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Tarih boyunca yapılmış en iyi müzik kliplerinden biriydi.
Diğeri de buydu.
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Baby Can I Hold You - Tracy Chapman

Planet Telex - Radiohead

When the Sun Goes Down - Arctic Monkeys

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Linger - The Cranberries

Unfinished Sympathy - Massive Attack

Call Me - Blondie

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this play list has been updated to include nada surf. i apologize for any confusion.
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Right I'm going to listen to some music. Music to swelter to.
Richard III - Supergrass

Idea Track - Idlewild

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Good evening!
Here’s the playlist for the @thesociallondon after work drinks tonight!…
Ok - ready everyone?
Hit play for tonight’s dubwise playlist!


First up:

Mikey Dread “Saturday Night Style” - easing us in...
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Here you are folks - this is your Lockdown Level 4 2020 playlist. And this is just for starters. Keep em coming folks. I'll add them as you send them. And if you don't like it, skip it. Like we wish we all could with this year.… #NowPlaying
Thank you everyone. This little teeny project lifted my spirits this week and made me feel connected to my global community. And now we have small thing to share, and grow, together.
Ok - it's now a collaborative, public playlist. You do your thang people. No shame. No regrets. We all need this.
Two rules
1. No Nickelback (sorry Nickelback)
2. No curation, just addition. (if you don't like it, skip it)
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All My Life - Foo Fighters

Paranoid Android - Radiohead

Motorcycle Emptiness - Manic Street Preachers

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Determined not to waste the coronavirus lockdown, @Simon1979 & I decided to listen to & rank all The Fall's studio albums (plus selected live ones & MES side projects) & nominate a stand out track from each one.…
43 albums. Original track listing. So sadly no place for classic Fall singles like Kicker Conspiracy, Oh Brother, CREEP, Man Whose Head Expanded or, my personal favourite, How I Wrote Elastic Man.
The full Fall playlist is here in chronological order and the 43 album ranking begins (in reverse order) with the next tweet.
3/… #NowPlaying
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Temptation - Heaven 17 #NowPlaying
Love of the Common People - Paul Young

It's a Sin - Pet Shop Boys

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I'll be live-tweeting tonight. Follow along for updates! #PortlandStrong #PortlandProtests
ICYMI: Earlier in the day the legislature posted 5 bills on police accountability:

1) LC 742 - Banning Tear Gas -…

2) LC 743 - Demilitarizing the police -…
3) LC 744 - Improving whistleblowing -…

4) LC 745 - Banning Chokeholds -…

5) LC 746 - Developing state standards for disciplining officers -…
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we love complexity so much that we had to make up a "principle" called #KISS that we use to reign ourselves in when we run into problems. why?

- is it that we wanna look smart so we over-engineer shit?
- is it that we dont know the problem well enough to KISS?
- prolly both 🤔
how to be better at KISS?

1) sit down, be humble (Kendrick voice), otherwise at least remember that simplicity is the best flex

2) ask mad questions about the problem ur tryna solve til you understand it so well u cant explain it to a 5 yr old

#codeNewbie #programming
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WATCH NEW NARATIV: "Aiming at a Prince". The FBI challenges centuries of presumed royal immunity as investigators arrest Ghislaine Maxwell and pursue Prince Andrew. Narativ's exclusive w/ @SHoffenberg on what's next in the case? @LincolnsBible @ericgarland…
2. Be first to know when a new Narativ podcast comes out by subscribing to Narativ on your favorite podcast app. Apple users can watch the show in HD video on their podcast player. Most podcast players carry the audio version.… #NowPlaying
3. Narativ's independent journalism is funded entirely by viewers like you. Join our Patreon community today for as little as $5/month by going to: It's the perfect gift of freedom this 4th of July.
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Ana-akım medyadan vazgeçeli 15 yıl oluyor. Son bir yıldır buralardaki agresif-kariyerist-trip-tansiyon da yorucu olmaya başlamıştı. Spotify üzerinden #PodCast dünyasını keşfettikçe huzurlu bir alan açıldı hayatımda. Uzun soluklu [katkılara açık] bir liste oluşturayım diyorum.
Tavsiye üzerine takip etmeye başladıklarımdan biriyle açılış [elbette ki Ankara'dan] bir yayın. #DeliAsiye: Feminizm Yolculuğumuz, Deli Asiye Nasıl Başladı?… #NowPlaying
Biray Anıl Birer | Feminist öğrenme üzerine düşünceler: Deli Asiye Deneyimi [Haberi de var Twitter hesabı da: @deliasiyepod].…
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Give this one a listen @altcap @patrick_oshag

Some interesting bits below (apologies for the unstructured train of thought):

Brad Gerstner – Public and Private Investing - [Invest Like the Best, EP.179]… #NowPlaying
1/ Investment analysis requires quantitative rigor, but the biggest returns come from a differentiated yet simple qualitative insight applied to a large market opportunity. As the timeline to go public gets pushed out, more economic value is being captured in the private markets.
2/ The era of search democratized the internet and gave rise to super apps. You can't monetize a platform without being discovered; however, the unintended consequence has been commercial intent / discovery has shifted away from search to predictive applications like $FB, $BYTE
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—moodboard for this update—
Jimin wakes, head throbbing, to the incessant buzzing of his phone under the pillow. Grunting, he pats around until he finds it and swipes to accept the call. “Helloooo.”

“Jimin-ah,” Seokjin’s excited voice crackles. “The coast is clear. You can go back home now.”

It’s too early in the morning and he’s still too half-asleep to process anything work-related.

“The label issued a statement to press charges against the stalkers who hunted you down. Nobody’s camped outside your house anymore. I’m on the way to pick you up now.”

“Pick me up?”
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20/ Shout-out to @Coldcut & #Keleketla for this dope London-Lagos-Joburg-LA-West Papua collab. @shabakah
the late, gr8 #TonyAllen @YugenBlakrok @Antibalas



#music #RobsPandemicPlaylist
#NowHearThis ImageImage
21/ Also, y'all should really hear @MulatuAstatke1 & @bjxtweets collab, #ToKnowWithoutKnowing. Heavy #ethiojazz grooves



photo: Francesco Vicenzi

#music #NowPlaying #RobsPandemicPlaylist ImageImage
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When his eyes find Jimin, they fill with so much fear that Jimin’s own breathing stutters. “Jimin-ah.”

“Why? What’s wrong?”

Seokji licks his lower lips and turns his phone screen to face Jimin. “I don’t think you should go back home tonight.”

Jimin squints at the headline.
But it’s not the phrasing of the article’s headline that makes him gasp. Nor is it the horribly edited photo of him and Taehyung side by side, posed as if they’re competitors.

It’s the horrid flood of death threats and hate comments that leaves Jimin feeling cold and nauseous.
His palms turn clammy and he sits back against the lounge chair, forcing himself to remember to breathe.

Seokjin starts, “Taehyung’s overly zealous fans—“

“No need to sugarcoat,” Min PD pipes up in a low, gruff drawl. “Call them what they are. Sasaengs.”
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[The Mini Reel review]
—Min Yoongi, film critic & blogger

“Bullshit.” Jimin kicks a nearby chair. “Who the hell is Min Yoongi, anyway? Doesn’t he know I’m an A-list, top star? I’m going to harvest his kneecaps.”

“He’s the director for your next film project, Jimin.”
“Call it off,” Jimin snaps at his manager, slamming his hands on the table. “I’m not doing it. I can’t trust a director who doesn’t see my talent.”


“I said I’m out. Bring me the contract.”

“Yah.” His manager, Seokjin, folds his arms. “It’s too late. You signed already.”
Jimin’s blood goes cold, realization striking him. “Wait, the one we sent to MediumHit Studios? The action movie with—“

“Kim Taehyung and Park Seojun? Yeah.” Seokjin fixes him with a pointed stare.

Jimin gasps. “He’s /the/ Min PD?”

“The one and only.”
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Bob Dylan'ın yeni albümü Rough and Rowdy Ways çıktı.… #NowPlaying
Bir entiriyle yorumumu paylaşayım.

rough and rowdy ways: @jimithekewl @sozluk
The New Yorker'da albümü bugünkü ırkçılık tartışmalarına bağlayarak değerlendiren bir yazı var. Onu da paylaşmak isterim:

Bob Dylan’s “Rough and Rowdy Ways” Hits Hard…

@NewYorker aracılığıyla Image
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7'33" of pure pleasure for the ears.

So Lonely - Live In Boston by The Police… #NowPlaying
And then, if you are in for 8'53" more, go on with this:

The Bed's Too Big Without You - Live In Boston Stereo Remastered Version by The Police… #NowPlaying
You can then finish with 7'55" of Can't Stand Losing You - Live In Boston /by The Police… #NowPlaying
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MKO Abiola is celebrated today June 12 on the annulment of his election which was judged to be the freest and fairest ever..

He enjoyed the same level of support President Buhari enjoyed in 2015. Why?

#DemocracyDay #June12 #President Buhari
2. Abiola is rated highly because he never got a chance to rule, had Buhari passed on after election victory in 2015, his name would have been etched in gold too, birthday declared public holiday and celebrated as Integrity Day😂

Do you know both men are similar?
3. A) Both men were coupists/Coup sponsors M Buhari participated in every coup up to the one that ousted Shagari and made him president, which he sponsored but continues to deny involvement. Abiola was a known coup financier, funding two coups and urging Abacha to remove Shonekan
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Bu kıvamdaki parça önerilerinizi alabilir miyim? Sanırım son 3-4 günde 1000 defa dinledim doyamadım :D Roses - Imanbek Remix - SAINt JHN, Imanbek… #NowPlaying
Colors of the Rainbow (feat. Kathy) - Sevenn… #NowPlaying
Çalma listesini şuraya bırakayım; Mesut Çevik'in seçkileri…
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How was China able to eliminate #COVID19? And why won't they let the world in to see how they did it? A clip from last night's @NarativLive.
If you have an Apple iOS device, watch the podcast here. Remember to subscribe and rate the show.…
And if you don't, an audio only version is available on most other podcast apps like @Spotify… #NowPlaying
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