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My talk at @fiocruz about the #lableak theory and the rise of #information pathogens is now freely available.

Thanks @cmmorel and @KropfSimone for this wonderful event.

Here is the youtube link to the full video with time stamps for easy accessibility:
@fiocruz @cmmorel @KropfSimone Here are some more highlights from the talk:

First: How do scientists deal with uncertainty and how can this help us inform ourselves about the most likely
#originofcovid ?

It comes down to asking P(Evidence|Hypothesis):
@fiocruz @cmmorel @KropfSimone Second:
What is the state of evidence (now in 2023) for a #zoonotic origin of SARS-CoV-2 versus a #lableak ?

If you don't have the time, energy or interest to watch the whole talk, here are some take away summaries:
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🚨🚨🚨 @KatherineJWu first to get this scoop down.

The Chinese CDC finally uploaded market sampling data, and as expected, environmental swaps positive for SARS-CoV-2 point to raccoon dogs.

Yet another strong piece of evidence for #zoonotic origin & against any #lableak myth
@KatherineJWu Just to add a bit of context:

Environmental swaps were taken from the Huanan market, and that many of them tested positive was already confirmed a year ago in a pre-print from researchers at the Chinese CDC.

However, they did not make their sequencing data available and...
@KatherineJWu ...thus had trouble getting their pre-print accepted.

It now appears that in order to get the paper published (speculation!), one of the researchers uploaded the sequences, and voila, they contained exactly what people like @edwardcholmes @MichaelWorobey expected; animal DNA/RNA
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First, kudos to the Chinese authors doing this work & a shoutout to @edwardcholmes also involved

I already flagged this Wang et al. preprint yesterday but it is worth explaining its significance to both the #origins discussion and the related pandemic #prevention discussion

First: Origins

One thing that goes often down in all the noise surrounding #lableak is the fact that SARS-CoV-2, and actually all CoVs, possess #mosaic genomes.

This is because CoVs evolve not only through mutation but also through exchanging genetic elements with other CoVs
This exchange is called '#recombination'.

One can imagine CoV genomes like colorful Lego brick walls, and recombination as taking one brick from a different virus and putting it in the wall of another; changing the color while keeping roughly the function.
3/ Image
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Maybe another word on the '#unredacted Fauci emails', now that it is clear that there were no cover-ups or suppression of #lableak, but just neutral #scientific discussion.

Observe how lableak advocates will run their #disinformation playbook, we've seen this before.

A 🧵

Everytime new contradictory information (to the lableak conspiracy myth) comes out, there is an increase in #activity by lableak advocates.

We've seen this with the BANAL sequences in LAOS that proved that the RBD domain of SARS-CoV-2 was not 'manmade'
We've seen this in response to 2 scientific papers that establish the Huanan market as the center & start of the pandemic.

(Worth re-reading this thread too)

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While the #lableak theory is scientifically dead, the lableak conspiracy myth will never die out.

This has everything to do with #asymmetric forces on social media, and the self-serving influencers and information combatants abusing them.

A thread:
1/ Image
How does one go about when trying to find out what is true in a world segmented by echo chambers and fragmented reality perceptions?

I cannot say that there is a formula, but I can share what steps I took.

When I started, I believed lableak likely..

Science is constantly evolving and the scientific literature gets updated when new evidence comes in.

So if you do not want to start out with your intuition, maybe check the status of current scientific literature…

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1/10 I write to share some updates re the current H5N1 outbreak in Israel from our #movement_ecology perspective, with aspects highly relevant to #epidemiology as well.

But let me start with some background first.

#BirdFlu #AvianFlu #influenza #cranes #H5N1 #Zoonotic #Israel
2/10 Around 12-13 December, the first observations of avian flu in cranes at the Hula Valley arrived, following three H5N1-positive cases elsewhere and in other bird species since mid-October.
3/10 With @SashaPekarsky and Idan Talmon, we then checked the situation with our GPS-tracked cranes, 11 of them were in Israel in the relevant period. We noticed clear movement/behavioral changes in few individuals.
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Weekend Digest

Name the Pathogen

5 Clues:

- #Chitlins
- #Iron sepsis
- Mesenteric #adenitis
- Reactive #arthritis
- Terminal #ileitis Image
#Yersinia enterocolitica

It is #zoonotic and is acquired by exposure to contaminated food.

When #IDBR says #chitlins (#chitterlings), you say Y. enterocolitica

Chitlins are food made of pork intestines (where Y enterocolitica resides)…
#Yersinia enterocolitica

Enterobacteriaceae #GNB that causes #enterocolitis, diarrhea (often bloody), terminal #ileitis, mesenteric #adenitis, and RLQ pain that may be mistaken as #appendicitis (#pseudoappendicitis)
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@KPcolorado knew a vaccine was coming for at least 9 months, but didn't use the time to construct systems to ensure efficient and timely vaccinations of seniors.
Seniors who use #Medicare ... so
essentially tax dollars were wasted. We will need investigations and transparency so future public health disasters are better handled. @jaredpolis put senior lives in the hands of providers that lack the capacity
and the capability for an essential task. This despite reams of research that says provider communication is key to successful health outcomes.
We knew our health system was piss-poor at managing #chronicdisease- CVD, metabolic syndrome, obesity
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La noticia no està gens malament però el titular és de jutjat de guàrdia. Horrorós i implica nul·la comprensió. #ebola NO està eradicat del Congo. Senzillament està "pausat" gràcies a la vacuna #ervebo de #Merck.…
I també gràcies a monoclonals com #mAb114 o #RegnEB3, i a molta feina de seguiment de contactes. Però només fins al proper salt #zoonotic. Mentre hi hagi reservori animal un virus NO podrà ser eradicat, a menys que matem a tots els membres del reservori. I això no és just, oi?
I després un tema lèxic, per què el #polio natural és "salvatge"? Primer, q més aviat seria silvestre, però el q va arribar després és el polio vacunal; per tant el primer, el paralitzant, seria polio, ras i curt, i el q genera la vacuna en alguns casos, seria el #poliovacunal.
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How was your #cruise

6,000 young cows drowned at sea. SIX THOUSAND🐮
Image the terror .@AustraliaUN
These #cows were exported by #Australia -headquartered #AustralasianGlobalExports, 💀specializes in live #animalexports, aka torture, abuse
#auspol 👎…
2/ This is on you #Australia gov AND ppl who continue to eat the flesh of others

The #LiveExport 🚢aka #DeathShip departed Napier in #NewZealand w 5,867 #cows passengers
bound for Tangshan, #China
The journey= 17 days no food/water🐮💔
If you're shocked by this incident - maybe it's time to stop supporting it
If you still eat other animals, drink their #milk (#AnimalAgriculture ) THIS is a #RealityCheck

These young #cows were vomiting, deficating in #Terror as they slowly #drowned
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LISTEN 📻 “Diversity of production and markets is a buffer against vulnerability. Closures of local markets have been short-sighted and damaging to small-scale #farmers and people’s access to #food."🍎

@mleach_ids of IPES-Food & @davidnabarro of @WHO 👇…
@ffinlocostain discusses #COVID19 & the crisis in our #foodsystems w/ @davidnabarro, Special Envoy of @WHO DG on Covid19, & Prof @mleach_ids CBE, a member of IPES-Food. Discussion includes #zoonotic spillover, #OneHealth & strengths & weaknesses in global #food system. 🌱🌿🌻
"Problems that we already knew were there have become extra visible through COVID-19. #Agroecology offers a way forward to solve these problems.” - Melissa Leach of @IPESfood and @IDS_UK 🌿
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"The live SARS-like coronavirus SL-CoV-WIV1 has been isolated for the first time from bat droppings; and such virus has been confirmed to invade the host cells through the ACE2 of human beings..." ImageImageImage
Bat Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome-Like Coronavirus WIV1
Encodes an Extra Accessory Protein, ORFX, Involved in Modulation of the Host Immune Response. (2016) #ZhengLiShi #PeterDaszak #EcoHealth
Funding: #NIAID 110964 ImageImageImageImage
In this study, we have developed a fast and cost-effective method
for reverse genetics of coronaviruses by combining two approaches developed by others..As the genomes can be divided into multiple short fragments, mutations can be introduced into individual
fragments easily. ImageImageImageImage
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On Oct 25, 2019, @TheWCS joined w/ @NielsAnnen @GermanyDiplo and others with an URGENT call—The Berlin Principles—for a united effort to prevent future #zoonotic pandemics:

It was urgent before #COVID19 and definitely urgent now. Image
Then on Jan 22, @TheWCS issued first statement on #COVID19:

Called for:
➡️Closure of live animal markets that trade in wildlife
➡️Strengthening efforts to combat trafficking of wild animals
➡️Change dangerous wildlife consumption behaviors, esp. in cities
The Berlin Principles called for a united effort to prevent the emergence or resurgence of diseases that threaten humans, wildlife, and livestock. Said governments, academia, and civil society need to break down barriers.
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Happening now: WCS's Christian Walzer is testifying at virtual US Congressional caucus briefing on wildlife trade, origins of #COVID19, and preventing future #pandemics. Presented by @TheICCFGroup.

Updated link:

Tune in now. And follow this chain for live updates.
"We cannot neglect to address the root cause of this #pandemic," says @BettyMcCollum04.

We agree. You can check out WCS's policy doc on this:
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NEW 📰 '#COVID19 and the Crisis in #Food Systems'

Communiqué by the International Panel of Experts on Sustainable #FoodSystems 🌱

Symptoms & causes of the crisis? Why this perfect storm? What reforms do we need to protect people & planet? 🌍

➡️ Image
🚨 Press Release by IPES-Food:

'#COVID19 and the Crisis in #Food Systems'


FR | Bientôt en français.
ES | Pronto en español.

@MattMcGrathBBC @thinink @RudyRuitenberg
@BBCHughPym @realfoodmedia @NickClarkAlJaz
@NaomiStarkman @valgauriat Image
🔎 Why #foodsystems in crisis?
➡️ Industrial ag driving habitat loss > conditions for viruses to emerge & spread
➡️ Even before #COVID19, 820 million under-nourished & 2 billion w/ #foodinsecurity. Recession to hit them harder.
➡️ Global supply chains have big vulnerabilities.
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Global shifts in mammalian population trends reveal key predictors of virus spillover risk. Out in Proc Royal Society B @RSocPublishing @CKreuderJohnson @EpiCenterUCD @PREDICTproject @OneHealthUCD @ucdavisvetmed @LairmoreDVMDean @NIH…
Co-authors include @petaleeh @PanditPranav, @SmileyTierra, Julie Rushmore, Cristin Young, and Megan Doyle. The study was supported by @PREDICTproject and @NIH
The study concludes that the exploitation of natural habitats is not only a conservation issue, but an important driver of spillover transmission zoonotic viruses. Here is a thread that discusses three key points highlighted from study.
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"In industrial feedlots or CAFOs, the high number & density of genetically uniform animals & the concentration of waste, creates a favourable environment for #pathogens to spread, adapt & reproduce at a rapid pace."

Read the 2017 report:…

#COVID19 #Health Image
"The emergence of new #zoonotic infectious diseases occurs most often where the natural habitat & populations of wild animals overlap w/ the anthropologically controlled habitats & populations of domesticated animals (Jones et al., 2013; Leibler et al., 2009; Patz et al., 2004)."
"As #food production encroaches onto formerly untouched ecosystems, often via #deforestation, humans and domestic animals are exposed to wildlife and the diseases they carry
(Goodwin et al., 2012; Morse, 2004; Patz et al., 2004)."

@futureoffoodorg @eaAgriFood @FoodNavigator
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'Tip of the iceberg': is our destruction of nature responsible for Covid-19?

The human species continued destruction of biodiversity is creating
conditions for new viruses and diseases such as Covid-

The eating of other animals IS the problem…
"Research suggests that outbreaks of animal-borne and other infectious diseases such as #Ebola, #SARS, #BirdFlu and now #COVID19, caused by a novel coronavirus, are on the rise"

Pathogens are crossing from other animals to the human species…
Dead #Pangolins seized by authorities in North #Sumatra.
Disease ecologists argue that viruses and other pathogens are likely to move from animals to humans in #wildlifemarkets.
via .@guardian
Photograph: Gatha Ginting/AFP via Getty Images
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#BirdFlu detected in Nueva Ecija #quail farm, can affect humans #Philippines

.@WHO said it has not received reports of new cases of human infection with #H5N6 btw January 31 & February 6, 2020

Maybe just maybe STOP EATING OTHER ANIMALS🔥 #Vegan…
February 7 update, WHO said a total of 24 lab-confirmed cases of human infection w #H5N6, including 7 deaths reported frm China since 2014
Whenever #AvianInfluenza #virus are circulating in #poultry there is risk for infection due to exposure to infected birds, envir...
aaannnddd again
#COVIDー19 #genetics of the new virus

#coronavirus group of viruses that cause diseases in mammals & birds
In people coronaviruses cause respiratory infections, inc common cold


#GISAID #Zoonotic #WashYourHands#StopEatingAnimals
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#Event201 begins. Check it out online to participate virtually! #pandemic #biosecurity
Global leaders in business and government have convened to address the pandemic situation. @T_Inglesby from @JHSPH_CHS Moderates. See the #Event201 website for details on the participants.
Global distribution of cases and deaths from #Event201
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