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#pharma #cdmo #API #Nifty #Q4updates🐝

R&D spending patterns of Top 10 Pharma companies in the world
A Thread
R&D budget $13.9 bn ,22% of revenue
Revenue $62.39 bn

15 diff tests for Covid 19
Balovaptan for Autism
Idasanutlin for Acute myeloid leukemia
Nemolizumab for pruritus in dialysis patients
Semorinemab for Alzheimers
TMEM16A to restore lung function in cystic fibrosis
R&D budget $13.6 bn ,28% of revenue
Revenue $48 bn

2 failed Covid 19 vaccines
$0.5 bn for OncoImmune for its CD24fc covid drug
$1.8 bn for CAR-NK program from Artiva Bio
$2.75 bn for VelosBio for Ab drug conjugate for lymphoma
$2.5 bn for bio bucks KRAS Oncogene Rx
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@ArmitageJim @premnsikka 1/ The Telegraph’s @Will_Kirkman writes of yet another of @theFCA’s made men in the infamous #PremierFX scandal(). PremierFX operated in the FCA’s notorious #Emoney/#API cesspit of #MoneyLaundering & fraud facilitation, but ...
2/ scratch the surface + as if #Wirecard’s fingerprints were not enough it’s the same familiar tale we saw in the #LCF scandal (+ many more) of the FCA not just asleep at the wheel, but actively turning a blind eye to multiple red flags. In the case of #PremierFX, ...
3/ the FCA astonishingly ignored #PremierFX itself reporting to the FCA that it had been fined by the Bank of Portugal for operating illegally. In yet another parallel to the damning Dame Gloster #LCF report lashing the FCA, we also saw in the PremierFX scandal the ...
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#mastek above 1300
#lauruslab above 385

Watch them go
#stocks #StockMarket #Nifty ImageImage
#lauruslabs 401

#api is the game in town
IT,Steel also firing
#cdsl is lockdown stock
#specialitychemicals everything on fire

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So, what happened to #NodeJS in 2020? Our top 5 meetup video selection will have the answer you're probably looking for. You can check our roundup here and under this tweet as well.…
First up: @jotadeveloper at @GitNationOrg talked about building a #NodeJS registry with the help of #React. You can check it out below.…
together? This talk will highlight opportunities by bringing #MachineLearning, #linearalgebra and #NodeJS with #TensorFlowJS. Learn more about using pre-trained models, training your own models, and running TensorFlow.js in various Node environments.…
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#API crude oil storage data will be released 5 minutes later. #OOTT
#Crude +7.356M VS Est.-1.850M
#Cushing +0.732M
#Gasoline -9.933M VS Est.-2.125M
#Distillate -9.053M VS Est.-2.900M
The stock of #gasoline and #distillate are facing the biggest weekly drop in the last 5 years, the #API data implied
#OOTT #OIL $CL_F #EIA ImageImage
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@ArmitageJim @premnsikka 1/ @TheFCA yet again in a short space of days released y/day yet another of its “saved up” press releases allowing it to waft its “extra special tickling stick”, censuring the notorious #PremierFX Ltd…. In contrast to the ... Image
2/ hyperbole of the FCA, @SkyNews reported on the Premier Fx scandal in 2019 - a damning indictment of the FCA, asleep at the wheel while yet another of its nefarious made men/women from its #emoney/#API cesspit (notorious for fraud + #MoneyLaundering) operated unfettered + ... Image
3/ without fear. Premier FX had opened the “regulatory catflap” + appointed 2 A.R.’s - an online payment gateway “Alacrity Payments Ltd” & “Securus Escrow Ltd”(which did who knows what - controlled by an insurance consultant). The FCA hasn’t the first clue who it’s A.R’s are .. ImageImage
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Introducing Wiki Topic Grapher! 👾🐍🔥

Leverage the power of Google #NLP to retrieve entity relationships from Wikipedia URLs or topics!

+ Get interactive graphs of connected entities
+ Export results w/ ent. types+salience to CSV!


h/t @Streamlit 🧵
Many cool #SEO use cases! 🔥

+ Research any topic then get entity associations that exist from that seed topic
+ Map out related entities with your product, service or brand
+ Find how well you've covered a specific topic on your website
+ Differentiate your pages!

About the stack, it's 100% #Python! 🐍🔥

+ @GCPcloud Natural Language API
+ PyWikibot
+ Networkx
+ PyVis
+ @Streamlit
+ Streamlit Components ->

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@WhatsApp wen wollt ihr hier eigentlich verarschen?
@WhatsApp hat natürlich entsprechende #Kritik wegzensiert. Image
@WhatsApp eure #Behauptung, Nachrichten seien #E2EE/#endeZuEnde-#Verschlüsselt ist offensichtlich gelogen - besonders da ihr alle #Schlüssel habt.

Hinzu kommen Gesetze wie #CloudAct & §111 ff. TKG sowie TKÜV, welche euch zum #Backdooring mit #Govware zwingen.
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After 15 yrs in FinTech, I notice there is still confusion around Open Banking, Core Banking and BaaS. Yes, all 3 involve Banking & APIs. But they're totally different. Quick thread to resolve this👇
1. BaaS/Embedded Finance via #API >> make digital banking services a part of your product and customer experience. No need for an external #banking app! Use cases: smart company cards w/your logo, or create a #neobank!+lots more. @Railsbank @TreezorBanking @Solarisbank @swanapi
2. Open banking >>by law, banks must expose their APIs. You can ask clients for access to their account statements. Or permission to make transfers on their behalf. Use cases? Personal Finance Manager, Credit Scoring, epayments by transfer(vs by card) @Plaid @Tink @Bankin
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#sequentScientific #Q3marketupdates #Q3investorpresentations

Strong 🏋️‍♀️
Q3fy21/20 in cr
Rev 361/317
PAT 37.2/20
EPS 1.52/0.83

9mnth fy21/20
Rev 1014/878
PAT 87.8 /53.1
EPS 3.24/2.18

API Business up 17.2%
Formulations 15.0%

Alivira award best Company in AH India/ME/Africa
EU subdued due operational challenges of Covid
Spain & Germany impacted while Benelux & Sweden reported strong growth
Growth to accelerate with recent launches of CitramoxLA & Halofusol. Tulathromycin launch to reflect from the current quarter
Brazil & Turkey grow strongly driven by mkt share gain existing portfolio & new launches
India business doubled last 9 months
Integration Zoetis portfolio completed

API Business
Highest quarterly sales 1,297Mn, growth 20%
1/3rd sales from global Top-10 AH players in 9M
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C'est aujourd'hui, les #esupdays #apereoparis #esupdays31 #apereoparis21. Toutes les informations sur @EsupPortail Reprise à 14h pour #TellYourStories
#esupdays #apereoparis #esupdays31 #apereoparis21. Le LIVE… @EsupPortail : Le séminaire est diffusé en Anglais et/ou en Français. #LaClasse
#esupdays #apereoparis #esupdays31 #apereoparis2 Présentation du programme de l'après-midi par @FrancisForbeau DSI @UnivLaRochelle et Président d'@EsupPortail
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@LaurusLabs #lauruslabs #Q3marketupdates #Q3investorpresentations
Q3fy21/20 in crs
Rev 1288/730 ,up 76%
Ebidta 433/150
PAT 273/73 ,up 274%
EPS 5.1/1.4

Generic API growth 103% yoy
ARVs up 175% yoy
Generic FDF up 47%
Custom synthesis up 63% yoy
Onco API growth 36% Image
Generic APIs
Commercialized 60+ products
61 DMFs filed

Generic FDF
Filed 26 ANDAs with USFDA
9 final & 8 tentative approvals
Filed 12 dossiers in Canada, 9 in EU ,8 with WHO,2 in S.Africa, 2 in India
Laurus Synthesis
CDMO services for Global pharma
Steroids,hormone mftg
Speciality ingredients in Nutraceuticals,dietary,cosmetics

Commercial scale mfg,clinical phase supplies,Analytics & research

API validation plannd in Unit 5
Optalmic initiated
LSPL-API validatn planned Image
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#Q3marketupdates #Q3investorpresentations
Good show inr in mn
Rev 8945 /6712
PAT 2041 /1540
EPS 12.83 /9.95

9 months fy21 /20
Rev 26626 /20909
PAT 7365 /5780
EPS 47.12 / 37.31

Mkt wise
US 6021 /4853
India 1495 /1193
ROW 1078/413
R&D expenses INR Mn
Q3 fy21 434
Q3fy20 312
9M Fy21 916
9m Fy20 749

Net worth INR Mn
Mar 20 36462
Dec 20 56221

Net cash INR Mn
Mar 20 13202
Dec 20 28128

Capital expenditure
9M Fy20 1342
9M Fy21 1826

9M Fy20 4244
9M fy21 4056
New launches
9months fy21 - 31 product SKUs (4 mols)
US mkt - Dec 20 ,with partners filed 282 ANDAs, 226 approved, 56 pending

Core mkts (US,EU,Canada,Australia)
9M fy21 17415 mn
Growth 20%
Q3 fy21 6021 mn
Growth 24%

Domestic MKT
9M fy2110 product SKUs
Started Remdesivir mftg
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1/365 - Starting this thread with one of the first Motorcycles to be built in India. The @royalenfield #Bullet350. A Motorcycle which was initially built for the Indian Army but with time found patronage amongst varying genre of people achieving a cult status over the decades. ImageImageImageImage
2/365 - After selling imported Vespas for a while, Bajaj Auto started manufacturing the #Bajaj150 under license in 1959. This was one of the first Scooters in India and certainly changed the 2-Wheeler scene as it was initially available at a significant premium in the market. ImageImageImageImage
3/365 Automobile Products of India (API) was the 1st Scooter maker in India and manufactured the #Lambretta Li 150 Series 2 under license from Innocenti at Bombay in the 1960's. This scooter was very popular and made appearances in a few famous Bollywood movies too. #BikerLife ImageImageImageImage
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Injectable focused B2B company
Mkt includes US,Europe,India,Australia
Niche area - sterile injectables,Oncology,Opthalmic solns
Focus -complex injectables,first to file,NCE-1, 505(b)(2) filings
Chinese promoter Shanghai Fosun Pharma is a global pharma major
Fosun acquired controlling stake in gland 74% in 2017 for $1.09 bn
Gland has 267 ANDA filings in the US Mkt, 215 approved
267 filings - 191 sterile injectables, 50 oncology ,26 ophthalmic
Out of 267,101 ANDA are owned by Gland of which 71 approved
Good regulatory compliance
No #USFDA warning letter till date
7 mftng facilities - 4 finished Formulations, 3 API
API facilities 100% captive consumption
63% of Fy20 revenue of 2633 cr were from US mkt
Focus on injs with high entry barrier, limited competition, strict regulatory reqs

#API #cdmo
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Q2fy21 Revenue up 4.8% yoy to 2347.9 crs led by traction in CMO/Generics in Pharma & Life sciences in LSI segment
- Radiopharma business impacted by Covid & launch of macroaggregated Albumin (MAA) by competitor Curium(jubilant was sole player)
#pharma #Nifty
MAA business witnessed price & mkt share erosion
-DTPA business impacted by decrease in ventilation scan due to covid
-Generic business growth led by traction existing products,launch of Remdesivir
-JLS to launch Remdesivir in 70 countries, exported API to US & injs in India
Radiopharma 90% & allergy business 100% precovid levels
-Partnership with SOFIE Biosciences in molecular theranostics
- JLS to double DDDS capacity by Fy22
- LSI business speciality declined 2% & nutritional grew 11% led by VIT D exports to EU while ethyl acetate muted growth
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Even though I haven't been a big fan of Twitter threads so far, a lot of people I know have made 100-tweet threads for @threadapalooza so I thought I'll give it a try as well. I will start with #APIs and hopefully end up connecting them with the #FutureOfWork. Let's go ...

First of all, when I talk about #APIs, I mean HTTP-based interfaces connecting apps and backend servers as well as different services with each other. For now, the technical details, such as whether they use REST, GraphQL, gRPC etc., shall not matter. (1/100)
When humans interact with computers they require a user interface (UI), and when machines interact with each other they need application programming interfaces (APIs). At the end of the day, however, these have to be implemented by humans. Good #APIDesign considers both. (2/100)
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🔥 #AdventOfReversing 1/24 🔥
Get dirty as soon as possible. Don't fall into thinking you are not ready. Sure, you will be confused by many things at first. That's fine! I used to confuse sections and segments when I started. Keep pushing, and things will become clear naturally.
🔥 #AdventOfReversing 2/24 🔥
Get used to (re)name *everything* in your disassembler. You might be able to mentally track data across registers and memory for small crackmes w/ easy control flow, but this does not scale at all. Unclutter your mind. Make your life easier.
🔥 #AdventOfReversing 3/24 🔥
You really want to have some programming foundations, but which languages? I mostly agree with this post by @MalwareTechBlog:

🐍 Python
🏗️ C
⚙️ ASM (different flavors: x86(-64) desktop, ARM mobile...)

Give it a read! 📰…
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@GranulesIndia earnings call transcript Q2fy21
No longer a 5 product company
22 launched products
PAT growth up 80% H1fy21 compared to H1fy20,due to fast approval of filed ANDAs,rapid scale up production
Ebidta,PAT > Rev growth- better product mix,sales,op efficiency
32 approved ANDAs(6 yet to launch),13 waiting for approval
Expect 1 MUPS tech based ANDA in Q3 or Q4
Construction MUPS block on track,commercialize Q3fy22
High vol MUPS products & APIs next major driver
Q1fy21 recall of $2 mn tabs Metformin 750mg,this Q 1mn reversed into books
Covid expense 19.3 crs in H1fy21
Rev Q1fy20/21 858/700 cr up23% yoy
Gross margin moved 48.6 to 57.9% YoY thru new launches,increased finished dosages,product rationalization in PFI & Finished dosages
PAT 164 vs 96 crs,up 71% yoy
#Stocks #pharma #Nifty #sensex
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#API Formulations HomeHealth

Api - loratadine,Atorvastatin,Montelukast,Fexofenadine,Rosuvastatin,Sitagliptin,Olmesartan,Voglibose,Dapagliflozin,Vildagliptin etc

Formulations - antibiotics,GI,CNS,Ortho,Calcium,Respiratory,Antiallergic,Nutraceuticals
#pharma #Nifty
Devices - BP monitor,Glucometer,Pulse oximeter,Thermometer

Mcap - 1320
CMP - 29.4
P/E 19.3
BV 7.36
FV 2
ROCE 10.2
OPM 8.97
D/E 0.05
EPS 0.75
Int coverage 40.8
@dr_morepen investor presentation Q2fy21
Q2 fy20/Q2fy21 in crs
Revenue 216/340,up 57%
Ebidta 17.8/35.4,up 99%
PAT 4.08/27.17 ,up 566%
EPS 0.09/0.6,up 566%

3 verticals
Bulk drugs(#API ) - antidiabetics,antihypertensive,antivirals,anticancer,neuropsychologica
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Approves for 10 sectors On Nov 11
Pharma,Auto,Auto components Telecom,Advanced chemistry cell battery,textile,food products,solar modules,white goods,speciality steel

Aim - make India mfts globally competitive,enhance scale,increase exports,attract investment
Pli scheme aimed to reduce dependence on China,give incentive on products mftd in India, increase employment by focusing on labor intensive industries like mobile equipment,#pharma,medical devices
In March #goi made 53 drugs eligible for pli worth 6940cr ,benefit 136 mftg units
14000 cr package incentivise #API production & medical devices mfg
3240 cr to promote medical devices mft
Pli for electronics & mobiles,incentives of 4-6% to mft mobiles & other electrical components such as transistors,diodes,resistors etc
#Telecom #mobile #Nifty #sensex
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After months of use ,billions of $ for pharma companies
Oxygen,steroids,and heparin,glucose control,early diagnosis & treatment mainstay
WHO suspends Remdesivir from list of medicines…
Download the TOI app now:…
@USFDA & @WHO appear to take different paths
Barcitinab approved for use with #remdesivir for #COVID19 infection
#cdmo #pharma #Nifty #sensex #stocks…
Mild to mod cases with early treatment
Early diagnosis & treatment holds the key

City docs find proof Favipiravir works for the moderately ill
Download the TOI app now:…
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@NeulandLabs investor presentation Q2fy21

Operational highlights
Revenue increased 21.7% led by growth in all 3 segments
Ebidta margin up 480bps to 16.9%
PBT margin up 550bps ,PAT margin up 430bps
Revenue up 29.6%,balanced growth of GDS & CMS
Prime segment saw high growth of levetericetam,continued growth Mirtazapine,Lavetalol
Speciality business stable Q led by Deferasirox,Entacapone & Ezetimibe
CMS saw vol growth in baseline projects
Unit 3 started generating rev
Filed DMF for Edaravone with USFDA

Q2fy21/Q2fy20 cr
Revenue 242/186
Ebidta 41/25
PAT 21.3/8.6
EPS 16.6/6.68

Revenue 448/368
Ebidta 74.8/44.5
PAT 36.4/14.2
EPS 28.37/11.06

CMS Rev split
Commercial 50
Development 27
Comm 40
Devlpmnt 9

#Nifty #sensex
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A thread on #HeadlessCMS where you will know most of things about what it is, how is it different to traditional #CMS, why it matters, pros & con's, and the most popular Headless CMS.

👇 #100DaysOfCode
So before you understand what this #HeadlessCMS is all about, in the first place you should know need to understand the difference between a Headless CMS and a conventional (or traditional) #CMS.

👇 #100DaysOfCode
Traditional #CMS platforms, like Joomla for instance, come with a front-end delivery layer, otherwise known as the “head” — that dictates how the content is presented to the end-user (1/3).

,👇 #HeadlessCMS #100DaysOfCode
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