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Compressed image formats are a great way to reduce file size without sacrificing image quality. There are several compressed image formats that are commonly used in GIS (Geographic Information System) applications. #gischat #geospatial #gis
ECW (Enhanced Compression Wavelet) is a proprietary compressed image format developed by ERDAS. It's commonly used for compressing large raster images, such as satellite imagery and aerial photography. ECW files can be handled by software ArcGIS, Global Mapper, and ERDAS Imagine.
MrSID (Multiresolution Seamless Image Database): LizardTech's proprietary format that is similar to ECW. It's commonly used for compressing large raster images and can be handled by software such as ArcGIS and Global Mapper.
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Here is a more comprehensive list of plugins for land use and land cover (LULC) analysis in QGIS. The selection of plugins depends on the specific research question and the type of data available. #gischat #geospatial #GIS #LULCanalysis #QGIS
Semi-Automatic Classification Plugin (SCP): This plugin provides a user-friendly interface for supervised and unsupervised classification of remote sensing images. It includes a wide range of classification algorithms.#gischat #geospatial #GIS #LULCanalysis #QGIS Image
Land Cover Classification System (LCCS): This plugin allows users to classify land cover based on a standardized classification system developed by the FAO. It includes a set of rules and guidelines for classifying land cover.#gischat #geospatial #GIS #LULCanalysis #QGIS Image
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Here is a selection of the *coolest* 3D maps, visuals, and map-like worlds from the past months you don't want to miss. Wonderful dynamic, interactive, static, creative or artistic visuals PART 3. #Dataviz #3dMap #GIS #3D #Cartography #GISchat 1/20🧵
spatial_occasions | @spatial_occasions mesmerizing and stunning visualization of the flight networks on the Globe. Just perfect. Made in #Blender3D. #B3d #3DMap #GeometryNodes #Dataviz 2/🧵
Terence Fostodon's | @researchremora perfect mix of 3D and 2D with a brilliant style. Ultra productive 3D map maker, worth every follow! Made in #rstats with #rayshader. 3/🧵
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Remote sensing (RS) software tools can help you analyze and interpret satellite or airborne data. If you're on a tight budget, don't worry - there are plenty of great free options out there!#gischat #geospatial
#QGIS is a powerful and user-friendly open-source #GIS software that includes RS tools. You can use it to visualize, analyze, and process your RS data. It supports a wide range of file formats and has an active community.#gischat #geospatial…
Sentinel Application Platform is a free, multi-platform tool for processing and analyzing data from various RS sensors, including Sentinel-1, Sentinel-2, and Sentinel-3. It includes a user-friendly GUI and a powerful toolbox. @esa #gischat…
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🌎 ¡Acabo de encontrar una serie de mapas increíbles realizados con #RStats! Desde mapas interactivos hasta diseños 3D, hay algo para todos los amantes de los datos espaciales
👇 ¡8 cuentas a las que definitivamente vale la pena darle un vistazo!🧵
#dataviz #maps #geospatial #gis
✅ Tyler Morgan-Wall @tylermorganwall

Mapa 3D giratorio con puntos de luz (mapa anterior)

La red de cable submarino de fibra óptica de la Tierra.

Utiliza #rayshader #rayrender #rayverse
#dataviz #maps #geospatial #gis
@tylermorganwall ✅ Milos Popovic @milos_agathon
Mapa % de empleados en la fabricación, datos Eurostat.

#dataviz #maps #geospatial #gis #rstats #DataVisualization #stats #DataScience
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Your #geospatial portfolio is proof that you know & understand #GIS concepts, so how do you build one?

If you are wondering what kinds of projects you can do to populate your geospatial portfolio and also gain knowledge as you do them.

Do not look too far, open this thread.

The fundamental thing about projects in GIS terrain is that all your project must have a study area. A study area is a place within the earth surface that you choose to perform your analysis on. E.g Landslide Susceptibility mapping in "South Eastern Nigeria...
South east is my study area here.

So, all your projects must have that and that's at your discretion.

Now let's dive in ✈️
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Tutorial Thread🧵 on how to create Climate maps using R Language specifically ClimateR🌧️🌤️ package created by Mike Johnson...In this tutorial I'm going to use The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 🇸🇦#gischat #cartography #GIS #geospatial #Remotesensing #dataviz #R #rspatial #mapping
So At first Climate R is package created specifically to deal with climate illustration ......So in order to get it working you have to Have Remote package already and you have to Install Using the codes below. Codes for installing Climate R
So after that were going prepare the Tempreture illustration in which they are three ways of illustrating Mean Tempreture(One map),Annual Tempreture(Mutiple Maps) and Monthly Tempreture.
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Behind the scenes of the Submarine Cable Network globe. Only the viewport animation within #blender3d.
#gischat #dataviz #b3d 1/🧵
⬆️ behind the scenes of the original Globe animation of the Maritime Cable Network. #gis #dataviz #b3d 3/🧵
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The #30DayMapChallenge 2022 starts tomorrow. In the last 2 years a lot of work has been put in @Stata to mainstream some of the map elements we find in other softwares. He is a 🧵 on the different types of maps one can make. If you want the code for any, just msg! Let's go 👇
The basic #spmap package can already do a lot! Here are some examples using standard spmap syntax.

These were made for the online #GIS tutorials earlier this year that were fairly well attended! Over 1400+ registrations and 500+ ppl online. Might repeat it again. ImageImageImageImage
The #bimap package that actually was the result of the #30DayMapChallenge last year allows you to combine two variables to check for interesting spatial correlations.

Install from SSC (ssc install bimap, replace)

See GitHub for further instructions… ImageImageImageImage
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Planners, #policymakers, #gis and #dataviz people of twitter, @TrivikV @mikhailsirenko and I released a new #opensource project: CityAccessMap. It's an open source #webapplication that visualizes urban #accessibility insights for almost every city in the globe 🌐.
The web-app uses #OpenData to visualize access to a variety of #essentialservices. By considering where people live, CityAccessMap measures how much of a city's population has access to things like transit/bus stops or health facilities. The app is entirely customizable.
The user can switch services on and off. Here's an example of accessibility to pharmacies, clinics, hospitals and other health services in Lima, Perú.
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Do you love 3D maps, worlds & visualisations? Here are 24 world creators, mapmakers, or visuals I've come across recently. Brilliant and creative minds using many different tools! PART 1 #dataviz #GISchat #3dmaps #map #gis #3d 1/🧵
Steven Kay | @stevefaeembra creates many original and cool #3dmaps such as this great visualisation of Windturbines in the British Isles. Follow him! #Blender3D and #QGis are his tools. #SDGs #Wind #b3d 2/🧵
Neil Southall | @neilcfd1 creates fantastic #3dmaps such as this hypnotising animation of #LiDAR data of Copenhagen. He uses #rstats and #rayshader in wonderful ways. #rspatial 3/🧵
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#ZeitfuerNeues kommentiert das Schmierentheater Einmalzahlungen gegen Umsatzsteuersenkungen und politische Farce um sogenannten Hilfen gegen die #Teuerung in Österreich:

Keine guten Aussichten auf #spoe geführte Regierung.
Langer Rand #thread, aber mit Lösungsvorschlägen

Seit Jahren hat die #spoe zum ersten Mal wieder einmal einen populistischen Knaller: Direkt Zahlungen senken keine Preise und überhaupt sollte die Mehrwertsteuer ausgesetzt werden. Was ist dran? 2/24
Gar nichts, außer rote Luft, statt schwarzer Luft. Beide Maßnahmen wirken indirekt. Beide Maßnahmen wirken ähnlich, und können sinnvoll sein, wobei eine UST Senkung klarer Weise wesentliche komplexer ist. Aber nicht in Österreich, wohin würden wir denn da kommen? 3/24
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Climate Economics and Finance are completely ignored by the private sector based financial sector and other economic sector participants.
The climate-related financial disclosures aka #TFCDs and other nudges, being promoted by different global financial institutions and economic blocs, have not yet reached many countries.
Most banks and other firms are now investing in climate-related risk modelling and stress testing.
Central Banks in the Third World should ask licensed banks to do the same to promote a Green, Clean, and Care Economy.
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Con gusto. New links to observe how the Arctic sea ice (#BOE) and Greenland ice sheet (#GIS) export fresh cold water to the Atlantic. How long until the AMOC tips and shuts down, accelerating warming and sea level rise?…
Hansen 2016…
Monsoons. Note what mental contortions the authors perform under the absurd @Peters_Glen @hausfath @MLiebreich crusade against #RCP85. Have we stopped this nonsense yet?…

@climate_ice, is GIS subglacial methane cycling accelerating?…
@Peters_Glen @hausfath @MLiebreich @climate_ice This really isn't hard. Please focus and do science that matters if you can. We need your support.
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Here is a selection of the *coolest* 3D maps and map-like worlds I've seen on Twitter in the past months. Wonderful dynamic, interactive, static, creative or artistic visuals. #Dataviz #3dMap #GIS #3D #Cartography #GISchat 1/23🧵⬇️
Thomas Kole | @ThomasKoleTA 's stunning realistic 3D model of Tenochtitlan capital of the Aztec Empire (now Mexico City) made in #blender using #geometrynodes. Stunning water, clouds & details. #b3d #CDMX 2/23 🧵
Craig Taylor | @CraigTaylorViz 's mesmerizing ship data animation of the Gulf of Mexico. Made in #Cinema4D, with pleasant colours and satisfyingly well-made animation and light reflections. As always impressive work. 3/23 #3dmaps
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Today marks 20 yrs of #remission from #Crohns. For some #IBD patients, remission feels like an elusive thing. I get it, I’ve had my share of time in the #ICU. I’m extremely fortunate that #Remicade has worked this long. Many people must switch meds to find a lasting solution. 1/n
The last 20 yrs haven’t come w/o complications. A sustained high quality of life was worth the trade offs that come with #biologics. I lived with recurrent infections and a #cancer diagnosis. Was it challenging? Yes. Was it better than living with flares? Absolutely. 2/n
There isn’t a day that I don’t think of those that weren’t as lucky. Alex Davidson, Ty Redler, Lacey Conners and Lindsey D’Ercole were younger than me and have since passed from IBD complications. In spite of some survivor’s guilt, I do my best to keep their memory alive.💜 3/n
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My new map shows the population change (%) between 2017 and 2020, using Eurostat data

#population #Demography #depopulation #europe #RStats #maps #dataviz #gis Image
One pattern is visible for Central & Eastern European countries: apart from major towns the rest has a negative population growth
🇮🇹Italy has a negative population growth in nearly every corner of the country including Rome 😬
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3D maps can look complex & difficult to make…
Here are 12 humans who proved to me that 3D is not out of reach:
Different tools, many styles... all fantastic: 1/14🧵 #dataviz #3dmaps #gis
Graig Taylor | @CraigTaylorViz: Legendary 3D maps made in #Cinema4D. Not only gorgeous maps but also perfectly animated worlds. His maps cannot be unseen. Clearly a #3dmap guru. #GIS #dataviz 2/14
Tyler Morgan-Wall |@tylermorganwall devlpr of the incredible R libraries #rayshader and #rayrender adding features & tutorials for free at an incredible pace: a *true treasure* for the #rstats #3dmaps & #3dviz world. A must-follow for 3d #dataviz. 3/14 🧵
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Anyone wants to get started or has used #rspatial and learned from tutorials/courses using packages such as {rgdal} {rgeos} {sp} {raster}? Are you getting used to them already? You might want to reconsider 🤔
🧵 1/n
For the past few months the R Spatial community of developers and active users has been dealing with the news of the retirement of {rgdal} & {rgeos}
🧵 2/n
For {sp} is a similar story, although still getting maintenance, a migration to {sf} should be mostly preferred for any new developments and implementations
🧵 3/
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ReTHINK INDIA INSTITUTE finds itself privileged to get the opportunity to felicitate some of the finest & fiercest #DefendersofDharmicBharat in the name of the legendary Dharmic Intellectual #SitaRamGoel Ji, on his Centenary Commemoration on 16th of October, 2021 at 3 pm.
#SandeepBalakrishna Ji @dharmadispatch
One of the most cerebral #DefendersofDharmicBharat whose writings are as incisive & as invigorating as #SitaRamGoel Ji himself. If you haven't made a part of your daily reading diet, do it today.
The hawkish @IPS_Association Officer, @MNageswarRaoIPS garu, who rose to lead the premiere CBI as well, has disrupted the entire space of #DharmicDiscourse sheerly by his majestic authority over #IPC Indic Precepts Code including the alien #Abrahmism #DefendersofDharmicBharat.
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Come be my colleague!

@Uni_Newcastle #EarthScience is hiring!

We have three, ongoing Level B roles open today:
1. #Coastal & #Ocean #Geoscience
2. #SpatialInformationScience (#GIS)
3. #Hydrogeology

Applications due 8 Nov.

#AcademicChatter #AcademicTwitter [🧵1/5]
All three roles are mixed #teaching-#research roles based at Callaghan Campus in #Newcastle.

I'd be happy to chat to anyone who's interested about what it's like to work at UON/live in Newcastle or feel free to ask questions here.

Please share far and wide!
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Ihr habt gesprochen – zwei Drittel meiner Open-Data-Bubble finden, dass WMS-Kartenservices durchaus als #OpenData anzusehen sind. Vielen Dank! #gis 🗺️ 1/12
Der ursprüngliche Anlass zu der Umfrage war die Frage, ob bestimmte WMSe in aus dem Portal entfernt werden sollten, weil es sich bei ihnen nicht um Open Data im eigentlichen Sinne (maschinenlesbar, strukturiert) handelt. 2/12
(Übrigens stehen die allermeisten WMSe im Berliner Datenportal nicht für sich, sondern haben mind. einen WFS, der sie spiegelt.) 2.5/12
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BK Kurz bekommt heute in München den „Medienfreiheitspreis“ eines konservativen deutschen Verlags.
Zu Unrecht, meint ⁦@POLITICOEurope⁩:…
Zur Medienpolitik von Kurz meint der Stifter des „Freiheitspreis der Medien“ Wolfram Weimar:
In dem @POLITICOEurope-Artikel heißt es übr. zum ORF: “‘There have been critical phases in the past, but it has never been as bad as it is now,‘ said a senior ORF journalist.“
Das sehe ich nicht so. Das war unter Türkis-Blau tats. schlimmer.
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1/_ Interactive #GIS map showing risk of #DebisFlow for wildland fires. For the legend and to get the most benefit from the map, please click “Map tips” in upper left corner. To search on address click Menu > Search. #CAwx

Open #GISsurfer map: Image
2/_ The map opens at the #CZULightningComplex. You can pan the map to other 2020 fires and see the same type of data. Be patient! The map might be slow to refresh. It depends in part on how much other work the GIS server is doing.
3/_ The map can display the risk of debris flow for fires back to 2017. Here is one way to make a map to see the risk of debris flow for a fire prior to 2020:
A. Click the basemap button and look under the “Overlays” heading
B. Click “Turn off all overlays”
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