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We are proud to announce the Haste Metaverse and that @hastearcade is the first platform/service in history to offer parcels of metaverse land to the public based on @blockamoto 's #bitcoin #bitmap protocol.

Continue reading for details and link 👇

While it is still very early, and things/sentiments can certainly change, we wanted to help signal and set the tone that we are in support of the protocol and hope to see other platforms follow suit.

It is a work in progress and our plans are to begin unveiling it slowly over the next two years.

For now, we'd like to highlight and celebrate being first 🥳. Our team heard about the protocol less than a week ago and made the decision to act.

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🚨 1/7 How to find and inscribe .Bitmap addresses (The easy way!) 🧵

A new tool has just been released to find available .Bitmap addresses; lets dive in; ➡️

#Ordinals Image
2/7 Most of the lower-range addresses are already claimed. However, a new tool is available that enables you to generate Bitmaps, either as Random or Consecutive Digits. This was a tedious manual process! Image
3/7 You can strategize your approach: Random, Consecutive, and Substring. This decision influences how your plots will be arranged in relation to one another. Then, you determine the number of Bitmaps to generate. Image
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1/ I just lost all my #Ordinals. ALL of them. Not a scam or theft. A technical mishap. Here's what happened:
2/ A few weeks ago, I inscribed some #cursed ordinals, specifically @CursedBTCPunks. Unfortunately, they never appeared in my Xverse Wallet, so yesterday I joined their Discord in an attempt to find answers about my cursed inscriptions.
3/ I read that in order to view my cursed inscriptions, I would need to import my @xverseApp wallet into @SparrowWallet. So that is what I did...
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Recursive Inscription: The Game Changer for #Bitcoin and #Ordinals

#Ordinals and #BRC20 are bringing daily innovations on bitcoin chain, and we're experiencing amazing experiments as a result. One of them is recursive inscription.

Get ready to learn all about it in this thread. Image
Earlier this year, the Ordinals Protocol introduced on-chain inscriptions, enabling the storage of files directly onto the Bitcoin blockchain.

However, these inscriptions were self-contained and unaware of each other. That's where recursive inscription comes into play.
Earlier this year, the Ordinals Protocol introduced on-chain inscriptions, enabling the storage of files directly onto the Bitcoin blockchain.

However, these inscriptions were self-contained and unaware of each other. That's where recursive inscription comes into play.
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🔥 Discover the diversity of #Bitcoin address types 👀

🚀 What type of #Bitcoin address should I use? How can I identify the different address types?

Let's explore! 👇

#BRC20 #Ordinals #OrdinalDaily Image
1/ Legacy addresses (P2PKH)

Legacy addresses formed by hashing the public key to the private key. 💫

They were popular in Bitcoin's early days but are now costly due to larger transaction sizes. ⚡️

👉 It's only necessary if you have an incompatible old wallet.
2/ Pay to Script Hash (P2SH)

P2SH addresses involve a script with hidden spending conditions. ✨

Unlike legacy addresses, they are not derived from the public key hash. ⚡️

P2SH addresses provide flexibility, support SegWit, and help save on transaction fees. 🚀
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I've been seeing a lot on #BRC20
and #Bitcoin Ordinals and I'll be honest, I don't have a clue what these were. So I decided to change that.

Let's talk about it! 🧵

Understanding BRC-20 Tokens and Bitcoin Ordinals 🟠🟢

#crypto #cryptothread
BRC-20 tokens are a new experimental standard for creating and transferring tokens on the #Bitcoin blockchain. They work similarly to Ethereum's ERC-20 tokens but with some differences. However, it's important to note that BRC-20 tokens are still in the experimental stage.
BRC-20 tokens were made possible through the Ordinals protocol, which allows for the inscription of data on individual satoshis (the smallest unit of Bitcoin). This enables the creation of fungible tokens on the Bitcoin network. #Ordinals #Bitcoin
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1/15 🚀💡 Introducing the Generative BRC-721 standard for the #Bitcoin ordinals ecosystem! From here on, let's refer to it as GBRC-721. This proposal optimizes block space usage, making room for more creators and fuelling #blockchain innovation. 👩‍🚀🔗💻 Image
2/15 🛠️ The magic of GBRC-721 lies in a "deploy" operation, which creates a Generative collection. Unique traits are stored on-chain, setting the stage for Non-Fungible Ordinals! 🧩💫 #Ordinals #BTC
3/15 🎲 Using a "mint" operation, we then generate the Non-Fungible Ordinals. These reference the traits from the deploy operation - a process that cuts GBRC-721 block space usage by 50-90%! ✂️🚀 #Ordinals #BRC20
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🟠 @okx proposes BRC-30, a new protocol based on BRC-20

🟠 What is BRC-30 and what does it do? 👀

Continue reading below 👇

#BRC30 #BRC20 #Ordinals #OrdinalDaily Image
1/ What is #BRC30? 👀

#BRC30 is an enhanced version of the #BRC20 protocol specifically designed for the #Bitcoin space. 🔥

#BRC30 builds upon the design principles of #BRC20 and introduces equity operation functions such as deposit, casting, and withdrawal. ⚡️
2/ With #BRC30, users can stake their #BRC20 tokens and #Bitcoin, earning corresponding #BRC30 tokens in return. ✨

👉 This proposal introduces a staking mechanism for #BRC20 tokens, or #Bitcoin, to the #Bitcoin network. 🟠
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🪂 Top 18 Upcoming Projects On #BRC20 🪙

🚀Did You Missed $OXBT ? Stay Committed With us and We Will Help You to Make Millionaire From $BRC20 & #OrdinalsNFT

💵 #BRC20 and #Ordinals is on Trending Now, Make Money With the Trend

Let's Dive Into Mega🧵

Follow 💰 Image

1️⃣ @TheOrdinalsClub (Keep Your Eyes)

Upcoming Brc20 Token - $BYOC

🟩Date: TBA
🟩Supply: TBA

💠Project By Godzira @PGodjira
💠Co-Founder- @shanicucic96
💠CFO- @Sakattacking

🚨Take WL/OG Role On Discord if Any Available Image

2️⃣ @Titan_Meka (Keep Your Eyes On Twitter)

🟩Nft Supply: 4242
🟩Mint Date: TBA
🟩Mint Price: TBA

💠Project By: @suganarium (Looks Interesting)

🚨Take WL/OG Role If Any Available On Their Discord Server Image
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{"p":"orc-721","op":"mint","s":"diyordibots","g": [2,5,16,23,9]}



#Ordinals #ORC721 ImageImageImage


7⃣:图三、选择Bulk,粘贴2⃣步骤的文案,把没人打的元素数据替换掉,然后进行付款铸造就行 ImageImageImage


9⃣:图一、输入你刚打的DIY元素数据,并搜索,第一个铭文显示你的地址就说明已经打到了,后期等他们上集合就行了 Image
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🟧 Get ready for the storm as @Bitcoin #Ordinals dominate the market! 🌪

🟧 Stay ahead in the game with this ultimate list of upcoming potential projects 🚀

🟧 Want WL? Comment below 👇

#BRC20 #Oridnal #Bitcoin #OrdinalDaily Image
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🟠 BRC-721 is revolutionizing the space on #Bitcoin by bringing a new token standard and enabling conversion of ETH-721 NFTs to #Ordinals.

🚀 It's a game-changer! But how does it work, and why should you care?

Let me break it down for you. 👇🧵

#BRC721 #Bitcoin #OrdinalDaily Image
1/ #BRC721 is a new protocol for #Bitcoin that aims to bring Ethereum-like NFT features to #Ordinals.

#BRC721 is deployed on #Bitcoin using Solidity smart contracts and powered by Trustless.

It allows the creation of NFTs with over 100 artists and projects already published.🔥
2/ Here's how you can get started:

🔸 Head over to
🔸 Connect your wallet
🔸 Click on "Create BRC-721"
🔸 Enter the collection name, add your images, and submit on-chain. Image
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#BRC721 将会是一个 #BTC #Ordinals 上一个很重要的部分,因为它极大程度降低了铭刻成本,使得即便在高gas下,可以降低成本铭刻一些比较复杂的图片

由于目前 #BRC721 协议比较多,为了方便大家了解,我就想开一个长推来依次介绍一下 Image
首先是最早发行的,抢跑了其他的 @bitcat_ord 使用的 @Ord_brc721 ,它主要的原理是直接使用一个ipfs地址来代表图片,不上链


最大的问题是还没开图,mint的慢的话,你就可以估算你的图是哪一个, Image


而且本来 #OrdinalsNFT 也没有版税,如果还有人愿意做这种事情,应该也不是为了名气,因为nft也带不来太多名气 Image
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1/ Are you coping with missing out on $OXBT?

What if I tell you it's not too late.

The strong narrative surrounding #Ordinals & #BRC20 tokens just keep getting stronger.

Lets find out if the $OXBT train has left the station 🧵 ⤵️ Image
2/ $OXBT, the most highly anticipated BRC-20 token, was officially launched on May 25th.

The project behind this token is known as @RedactedBTCNFT.
@RedactedBTCNFT 3/ The team consists of 4 chads that have taken the crypto community by storm.


@BitGod21 has swiftly emerged as a prominent figure in the crypto community.

Amassing over 100k new followers within a span of less than a month. ImageImageImageImage
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You missed #Ordinals

If You missed the #BRC20

Well don't miss out the next big thing on the $BTC

In this thread we'll explore the world of .sats #Domains , the process of acquiring and registering them and how to make the most of this opportunity🧵 Image
What are the .sats domains?

#Sats names are decentralized #domain name system built on the #bitcoin familiar to #ENS

170k names have been inscribed to this day with 40 000+ holders already

We are still very early and potential here is very big 👀 🚀 Image
Direct sending and Receiving BRC-20 Funds to .sats names etc

How do .sats domains differ from #ENS?

They are absolutely free to register; you just need to be the first one 🚀

There is no expiration date. Once you register a sats name it will live forever on the blockchain 🥰 Image
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What are "Cursed Ordinals" or "Sub Zeros"? 💀

This is way bigger than BRC-20 but also x100 more degen play. 💯

Let me share that ALPHA first 🧵
Cursed Insciptions

There was a github link posted from an ordinal dev,who was looking for a solution for the ordinals which were caught in the glitch,and mis-numbered. One of his proposals was to add certain inscriptions to a certain block height,and give them negative labels.
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1/ GM, I want to introduce a proposal for a new #Ordinals standard called "Generative BRC-721" for Ordinals Collection, which I'll call here Non-Fungible Ordinals (NFOs).

It's still WIP and I'm excited to get your feedback to improve it.

Full details at…
2/ Let's start with the problem at hand: Network fees and block space usage. With the current state of things, creating on-chain NFOs is often inefficient and costly. It's about time we optimize this process to make NFOs more accessible and sustainable.
3/ Generative BRC-721: This proposed standard aims to make NFOs more efficient by optimizing network usage and ensuring that every piece of art remains on-chain. It does so through a two-step process: Deployment and Minting.
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🪂How to Become Millionaire From #BRC20 New Trend🚀

🚀A Complete Guide On Brc20 Trends and Qualifying For 4-5 Digit Potential Airdrops 🪂

🌀Let's Dive into Mega🧵

🔁Retweet &
💰Join Tg for Early #Airdrop -

#Ordinals #Bitcoin #BitcoinPizzaDay Image

🔥We Shared About Ordinals With Our Community In Early Stage

⚠️This Mega Thread for Those Who Don’t Know Hindi
But For Indians Check Our YTVideo About Ordinals + Brc20-


🔗Check Out this 🧵 -

🪂After Shared About Ordinals, So Many Lm Fams Already Receive Pixel Pepe Brc20 Tokens Which Worth More than 💰10k$ 🚀🚀

🤑😱Check it Our Our GG Fam Already Earned 15k$ Almost -
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For months, I've been showcasing new, amazing artists that deserve recognition right here on Twitter.
We've built a fantastic network of artists across Ether and Bitcoin.

Now, we're about to take it up a notch...

#ArtOnBlockchain #brc20…
We're venturing into the Bitcoin blockchain to introduce a new BRC-20 token, crafted to highlight these phenomenal artists, especially those creating ordinals. 🎭🖌️
#BlockchainArt #ordinals #BRC20
3/5 Introducing, the Artist Launchpad! 🎊

Get ready to earn extraordinary rewards just by holding this token! #CryptoRewards
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「为什么你不应该忽视BTC NFT」

不管是否参与,你都无法忽略一个事实,BTC NFT很火,本周用数据盘点:

- BTC NFT 反超以太坊
- 交易量前10的BTC NFT 是哪些
- 为什么中心化交易所跃跃欲试
- 有趣的彩蛋

#NFT #brc20 #btcnft


🧵 Image


- Space Pepes 今日销售额第一
- Bitcoin Frogs 本周3次登顶
- 销量前3有2个、前10有3个BTC NFT
- 交易人数 70,136(E) v 27,310(B)
- 交易额 $96,330,596 (E) v $40,497,868(B)

BTC NFT 一周交易人数、交易额已经接近以太坊NFT的40%,特殊项目销售反超。 Image

我们单独来看基于Ordinals Marketplaces的数据:

- 累计交易额达 $147,069,646
- 71,407 独立用户交易了 253,777 次
- @unisat_wallet@MagicEden 霸占48%、44%份额
- unisat 日活4,356,仅次于Opensea,x2y2 仅为53人

横向对比交易市场,BTC NFT占优

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It's time to learn about BRC20 and Ordinals! 📚💡
#BRC20 #Ordinals Image
What is a BRC20 token?

🔶 BRC20 are token balances inscribed onto Bitcoin through the Taproot Network.

🔶 Don't be afraid to ask or have doubts we're still early and there are many tools on development
Things I wish I had known when i was starting:

🔶 The most complete wallet for NFTs and tokens is Unisat

🔶 Download and setup your wallet

🔶 Select 'Taproot' in address type (Settings)

🔶 Deposit some Bitcoin!
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整理了下 这个月写BRC20的教程:




#Bitcoin #Ordinals #brc20

3⃣:unisat 工具铸造brc20使用教程…

4⃣:looksordinal 工具铸造brc20使用教程…




8⃣:unisat 交易市场使用保姆级教程…
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1/10 "🔥A Week of Crypto Highs and Lows: Top 7 Highlights💥" A thread!
2/10 📉 #Bitcoin Volatility & Drop in Prices: All of crypto faced headwinds due to low liquidity and regulatory scrutiny. #Bitcoin traded at its lowest since mid-March.
3/10 🚀 #Ethereum's All-Time High in Staked ETH: The network saw a significant amount of $ETH being staked, hitting an all-time high of 10%, while maintaining stable prices.
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{ "p": "drc-20", "op": "mint", "tick": “chms”, "amt": “69420” }

{ "p": "drc-20", "op": "mint", "tick": "dogewow", "amt": "100" }

{ "p": "drc-20", "op": "mint", "tick": "misu", "amt": "1000" }
#BRC20 #DRC20 #ORC20 #Ordinals
Pepe :

{ "p": "drc-20", "op": "mint", "tick": "PEPE", "amt": "1000" }
♦️ Meme :

{ "p": “drc-20", "op": “mint”, "tick": “meme”, "amt”: "1" }
📷 Punk :

{ "p": "drc-20", "op": "mint", "tick": "punk", "amt": "1000"}

#BRC20 #DRC20 #ORC20 #Ordinals
Musk :

{ "p": "drc-20", "op": "mint", "tick": "musk", "amt": "10000000" }

♦️ Piza :

{ "p": “drc-20", "op": “mint”, "tick": “piza”, "amt”: "1000" }

📷 Lady :

{ "p": “drc-20", "op": “mint”, "tick": “lady”, "amt”: "10000000” }

#BRC20 #DRC20 #ORC20 #Ordinals
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