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Qué lindo es el #Plugin #QuickOSM de #QGIS!!! Con él se pueden consultar datos de #OpenStreetMap de forma rápida dentro de QGIS.
#Hilo con ejemplos ->
Por ejemplo, se pueden consultar depósitos de agua, tipo cisternas o tanques australianos. Para el Partido de Pergamino la cuenta da aproximadamente 1500 tanques!
También se pueden traer a QGIS molinos de viento. Más de 1000 elementos.
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Going to thread up some pix from today's #geology hike at #VasquezRocks.
(Why are those rocks right there? We'll get to that...) 🧵 In midground, tilted sandstone rocks lit up by the setting s
Here is a descent into a canyon in S end of park. That's where the geology story gets really wild.
Here's a view of a tree from a ridge where I measured strike and dip of the layers using a compass. Yellow green fall foliage tree lt up by back-angle sun. In f
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3D maps can look complex & difficult to make…
Here are 12 humans who proved to me that 3D is not out of reach:
Different tools, many styles... all fantastic: 1/14🧵 #dataviz #3dmaps #gis
Graig Taylor | @CraigTaylorViz: Legendary 3D maps made in #Cinema4D. Not only gorgeous maps but also perfectly animated worlds. His maps cannot be unseen. Clearly a #3dmap guru. #GIS #dataviz 2/14
Tyler Morgan-Wall |@tylermorganwall devlpr of the incredible R libraries #rayshader and #rayrender adding features & tutorials for free at an incredible pace: a *true treasure* for the #rstats #3dmaps & #3dviz world. A must-follow for 3d #dataviz. 3/14 🧵
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Day 08: Blue
Crimean native names in Southern Ukraine.
The map covers historic names of places (toponyms) used by people native to the area of the former Crimean state "Qirim Yurt" and around it.
#QGIS Data: Image
The project was initiated by Roman Alieiev, who lives in Germany and Crimean Tatar “QIRIMLI” initiative group.
See the video for more details
Crimean Tatars are one of the main indigenous peoples of Ukraine. This is enshrined in law.
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I did a comparison of the different hill shading tools in #QGIS and got some amazing results. Each one was blended with a DTM to give a bit of depth. Have a look at this thread for details on the 7 ways I tried, these are the most interesting. 1/n
I was using a DSM of Arthur's Seat in Edinburgh. The first method was the most simple, just switch to Hillshading in the Layer Style Panel. Not bad, but a bit low on contrast. 2/n
I then tried the Terrain Shading Plugin, I ticked the Bidirectional lighting to boost the contrast. It was a bit disappointing compared to others but the Plugin can be used to calculate other layers which can be combined manually to create much better effects. 3/n
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I've been looking at animating vector data in #QGIS with the Temporal Controller instead of the Time Manager. I started with @tjukanov's brilliant exercise:…
I wanted icons not circles, but Icons have directionality & I wanted them to face the right way
Thanks to @HeikkiVesanto giving me the code to find out the direction to the next point in a sequence:
...which I wrapped in a function to convert to degrees, I could use a Data Defined Override to set the rotation.
Now I had to overcome the issue of trains heading east being mirror images of trains heading west. I used InkScape to make two electric train SVG icons to account for this. Note they are facing down to avoid the 90° correction in QGIS as rotation breaks if you go over 360° Image
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Remember that curved #QGIS label callout I was experimenting with recently? Well it's available now in QGIS nightly releases, along with a whole bunch of other new callout sweetness 🎁👍Here's a little gallery of the new capabilities:
#1 A brand new "Balloon/Speech Bubble" callout style
which includes the ability to round off the corners, so you won't poke your eyes out. Showcased here with a nice subtle drop shadow for a little emphasis boost.
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Massive new #QGIS plugin: #GEE Timeseries Explorer offers instant access to #EarthEngine image collections! Fetch #Landsat, #Sentinel2, or #MODIS #timeseries for any location and visualize images: 🧵
Choose from our predefined collections, for instance merged & #cloud masked #Landsat TM, ETM+, OLI surface reflectance, cloud masked Sentinel2AB L2A, or just define your awesome custom collection in the built-in #Python editor.
Extract time series profiles for #training / #validation by clicking on map, or by navigating through vector point file. Download raw time series data for #sample-based workflows efficiently with parallel download.
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For this year's #30DayMapChallenge i will be trying to create 30 maps on #Berlin just using #OpenData and #OpenSource software. For day 01 - Polygons, a map of all of Berlin's street trees. #QGIS Source:… Image
BTW @citylabberlin has built an #FOSS platform for visualising and managing joint efforts for watering trees during dry periods in the summer: Source code:…
Day 2 of #30DayMapChallenge : Lines. Bike lanes in Berlin provided by @FixMyBerlin's API, showing their HappyBikeIndex. To explore the data set more in depth check out: Code:… Image
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Glaube Vorarlberger*innen fahren garnicht nach Wien und in der Steiermark und im Südburgenland muss man sich noch einigen 😁
Wer mag sich noch einbringen?
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If you care about #Asia’s #rivers, or interested in its #paleoclimate, I have a data set for you: 813 years of annual discharge (streamflow) at 62 stations on 41 rivers in 16 countries, from 1200 to 2012. This thread explains how we created it, and all the data underlying it.
To estimate discharge hundreds of years ago, we need three things: (1) modern discharge observations, (2) a proxy of past climate, and (3) a model that links those two.
Most of our modern observations came from GSIM, a massive effort by Hong Do, @LukGudmundsson, Michael Leonard, and @sethwestra. Besides, we emailed everyone we knew asking for more data, and our colleagues kindly shared theirs.
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I might be the last one on the population flag map bandwagon, but I’m pleased with the result! Thanks to @StatCan_eng @StatCan_fra for providing nearly *half a million* polygons to select from.

#cartography #gischat #QGIS #canada @CanadianGIS @GANSorg

(Details in the thread.)
Over the last couple of weeks people have been posting their population flag maps, so I thought I’d try my hand at creating one for Canada. I figured that with detailed census data, I might even be able to include a reasonable facsimile of the maple leaf.
So I went to download the boundary file of Canada’s 56,589 dissemination areas, the smallest geographic area for which full census data is provided. That’s when I discovered that Statistics Canada also provides a 'dissemination block' boundary file.
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I am always nervous before each and every podcast interview.

Not because I am afraid of working/ learning in public but because want to be respectful of my guest's time and create content that will give the podcast audience value.

Here are the 10 most popular podcast episodes!
In this episode, @geomenke gives a fantastic introduction to #QGIS…
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Some #QGIS and other tutorials that I've put together, if anyone needs ready-made material:

QGIS Atlas by field -…

3D interactives in QGIS…

3D rendering with #aerialod…

Kepler -…
Map layout design in QGIS -…

QGIS Atlas for automated mapping (this one has downloadable project file) -…

d3 charts in QGIS Print Composer -…
links above are for specific, often more complext tasks - for a comprehensive treatment of QGIS, with excellent, clear tutorial walk throughs @spatialthoughts is the guy to follow - his site is amazing Image
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3.1 million dots - world cities database in my #QGIS, some even have population data within :)
Excel and Libreoffice fail opening the file. Same about Attribute table in QGIS. Gotta find some #bigdata app may be. Image
Our region in this map with world countries maps added - #Armenia, #Georgia, #Artsakh, #Azerbaijan, #Turkey, #Iran and parts from #Iraq, #Russia, #Turkmenistan, #Syria and #Kazakhstan.
#QGIS Image
There is a problem with Syria in this database, where cities are placed in strange chess grid style.
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I get a lot of questions about my @locatepress book Discover QGIS 3.x. There is a lot - it's 402 pages with 32 lab exercises. To begin 2020 I'll be launching the #30DaysofDiscoverQGIS3x thread highlighting things you can learn/teach with this workbook! Stay tuned! #gischat #QGIS
@locatepress This workbook has 5 sections: 1) Intro to Geospatial Technology, 2) Spatial Analysis, 3) Data Acquisition and Mgmt, 4) Cartography and 5) Advanced Data Visualization. It can be purchased as an ebook or paperback at #30DaysofDiscoverQGIS3x
@locatepress There is a New Years sliding scale sale on all ebooks at Starting today the discount will be 50% using the code: newyears

The discount steps down each day by 5%. Get in early!

Sale starts midnight EST Dec 30.

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The moment you’ve been waiting for! Welcome to North Road’s 2019 #24daysofQGIS. It’s our gift to you! Follow this thread to learn new tricks and tips to try in #QGIS. Every day a new bite-size, cinnamon-scented mapping treat to get you through to Christmas Day... 🎄🎁🌎
(This year we'll provide some tips that are accessible to all spatial people, regardless of your software of choice. We don’t want our #arcgis #mapinfo friends excluded! We'll be showing all examples in our software of choice - #QGIS, but we hope you can apply them to yours 👫🌏)
In 2019 we’ve been inspired by many beautiful looking maps (we’re looking at you #30daymapchallenge!), so this year we are dedicating #24daysofqgis to #dataviz, and sharing with you our insider tips to beautify your maps and data! 🗺️ Let’s begin...
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#Monterrey #NuevoLeon una ciudad que duerme con el enemigo. 🌧️🌧️⛈️🌧️ #Hilo Image
Monterrey ubicada en el valle del mismo nombre, desde su fundación a sido bendecida por el caudaloso rió #SantaCatarina que a traído prosperidad y agua a la ciudad durante siglos. Image
Normalmente cada década este rió poco caudaloso se vuelve un verdadero monstruo que genera cuantiosas perdidas materiales y de vidas. #santacatarina #Monterrey #inundaciones Image
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Welcome to our #24daysofQGIS for 2018! Just like your Christmas advent filled with chocolate, each day we’ll reveal a #QGIS tip or trick for you to devour like a tiny tasty treat and improve your workflow. We declare this #qgisadvent officially open! Watch this thread.
Day 1: If you have a compatible video card, you can enable the experimental OpenCL mode within #QGIS. This offloads some tasks to your video card, potentially speeding up these operations by an order of magnitude or more (because who wants to wait!?) #24daysofQGIS
Day 2: Turn off "Show partial labels" within your #QGIS project's label settings to avoid chopped off labels on the edges of your map, giving you an instantly more professional looking creation! #24daysofQGIS
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Day 24 of #24daysofqgis: A brand new "Layouts Engine" to replace Print Composer, with sooo many new features that we can only showcase a few! E.g. easily distribute and resize a selection... (Coded by @northroadgeo, thanks to funding from numerous crowd funders!) #qgisadvent
...and snapping which works when creating new items...
...or how about a handy context menu, with actions for common tasks like grouping/ungrouping items?..
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