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10.20.1935 400,000 protest in Madrid in Spain. Franko was coming in power to help #AdolfHitler
@madmandave1011 @fedupwarrior4q…
@madmandave1011 @fedupwarrior4q
@madmandave1011 @fedupwarrior4q TRYING TO INSTALL COMMUNISM IN KENYA BUT FAILED ON 10.20.1952 #PROTESTKENYA…
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NVIXM big truths getting ready to shock the public?
If you tweak the exposure on the Marine post above it clearly shows “8 Mile” on the side
8 Mile starred none othe than RC best bud Eminem
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How to use the Q Clock Map and Introduction to the Q Clock Video:…
Q 클럭 맵 사용법 및 Q 클럭 비디오 소개 Korean Subtitles…
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BREAKING: Culiacán, Mexico, video shows smoke covering the skyline with the sound of heavy gunfire as security forces CAPTURED ONE of EL CHAPO'Z SON'S .
#Culiacán #Mexico
El Chapo's son Ovidio Guzman has been arrested and it has sparked an all-out war between Mexican soldiers and heavily armed civilians loyal to the drug lord. #PrayForCuliacan
"Mexican officials confirm the arrest of El Chapo's son in Culiacán"…
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Eyes ON

Elijah Cummings, esteemed longtime Baltimore congressman, has died at 68…
Health Prblems?? Since When?

Rep. Elijah Cummings, the powerful House [D] who represented Baltimore for more than 2 decades and was a vocal critic of Pres Trump, died early Thurs after battling health problems, his office and family said.…
4am Talking Points...
[EC] a GIANT...
Question Everything

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Donald J. Trump Assassination Conspiracy. Oct 17 2019 Read and share so it never happens. Read the thread
#WWG1GWA #QAnon #Q #WeAreTheNewsNow #PatriotsUnited #Qarmy #SaveAmerica #FactsMatter @TrumpWarRoom #WWG1WGA #QAnon #PatriotsUnited #TheJigIsUp @POTUS
@realDonaldTrump @TrumpWarRoom @POTUS We are going on a Journey of Conspiracy. It starts with the 1906's To something called the "New Left" We could go much further back, But for twitter sake we start here. With this link…
@realDonaldTrump @TrumpWarRoom @POTUS This is John F. Kennedy after his win but before he was sworn in. This is from a new york paper and the headline is "Pelosi spanks the first brat". Referring to Nancy Pelosi's father.
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@realDonaldTrump 👊🇺🇸🍿

Steny Hoyer after meeting with Pres. Trump about Syria: "I have served with 6 pres. I have been in many, many, many meetings like this. Never have I seen a president treat so disrespectfully a coequal branch of the govt of the US"
@realDonaldTrump 202Q 🇺🇸🍿
Trolling Lefties and [MSM] is FUN
Enjoy the Show..

After meeting with @realDonaldTrump at the White House, [CS]chumer says the president went on a diatribe and called [NP]elosism a "third rate politician."
@GOPLeader on [NP]elosism at White House: "She storms out of another meeting, trying to make it unproductive."
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How to use the Q Clock Map and Introduction to the Q Clock Video:…
Q 클럭 맵 사용법 및 Q 클럭 비디오 소개 Korean Subtitles…
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BREAKING: [NP]elosism and [D] Con Party Circus Ring Leaders will hold off on a full House vote authorizing an impeachment inquiry into President Trump

@realDonaldTrump 202Q…
[NP]elosism and [AS]hifty....
#WakeUpAmerica #WalkAway

“This is not a game for us,” @
Speaker Pelosi says.”This is deadly serious”
[AS]chiffty and [NP]Pelosism say there's no constitutional requirement to vote on a formal impeachment inquiry. They say Republicans want to argue about process because they don't want to discuss the president's conduct..

#WakeUpAmerica #FactsMatter
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This vote splitting garbage has me LIVID.

I will vote for the person with the greatest chance of beating the Con. Period.

As for all the Singh purists, I am beyond up. Know why? Keep reading.../1
#elxn43 #CountryOverParty #ABC
I started this election season truly supporting Mr. Singh. I saw a man who was passionate, articulate, charismatic. Turns out I was conned by an opportunist put in place by the NDP. They saw those traits & exploit them to save their dying party, regardless of 0 experience../2
At 1st I thought Mr Singh was very upfront & relatable. Turns out he went to an expensive private school in the states & is currently worth over $4 million. Meanwhile, he stayed silent while Scheer was attacked for misrepresenting his socioeconomic status.
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3rd Plane in less than 24hrs..

JetBlue flight from Newark to Orlando makes emergency landing at JFK after crew reports smoke in the cockpit…
4th Plane Emergency Response..

Southwest Airlines plane filled with passengers was rattled Monday morning by a major malfunction that set off an emergency response.
Tire blowing out on SW flight 4448 from Austin as it hit the runway 9am
H/T @ZeroBolusZero…
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I am so sick of people saying they can't vote Liberal over electoral reform!!!

1) it could not be done unilaterally
2) NDPP & Green broke THEIR word
3) Cons stated day 1 they would not allow reform to pass

Bigger picture, folks.
#elxn43 #CountryOverParty
NDP and Greens joined with the Conservatives in 2016 to insist that a referendum was necessary 
#elxn43 #CountryOverParty
#FactsMatter #BigPicture…
Right from the START Cons have viewed to block legislation
#CountryOverParty #elxn43
The Conservative Party is vowing to use any means necessary, including a Senate blockade, to keep the Liberal government from forcing through electoral-reform legislation…
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Many sites can show you who the best strategic vote is ie

Unless you are a wealthy straight white Christian male you WILL be negatively affected by a Con govt
#elxn43 #CountryOverParty
A thread on Andrew Scheer's Statement of Life (2017) where he lays out his ideas about women's health, dying with dignity, LGBTQ, etc #elxn43 #CountryOverParty
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What corruption or evil will the public be most angry and shocked about when it’s exposed ? I will put down one not my top pick and I would like everyone to add one or two to the list Let’s see how big this can get ?
1) Big Pharma Withholding meds and the cures
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In July, the @CPC_HQ began a 100 Day countdown: #100Days100Fails.

Since July, myself & others have been calling out the countdown on a daily basis.

You can find @AndrewScheer's #100Days100Lies threaded below.

#cdnpoli #elxn43 #CanadaVotes #canadavotes2019
@CPC_HQ @AndrewScheer PREFACE: The early fact-checking threads can be on the lighter side, but as the days crawled on, they do become more detailed, if you can bear with me 🤘
@CPC_HQ @AndrewScheer Day 1/#100Days100Lies

The CPC confuses a 73% tax rate applied to investment income paid out from a corp to a business owner’s personal account w a tax hike.

Tax on $$ reinvested in the company is unchanged.

#cdnpoli #elxn43 #FactsMatter

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Interesting Development..
#FactsMatter #WakeUpAmerica
#PatriotReportersWinning #GodspeedPatriots #WWG1WGA

BREAKING: @Project_Veritas in Washington DC announced that Their next #BeBraveLLP insider is from within CNN

H/T @AllyHud7 👊🇺🇸💪
Inside [CiaNN] News Coming!!

"The Biggest Story Project Veritas Has Ever Broke!" - James O'Keefe Drops a BOMB! Announces Project Veritas Has Undercover Video from INSIDE CNN

@Project_Veritas @JamesOKeefeIII…
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There is a chan movement that is building called Force the Q during the week of 27 Oct - 2 Nov. On Wednesday of that week, 30 Oct , which also happens to be the eve of worship satan day 31 Oct... I would like to make the theme for BendedKnee “Pray to Force the Q”.

Pray with us!
Let's review from Q post #1

Future proves past?

Hillary Clinton Extradition #Qanon #WeAreTheNewsNow #FactsMatter #WWG1WGA #WakeUpAmerica #UnitedNotDivided #SaveAmerica #GreatAwakening
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This is worth sharing again. Parties tend to play on our emotions when vying for our votes but #FactsMatter

The link in the tweet below provides an non-partisan analysis of the Trudeau govt's performance vs it's 2015 campaign promises. #cdnpoli #elxn43
It's also worth noting that the Cdn economy is doing great, with decades low unemployment and wages on the rise. #cdnpoli #FactsMatter #ELXN43…
Notwithstanding what the Conservatives tell us, Canada is well-regarded on the world stage.…
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BREAKING: Fox News' Shepard Smith is stepping down from his position as Chief News Anchor and Managing Editor of the network’s breaking news unit and Anchor of Shepard Smith Reporting
Shepard Smith leaving Fox News immediately

H/T @Knewhardt 👀🙏🇺🇸🍿💪…
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Why Now!! TIMING?
Why Does CA not want you Communicating off Media and Cell/Land Phone platforms
#WakeUpCalifornia #FactsMatter

Cali Officials declare Ham Radio no longer a benefit; Demands Ham radio repeater infrastructure to be Removed
H/T @CoryGroshek…
Eyes On Cali!!

More Than 1.5 Million Californians in the Dark As Utility Company Cuts Power For 2nd Day - Residents May Be Without Power For SEVERAL DAYS…
Multiple wildfires break out across LA: Terrifying footage shows hundreds of firefighters battling to contain growing blazes in Southern California as one man is killed and 100,000 are forced to flee their homes
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