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#geemap new feature: changing layer visualization interactively with a GUI. This is a very challenging implementation with many hours of work and >1000 lines of code.


#EarthEngine #GIS #remotesensing #python #jupyter #mapping #ipyleaflet #dataviz
Just added a new option for turning all layers on/off.
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Fascinating and inspiring @CanUrbanism round table today, City Circle, moderator @Khelsilem. @KalenAnderson Edmonton, Evelina Hafvenstein-Säteri, Stockholm Plan, @oliviahaddon, Māori Design Auckland, @AlainMiguelez, Ottawa, Gil Kelley, Vancouver
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1/14 I have been volunteering to produce online wildland fire maps for about the last 10 years. This is a multi-part tweet to help people understand satellite hotspot data for wildland fires.
2/14 The #1 thing to know is that any fire data you see on maps is **not real time**. After a satellite pass it takes NASA ~3 hours to process the raw data before it can be displayed on any map.
3/14 Since data you see via an online map is **not real time**, never rely on any map (or anything else) to ignore an order to evacuate. The professionals that make decisions which areas must evacuate have more information than is available to you.
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Jeg lovede i går at fortælle mere om, hvordan mine data fra databasen skal analyseres. Og fordi landskabet på tangen er så foranderligt i 1700- og 1800-tallet, så spiller rummelighed en aktiv del af forståelsen af disse samfund. /CA 1-18. #spatialhumanities #GIS
Derfor har jeg valgt at anvende GIS som et analytisk værktøj. GIS bliver efterhånden brugt i mange sammenhænge og inden for flere og flere videnskaber. Jeg er heller ikke den første til at bruge det inden for historievidenskaben, selvom det er et relativt nyt felt. 2-18. #HGIS
En af fordelene ved GIS er, at du visuelt kan håndtere en langt større mængde data med en rummelig dimension, og netop det visuelle kan være med til at afsløre mønstre og sammenhænge, som ellers ikke ville være blevet klarlagt ved at se på det enkelte individ. /CA 3-18.
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The first article first-authored by my BSc, MSc (and quickly PhD) student @LDaumantas is out!…
By combining insights from #archeology, #paleobiology, #GIS , #geostatistics and #Machine_learning we revealed the dynamics of ancient human settlement rules 1/n
Extending the classical #cliodynamics approach advocated by @Peter_Turchin we tracked the dynamics of evolving spatial interactions of human settlements with geological/geomorphic factors while testing against spatial null models 2/n
Finally, we found that model significance (difference with null models) increased through time while their performance decreased. We explained this pattern as an increase in determinism of settlements, paired with the increase in complexity and specificity of rules 3/n
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1/3 Thursday 8/20 #HennesseyFire 190,078 acres per infrared flight yesterday + analysis by fire staff. The other #LNULightningComplex fires (#GambleFire, #GreenFire & #MarkleyFire) have merged into Hennessey.

Open #GISsurfer map: Image
2/3 Map has lots of #GIS overlays you can turn on/off/restack. Need help? Click "Map tips" upper left corner. There is also a ‘Legend’ link in the upper left corner.
3/3 Note! The map is still showing some ‘false positive’ satellite hotspots. That problem should fix itself mid-morning. For more information, click “Map tips” and read about the data.
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I often get asked "What degree should I get if I want to pursue GIS?" They are often surprised when I don't point towards a traditional #GIS degree. In my opinion a cross disciplinary approach to GIS is highly marketable and useful, I think most GIS practitioners would agree.
One of the best things I did was chose #landscapearchitecture as my undergraduate program @WestVirginiaU. At it's foundation, Landscape Architecture (LA) draws on both art and science to solve problems. Sounds a lot like map making to me! Now, I didn't start out with GIS in mind.
Early on in the program you learn about space and place. More importantly, how to conceptualize/visualize your design process. LA has a lot of cross-over between many disciplines such as Graphic Design, Engineering, Planning, Project Management, and of course GIS!
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I am always nervous before each and every podcast interview.

Not because I am afraid of working/ learning in public but because want to be respectful of my guest's time and create content that will give the podcast audience value.

Here are the 10 most popular podcast episodes!
In this episode, @geomenke gives a fantastic introduction to #QGIS…
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1/7 Each day #JohnsHopkins publishes *cumulative* counts of #COVID19 cases for each county in the USA. As a public service I wrote code to convert that cumulative count data into *daily* counts for all USA counties. #CovidData #Covid19Data
2/7 This daily count data is in one csv file per month. There is one set of files with daily *case* counts and another set of files with daily *death* counts. Anyone can download and use this data. The only limitation is no commercial use.
3/7 These files include a latitude longitude centroid for each county and will be easy to import into spreadsheet or #GIS software. Each night the count of new #COVID cases for the prior day is added to the current monthly csv file.
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1/5 Here are links to csv files with *daily* counts of new #COVID19 cases and deaths for all USA counties. These daily counts begin March 24 and are updated each night just after midnight Pacific time with the counts for the prior day. #CovidData Image
2/5 Each day #JohnsHopkins publishes updated timeseries *cumulative* counts of new cases and deaths for all USA counties. As a public service I wrote code to convert that cumulative count data into *daily* counts. Non-commercial use only.
3/5 The daily count data is in one csv file per month for cases and one csv file per month for deaths. These files include a latitude longitude centroid for each county and will be easy to import into spreadsheet or #GIS software.
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This photo is meaningful to my career as a planetary scientist even though I’m not affiliated with this mission in any way, and this is a short thread why. I’m quickly learning how different my experience has been and prob why it’s necessary to yell about it to the internet. 1/9
This photo was taken and released roughly 5 years ago, mid-July 2015. The first time I saw this, I remember pulling up the front page of reddit while waiting at the bank to ask them to forgive an overdraft fee because I was a really, really broke undergrad student. 2/9
I remember reading the reddit comments about what a large team it took to make this photo happen. Hours of planning, tens of people involved from all over the country. “More than 5 people total, got it.” I had no idea what it was like to plan and execute photos like this. 3/9
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#Weeklybrief | How will #COVID19 change city life? @VaidehiTandel, @Harvard's Edward Glaeser, @The_IGC's @astihaas, and @ucl's @ProfMCarmona exchanged perspectives in a conversation hosted by @ritula. @BBCTheRealStory…
In their new paper, @hvpachisia, @jammastergirish & @kadambari_shah evaluate how #GIS can be used in #healthcare delivery without infringing the #privacy of citizens. @DataGovNetwork
Read about the adaptive control model-a local, gradual, and trigger-based exit strategy from #lockdown, in a paper co-authored by @anup_malani @satejsoman @thesamasher @clem_imbert @VaidehiTandel, @BettencourtLuis and others…
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Glacial floods caused by the tremors could cause an eruption.

A glacial lake outburst flood (GLOF) is a type of outburst flood that occurs when the dam containing a glacial lake fails.…
An event similar to a GLOF, where a body of water contained by a glacier melts or overflows the glacier, is called a Jökulhlaup.

A jökulhlaup (Icelandic pronunciation: ​[ˈjœːkʏlˌl̥œip]) (literally "glacial run") is a type of glacial outburst flood.…
Can be upcoming glacial floods detected from orbit?
#insar #gischat #GIS
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1/4 Each day #JohnsHopkins publishes updated *cumulative* counts of #COVID19 cases for each county in the USA. As a public service I wrote code to convert that cumulative count data into *daily* counts. This daily count data can be used for any non-commercial use. Image
2/4 The daily count data is in one csv file per month. These files include a latitude longitude centroid for each county and will be easy to import into spreadsheet or #GIS software. Each night the count of new cases for the prior day is added to the current csv file.
3/4 Here is the link for the March file (data starts on 24th). To download the csv files for April, May and June simply change the number of the month in the download link.…
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Modelamiento espacial 🌎 como mecanismo que nos puede ayudar a enfrentar #Covid_19
Sabemos que no todos los municipios tienen las mismas características: ni demográficas, ni económicas, ni capacidad instalada. Pero 👇 sigo
Con trabajo articulado muchas cosas pueden ayudar a mejorar:
Gracias a las dos capas del @DANE_Colombia y otras publicas que he compartido, logré integrar 5 capas de información y lograr algo que se llama superposición espacial pondera.
Este análisis es útil para: 👇📈📉📊
Identificar las manzanas de mayor vigilancia epidemiológica por vulnerabilidad, IPM alto, alta densidad poblacional, alta densidad de casos activos, densidad de empresas.
Lo más complejo: Tener los datos de casos activos y empresas geocodificadas.
Pero aquí esta.
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Analysis: #NYSE $GIS

Case 244 #General_Mills Inc.

DISCLAIMER: The analysis is strictly for educational purposes and should not be construed as an invitation to trade.

#GIS 1/4
Chart 1
Monthly Chart: Since peaking at the all time high of 72.95 price spent the next 3 years in a downtrend eventually finding #support at 2008 high and the monthly #SMA 200 (price has never closed below). A recovery is now on the way - a break and .....

GIS 2/4
..... close above 64.05 will target 71.32 very quickly and then begin to trade in a fuzzy #resistance zone 72.00 - 78.75 where choppy conditions are expected. The long term objective is 103.70-109.55.

GIS 3/4
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1/ Hi I'm Brian Jacobs, @btjakes, Senior Graphics Editor in Nat Geo's maps & graphics department. Today I published an interactive where you can see what climate change will feel like around you and I'll be explaining the process behind it.
2/ I'm based at home these days in Washington, DC and I use code, design, and visualization to make interactive graphics. For this project I teamed up with @alejandrabee_ @EveConant (text), @rileydchampine @jasontreat (cartography & data), and Kaya Berne (research).
3/ We wanted to express what the world might look like in 50 years using worst-case scenario climate models. The interactive in the first tweet above is a pessimistic take on climate change, showing an outcome in which we take little action to reduce it.…
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We at have built a Covid-19 tracking console for Karnataka using the data launched by the Karnataka Government here:
You can use this console to plan your strategies, groceries and deliveries.

Some features on the console:
1. The grids show the aggregated number of quarantined people. & is colored based on density. You can change the resolution of grids in Settings.
2. There are 3 types of filters: Legend filters can be used to filter grids based on severity. The categorical filters are on the right. The location filters can be used to focus on POIs, areas, and places [Try Kormangala Bus Stand]
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1/4 Are you a #bored #student or #teacher? Do you like #maps #geography #GIS? Consider taking a look at #GISsurfer which is a general purpose web map I developed. This project is a public service and part of my way to “pay it forward”.

Homepage: Image
2/4 Government agencies host all kinds of GIS data. Anyone can use GISsurfer to look at that data almost as easy as you surf the internet. No GIS savvy required! You can add GIS data to the map and then save a link that will display your map. Image
3/4 Tip: The detailed documentation is in several PDF files that are linked near the top of the ‘Help’ page. To see some maps I made, click Menu ==> GISsurfer special maps ==> scroll down. Note the “Map tips” link in upper left corner. Image
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1. as Italian politicians consider unprecedented #surveillance measures to stop #COVID spreading, a former head of the Italian #Carabinieri's special unit, #GIS, issues a comment hinting at his despise for open societies and leftists
2. Italy's #Carabinieri had a well-known role in fighting #Communism during the #ColdWar, when Italy had the biggest #CommunistParty in Europe. So this comment by the former head of the Italian #Carabinieri's special unit,#GIS, comes as no surprise
3. Personally,I believe this comment by the former head of the Italian #Carabinieri's special unit,who despise open societies and leftist,is a precious WARNING in these days when Italians are ready to accept unprecedented #surveillaince measures officially intended to stop #COVID
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In the following days I am going to start a series of #QuarantineGIS twitter threads.This first one is about #Python and #GIS and I will talk about the 𝗣𝘆𝘁𝗵𝗼𝗻 𝗳𝘂𝗻𝗱𝗮𝗺𝗲𝗻𝘁𝗮𝗹𝘀 you need to start GIS programming. But first, a couple of important notes. 1/12
First, you need to be familiar with the command line. Also, choose the best text editor for the task. @pycharm is commonly used by Python developers, but if you are coding in several languages, @code could be a better fit. Some of its extensions will make your life easier. 2/12
Second and most importantly, you must master the basics. Don't go directly to code GIS scripts without understanding the fundamentals. IMHO data structures, functions and arguments, working with files, paths and environment variables are a must. 3/12
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Primera entrega de hilos de #GISenCuarentena. 🧵

Empezaré dando la turra sobre #Python y #GIS. En este primer hilo solo os hablaré de 𝗹𝗼𝘀 𝗳𝘂𝗻𝗱𝗮𝗺𝗲𝗻𝘁𝗼𝘀 de Python que necesitas para empezar a programar cualquier movida GIS. Pero antes, un par de apuntes. 1/12
Lo 1º es tu ambiente de trabajo. Debes familiarizarte con la línea de comandos y manejarte cómodamente con un editor de texto. @pycharm es uno de los editores preferidos para Python. Pero si programas en más de un lenguaje como yo, @code puede ser tu mejor amigo. 2/12
Lo 2º es controlar los básicos. Existe una tendencia de aprender unos mínimos del lenguaje y meterte de lleno en cosas GIS. Asuntos como data structures, funciones y argumentos, y trabajar con archivos, paths y environment variables son IMHO los más importantes. 3/12
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Today, I'm going to be covering the @Esri #DevSummit via this thread. Check back throughout the day for updates!
Big schedule today, but it's super exciting! Up first is Sud Menon covering the ArcGIS Platform Overview.
"Your data is at the center of #GIS" - Sud Menon, Director of Software Development. #DevSummit
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