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Yesterday @SpaceIDProtocol confirmed the second airdrop

👉🏻Last time, users received $100 and more for just domain registration👈🏻

📆 Deadline: June 16

Check this thread to not miss this airdrop 🧵
$ID #Domains Image
What is Space ID?
SPACE ID is building a universal name service network with a one-stop identity platform to discover, register, trade, manage web3 domains

The $ID airdrop for Season 2 is expected to commence at the end of June, along w/ distribution & claim details
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You missed #Ordinals

If You missed the #BRC20

Well don't miss out the next big thing on the $BTC

In this thread we'll explore the world of .sats #Domains , the process of acquiring and registering them and how to make the most of this opportunity🧵 Image
What are the .sats domains?

#Sats names are decentralized #domain name system built on the #bitcoin familiar to #ENS

170k names have been inscribed to this day with 40 000+ holders already

We are still very early and potential here is very big 👀 🚀 Image
Direct sending and Receiving BRC-20 Funds to .sats names etc

How do .sats domains differ from #ENS?

They are absolutely free to register; you just need to be the first one 🚀

There is no expiration date. Once you register a sats name it will live forever on the blockchain 🥰 Image
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[1/🧵] Ah, #XRPL, the #blockchain of choice for tech-savvy investors looking to make a quick buck in the world of #Web3 domains.

Why bother with @ICANN when you can just get an NFT? Isn't it practically the same?

WRONG! 🧵👇 Source: https://web3domains...
[2/22] — Outline —
🔸 Fundamentals and Definitions
🔸 #Web2 vs. #Web3
🔸 "Domain" Projects
🔸 @fynbosdev and #ILP
🔸 A Better Approach (#XRPL)
🔸 Standardization Source: https://www.gagan.p...
[3/22] — 1⃣ Fundamentals — Domain —

#Domains are #namespaces that are used for coupling #IP-addresses to human-readable names for ease of use.

They are also organized in a hierarchical structure for governance purposes. Source: https://www.compute...
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- Digital Art 🎨
- Music 🎶
- Domains 🌐
- Gaming 👾

The intent of this thread is to help newcomers get off on the right foot!

#NFTs #Digitalart #Music #Domains #Gaming #blockchain #crypto #ethereum #Bitcoin Image

🎨💻 Did you know that NFTs are transforming the world of digital art?
💫🚀 With platforms like @superrare_co, @niftygateway, and @AsyncArt leading the way, artists can now sell their digital artworks as unique #NFTart on the blockchain. Image

From establishing proof of authenticity to enabling creators to earn revenue from their work, the possibilities are endless!
🖼️💰 With the rise of #digitalart, NFTs provide a new and innovative way to connect with art collectors and showcase unique creations.
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Good news for a #domain investor who got slapped with 25% fees on an #Afternic sale that took place while the DNS was set to n21/ns2.CashParking. That's #GoDaddy's own nameservers!

Afternic will refund the extra 10% it kept due to its Transaction Assurance being untrained.
But still, this 25% "head tax" remains for thousands of #domains that "dare" to use an alternate DNS, either with their owner's landers, or competing services, such as #Sedo, #Efty, and others.
If a sale occurs on a domain listed on GoDaddy's marketplaces but not on an approved DNS, 25% of the earnings is kept as a fee. This is a ridiculous and anti-competitive move by GoDaddy.
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About DukiyaHost Limited

1. Who we are
2. What we do
3. Our Products & Services
4. Our policies
5. Contact us

#DukiyaHost #webhosting #Domains #domain #SEO #cloudhosting #WordPress #VPS #Dedicatedservers

Retweet and share widely.

Let's go👇👇

Thread 1/10
Who We are
DukiyaHost is a Web Hosting Company offering Shared web hosting, WordPress hosting, VPS (Virtual Private Servers) & VPS cloud hosting, dedicated server hosting, Domain name registration, renewals and transfers, Dedicated IP addresses and SEO services.

Thread 2/10 Image
You can visit our website and learn more about DukiyaHost and all that we do.

Click here👇

Thread 3/10 Image
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About DukiyaHost Limited

1. Who we are
2. What we do
3. Our Products & Services
4. Our policies
5. Contact us

#DukiyaHost #webhosting #Domains #domain #SEO #cloudhosting #WordPress #VPS #Dedicatedservers

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Let's go👇👇

Thread 1/10
1.) Who We are
DukiyaHost is a Web Hosting Company offering Shared web hosting, WordPress hosting, VPS (Virtual Private Servers) & VPS cloud hosting, dedicated server hosting, Domain name registration, renewals and transfers, Dedicated IP addresses and SEO services.

Thread 2/10
You can visit our website and learn more about DukiyaHost and all that we do.

Click here👇

Thread 3/10 DukiyaHost website homepage available at https://dukiyahost.
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💡 Sharing how I was flipping domains every week constantly via outbound in the $100-$500 price range.

“I made around $2400 in one week, all by outbound.”

Sharing my strategy🧶👇 #domains
First thing first, you need a good domain, no matter how good you are over the phone or how well-crafted your email is; if the domain you are selling does not bring value to your prospects, it won’t sell.

For example:

if you own LondonRealEstate/com, your potential buyers should be either LondonRealEstate/net or London-RealEstate/Com, those using a 3-4 word domain name and real estate companies based in London.
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📍I’ve started to receive more and more requests for advice from beginner domain investors and so I thought I’d pull together my thoughts. I’m not claiming these are definitive, fool-proof or special, but they may be useful for some. #Domains
Pause & Learn
Watch @UseSav auctions | Study daily sales… | Learn expired domains | Join @NamePros & study |
Check see how many TLD taken | Benefit from others’ work, like Bob’s (@AGreatDomain) great research
Twitter Do:
-Check-in a couple of times a day
-Interact in a positive way
-Think about how you can add value/support.
-If you’ve nothing good to say, say nothing (just like the post)
-Be generous in your retweets
-Follow accounts you’re interested in
-Only post about domains
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Let’s #recap:

A few tips & tools to evaluate #domains coming up for auction @namejet (or for sale) re: wholesale+retail value/chance of resale/risk assessment…

Src: @DomainSherpa 📺 ▶️39:10
Cc: @J10enbaum 🧼 @AmmarKubba 👨🏽‍🎤 @BradenPollock 🤡

🧵 1/13
1. Review EstiBot & NameJet data

– What is EstiBot’s appraisal?
– How many backorders are there?
– How many days left until the auction?
– What is the min. bid?

🔗 / @estibotcom
🔗 / @namejet

🧵 2/13
2. Check

– What, if any, was the past-use/history over time?
– Are there any red flags that may affect a future brand, the value and/or resale?

🔗 / @internetarchive

🧵 3/13
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This post will sum up some common questions like how to find an #expireddomain, how much to invest, and how to make sure it will give results.

How to find expired domains?

I never look at #domains keeping a niche idea in mind; instead ...(1)
I prefer to find #niches out of the domains I like for the following advantages-

a) This way, I don't have to struggle with the scarcity of domains.
b) Right off the bat, I get new niche ideas.
c) Expired domains used around its Niche give best results. (2)
What are the must-haves for a suitable domain you can bid on?

1- Decide a budget

When you bid on anything, you might end up paying more than its actual value due to lack of knowledge; the adrenaline effect will make you bid more and more, so having a red line is a must (3)
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Less than 30 days for this Affiliate site.
1 Expired Domain
0 PBN Links
Want to know how we did it?

100 RT and I will share the case study :)

#nichesites #expireddomains #domains #affiliatemarketing #seo #backlinks #domainnames #organictraffic
Calling it a luck?

What about this-
and this.
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In my early days, I sold around $7k worth of domains in insurance via outbound, and to my surprise, not many other domain investors talk much about insurance🤷‍♂️

IMO it is one of the most underrated niches. Sharing what I've learned and how you can get started👇 #domains
Why Insurance?
Insurance is one of the biggest industries worldwide. "Insurance Market size was valued at USD 4.47 Trillion in 2020 and is projected to reach USD 224.34 Trillion by 2028."

So go where the money is, simple as that.
High CPC! High Demand!
All these insurance agencies/companies need leads/customers, and they are spending a ton of $ on Google - The average CPC cost is $3.44, which goes up to $280.

A good combo keyword domain can help them cut marketing expenses.
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Have you had your #domains pointing to the same landers for a while now? Not getting any action?

Switch things up, move to new landers, test @afternic or @Undeveloped landers..

Often times, after making changes to your dns you could land a sale or get an offer..

WHY?? 👇🏻👇🏻
Buyers are thrifty.. they often setup monitoring on your domain to be alerted of any dns changes.. they are hopeful you will let the name expire and will swoop in to get it for less than your asking price was..
Another tip.. adjust your pricing a bit.. even just $25… if you have domains listed or synched to @sedo through another marketplace then any buyer who is watching your listing at sedo will be emailed about the price change..
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@skiffprivacy ,@Dmailofficial and @cryptpad could be the next #Gmail alternative in the #web3 space and here is the big WHY

#web3community #web3ashewovibes #Crypto #Crypto #BTC

A thread
While #Gmail and #Proton is currently the most trusted of all communication apps based on their past records, @skiffprivacy ,@Dmailofficial @cryptpad are not doing bad with their development in few years,they are Innovations that have credible usecases and possible adoption
@skiffprivacy is a privacy first end to end encrypted and open source collaboration mail with massive development going on the project .

Here are some of the #usecases, limitations and possible adoption level I can spot ,there are may be more

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8 Ways to Do Local SEO Without Building Content

Want to win at local search engine optimization (#SEO), but not depend on content marketing? You can do that!

Try these strategies to attain high local rankings in the search engines

- Thread -🧵 Image
@DigiPromoteme 1. Build a community.

Perhaps you’re good at bringing people together.

Create a forum or build your social media presence devoted to the needs of your prospective customers.

As this community grows, you can then send your audience towards your offers.
@DigiPromoteme 2. Use a brandable domain.

Previously, domains had to match keywords, but that has changed.

Brandable domains are king.

Create a unique presence for your business, essential when attempting to rank locally.
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I feel #filthy #rich and filthy and rich
#lebanon #ens ImageImage
#ENS #ensdomains

#ENS #ensdomains #enssummer
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We added a new article on #URL #Database where the goal is to classify over 80 million #domain for their IAB #categories:…
A set of interesting links about #URL #Classification…
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1/ The Ultimate Guide on #ENS Surnames 🧵

👉 Why ENS will win the personal ID space
👉 My opinion on surname domains
👉 Why surnames are the biggest asymmetrical bets in the domain space
👉 How you can register great (and cheap) names

#ENSDomains #Domains #NFTCommunity Image
2/ If you're not too familiar with ENS, start by reading this great in-depth article by @FleekHQ detailing the domain's capabilities.

(It's amazing to see what they outlined in 2020 is becoming a reality...)…
3/ With the semantics out the way, and with a clear understanding of why web 3 domains are highly significant technological innovations, let's get to it.
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Starting to think that all good @ensdomains are taken?

Think again. In this thread, I list 24 overlooked domain-picking strategies that could make a lot of money in the coming web3


#ENS $ENS #ENSdomains #domains #web3 #blockchaindomains #NFTdomains #NFTs The logo of ENS domains app...
This is the TLDR summary of my insane-long video on ENS picks.

Full video here >>

0/24... A list of the 24 ENS domain...
We all know that 1st names (jake.eth)and iconic dictionary words (gold.eth) are worth a fortune

But there's more to ENS riches than that

This thread is about the names overlooked by investors now (which so are still cheap!) and yet could be worth a lot in the coming #web3
... Image
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Selamlar.. Bugün Juno üzerinde, Decentralized Name Service @decentralizedns platformunda nasıl domain alınır onu gösteceğim

Önceden 2 juno fiyatı vardı bugün 1 junoya düşürmüşler ve almaya değer olduğunu düşündüğüm için paylaşıyorum, keyifli okumalar <3

#JUNO #Domains #Airdrop
1- Öncelikle Keplr wallet'ımıza bakiye eklememiz gerekiyor şu an juno 39 dolar ben 1,3 atom gönderdim cüzdanıma bunu junoya çevireceğiz. üzerine gelip atom deposit yapıyoruz. (fee için miktar bırakın)

Daha sonra swap kısmından junoya swaplıyoruz.
2- Daha sonra platformumza giriyoruz:

Almak istediğimiz ismi belirliyoruz ve mint your new ıd diyoruz.

Burada bilgilerimizi ekliyoruz.
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Selamlarr.. Bu floodda Oasis Domain nasıl alınır sorusunu cevaplıyorum ve 5 kişiye ONS hediye ediyorum

Bu domain'in özel durumu var :)

5 kişiye domain hediyeme katılmak için RT yapmanız yeterli.

Domain almak şu an 60 rose.. Keyifli okumalar

#Oasis #Domains @onsdomains
1- Hediye domain adresi için üstteki twitin yorumlarına Emerald paratime adresinizi bırakmayı unutmayın.

Öncelikle bizim platforma girip istediğimiz domainin mevcut olup olmadığına ve ne kadara alabileceğimizi kontrol etmemız gerekiyor, duruma göre cüzdanımıza rose göndereceğiz
2- sitesine giriyoruz.

Almak istediğimiz ismi aratıyoruz. Gördüğünüz gibi arattığım isim kimse tarafından alınmamış ve 60 rose 1 yıllığı.

Ama harfleri azaltalım harf sayısı azaldıkça fiyat artıyor ve domain değerleniyor.
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* * * * * * THE 13 TYPES OF NFTS * * * * * *
* * * * & Why They Matter to Investors * * *

1/ This is a summary of my looong video on the 13 types of NFTs with the main takeaways.

(Video here: )
#NFTCommunity #NFTinvesting #NFTs

... 13 circular images representing the thirteen types of NFTs.
2/ I divide the 13 NFT categories into:

#NFTs that already move significant amounts of $$$

#NFTs that are not moving much $$$ but show promise

... Diagram. At the top is written: 'NFT TYPES'. In the left col

Comprises #digitalart but also #jpegs of physical art (photographed canvases, illustrations...) sold as jpegs on NFT marketplaces

Due to megasales like @Beeple's this category got all the headlines during the 1st NFT Mania of Feb-Apr'21

Then focus moved to On the left sales page for a painting of Sean Jantzi on the
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