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#AirQ Alert 🚨

5:5, Mr. President! @realDonaldTrump

Storm warning in place, D5! DJT drops solid comms on 1/10 (FOUR days ago). Currently a huge avalanche warning in Davos, Switzerland.

#QAnon #QProof #WWG1WGA
@prayingmedic @LisaMei62
Davos in eastern Switzerland, the site of the World Economic Forum's main annual meeting next week, was badly affected, as train services to the ski town ground to a halt
Swiss Institute for Snow & Avalanche Research said the risk of avalanches was “LEVEL 5 - the HIGHEST LEVEL” for a huge portion of the Alps stretching from the eastern part of the Bernese Oberland over the Urner and Glarner Alps. #QAnon #WWG1WGA @potus
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Fake news controls those who do not think for themselves. This is your wake up call!

This will be my QThread and News Update for January 13th

#QAnon #News #GreatAwakening
2. Drop 2672
House focused on insurance of Mueller to push Dem tactics. Grand Jury testimony underway in several states. Attempts to block or protect themselves will FAIL. Far beyond corruption/sedition. What is the law governing removal of member of Congress/Senate? Lights on!
3. Q linked article:
Exclusive: CIA Ex-Director Brennan's Perjury Peril…
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#QAlert 1/13/19 This will be my thread for all #QPosts for Sunday, January 13, 2019. Attempts to BLOCK/PROTECT themselves will FAIL And more!

Let’s go!

@POTUS #QAnon #QArmy #WWG1WGA #MAGA #PatriotsUnited #D5 #Boom
#QAlert 1/13/19 Q2672…📁
D House focus on POTUS = 'insurance' extension from MUELLER to House.
GJ testimony underway in several states.
Attempts to BLOCK/PROTECT themselves will FAIL.
Far beyond political corruption/sedition.

More 👇🏻
@POTUS #QAnon #QArmy
Article 1, section 6, clause I

@POTUS #QAnon #QArmy #WWG1WGA #MAGA #PatriotsUnited #D5 #Boom
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EXCLUSIVE: McCabe Told Congress That Comey’s Draft Exoneration of Clinton Was Unprecedented…
Aside from the nitty gritty, my personal favorite part of the article is the story of how Sessions canned [AM] one day before he was set to retire and receive pension.
So let me get this straight. Since the FBI was founded in 1908, not once has someone been exonerated months in advance—as [JC] did with HRC. That is not normal. Why? They never thought she would lose.
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!!NEW Q DROPS!! 01.07.19 00:24:44 EST…
Program dev ongoing under offshore [not domestic] 'tangent' agency?
Covert funding? #QAnon #MKUltra #ThesePeopleAreSick @realDonaldTrump
2. Animals > Humans
Humans 1988
71% avg success rate.
Targeted (mental) 'criteria' designated as [ , ].
Mental institutions & therapists > 'program-specialists'…..
#QAnon #MKUltra #ThesePeopleAreSick @realDonaldTrump
3. Cocktail regimen 4x daily brain intercept [administered by ]
WIA military personnel targets of the program?
#QAnon #MKUltra #ThesePeopleAreSick @realDonaldTrump
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🚨 Q is back!
This will be my QThread for Jan. 5th
2. Drop 2643
Q links past drop 2510. Mueller 5:5?
Adam Schiff is the leaker of false intel leaked to MSM and the Mueller insurance policy has EXPIRED. How do you remove installed blockade? DECLAS DECLAS DECLAS
3. Q linked post from @brithume and asked what happens when all the insiders know the news is FAKE? What happens when insiders know Schiff is the leak of false data?
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1. #QAnon: What happens when all 'insiders' know [AS] of the House Intel Comm purposely leaks FAKE data to 'friendly' news sources to maintain & portray a FALSE NARRATIVE to the public? How do you build a case against him when he himself ("they") have access to the intell? #Q
2. #QAnon gives link referenced by Brit Hume revealing "how it works with Schiff and 'McClatchey'". #Q…
3. #QAnon's link to Brit Hume's tweet indicates that sweeping and emphatic on-the-record denials caused journalists not to write such a story, but "the McClatchy guys went with it anyway.." #Q
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!!NEW Q DROP!! 01.05.18 11:57:15 EST

What happens when all 'insiders' know the news is FAKE?
What happens when all 'insiders' know [AS] is the leak of false data? #QAnon @realDonaldTrump
2. What happens when a member of the House Intel Comm purposely leaks FAKE & FALSE data to 'friendly' news sources in order to maintain & portray a FALSE NARRATIVE to the public? #QAnon @realDonaldTrump
3. How do you build a case against a member of the House Intel Comm if they themselves have access to the intelligence?
What critical 'mission' did SESSIONS publicly announce re: leaks? #QAnon @realDonaldTrump
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Not sure what's crazier: That Trump is using a stupid Game of Thrones reference to threaten sanctions, or that he's obviously had that poster since at LEAST October
November 4
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1) Wow. BIG TIME Letter sent to Horowitz, Whitaker & McConnell on 12/28 from GOODLATTE & GOWDY w/ @POTUS copied.

#QAnon #QArmy #WWG1WGA #PatriotsUnited #SpyGate #TheStorm #BREAKING @POTUS…
2) We see a letter addressed to Sen Maj Ldr Mitch McConnell, along w/ Matthew Whitaker & Michael Horowitz.


#TrustGowdy #TrustGoodlatte #TrustHorowitz
3) In addition to @realDonaldTrump, TG and BG also cc:

>> LG 2.0
>> Ron Johnson
>> Richard Burr
>> Jerrold Nadler

Who do you TRUST?

#QAnon #QArmy #WWG1WGA #DarkToLight @POTUS
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True??? 12/22/2019: “Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Will Retire from the US Supreme Court in January, 2019
Speaking privately, a law clerk says the Justice's Cancer has come out of remission”…
Drop 1149

Think timing.
LL remains AG HRC.
HRC appoints new AS replacement.
RBG steps down.
LL steps up.
New AG.
‘The Plan’.

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One year ago today Q posted Define Shutdown!

Define Shutdown.
Was ATL shutdown?
Will NK be shutdown?
Who controls NK?
Remove leverage to capture the flag?
Capture the flag to end the rule?
End the rule of who?
Who controls NK?
4 Major Military Events That Happened On Christmas!! Anon notable!! #QAnon #MerryChristmas @realDonaldTrump
Q drop from 12.24.17!! #QAnon #MerryChristmas @realDonaldTrump
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1) For those of you who are having trouble accepting Q and QAnon as anything more than a conspiracy, let me show you a proof involving "Q+".

#QAnon #WWG1WGA #QProof
2) Starting with Q Post 1297, on Apr. 29th, 2018, some Q post were signed with a Q+. There was much speculation into what Q+ meant but the best theory is that Q+ = Trump. Most posts signed by Q+ seem to page tribute to the brave men and women working to secure our Country. #QAnon
3) Here are a few more examples:
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@POTUS at Wreath Laying Ceremony, Arlington Va. He was strolling with the wreath lady when he spots this stone and walks behind it and stops to talk … check the symbol on this particular stone….

#8chan #QArmy #PatriotsUnited #QAnon #WWG1WGA #MerryChristmas
Lots of infinities lately! Here is a great #QProof from a Q pic from Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach. #LQQK at the @pbpost article. #FutureProvesPast? #8Chan

@POTUS #QArmy #WWG1WGA #TrustThePlan
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1. Clinton Foundation Hearing!! Anon comments thread! #QAnon #CFHearing @realDonaldTrump
2. Clinton Foundation Hearing!! Anon comments thread! #QAnon #CFHearing @realDonaldTrump
3. Clinton Foundation Hearing!! Anon comments thread! #QAnon #CFHearing @realDonaldTrump
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T & Q placed together.
What a coincidence.
The More You Know…

Logical thinking.

A little Holiday Fun for the FAKE NEWS media.

Think 'Elf on the Shelf'.

Can you find the next one?


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1. #QAnon A Huber prosecutor called MDA Analytics last week, seeking copies of their evidence of illegal activities of #ClintonFoundation. The firm told the prosecutor that the FBI has possessed the evidence in its Little Rock office since early 2018. #Q…
2. #QAnon "6,000 pgs of evidence attached to whistleblower submission were filed secretly more than a yr ago w/IRS & FBI." Huber's #ClintonFoundation hearing will be Thurs Dec 13. Whitaker was brought in as Acting AG to sweep clean. Since he's a temp, optics don't matter.
3. #QAnon Huber's testimony will reveal 'active' probe, actively underway into CF, and, OIG to release report #2, an overview indicating many 'potentially criminal referrals' made.
"We don't discuss active/ongoing DOJ/FBI investigations."
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!!NEW Q DROP!! 12.10.2018 1:04:22 EST
Q #QAnon #TheWorldIsWatching #UnitedNotDivided #TogetherWeWin #WWG1WGA @realDonaldTrump
President Trumps’s tweets 12.10.18!! #QAnon #TheWorldIsWatching #WeThePeople #WRWY #WWG1WGA @realDonaldTrump 1st tweet - Two extra c’s and two unnecessary capital C’s & S’s & N + all other caps!! 2nd tweet - Two unnecessary cap CC’s & H + all other caps!! Any Ideas?!?
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#QAlert 12/10/18 This will be my thread for all #QPosts for Monday, [D]ecember 10, 2018. THE WORLD IS WATCHING And more!

Let’s Go!


@POTUS #QAnon #QArmy #WWG1WGA #MAGA #PatriotsUnited #D5
#QAlert 12/10/18 Q2566


@POTUS #QAnon #QArmy #WWG1WGA #MAGA #PatriotsUnited #D5
Q has said that #FranceProtests are about gas taxes. It is about taking their Country back?

Yellow [Jack]ets?

@Cordicon points out that the yellow jackets could be Dark to Light. Representing Q?

Remember we are Essentially French #Payseur.

@POTUS #QAnon #QArmy #PatriotsUnited
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What a year of revelation it has been. I knew our entire system was rigged against liberty. I knew the media was never going to give us truth. Donald Trump fought the media and won. That was one battle, the war is still being waged. Then Q stepped in to help the sheep wake up.
I'm not going to spend a lot of tweets talking about what Q is and why I know Q is what Q claims to be. By now you should know Q is an intelligence/information operation that is tied directly to the commander in chief.
OK, just one #QProof for any newbies that don't know. Burden of proof is on you if you want to debunk Q. Explain original photos from Airforce1. Photo posted with filename DOITQ..... There are hundreds of these coincidences at
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🚨 #QAlert 🚨

Q is back! I just got in, and the chans are lit! Buckle up! 😎

This will be my Q thread for Dec 6th

#QAnon #TheStorm #WWG1WGA
2. New QDrop 2560

Q links an article re: whistleblower that brought forth evidence in 2017 against the CF.

Q says: Read carefully
Why is the CF back in the news?

Article here:…
3. New QDrop 2561

Link to past drop & Q asks us to dig further into what role each person has. Scarramucci model? YES!

We dig and decipher further below
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