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I am not sorry for being one of the scientists & sleuths who pointed out data issues in the studies in 2020 that reported novel coronaviruses similar to the pandemic virus.

Especially because the resulting corrections and addendums confirmed these data issues.
A whole group of sleuths and scientists discovered that the Wuhan Institute of Virology actually had the 9 closest relatives to the pandemic virus under study in their lab when the outbreak was detected in 2019.…
And that the closest match, RaTG13, had been full genome sequenced in 2018 as a high priority sample.

All 9 had come from a mine where 6 people had sickened with a mysterious pneumonia (3 died), and top labs had searched that mine for years for bat viruses.
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The latest #OriginOfCovid misinformation I've seen from a credible reporter is that almost every major city in China had a lab working with novel SARS-like viruses in 2019.

If true, we have a lot to be worried about. Fortunately, we know that the lab in Wuhan was very unique...
There are simply not 10,000s of scientists synthesizing novel coronaviruses and growing these in labs. That is paranoia.

As far as we can tell there was only 1 lab in China that had the idea to put furin cleavage sites into SARS-like viruses before covid.
For almost 2 years after the pandemic began, the Wuhan scientists and their collaborators said nothing of their plans to conduct these risky, unique experiments in SARS-like viruses until a whistleblower in the US leaked their 2018 research proposal.
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In early 2020, why didn't US funders call up EcoHealth Alliance for their 2018-2019 research progress reports when they suspected the novel coronavirus might've come from the subcontracted Wuhan lab?…
If one was worried they might've accidentally funded the research that caused the pandemic, wouldn't they call up the middleman (EcoHealth) to find out more?

What's the point of convening virologists & gain-of-function advocates who don't know what's happening in the Wuhan lab?
Granted the president of EcoHealth has a tough time keeping their stories straight but they would still have documents & emails telling them some of what was done in the Wuhan Institute of Virology lab they were funding & collaborating with.
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It's stressful to watch @TheLastofUsHBO after spending the last 3 years trying to understand the #OriginOfCovid

I don't think the world has gotten better at detecting and responding to novel outbreaks. The pandemic has heralded an era of increased virus hunting and manipulation.
@TheLastofUsHBO We're stuck contemplating whether the next pandemic will come from the supposed millions of spillovers of viruses from animals to people vs growing numbers of scientists engaging in pathogen research with unpredictable outcomes in not necessarily the appropriate biosafety level.
@TheLastofUsHBO Most of us are still recovering from this pandemic. I'm not sure what normal people are supposed to do if a similar or worse pathogen emerges in the next 10 years - whether due to increased risky pathogen research or invasion of natural habitats.
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The lab #OriginOfCovid hypothesis does not require that no natural spillovers of SARS-like viruses occur or that 0 SARS-like viruses have furin cleavage sites in nature.

It asks why a rare SARS-like virus + FCS emerged where scientists proposed putting FCSs in SARS-like viruses.
These scientists wrote in early 2018 that they were systematically looking for rare SARS-like viruses with FCSs, and they would optimize/insert these FCSs into "low risk" SARS-like viruses to see how this could impact the virus' ability to infect and grow in human cells.
One interpretation is that, at that time in early 2018, they had already found such rare SARS-like viruses and determined that they bore cleavage sites or features approaching functional cleavage sites that could be optimized and inserted into SARS-like viruses in the lab.
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I can empathize with those who say "don't talk about a lab #OriginOfCovid" because your safety + job prospects will be in danger, it might stir up geopolitical conflict, it could embolden extremists.

But it is untrue that there is not enough evidence to ask for an investigation.
As early as February 2020, scientists, both in and outside of China, were publicly and privately worrying about a lab leak origin of the pandemic.

3 years later, the WHO, the Lancet Commission, US intelligence and government all agree a lab #OriginOfCovid must be investigated.
There is no evidence in the past 3 years that would make a lab #OriginOfCovid implausible.

Would WHO, US IC+gov, Lancet Commission, and numerous reputable virologists all be asking whether this virus came from a lab if there wasn't sufficient evidence?
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Waarom zijn virologen als Fouchier/ Koopmans onverantwoordelijk, roekeloos, verdraaien de boel, en arrogant?

Korte antwoord: Gedrag virologen wordt eerder beloond dan bekritiseerd.

ht @Bryce_Nickels
Het begon toen Fouchier @ErasmusMC opschepte over hoe hij wist hoe hij bio-wapens moest maken. En dat het gemakkelijk zou zijn om dat te doen.

Kritiek collega's? Nauwelijks.
Inmiddels beloont de gemeenschap van virologen Fouchier zelfs. Terwijl iedereen weet dat sommige van zijn onderzoeken een gevaar zijn voor de openbare veiligheid.

De Beijerinck Virologie Prijs, 2023
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Forms of intimidation a scientist can expect to face if they publicly ask for an investigation of a lab #OriginOfCovid

1. Accused of encouraging racist right-wing conspiracy theorists

2. Accused of being an unqualified grifter

3. Retaliation in academia

4. Threats+harassment
And most ridiculously:

5. Accused of spreading #OriginOfCovid misinformation because they don't talk enough about natural recombination in viruses.

When there is literally a 2018 research plan by Wuhan-US scientists that could have led to the creation of the pandemic virus.
When my colleagues and I said in 2020 that both natural and lab #OriginOfCovid hypotheses were viable, we had no idea the kind of s***storm we were going to get sucked into. We had no idea that this was ongoing in the background:…
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Overtuigende samenvatting lab-lek-hypothese⬇️

Voeg daarbij nog alle argumenten tegen zoönose/markthypothese Worobey, Pekar, Marion Koopmans ea⬇️

Tenslotte documenten van cover-up Fauci, Daszak, Farrar, Koopmans, Fouchier⬇️

Congres Covid Panel kan beginnen⬇️
Ht @R_H_Ebright
1. Argumenten, bronnen hypotheses #OriginOfCovid

2. Cover-up Fauci, Daszak, Farrar, Marion Koopmans, Fouchier…
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New argument from natural #OriginOfCovid proponents:

The Wuhan-US scientists did not have a plan to make the pandemic virus. The experiments they proposed were clearly much more dangerous and unhinged.

Ok, suit yourselves.
The strongest hypothesis for a genetically engineered lab #OriginOfCovid is that scientists collected a new SARS-like virus that did not seem dangerous to humans and used this low-risk strain for clear gain-of-function experiments eg inserting a furin cleavage site in its spike.
This plan is literally written in the early 2018 proposal by the Wuhan and US scientists.

They would use "low risk" strains for cleavage site insertion. Nowhere in this section does it say they were going to use close relatives of known human pathogens.…
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To all the virologists and journalists asking for evidence that the pandemic virus may have been engineered in a lab, I think you missed this revelation in September 2021:…
“Let’s look at the big picture: A novel SARS coronavirus emerges in Wuhan with a novel cleavage site in it. We now have evidence that, in early 2018, they had pitched inserting novel cleavage sites into novel SARS-related viruses in their lab.”
Put it this way, it is as if these scientists proposed to put horns on horses and 2 years later a unicorn shows up in their town. When they discover this unicorn and describe it to the public, they talk about every other feature except for the horn.…
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2023: US-onderzoeken naar Fauci's cs betrokkenheid bij het bagatelliseren van de corona-pandemie, en verdoezelen lab-lek als #OriginOfCovid

Fauci, Marion Koopmans cs mogen er niet mee wegkomen!

20-30M #oversterfte, ca 250M #LongCovid incl kinderen.
⬇️ @2eKamertweets
Nieuwe US FOIA documenten tonen cover-up Fauci, Koopmans én partner Viroscience Daszak EHA.

@Onderzoeksraad @2eKamertweets @RIVM @SCPonderzoek
@PieterOmtzigt @DassenLaurens @jesseklaver @jpaternotte @wiepau @SylvanaBIJ1
@Nieuwsuur @NOS @NRC @Volkskrant @Trouw @ADnl
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It's difficult to bet on whether the next pandemic will come from nature or a lab when you don't know what experiments are ongoing or will be carried out in hundreds of labs around the world.
It's difficult enough trying to find out what was happening in 1 lab in Wuhan #OriginOfCovid

Try scaling that to 100s of labs and predicting when and where lab-based outbreaks will occur.
Pathogen research today is very different than it was decades ago. Scientists are actively looking for pandemic potential pathogens and genetically modifying these live pathogens in the lab - labs often based in large metropolitan cities (and sometimes they have wet markets!).
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Zoonosis #OriginOfCovid proponents: "The virus was well adapted for not *just* human but tons of other animals!"

I'm not sure how this makes it any less likely that the virus came from a lab where bat viruses are pushed through primate & human cells, humanized mice & civets.
Dec 2017, virologist director of an OIE reference lab in China wanted to see scientists demonstrate in the lab that the human SARS strain can jump from bats to another animal, such as a civet. "If this could have been done, the evidence would be perfect.”…
Before the pandemic, Wuhan Institute of Virology: "We performed in vivo experiments in transgenic (human ACE2 expressing) mice and civets in 2018 and 2019 in the Institute’s biosafety laboratory. The viruses we used were bat SARSr-CoV close to SARS-CoV."…
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The Brownstone institute is a fracking-billionaire funded anti-science #disinformation outlet

I just highlight some passages to show that the #lableak conspiracy myth would always have happened, no matter where COVID first broke out

If not the WIV, then 🔽

A master thread:
Many amplifiers, including some science journalists, believe that a legitimate scientific uncertainty & geographic coincidence underneath the #originofcovid controversy is the root cause and driver for the conspiracy myth.

This is false
Yes, the inital uncertainties were real
but no matter where the virus initially broke out, there would always be some lab or some scientists that could be made to associate with.

All pandemics were followed by #conspiracy theories about their origins. The 1918 flu was blamed on the Germans and their aspirin, ffs.

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It would be a huge letdown if the coming US-based #OriginOfCovid investigation does not ultimately lead to more insight into how the pandemic started.

Finding the origin requires looking into places where evidence is likely to exist, not just people who pushed a nature origin.
Finding the #OriginOfCovid is challenging enough without dealing with the sideshow of some scientists who squashed public discussion of the lab leak theory. Honestly, it would only help them to paint the investigation as anti-science if they become the focus of the investigation.
An investigation should spend as much of their efforts as possible on gathering incontrovertible #OriginOfCovid evidence.

Without that, the chances of holding people accountable for trying to rule out a lab leak prematurely are low because they will keep insisting "no evidence".
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By these standards set by some virologists, there seems to be no strong evidence of a natural #OriginOfCovid and likely no way to ever prove that the virus came to people through the wildlife trade instead of research activities.…
If you turn it around, then even if wild animals infected with the direct ancestor or close siblings of the pandemic virus were found, that would only strengthen but not prove a natural #OriginOfCovid since the Wuhan outbreak could still have been sparked by research activity.
I'm not sure what these virologists believe can be found. A video recording of scientists in Wuhan spilling a tube labeled pandemic virus, said researchers developing symptoms & the chain of transmissions leading to a superspreader event at the market - all caught on camera?
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Is there a science journalism class where they teach reporters what to say about the scientific consensus when there is no data on what most scientists think about a hotly debated and still unfolding issue like #OriginOfCovid?
From what I can tell, when a reporter says "most scientists" or the "scientific consensus" they often seem to mean "my go-to scientist and their friends".
Under these circumstances, some scientists might be misled by their journalist friends into believing that they are the Science.
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WASHINGTON – VS Congres roept Fauci cs, Daszak ea van EcoHealth Alliance/EHA (partner Marion Koopman, Ron Fouchier, @erasmusUMC), en virologen op om te getuigen over #OriginOfCovid.…
Steeds meer bewijs wijst erop dat het virus afkomstig is van een lab-lek in Wuhan. EHA heeft geld van de belastingbetaler doorgesluisd naar het lab in Wuhan dat mogelijk de corona pandemie heeft veroorzaakt.
Dr. Fauci werd al vroeg gewaarschuwd dat het virus door de mens leek te zijn gemaakt en dat een lab-lek aannemelijk was. In plaats van de wereld te waarschuwen, heeft hij misschien geprobeerd samen met anderen een cover-up te organiseren.
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Belangrijk te weten voor Marion Koopmans en media; Fauci is net verhoord door de rechter: censuur op twitter voor #OriginOfCovid.

- Lab-leak was wèl mogelijkheid
- Financiering Wuhan-lab via Fauci
- Doofpot lab-oorsprong erkend.

U en Fouchier waren erbij.
Musk weet nu natuurlijk meer, nl over censurering door twitter van #OriginOfCovid door Fauci cs.

Er was geen eerlijk debat. Nergens. Hij weet het. Inmiddels weten wij het ook.
Zoönose, overdracht van vleermuis via dieren; dat moest het zijn. Maar dat was eigenlijk niet aantoonbaar.
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On bipartisan legislation to create a Sept. 11-style panel to investigate pandemic response and #OriginOfCovid...

"the White House is privately resisting it, according to an official familiar with the measure"…
What are the reasons for the White House to reject a bipartisan commission into #OriginOfCovid and pandemic response?

Especially since the latter largely targets the previous administration.
Part of the beauty of democracies is that you can investigate previous administrations without carrying the burden of blame.

Wrt #OriginOfCovid I can't see any particular administration being solely responsible even if it did come from a lab in Wuhan.
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BREAKING: The NIH has announced that Fauci's deputy, who helped cover up what happened at the #WuhanLab, has been selected to take over NIAID

#WhiteCoatWaste #LabLeak #OriginOfCovid
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NIEUW. EcoHealth Daszak, (partner @erasmusuni Viroscience) die samenwerkte met Wuhan WIV, hielp media en wetenschap weg te leiden van #OriginOfCovid lab-hypothese.

Idem Marion Koopmans. Wij hebben @_knaw @RHDijkgraaf vaak gewaarschuwd...

FOIA ⬇️…
22 november 2022 Dr Fauci wordt in de rechtszaal verhoord over Covid. Onderdelen werpen een vreemd licht op uitspraken van Marion Koopmans.

Partner EcoHealth Alliance deed onderzoek aan coronavirussen in Wuhan. Partner Koopmans Viroscience ontkent dit te weten.
Fauci bevestigt wat FOIA's e-mails lieten zien: dat hij zich ervan bewust werd dat zijn instituut, NIAID, EcoHealth en het Wuhan Institute of Virology vroeg in de pandemie financierde.

Deze financiering werd stopgezet, juist omdat EcoHealth geen toegang had tot de genomen.
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"We do not deserve trust. Trust is earned & we haven't earned it."

FOIA-emails show clearly that virologists, Erasmus Koopmans/Fouchier, are accomplices in coverups on #OriginOfCovid, potentially hiding possible lab leaks, and by that, creating pandemics.
⬇️ht @WashburneAlex
Potential conclusions are:

1. Restructuring WHO

2. Restructuring biomed advise to govts

3. Restructuring oversight of risky Gain-of-Function-research

4. Restructuring hegemonic structures, integrity, transparancy, moneyflows of biomed (science)
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