, I think concerts fit this description.

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In 3 days I cycled 🚴‍♂️ 250+kms across villages in Kumbakonam.

Why? There is a discourse in the media about #India but I wanted to seek the truth about India.

What started as a self-indulgent hobby helped me embark on a self-discovery journey.

🧵on my return-to-your-roots trip,
Place: Most of the time I cycled through the scenic routes that go from one village to another, never-ending lush green paddy fields on either side of the road, my gratitude to #farmers 🙏

I bathed on the #water bodies on my route, it helped me beat the heat during the day
I'm in 💕 with these people

The most striking factor was how close-knit the communities are.

During the course of my ride, I answered 100+ locals asking me what a stranger like me was doing in their #village

Kids waving at you as you cycle by is almost unconditional love.
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1) Sea to Shining Sea and Red October Thread

To support my hypothesis that a subtle 5280hz tone is playing in the background of the “Potus Movement Speech Video”() lets explore 2 more potential music-related double meanings (see title) #QAnon
2) My #qanon “Potus Movement Speech Video” thread gives evidence #qanon is pointing us towards the ‘Solfeggio’ frequencies, or 'sound' in general.

Here's a closer look at some qdrops referencing “Sea to Shining Sea”, keep in mind double meanings related to music exist
3) Q395:

a) remember 5.28/528/5280hz refers to us (mankind), DNA healing, transformation and miracles (show the world our power #frequency).

b)Sea to Shining Sea and Red October are also shown to be linked.
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THREAD: Bet you can name a fictional white dwarf character but probably don’t know that one of the greatest jazz drummers of all time – who helped launch Ella Fitzgerald’s career – was a black man with dwarfism?

Oh you didn’t?

Well allow me to introduce…

(Please read & RT) 1/
“One of the great #jazz drummers and bandleaders of the 1920s and 30s”, William ‘Chick’ Henry Webb was born February 10 1909.

He grew up in #Baltimore, USA.

Congenital tuberculosis of the spine caused his short stature. Chick was just over 4’0” and he had a hunched back.

He started drumming – buying his first drums with wages earned from delivering newspapers – to loosen stiffness in his joints and increase upper body strength.

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A running thread of things that @Twitter could do to unlock value for users. Will add to overtime. Please feel free to retweet and reply with your own, most of these below I have just taken and summarized from others. In no particular order. 1/♾ #JustKidding 🤔 or am I?
@Twitter I drafted a tweet on my phone but of course, can't access "draft's" on the desktop. So lets maybe start there. The desktop and @Tweetdeck version should be MORE robust than the mobile app not less. Tweetdeck, for example, has no bookmarks, emoji's, live video, polls, gif's, etc
@Twitter @TweetDeck There are SO MANY great meaningful quotes, threads, replies, and conversations that vanish into the Twitter ether, drowned out by hot takes, snark, and 280 character riffs on what some influencer or politician just did. Find a way to collect and resurface this treasure trove.
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Free world and united nation declaration of Human rights says about freedom, equality, solidarity and human dignity which must be granted to everyone.Criminal terrorist mullahs regime who occupied Iran and has taken a nation as hostages break all human rights & forbid everything
They arrest, jail, torture, rape, Stone, execute by hanging or fire squad, terror ( in case you are out of Iran all Iranians who demand the simplest human rights, for playing music, for dancing, for partying, for having romantic relationship before getting married(in Islamic way)
Then out of the walls of Iran in front of international community they play completely different, with the help of their masters and think tanks and lobbies out of Iran they pretend that everything is ok in Iran and there are no problems,they pretend Iran have democracy & freedom
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Do you think we earn this: 21st Century skills intervention & Technical/Vocational Education Intervention as #NGO in schools?
If yes:
Nominate here:
Use #TeamYowamca as Name of Implementing Organisation
Facebook: O'star Yowamca
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It’s #Monday, I’m boozing it up at a 4 seat bar, the #barkeep is a long pourer, and I’m all fucking set if I get something stuck between my teeth.👇🙃 #RandomThoughts #drinking #OutAndAbout
Shooting the shit with a friend, she’s proud to be doing well with her plants - unusual for her.

The key was a #video explaining the benefits of pruning.

She needs REASONS. She got them.

Apparently, pruning in a particular manner stimulates growth hormones.
Of course, this led to me initiating a discussion about the #movie I just watched on Hulu, called “The German Doctor.”

The main character was Josef Mengele. #ThisHappened

People, this is why I’m known in my circles as “The Black Hole Of Conversation.” SMTH
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THIS is YUGE!! Google insider states "People are going to Prison"-Internet outages a couple days ago was allegedly Google move/archive massive data, shutting down/destroying evidence. Q team stopped them!
Q was on to something Google in North Korea! READ!
2/Was Snowden part of the NK team? What's the chances that the HAMR or similar super computer & data storage facilities are located in NK? Was Russia Snowden's true destination? Who helped him besides Brennan get thru Hong Kong security? #Assange? #QAnon
3/Who is Eric Schmidt? Alphabet>Amazon>Google>In-Q-Tel>Freescale (Motorola-missing Malaysian Flight MH370)>GHWB>Bin Laden>(DARPA/1958- created Google/Twitter/FB/Apple-Alexa-Ring)>Bezos/China/Feinstein/HRC
Who really controls NK/Iran/Vietnam/Venezuela? #CIA
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As #espionage & #Eurovision coincide, here's #Albania the 1st finalist in this #history thread.
(Also for my #Australia readers seeking relief from #ausvotes as you start your Saturday, it's impressive you convinced them your continent counts 😎)
Next: #Азербайджан #Евровизија
For #Eurovision #Азербайджан and #Spying studies, here's an article from @warisboring about Azeri #aviation being well-placed to use my #Soviet favourite (Foxbat) to work #intelligence against my #USAF (Blackbird).
Zoom zoom 😎💕…
Next up for #Eurovision finalists with an #espionage twist is #Denmark, whose #Spying #Police (PET) scored a serious scoop in turning Colonel Oleg Gordievsky, the #Russian rezident (lead KGB controller), which later inspired actual #JamesBond plot points:…
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