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Het bewijs over de waarheid over de cover-up van Fauci, Marion Koopmans over Wuhan #OriginOfCovid wordt met de dag sterker.

Het wachten is op de gedeclassificeerde documenten van de intelligencediensten. De deadline is nu!
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Because the SARS-like virus research was a US-China collaboration, not only do we know scientists had a precise plan in 2018 to create viruses matching the pandemic virus but we also know researchers on these projects might've been among the 1st Covid-19 cases. #OriginOfCovid
What's missing now is a public confirmation of alleged evidence in the US that the 2018 research plan had begun in 2019.

More details on the sick Wuhan scientists' symptoms and date of onset, if declassified, would be immensely helpful to understanding #OriginOfCovid
The most shocking part of this story is that it took 3.5 years for this intel to be shared with the public.

Both current and former US gov officials confirmed the names of the sick Wuhan scientists to the @WSJ…
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US and Chinese scientists hunting for SARS-like viruses in China did not always wear proper protective gear.

"... it's my judgment that the danger here is low enough that I'm not wearing a mask and I'm not recommending that anybody else wear one either."…
Some virologists were flabbergasted when they heard the Wuhan scientists were working with live SARS-like viruses at BSL2. But before the pandemic, no one at journals or funding agencies seemed to flag this as a question or concern.
And then, in 2018, arguably the top SARS-like virus researchers in the US and in China jointly proposed putting furin cleavage sites into live SARS-like viruses in the lab to see how this could affect their ability to grow and cause disease.
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BREAKING NEWS. "Documenten koppelen potentiële Corona-patiënt nul aan door de VS gefinancierd onderzoek in Wuhan."

Cover--up Marion Koopmans stort verder in. Tijd voor verantwoording!!

Ht  White Coat Waste Project via @R_H_Ebright #OriginOfCovid…
"Ben Hu, de eerste Wuhan-onderzoekers die naar verluidt in de herfst van 2019 ziek werden van Covid, kreeg Amerikaanse financiële steun voor riskant gain-of-function-onderzoek naar coronavirussen"(GOFROC)."
Bron: White Coat Waste Project.
“Het belang van het feit dat 'patiënt nul:' Ben Hu in 2018-2019 Amerikaanse financiering ontving van NIH en USAID, is dat deze steun mogelijk rechtstreeks de insertie financierde van FCS-sequenties in SARS-achtige coronavirussen...
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#Information cascade alert!

The US #intelligence agencies are supposed to reveal all information they have with respect to the #OriginOfCovid

I wanted to use the opportunity to explain exactly what you will see happening in the media, no matter the content of those reports
🧵 Image
First, let's talk about expectations.

From the get-go, it is absolutely clear that there is no #smoking gun or similar to be expected.

The intelligence services all had access to the same information and most assessments are low confidence, with 4 agencies favoring #zoonosis. Image
Within the 'manmade' mythology, too many unverified stories are taken as gospel truth.

Overall, the best LLs can hope for is that the IC can verify some #circumstantial evidence that they have spun into their #mythology; but honestly, I highly doubt that.
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Regarding intel on the sick WIV workers, there are many questions.

Why is this still classified 3+ years after the pandemic started?

Were these details shared across all IC agencies that assessed #OriginOfCovid in 2021? What about in 2023? If so, which experts were consulted?
Much of the info and data on #OriginOfCovid - early cases, market animals, lab viruses - is incomplete and sometimes clearly biased or suppressed in some way.

Even if the intel is incomplete, it would help if as much detail as possible is declassified.
The Covid-19 Origin Act of 2023 that was signed by President Biden specifically asked for the declassification of the names and symptoms (date of onset) of the sick WIV workers and how they were involved in or exposed to coronavirus research.…
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I hope the impending declassification of intel regarding sick WIV workers is as detailed as possible.

Whistleblower: "We were rock-solid confident that this was likely Covid-19 because they were working on advanced coronavirus research in the laboratory."…
The #OriginOfCovid bill passed the House of Representatives unanimously this year 419:0.

ZERO reps felt that intel regarding the sick WIV and their exposure to coronavirus research should continue to remain classified.…
The #OriginOfCovid bill specifically asks whether the sick WIV workers with covid-like symptoms in fall 2019 were exposed to coronavirus research.
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"Geheime communicatie en wetenschappelijk onderzoek duidt op geheim project China dat lab-lek veroorzaakte in Wuhan, en bij gevolg de Covid19-pandemie."

Marion Koopmans cs was betrokken en op de hoogte.

"Het Chinese leger toonde interesse in het ontwikkelen van een vaccin voor de virussen zodat ze als potentiële biowapens kunnen worden gebruikt."
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The 2018 Defuse proposal not only pitched creating SARS-like viruses with furin cleavage sites.

These scientists said they would build an app for warfighters to assess the risk of spillover of dangerous pathogens in Asia. Seriously.… Image
I'd like them to walk us through exactly what these warfighters wandering around in Asia are going to do if the app tells them that the bats around them have SARS-like viruses.
When I first read the defuse proposal, I had a hard time believing it was authentic. I later confirmed the furin cleavage site insertion plan with one of the authors of the proposal. But this stuff about the utility of their work in combatant command regions... Image
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A page from VIRAL. This is how seriously the Chinese authorities are taking the risks of pandemic viruses circulating in pangolins and other wildlife including raccoon dogs which are bred and sold for fur.

#OriginOfCovid Image
If there was any perception at all that pangolins and other wildlife pose a national (bio)security risk - the type that can lead to city-wide lockdowns and protests - it does not appear to be reflected in the pandemic response by Chinese authorities.
If the authorities even slightly believed that it was possible the pandemic virus had come from raccoon dogs or pangolins, I expect the farming and trading of these animals would've been completely shut down - no exceptions - in 2020.
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BREAKING. VS Forensisch rapport over de systematische nalatigheid van wetenschappers; icm druk van partijfunctionarissen (CCP) was het Wuhan Instituut (WIV) uniek vatbaar voor een laboratoriumlek.

Rol EcoHealth en virologen als Marion Koopmans cs wordt duidelijker. Image
1. Achtergrond

Deze studie naar #OriginOfCovid is gebaseerd op Engelse en Chinese bronnen.

Er hebben zich in de 2e helft van 2019 ernstige bio-veiligheidsincidenten voorgedaan bij het door de staat gerunde (WIV) van Chinese Academy of Science (CAS).
Chinese wetenschappers bestuderen sinds ongeveer 2004 coronavirussen. Het WIV staat centraal.

NL-onderzoekers kennen het instituut goed, en hebben deelgenomen aan onderzoek.
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BREAKING. Uitgelekt Pentagon-rapport ontmantelt analyse #OriginOfCovid door Fauci/Marion Koopman cs

Pentagon ea wisten al zéér vroeg in de uitbraak dat er géén bewijs was voor natuurlijke oorsprong van COVID-19.

#Corona #Rutte…
Pentagon ontmaskert vernietigend de "Proximal Origin" publicatie (zoals AlleBurgers ook deed), en zou op hoogte zijn geweest van Fauci's (en Marion Koopmans cs) pogingen om een ​​vals verhaal over de oorsprong van COVID-19 te verspreiden.
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Listened to a podcast where a disease ecologist said the words "jump" & "spillover" don't accurately describe the way animal pathogens emerge in humans.

I agree. To me, it's like a shots on goal scenario where a pathogen has to take numerous opportunities to cause an outbreak.
This is why I was perturbed by the abrupt appearance of a pandemic-ready SARS-like virus in a city with no history of SARS-like viruses in its people or markets.

Instead it had a unique lab studying how SARS-like viruses jump between species & infect humanized mice & civets.
With world-leading SARS virus hunters based in Wuhan, you'd think that they would know if SARS-like viruses were taking shots on goal in their city center.

Instead they used their own city's population as a negative control for exposure to SARS-like viruses. Zero shots on goal.
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This is the strongest evidence for a raccoon dog #OriginOfCovid?

"Débarre.. who co-authored the first report on the animal sequences says that the latest analysis could never have answered the question of which animal hosts shed the viral material"…
Huanan market map from the Chinese CDC paper.
Most Covid cases were on the west side of the market, which had total retail space >9 NFL fields. But cases did not correlate with sale of wildlife and do not even cluster around the wildlife stalls. Image
We also know from the Chinese CDC data that the areas associated with the raccoon dog stall were aggressively oversampled.

Market had 678 stalls.

About 1 in 6 of the total samples were taken from that 1 raccoon dog stall's areas in the market and warehouse.
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Most interesting part of the @nytimes interview is when @dwallacewells asks Dr Anthony Fauci if it weighs on him at all that the pandemic possibly started in a lab doing the type of research he promoted for years. #OriginOfCovid…
@nytimes @dwallacewells Dr Fauci responded that he sleeps fine and the suggestion that he needs to worry that NIH funded research that started the pandemic is troublesome to him. Image
Impressed @dwallacewells called out Dr Fauci #OriginOfCovid

At this part, I would've wanted to ask whether Dr Fauci was briefed on the defuse proposal by Ralph Baric in 2020 and what he thinks of the striking match between the proposed engineered viruses and the pandemic virus. Image
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Re-analysis of Huanan market data by @jbloom_lab

Will all the major media that reported strong evidence of raccoon dog #OriginOfCovid now go on a blitz to inform the public that the data actually does not point to a raccoon dog intermediate host?
@jbloom_lab I can understand the first few times a journalist gets misled by scientists that lab #OriginOfCovid is not plausible + there is dispositive evidence for market spillover.

But if you keep getting misled by the same scientists for years, you might've become an accomplice or tool.
@jbloom_lab Every year without fail, the same scientists say they have new damning evidence of a wildlife market #OriginOfCovid

Why aren't respectable journalists catching on to this gimmick?
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BREAKING | Judicial Watch meldt dat het 552 pagina's documenten heeft ontvangen van het VS-min. van Volksgezondheid (HHS) met subsidieaanvraag en jaarverslagen van National Institutes of Health (NIH) en EcoHealth Alliance (EHA)...…
...met het doel gemuteerde virussen met Wuhan IV in China te creëren...
..."om het vermogen van CoV's [coronavirussen] om mensen te infecteren beter te voorspellen."

@erasmusuni en Marion Koopmans/Ron Fouchier moesten via hun alliantie met EHA, ea via andere activiteiten, hier voldoende van op de hoogte geweest zijn.
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There are so many parties sitting on unique fragments of info relevant to #OriginOfCovid

There should have been a systematic investigation in 2020 to collect these fragments and piece them together to form a better picture of how the pandemic began.…
Part of the problem is censorship from the Chinese gov, which caused evidence & samples relating to early cases to be hidden or destroyed.

But another part of the problem is the journals & databases that didn't come forward with these manuscripts - whether retracted or rejected.
As a result, the window of time in which the virus is estimated to have first infected a human person is still as wide as September to November 2019.

E.g. the raccoon dog proponents say the first infection was only on Nov 18, 2019.
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VOLG LIVE. 2e Hearing Congress #COVID19 Panel #OriginOfCovid

Feith: De virologen (w.o. Marion Koopmans) "die hadden kunnen helpen ...een ​​nieuwe en ernstige situatie te begrijpen en dienovereenkomstig kansen af ​​te wegen, hebben echter overweldigend afgeleid en ontkend."
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My talk at @fiocruz about the #lableak theory and the rise of #information pathogens is now freely available.

Thanks @cmmorel and @KropfSimone for this wonderful event.

Here is the youtube link to the full video with time stamps for easy accessibility:
@fiocruz @cmmorel @KropfSimone Here are some more highlights from the talk:

First: How do scientists deal with uncertainty and how can this help us inform ourselves about the most likely
#originofcovid ?

It comes down to asking P(Evidence|Hypothesis):
@fiocruz @cmmorel @KropfSimone Second:
What is the state of evidence (now in 2023) for a #zoonotic origin of SARS-CoV-2 versus a #lableak ?

If you don't have the time, energy or interest to watch the whole talk, here are some take away summaries:
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You can choose whether or not to believe that the Chinese CDC is sharing their full data from the Huanan market.

Regardless, the data they provided, due to bias, sparsity & lateness of sampling, does not indicate a non-human animal source of the virus at Huanan.

Comparing the Chinese CDC paper and Worobey/Proximal Origin et al. papers in Science that used the same data, the former makes few assertions while the latter went on @nytimes breaking news with claims of "dispositive" and "incontrovertible" evidence for a market #OriginOfCovid
@nytimes My question is, will there now be a comparable media frenzy reporting on the Chinese CDC's analysis that the available evidence doesn't tell us how the virus got into the market?
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It is well established that bats were kept at the Wuhan Institute of Virology and that Dr Shi Zhengli's lab worked with live bats. This was covered in @zeynep @nytimes piece in 2021.

People claiming that this is disinformation need to be fact checked.…
@zeynep @nytimes From an archived interview:
"The research team caught a few bats from the wild to be used as experimental animals.. During the Spring Festival this year, the students all went home on vacation, and Teacher Shi silently undertook the task of raising bats."
The surprising thing to me is that this work with live bats had already been ongoing in 2009. A whole decade before Covid-19.
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One thing that any respectable #OriginOfCovid investigation or commission must do is to build a consensus on the known and suspected earliest cases in China and overseas. We cannot move forward until we have this clarified.
This requires a systematic analysis of the news coverage and scientific articles describing early cases in China and elsewhere, as well as interviews of foreign doctors and others who were visiting Wuhan in late 2019.
It's impossible to reach a high confidence assessment on #OriginOfCovid with a window as wide as the first human infection happening any time between September and mid-November 2019.
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Never thought I'd see experts and journalists insisting that a lab-acquired infection is not a lab leak but a zoonosis.

At this point, how can anyone in the public understand what these experts actually mean when they say an outbreak started from zoonotic spillover?
If evidence turns up that a precursor of the pandemic virus was being worked with in a Wuhan lab - without evidence of genetic engineering - are these experts going to say "See, we were right. It was a zoonotic spillover!"
If scientists get infected in the lab and it spreads out into their city, are they going to tell their biosafety officer, "There wasn't a lab leak. Zoonosis happened."
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