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🟠 ORC-20, BRC-20, and DRC-20 are three popular token standards in the #Bitcoin space.

💫 Although they serve the same purpose of creation, they differ in various aspects.

Let's take a look 👇

#BRC20 #ORC20 #DRC20 #OrdinalDaily Image
1/ BRC-20 is one of the most promising token standards that garnered the love of developers due to its incredible features. 🧡

However, the current BRC-20 token standard has a bunch of inherent limitations, prompting the development of ORC-20. 👀

2/ ORC-20 is created to address the drawbacks such as anti-double-spending methods, naming issues, security, scalability issues.✨

Unlike BRC-20, ORC-20 is experimental. Thus, while ORC-20 tokens hold promise, their value and utility remain uncertain.🙄

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L3: 随着L2的炒作末尾,L3自然也会被关注,但好多也是没有发币,可以看下相关的优质项目,提前军备。
3、#BRC20:#BTC 的减半叙事是在逐轮减弱的,而随着自身网络不断的优化,我相信在其生态的建设上一定有所为,下个共识的推动力极有可能就是大饼新的应用场景和需求。下轮牛市比特币上涨,极有可能比特币关联的概念项会率先跟涨,会超乎一些人的逻辑判断。
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Recursive Inscription: The Game Changer for #Bitcoin and #Ordinals

#Ordinals and #BRC20 are bringing daily innovations on bitcoin chain, and we're experiencing amazing experiments as a result. One of them is recursive inscription.

Get ready to learn all about it in this thread. Image
Earlier this year, the Ordinals Protocol introduced on-chain inscriptions, enabling the storage of files directly onto the Bitcoin blockchain.

However, these inscriptions were self-contained and unaware of each other. That's where recursive inscription comes into play.
Earlier this year, the Ordinals Protocol introduced on-chain inscriptions, enabling the storage of files directly onto the Bitcoin blockchain.

However, these inscriptions were self-contained and unaware of each other. That's where recursive inscription comes into play.
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Early Projects Megathread

It's that time of the week again, anon. Time to update the current beat

This thread is condensed alpha for projects that you don't want to miss, including 🧵👇:

- Privacy
- Web3 Game
- Options
- Dashboard Image
1/ 🐸 @FroggyYields Yield aggregator on #zkSync

- Auto-Compounding Strategy
- Yield-boosting NFT

Status: Launch on June 9th Image
2/ 💎 @gusher_xyz The USH black hole for @unsheth_xyz

- Boosting and optimizing rewards for $USH stakers
- Earn a portion of ALL protocol fees in gushUSH
- unshETH Staking and earning $GUSH

Status: gUSHer “Boost-Strap” event soon Image
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🔥 Discover the diversity of #Bitcoin address types 👀

🚀 What type of #Bitcoin address should I use? How can I identify the different address types?

Let's explore! 👇

#BRC20 #Ordinals #OrdinalDaily Image
1/ Legacy addresses (P2PKH)

Legacy addresses formed by hashing the public key to the private key. 💫

They were popular in Bitcoin's early days but are now costly due to larger transaction sizes. ⚡️

👉 It's only necessary if you have an incompatible old wallet.
2/ Pay to Script Hash (P2SH)

P2SH addresses involve a script with hidden spending conditions. ✨

Unlike legacy addresses, they are not derived from the public key hash. ⚡️

P2SH addresses provide flexibility, support SegWit, and help save on transaction fees. 🚀
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🧵 $OHMS a deeper dive! #BRC20

1/ 🕵️‍♀️ Let's take a deep dive into OHMS, a revolutionary BRC-20 project built on the Bitcoin! 🌐🚀 #OHMS #BRC20 #Crypto Image
2/ 💡 OHMS serves as the hub for discussions about the latest trends in crypto, powered by state-of-the-art AI technology. It's your gateway to understanding the crypto space better! 🧠🌐
3/ 💰 By joining the $OHMS community, you gain access to a wealth of resources that can help you make informed decisions and stay ahead of the curve in the fast-paced world of crypto. 💼💡
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I've been seeing a lot on #BRC20
and #Bitcoin Ordinals and I'll be honest, I don't have a clue what these were. So I decided to change that.

Let's talk about it! 🧵

Understanding BRC-20 Tokens and Bitcoin Ordinals 🟠🟢

#crypto #cryptothread
BRC-20 tokens are a new experimental standard for creating and transferring tokens on the #Bitcoin blockchain. They work similarly to Ethereum's ERC-20 tokens but with some differences. However, it's important to note that BRC-20 tokens are still in the experimental stage.
BRC-20 tokens were made possible through the Ordinals protocol, which allows for the inscription of data on individual satoshis (the smallest unit of Bitcoin). This enables the creation of fungible tokens on the Bitcoin network. #Ordinals #Bitcoin
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1/ 𝗔𝗶𝗿𝗱𝗿𝗼𝗽 𝗛𝘂𝗻𝘁𝘀 - May Summary 🪂

Here's all airdrop strategies I shared in May
I only kept tutorials which are still up to date

Join telegram to not miss any strategy :

#airdrop #airdrops Image

1️⃣ Venom
2️⃣ BRC-20 Season
3️⃣ Davos
4️⃣ Polyhedra ZK
5️⃣ Polygon ZKEVM
6️⃣ Unlimited Leverage
7️⃣ Cashmere Labs
8️⃣ ZkSync Low Cost Strat
9️⃣ Entangle
🔟 Layer Zero Low Cost Strat
1️⃣1️⃣ AltLayer
1️⃣2️⃣ Holograph
1️⃣3️⃣ ZkSync - Anti Sybil
1️⃣4️⃣ Contago️
1️⃣5️⃣ BTC ecosystem
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1/15 🚀💡 Introducing the Generative BRC-721 standard for the #Bitcoin ordinals ecosystem! From here on, let's refer to it as GBRC-721. This proposal optimizes block space usage, making room for more creators and fuelling #blockchain innovation. 👩‍🚀🔗💻 Image
2/15 🛠️ The magic of GBRC-721 lies in a "deploy" operation, which creates a Generative collection. Unique traits are stored on-chain, setting the stage for Non-Fungible Ordinals! 🧩💫 #Ordinals #BTC
3/15 🎲 Using a "mint" operation, we then generate the Non-Fungible Ordinals. These reference the traits from the deploy operation - a process that cuts GBRC-721 block space usage by 50-90%! ✂️🚀 #Ordinals #BRC20
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🚀 Exploring $Oshi Finance: A Promising Future for Decentralized Finance on Bitcoin! 🌟 #BRC20 #OSHI Image
🌍 Oshi Finance has emerged as a project aiming to revolutionize decentralized finance (DeFi) on the Bitcoin blockchain. Let's dive into the details! #OshiFinance #DeFi
🔖 $Oshi Token: Oshi Finance introduces the $Oshi token as a governance tool. Holders can actively participate in shaping the ecosystem, ensuring transparent decision-making and fair governance. It aims to empower the community and bring a sense of inclusivity to the platform.
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🟠 @okx proposes BRC-30, a new protocol based on BRC-20

🟠 What is BRC-30 and what does it do? 👀

Continue reading below 👇

#BRC30 #BRC20 #Ordinals #OrdinalDaily Image
1/ What is #BRC30? 👀

#BRC30 is an enhanced version of the #BRC20 protocol specifically designed for the #Bitcoin space. 🔥

#BRC30 builds upon the design principles of #BRC20 and introduces equity operation functions such as deposit, casting, and withdrawal. ⚡️
2/ With #BRC30, users can stake their #BRC20 tokens and #Bitcoin, earning corresponding #BRC30 tokens in return. ✨

👉 This proposal introduces a staking mechanism for #BRC20 tokens, or #Bitcoin, to the #Bitcoin network. 🟠
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🟩🟧Have you gotten some $3518?…

⭕️rdinals Journey with @OrdTrade_ #BRC20 #OrdinalsBTC Image

Try 24 mints with $3518. Let's see how much gas fee required when you mint on @OrdTrade_ Image
(3/4) only 281,000 sats to mint 24 packs of $3518 ImageImage
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10 days ago @atgoodm could’ve joined the grabbing movement and make some good amount of eth if he’s to join the presale meta in Erc20, but he saw the light and took a bold step, and decided to create @metabrc $MXRC. Image
The huge success of $OXBT triggered mass onboarding which @atgoodm is following this awesome steps.
After So much work and dedication, $MXRC twitter handle grew from 0 - 150k in less than 10 days. Image
We still got founders who don’t care about the money just here to buidL and onboard,@metabrc is among the hottest and top 5 #Brc20 projects
“Wether you’re ready or not, the train doesn’t stop” - @atgoodm
I’m inspired
Giga chad @atgoodm #MXRC #Metabrc Image
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🪂 Top 18 Upcoming Projects On #BRC20 🪙

🚀Did You Missed $OXBT ? Stay Committed With us and We Will Help You to Make Millionaire From $BRC20 & #OrdinalsNFT

💵 #BRC20 and #Ordinals is on Trending Now, Make Money With the Trend

Let's Dive Into Mega🧵

Follow 💰 Image

1️⃣ @TheOrdinalsClub (Keep Your Eyes)

Upcoming Brc20 Token - $BYOC

🟩Date: TBA
🟩Supply: TBA

💠Project By Godzira @PGodjira
💠Co-Founder- @shanicucic96
💠CFO- @Sakattacking

🚨Take WL/OG Role On Discord if Any Available Image

2️⃣ @Titan_Meka (Keep Your Eyes On Twitter)

🟩Nft Supply: 4242
🟩Mint Date: TBA
🟩Mint Price: TBA

💠Project By: @suganarium (Looks Interesting)

🚨Take WL/OG Role If Any Available On Their Discord Server Image
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🟧 Get ready for the storm as @Bitcoin #Ordinals dominate the market! 🌪

🟧 Stay ahead in the game with this ultimate list of upcoming potential projects 🚀

🟧 Want WL? Comment below 👇

#BRC20 #Oridnal #Bitcoin #OrdinalDaily Image
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#BRC721 将会是一个 #BTC #Ordinals 上一个很重要的部分,因为它极大程度降低了铭刻成本,使得即便在高gas下,可以降低成本铭刻一些比较复杂的图片

由于目前 #BRC721 协议比较多,为了方便大家了解,我就想开一个长推来依次介绍一下 Image
首先是最早发行的,抢跑了其他的 @bitcat_ord 使用的 @Ord_brc721 ,它主要的原理是直接使用一个ipfs地址来代表图片,不上链


最大的问题是还没开图,mint的慢的话,你就可以估算你的图是哪一个, Image


而且本来 #OrdinalsNFT 也没有版税,如果还有人愿意做这种事情,应该也不是为了名气,因为nft也带不来太多名气 Image
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𝗕𝗶𝘁𝗰𝗼𝗶𝗻 𝗲𝗰𝗼𝘀𝘆𝘀𝘁𝗲𝗺 - 𝗧𝗿𝗶𝗽𝗹𝗲 𝘀𝘁𝗿𝗮𝘁𝗲𝗴𝘆 🪂🪂🪂

Speculation, rumors & announcements grow around BRC-20 & Bitcoin ecosystem #airdrops

What to do : Domain name, Unisat, Ordinals ?

Why not do it all in one thread 😏

#airdrop #BRC20 Image
#Bitcoin ecosystem has been attracting hype for several weeks : astronomical sums have been won 💰, airdrops have already fallen ✈️

Numerous strategies are being rolled out on Twitter... Here's one that offers a maximum of content to try to qualify for future airdrops

We'll use Unisat, Ordinals, BRC-20 tokens, #NFTs and domain names

If you optimize at a time when network isn't congested, you can attempt as many interactions as possible for a maximum of $100 to $200.

Let's go 👊
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⚡ How to get a domain on BRC-20 by UniSat with potential rewards

@unisat_wallet is the open source Chrome extension for Bitcoin Ordinals & #BRC20

💵 Costs: $8-15 in $BTC

Thread 🧵 Image
Now you can claim the domain by Unisat, which has good potential for growth, and you can also get a possible airdrop for transactions

The project is very similar to Ordinals, which gave away NFT for $0.3 BTC to those who made at least 1 transaction in the wallet
What to do?
- Install and create a wallet
- Deposit ~$15 in $BTC to your wallet Image
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1/ Are you coping with missing out on $OXBT?

What if I tell you it's not too late.

The strong narrative surrounding #Ordinals & #BRC20 tokens just keep getting stronger.

Lets find out if the $OXBT train has left the station 🧵 ⤵️ Image
2/ $OXBT, the most highly anticipated BRC-20 token, was officially launched on May 25th.

The project behind this token is known as @RedactedBTCNFT.
@RedactedBTCNFT 3/ The team consists of 4 chads that have taken the crypto community by storm.


@BitGod21 has swiftly emerged as a prominent figure in the crypto community.

Amassing over 100k new followers within a span of less than a month. ImageImageImageImage
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You missed #Ordinals

If You missed the #BRC20

Well don't miss out the next big thing on the $BTC

In this thread we'll explore the world of .sats #Domains , the process of acquiring and registering them and how to make the most of this opportunity🧵 Image
What are the .sats domains?

#Sats names are decentralized #domain name system built on the #bitcoin familiar to #ENS

170k names have been inscribed to this day with 40 000+ holders already

We are still very early and potential here is very big 👀 🚀 Image
Direct sending and Receiving BRC-20 Funds to .sats names etc

How do .sats domains differ from #ENS?

They are absolutely free to register; you just need to be the first one 🚀

There is no expiration date. Once you register a sats name it will live forever on the blockchain 🥰 Image
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1/ 💡BRC20: Dark horse or fleeting trend? Let's weigh the risks and rewards. #BRC20 #cryptocurrency
🔗Read the original article👇… Image
2/ #Bitcoin L2 architecture: Balancing security, decentralization, and scalability. Stacks shows promise as a solution.

Stacks connects Bitcoin with #SmartContracts and decentralized apps, offering enhanced security and functionality.
3/ #BRC20 introduces Bitcoin #NFTs and fungible tokens via Ordinals protocol. Data written to sats for unique tokenization.

BRC20 tokens: Standards for deployment, minting, and transfer. Be cautious of potential duplicates.
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BRC20赛道爆火后,关于其价值的讨论争论不休,而暗流之下,针对BRC20的应用已经涌现,类似当年ETH的DeFi 夏天,百倍币、挖矿暴富、Uni空投神话

BRC20即将迎来自己的DeFi热潮,今天盘点一下BRC20的DeFi项目,都很早期,下一个Uni、AAVE神话可能就在其中 Image
1⃣BRC DeFi链--@brcchain_io (主网已上)

代币: $kBRC $BRC (本链币)

BRC Chain自己单独做了一个链,用户把BTC、BRC代币通过官方桥,跨到BRC链(EVM链),来完成与DeFi的集成,目前有BrcSwap的落地产品,可以自由组LP,就是大家熟悉的ETH的DeFi玩法,交易速度和成本非常低,用户体验是目前最好的 Image

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What are "Cursed Ordinals" or "Sub Zeros"? 💀

This is way bigger than BRC-20 but also x100 more degen play. 💯

Let me share that ALPHA first 🧵
Cursed Insciptions

There was a github link posted from an ordinal dev,who was looking for a solution for the ordinals which were caught in the glitch,and mis-numbered. One of his proposals was to add certain inscriptions to a certain block height,and give them negative labels.
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1/ 📷 Just 2 hours ago, we witnessed a SOLD-OUT event in less than 30 mins.
Yet, I see some paperhands getting worried.

Let me tell you a story...
2/ 🎬 I've been here, every single day, for the past 2 years.

Navigating the rough waters of the #crypto space, both on Twitter and YouTube.

Every day, pushing the envelope, making our mark.
3/ 💪 You think I'll disappear overnight? Not a chance.
I'm here for the long haul.

For the vision.

For the grand stage that $XRTE is set to become.
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