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Remember when the #StarTrekVoyager Crew were #TargetedIndividuals? The "Alien" Janeway talks to reminds me of AMY GUTLESS WONDER I-Ran-A-Fake-Bioethics-Commission-4-The-Satanic-Transhumanist-Obama-Nutball-Cult GUTMANN. The episode is called SCIENTIFIC METHOD.
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Here's the making of a movie depiction of #TargetedIndividuals called Enemy of The State-1998 from the entertainment division of the #MilIndustrialComplex.👂2 what they say about tech ESP satellites compared 2 real🌎& how far ahead they r compared 2 public
Make no mistake. Thoughts are already being read and they are being directed into everyone's fields. They are mistaken by people for their own thoughts 2. #Hivenet is already up and running. The information is clear in both RS and to #TargetedIndividuals.
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#5G = Psychotropic or Silent Sound Spread Spectrum
#GWEN = Ground Wave Emergency Network System
#DEW = Direct Energy Weapons

These are a danger to US & are being directed at unsuspecting populations & cause extreme mental anguish, physical shocks & pain▫️
TV signal is always bouncing around regardless of whether we see the programming. Bluetooth uses your skull and causes “birdbrains”▫️HAARP, GWEN Towers, 5G cell signals:…
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(1) I spoke to a fellow who works on #cellphone towers the other day and learned a few interesting things.

He told me that a lot of the people working on towers were ex-convicts and former military personnel who were adrenaline junkies, a lot of whom also had ....
(2) addiction problems with illicit substances - such as meth.

He also noted that many of his co-workers had "very short fuses" and were prone to violence. He attributed that in part to some of them being convicts.

Starting pay (he said) is $250 per day, for those lacking ....
(3) any experience.

He also maintained that it was prohibited to take selfies on the #cell #towers, and that most of the time they had no idea of what they were installing, and for who.

Co-workers who had taken photos at work-sites were quickly hit with ....
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(1) You refer to the "Main Core Database," yet you fail to refer to #TargetedIndividuals, which include some half-dozen+ whom have responded to this thread.

They are the ones being silently targeted by this protocol, which is coordinated thru #ThreatFusionCenters in the U.S.
(2) I guess I am a bit puzzled, since you posture yourself as a whistle-blower and a herald of evil and surreal, Orwellian tidings, yet you refused to respond to any of their comments to this thread.

Are you afraid, or simply just compromised, controlled opposition?
(3) Some of your respondents to this thread - like me, are experts in the field of this extrajudicial targeting protocol - as a result of being victims.

Why no response to Ramola D AKA .@EccEveryday who has penned many more articles than you regarding what equates to a ....
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Leaked Memo Reveals Soros Plan for Federally Controlled Police via @BreitbartNews
🚨WARNING🚨Federal Police

💥It's the same reason the Rothschilds wanted the Revolutionary War~so they could get control over the thirteen colonies' finances under one umbrella

💥The same reason they want government through the UN over the entire world

@SpaCare @HB04920973
@SpaCare @HB04920973 @gani_ndreu @MagaSpud @pamzpam @Trumped18 @TexasDeplorabl4 @thro_e @TheTruthIsTell1 @exposeeverylie @aDeo_creata_est @1SweetTexan 🚨SOROS plans Federal Police

💥And THAT is the reason DHS is setting up these Science & Technology agreements with foreign countries

💥That's why suddenly people all around the world are being covertly attacked by their own governments

#WakeUp #Globalism
@SpaCare @sxdoc
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I really don't suffer fools easily esp. 1's who r🤑2 b obtuse. It's difficult 2 go along with what appears 2 b an orchestrated slow roll-out where #TargetedIndividuals r concerned. Amazing most of the🌎has no idea more people than just US diplomats to Cuba have been slowly
And, these people are vocal and have been SCREAMING TO BE HEARD, TOO. Let that sink in, folks. Not good.
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Are you familiar with #SyntheticTelepathy and #VoiceToSkull (#V2K) technology?

#MindControl didn't stop with the horrific experiments & sexual abuse of #MKultra.
It went state-of-the-art.

#Zuckerberg commented a few years ago about #Facebook (C_A) using #SyntheticTelepathy, saying the tech was a ways off.

It isn't. It's been here.
The #Army began experimenting with #SyntheticTelepathy #VRK, the tech based on reading electrical activity in the brain using an EEG, publicly in 2011, but the #DoD & #CIA have long been using it on the unsuspecting.

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Do #Satanists lie? Have #Satanists like Mil Intel officer #MichaelAquino spread thu our Mil? Do we have #SatanicOrgsUsingPublicFunds? Did u know #Bioweapons & #Biowarfare such as chemicals, radiation, & MkUltra can mimic & cause schizophrenia &Alzheimer's?…
#Aquino was on #OWinfreysShow. Thanks Oprah. This 📔 below was cowritten by #Aquino. It's on psychological warfare using RADIATION (invisible) TO HARM HUMAN MINDS BY TEARING APART THEIR MINDS&BODIES RESULTING IN AFFECTING SPIRIT 2. See my Tweet.
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#TargetedIndividuals r tortured, raped, & murdered. Orgasms r forced 4 brain study & 🤑 made on voyeurism. Whole families of unsuspecting people r being inducted. These things r also being done to children, elderly, and animals. IT'S SPREADING. UR FAMILY NEXT ON THE #LittleList?
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#BananaRepublicUSA #FourthofJuly One of the key things hidden in Mainstream USA when Mainstream Media lies & Alt Media (also mostly owned by same #ZioLuce crime syndicate) pretends and hides is that the DarkSide MIIC has already taken over US--we are still fighting for freedom.1/
When #Unity4J #WeAreMillions #Manning @Snowden @Thomas_Drake1 @JohnKiriakou @JulianAssange @raymcgovern talk about #Surveillance and don't talk about those actually targeted and being hit w. EMF/Neuro DEWs, they are running a False-Reality-Construct, the same run by @nytimes 2/
#FourthofJuly The absurdity of protesting #JulianAssange's plight & ignoring the millions persecuted and targeted just like him and worse--when their persecution permits #5EyesGovCrimeSyndicate to get away w. playing #BigBrotherCop w. him was covered brilliantly by @NHSCorrupt.3/
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#EducatingDrPhil (1-3) & Public on #TargetedIndividuals who r BEING TORTURED 2 DEATH IN FORCED MILITARY EXPERIMENTATION PROJECTS 4 #NeuralSubjugation Brain Research INSIDE THE USA & WW- #Technocracy
My Family-
Nano Mafia-
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Here's some questions for those who believe #QAnon is bullshit:

Why is it that l research I did prior to Q arriving on the scene corralates with info Q drops?

Why is it that my writing/vlogging/podcasting Q drops/my research that I am actively silenced WHILE RECORDING? (Con't)
Why is is that the app I use to record and the app I use for podcasting no longer recognize my mic, despite uninstall/reinstall?

Why is it that I was silenced after reading the title of a Senate presentation on Civil and Human Rights in America?
For reference and recommended reading (10 pages long)…

This obviously contains important info that douchebags want you to remain ignorant about.

#humanrights #civilrights #USSenate #ti #TargetedIndividuals
#TortureByContract #FISAAbuse
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I wanted info why Trump misspelled Voight's name in his posted Tweet, so I did a vetting statement. [brackets] are where I found it. Jon Voight’s name is spelled without an h, but Trump put in an h.
The reveresal fom my own speech was---
F1: Why did Trump spell John Voight'[s name incorrectly in the Tweet that he put out?]
R1: Spy at Earth meet at Houston nail care of mate mends.
RS is saying that the name being misspelled is connected in some way to mending partners connected to spying on Earth connected to Houston connected to causing death.
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#NewsBreak25 #ChristiKennedyDuncan Historic candid-interview w. Christie Kennedy Duncan on her experience of unlawful Forced-Psych-Drugging, Targeting, & Researching Your Own Enslavement. @RobertKennedyJr @KennedyGirl87 @John_F_Kennnedy @StormIsUponUs
2/ #NewsBreak25 Neither Facebook nor Twitter like my cover graphic, they keep disappearing it, let me try attaching it here. Christie does report being targeted as a family by reason of her historic Kennedy lineage. Research she's done connects her family with JFK assassination.
3/#NewsBreak25 This is targeting from a very young age plus targeting harassment of her own children that she reports. Most people have no idea remote access DEWs & RF implants are being used against people, but #TargetedIndividuals who suffer continual discrediting by MSM know.
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BOMBSHELL: Eric Karlstrom: "Let’s rip the lid off these highly unconstitutional crimes against humanity being perpetrated by our govt (at all levels)-& expose, prosecute, & punish the traitors who have betrayed and are now betraying God, country, themselves, & all humanity.
#DisclosureOnTargeting Dr. Eric Karlstrom pulls together Ken Rhoades commentary w. David Brinsko and Jeff Rense and Dennis Montgomery's revelations recently re #FBI, #CIA, and #NSA in plain English for all @NyTimes @WashingtonPost readers and @CNN @PBS @NPR @democracynow as well.
#KenRhoades #DennisMontgomery The Hammer, ultra-secret CIA/NSA supercomputing spying pgm, 20 million Americans spied on, @JohnBrennan , #Clapper, #FBI Cover-Up…
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#DisclosureOnTargeting #SurveillanceExposed #TargetingExposed Absolutely phenomenal footage and cordial conver. with "Undercover Security" guy recording "everyone," he says, because "it's my job to keep everyone safe--EVERYONE" at a fast food place. 1/
The @Guardian wakes up and reports on bugging devices and spyware available to stalkers. Makes no mention of #FusionCenter relay stalkers.… #DisclosureOnTargeting #SurveillanceExposed #TargetingExposed
#DisclosureOnTargeting That Organized Stalking, Relay Stalking and Contracted-Out Stalking runs undercover of CounterIntelligence is confirmed by @generaldynamics in their telling ad where Counter Intel Surveillance is admitted to be Role Play:… 3/
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➡️Wikileaks releases #Vault7 password to the C_A:
#SplinterItIntoAThousandPiecesAndScatterItIntoTheWinds Quote John Kennedy

➡️Explosive details on C_A's massive surveillance
➡️Details the CIA's alleged hacking arsenal

@Potus @GenFlynn #QAnon #Assange #JulianAssange
➡️C_A was hacking systems worldwide
➡️Dark Matter #Vault7
➡️Infects Apple Firmware-Malware preloaded
➡️C_A surveillance targeting individuals
➡️Cyberwar' programs are a serious proliferation risk

@Potus @GenFlynn #QAnon #Assange #JulianAssange
➡️Marble Framework Reveals How the CIA Evaded Forensics & Attributed Malware to Other Countries #Vault7
➡️CIA penetrate systems anonymously with the ability to attribute the hack to another country/author: blame Russia, China

@Potus @GenFlynn #QAnon #WikiLeaks #JulianAssange
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So, Trump is saying in his Reverse Speech that The Wall and CERN are a scam in some way, and I just found new reversals on him indicating an invasion mucking within (looking like it's transhumanist & interdimentional) still able and moving forward with a cull, and he's saying
he wants people to slug it out with him apparently to stop it. Who are your transhumanist folks talking about stealing shit from the shadows of other dimensions in public using the D-wave quantum computer whose RS on that indicates a connection to
MK-ing children thru drugs & rape? 👇…
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#DisclosureOnTargeting Remember, no-one in the world can be harmed, can have their basic human rights, their civil rights, natural rights removed from them without a group of absolute MERCENARIES ensconced in govt. ACTIVELY CONSPIRING to make $$$ off their bodies. #HardlyAmerican
2/ That kind of hubris well-shielded by #Secrecy cd. grow only in Secrecy. Wd. anyone believe that extreme-stealth weapons cd be used on you in your own home, your neighborhood, your community by OTHER AMERICANS while your so-called "Peace Officers" looked the other way?
3/ I highly doubt that Air Force Sec. Michael Wynne said that publicly without planned, organized strategy behind him. He was the public face of that strategy, the Hiding in Plain Sight face, announcing PERFIDY by US GOV against its own citizens openly to the world. In 2006.
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