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#Seattle #seattleprotest

They took over the Freeway tonight and apparently didn't move fast enough to get out of the way!

#seattleprotest #seattleprotests #Seattle
Aftermath of the Diaz Hit and Run Situation with Cops and everything (Protestor Perspective).

#blmseattle #seattleprotests #seattleprotest #Chaz #Diaz
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**TW/CW/NSFW: Contains Disturbing Violence**

This happened just an hour ago tonight.

A driver in a white Jaguar intentionally ran through barricades to run over peaceful #BlackLivesMatter protesters on I5 in #Seattle, and hit 2 people. Pls help bring this driver to justice
There was a livestream by Diaz Love of this very same protest, that captured the moments before the car hit (1:44:24 mins in).

That thud you hear at the end is the same one heard at the beginning of the previous video. Diaz was reportedly hit.…
* *Warning Graphic**
This is the aftermath, live streamed by @WWConverge. The driver clearly intended to do serious harm and swerved to hit protesters. They are alive, but I don't know the extent/severity of their injuries.…
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I was just denied access and threatened with arrest again by #seattlepolice for not having ID while trying to get to my home in #CapitolHill. They claim they were given new orders this morning.

#seattleprotests #seattleprotest #CHOP #seattleCHOP #defundSPD #seattle
I went to a different entrance and the #seattlepolice there told another story - ID was not required. However they claim that they never received the initial orders to stop IDing 🤔

#seattleprotests #CHOP #SeattleCHOP #defundSPD #CapitolHill #seattle #seattleprotests
For context, here is the Deputy Mayor telling me on a conference call that ID will no longer be required as of 7:00PM on July 1st

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#Seattle: la fine della #CHOP, l'area occupata dai manifestanti. Questa mattina la polizia ha fatto l'ingresso nella zona ed ha dato cinque minuti agli occupanti per lasciarla, dopo un ordine esecutivo in tal senso da parte del sindaco Jenny #Durkan.
➡ Qui potete trovare l'ordine esecutivo emesso questa mattina dal sindaco Durkan:…
➡ Qui invece la dichiarazione del capo della polizia di Seattle, Carmen Best:
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Thread: One of the “medics” at the CHAZ/CHOP recent shooting of two minors is Dan Baker, an American sniper who joined the YPG in Syria

Pics 1 & 2 are him, tweeted by himself + YPG

Pic 3 his witness account

Pic 4 YPG telegram celebrating a body count

#CHOP #chopshooting
2) the YPG is considered a terrorist group and British citizens who participate have recently been arrested as terrorists

Dan Baker left the Autonomous Zone in Syria, and is now in the Seattle Autonomous Zone

#CHAZ #CHOP #Seattle
3) it seems Mr Baker’s goals were to “inspire” American “Antifascists” in their cause and goals.

Got it? It’s environmental feminist communism. It requires guns.

#CHAZ #CHOP #chopshooting
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Lets get an #oppsinseattle thread going... I’ll start.

Our very own Rachel dolenzal. Known for asking protesters to get on their knees in front of cops and remembered for her absolutely awful faux locs. Will respond to the name boots but in technicality is Shyla Levitt.
Up next we have David Lewis, known for making women uncomfortable and remembered for his quick-switch personality should you disagree with him trying to lead you to the cops w/ his buddy, you guessed it, Boots. Usually found laughing inappropriately mid interview. #oppsinseattle
A recent addition, but long standing predator in the Seattle area - Andre Taylor. Known for pimping not only women but the governing bodies of #Seattle in the name of “the streets” - Usually found in traditional Indian wear claiming its African wear, with “made in china tags”
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Hello #CHOP,

You’re collectively gorgeous—did I mention?

While you’re out being beautiful, I wanted to poke around at the funds the #SPD is using to let the proud boys roam around murdering people.

Thanks to @MayorJenny, they’ve gotten quite the raise in her time. Let’s look.
You may have heard @MayorJenny is progressive, from some folks.

If by that they mean she’s progressively lining the pockets of SPD, I have great news!!!
During the short few years y’all have been together, the police budget has shot up an astounding amount.

In real, adjustment inflated dollars:

Wowza, that’s a good deal of dough!
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7:29PM - We're checking in on the CHOP ZONE for the nightly march down to the West Precinct. Follow along live!

We're still waiting for things to get started.


Thread 👇
8:05PM - The march is prepping to leave, they are working their way through Cal Anderson park collecting additional marchers.

The group is chanting "off of your ass, and into the march."
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Yesterday I was detained for streaming in the #Seattle free zone (#CHAZ / #CHOP)

"This is not a public park anymore, this is CHOP zone"
"There is no media allowed in here"

*Grabs me by my jacket and backpack from behind choking me*

"Who's going to help you?"
First off, I've been streaming for weeks around Seattle and in the free zone. People know me and know that I don't intend anyone any harm. I've enjoyed the majority of my experiences w people in the zone. The problem is, when you do have a bad experience
like this one, its very clear you're totally on your own. There was no volunteer CHOP security nearby. When I called out for help it only drew more people to me that were just as interested in holding me until their demands for me to stop my stream and delete my footage were met.
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Walking with a group westbound on Pine as they chant, “out of your homes, into the streets” during the #seatleprotests
Bus driver honking in support of the demonstrators heading westbound now on Pine. #seattleprotest
Protestors now passing the Paramount #seatleprotest
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Right now in Cal Anderson Park a large group is joining forces to erect a giant sized Black Power Fist the group at #CHOPseattle built @KIRORadio #seattleprotest #BlackLivesMattters
Some final touch ups now before they try to place @KIRORadio #seattleprotest
Safety first says the guy with the megaphone as the group moves it across the park to directly underneath its final home atop this structure @KIRORadio #seattleprotest #seattle #BlackLivesMattters
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Tiny Toese, a Proud Boy brawler from #Oregon on probation for multiple violent assaults along with several Proud Boys armed with pistols beat a man outside of the #CHAZ today in #Seattle as he asks for his "phone back," which they smash on the ground before driving away.
In case you need a re-fresher on the Proud Boys, Tiny, Joey Gibson, and their connections to the wider far-Right and the Portland Police.
Here's Tiny in a video threatening to use violence against those he opposes if they do not leave the streets.
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I was streaming when the incident happened at CHAZ last night in Seattle. An auto shop near the zone was broken into (Car Tender), property stolen, and a fire started. The owners called the police and fire dept but they were told they would not show up. Full THREAD with clips ↓
The man who broke in then returned to the scene of the crime while I was streaming. The owners knew what he looked like because they held him briefly to question him and to recover some of their property. He was released when a group from CHAZ arrived and broke down their gate.
The man then fled the scene back to CHAZ where he was held and questioned by CHAZ security along with the car shop owners. The goal was to try to search his pockets and multiple bags since money and car keys were still unaccounted for. #CHAZ #CHOP #Seattle #seattleprotests
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Hier, je suis arrivée à la #chaz de #seattle (Capitol hill autonomous zone) avec l intention de participer, apprendre, échanger avec les camarades. Qq petites rapidos car je sais pas ce que disent les médias fr (pas le temps ni assez de batterie pour regarder!)
Donc la #chaz a été établie le 8 juin. Autour du commissariat que la police a du abandonner ✊ c un ensemble de 6 pâtés de maison dans 1 quartier emblématique de Seattle à la fois pour ces lieux alternos, politiquement radicaux/alternos et pleins d espaces, bars et assoc 🏳️‍🌈 lgbt
Depuis y a des espaces de discussions, des forums, des concerts... un campement, un potager fait par des africains américains (je vous en dis plus dans 2 min), y a de la nourriture, des toilettes tt ça gratuit (refus des dons d argent un peu partout 👍) une bibliothèque
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CHAZ (Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone) und die deutsche Linke.

Es gibt derzeit kaum Artikel oder Bemerkungen zur CHAZ in Seattle in Deutschland. Im Gegenteil, ich habe deutsche Linke gelesen, die sich über die CHAZ lustig machen. Daher hier ein kurzer, zorniger Thread 1/x
Erst Mal die Fakten:
Am 8.6. flohen die Bullen aus einem Stadtteil in Seattle. DemonstrantInnen errichteren darauf Barrikaden und erklären den Stadtteil für unabhängig/ autonom.… 2/x
Innerhalb weniger Tage organisieren die Besetzer ein eigebes Sicherheitssystem, der linke John Brown Gun Club patrolliert, es gibt kostenlose Essensverteilung, man legt Gemüsegärten an und formuliert Grundsätze einer Selbstorganisation:…
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America the Beautiful - Peaceful demonstrations from the Seattle Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone, where the #seattleprotest participants are using Kittens and Rainbows to spread love! ImageImageImageImage
#FLASHBACK: The #riots leading up to the occupation of #CHAZ... #Antifa member steals an #AR15 from a #Police vehicle and is disarmed by a reporter's security force:
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1⃣ Faşist/ırkçı/sömürgeci tarihsel karakterlerin heykelleri birer birer devrilirken, #Seattle’da eylemcilerle dolu Lenin heykeli görseli, yeniymiş gibi dolaşıma sokuldu.

Hem bu yanlışı düzelteyim hem de heykelin macera dolu öyküsünü anlatayım.


#13haziran #BlackLivesMatter
2⃣ Öncelikle; paylaşılan görsel, halihazırda süren eylemlerden değil, #Seattle’da her yıl yapılan Yaz Gündönümü etkinliklerinin 2009 ayağından. Fotoğrafın sahibi, ünlü bir fotoğrafçı olan Sean O’Neill.

Gelelim esasa, yani heykelin öyküsüne…

3⃣ #Seattle'ın Fremont bölgesinde yer alan 5 metre yüksekliğindeki bronz Lenin heykeli, 1981 yılında Çekoslovakya Komünist Partisi tarafından Bulgar heykeltıraş Emil Venkov’a yaptırıldı. Heykel, 1988’e kadar bugün Slovakya sınırları içindeki Poprad kentinde sergilendi.

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THREAD: (All my Footage from #chazseattle Yesterday)

First Clip; #Antifa Thug tries to turn crowd against me because I'm a Right Winger; Left Wing Community Activists Shut him down.

Using this to call out Instigators while fighting Misinformation about #SeattleAutonomousZone
#AntifaTerrorist in Black Bloc tries to stop me from filming an incident with a Street Preacher in the #CapitolHillAutonomousZone.

I use my "Brown Person" Card to push back (Why are you Policing a Brown Muslim Guy WHITE MAN!)

#SeattleAutonomousZone #seattleprotests
Scenes from the Barricades when I first entered the #SeattleAutonomousZone.

There were NOT ID Checks or Armed Guards. In fact the guys "Guarding"the Barricades were quite cordial even when I explained exactly who I was.

Just didn't want to be on camera. 🤷

#chazseattle #CHAZ
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The Middle-East policy of #Obama has now made its rounds onto US’ soil. PKK/YPG/SDF-backed #Antifa terrorists declares "Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone” or #CHAZ in #Seattle. Antifa terrorists have started to use the same terror strategy that they learned from PKK/YPG/SDF terrorists
The PKK/YPG [SDF] terror organization has displaced innocent local Syrians from their homeland. PKK/YPG [SDF] terrorists occupied 30% of Syria. Very similar situation is occurring in the U.S.
The PKK/YPG [SDF] terror organization has a goal to create a terror state against Turkey.

Antifa terrorists revealed their true face, they created "Autonomous Zone".
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1. News: President Trump blasts radical Dems in #Seattle..

"Take back your city NOW. If you don’t do it, I will. This is not a game. These ugly Anarchists must be stooped IMMEDIATELY. MOVE FAST!" -Thread 6.11.20… #Insurrection
2. News: THE NERVE! After Gov Jay Inslee (D) said he didn't not know parts of Seattle were occupied by ARMED #Anarchists ...

Inslee TOLD PRESIDENT TRUMP TO “STAY OUT OF WASHINGTON STATE'S BUSINESS”… #seattle #riots #Insurrection #EnemyWithin
3. News: Biden: MILITARY WILL REMOVE TRUMP from White House! What Did ‘Daily Show’ Edit Out from Rambling Joe?

After a break in video: Biden, “I was so damn proud. You have 4 chiefs of staff coming out and RIPPING THE SKIN OFF OF TRUMP."… #EnemyWithin
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So, I went to document the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone today, day 2 of its existence.

In the field, the speaker stated:

"We can't take the world unless we take Seattle too." Premeditated?

#Seattle #SeattleProtest
Free Capitol Hill
This got put up inside the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone today🤔

#Seattle #SeattleProtest
Free Capitol Hill

They put this up at the East Precinct that @carmenbest of @SeattlePD abandoned.
Since they closed off the streets inside the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone, they rededicated the bus stop🤷‍♀️

#Seattle #SeattleProtest
Free Capitol Hill
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